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At the top of this page find links to the JMCC Water Filter web site, the JMCC WING Generator web site and related energy products, the Grow Towers web site for vertical aeroponics agriculture and the Premium Coffee web site. This sub-page contains all of the Professor James McCanney books, CDs, DVDs, Posters and the “Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock”. As new releases occur they will be posted here. We sell individual books but offer great savings on products in “libraries”.  Downloadable eProducts (books CDs DVDs) are much less expensive with physical products the warehouse shipping and handling makes those prices much higher. Note that the Science Education K-12/University Program contains everything on this page PLUS hundreds of hours of lectures so that would be the most complete library available (and for an extremely reasonable price). If you are only interested in individual products or libraries without the extensive lecture series, then proceed on this page. If you want the complete education package with extensive lectures then click here –>Education sub page

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my books CDs DVDs only sold here

Click on each item for description sub-page … to order return here and click on either of the links below.  The new release “Eclipsed – The New Cosmology” is found in the eCDs and eDVDs link below.  It is a course of lectures and exercises for anyone interested in understanding the complex universe and the death of the Big Bang cosmology.  It was designed for professional astrophysicists but can be enjoyed by laymen and especially students K-12 and University level.

Perfect Bound Print Books also avail as eBook


library packages offer greatly reduced pricing … eBook prices are much less than print book pricing plus the eBooks are in full color whereas the print books are black and white – … eBooks are in PDF format and can be read on any computer or phone, smart device including Kindle and other tablet formats … you will receive an email with download links shortly after purchasing eProducts … shipping of physical products is via US POSTAL to 50 states included in pricing … due to problems with customs and tariffs we no longer ship physical products outside the USA 50 states (if your order comes from outside the USA we will only fulfill the eProduct part of your order).

Library Collections include – EVERYTHING Library (with eBook or print book option) – eBook Only Library – eCD/eDVD Only Library (all downloadable eProducts)

To order use the links found at the top of this page to go to the order subpages

EVERYTHING LIBRARIES – the first two items below contain ALL PRODUCTS pictured above (select either with eBooks or print books)

EVERYTHING LIBRARY – with eBooks includes ALL items in the picture table above (with eBooks … all books will be in downloadable eBook format) (HUGE savings over purchasing separately)

EVERYTHING LIBRARY – with print books includes ALL items in the picture table above (with print Books … see table … items only available in eBook format come as downloadable eBooks plus you will receive the Weather Book Principia Meteorologia in eBook format)  (HUGE savings over purchasing separately)- we do not ship physical products outside the 50 states

PARTIAL LIBRARIES – since many people do not want certain products which add greatly to the cost we have the partial library packages below (only available with eBooks)

Book only Library with eBooks … (you will receive via email with downlink)

eCD/eDVD only Library … all CDs, DVDs and eDVDs (all in eProduct downloadable form)

Individual Items:
use the drop down menu at the top of this page (eProducts only – print books only available in complete sets see “Libraries”)

for physical product orders to be sent as a gift to another address put a ship to address in the checkout page … all eProducts must be shipped to the email of record on the order. Note that eProducts will be marked with your email address to prevent copying and sending to other email addresses … all materials are copyright protected and cannot be transferred in whole or in part in any format or posted on any other medium