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Disk # 3 is the first of a 20 DVD lecture series which will expand on my existing materials and radio shows …

for a long time my audience has requested advanced materials that would develop concepts in an organized manner that would go beyond my books and radio lectures … with the advent of DVDs as a common medium … i decided at long last to start the DVD lecture series … this first DVD is just an “in house” white board discussion that will be used as a basis for future lectures … i have joined forces with processional production facilities to bring a far better presentation in future DVD lectures with “visuals” and supporting “on location” shooting to expand the depth of the lectures … the future DVDs pricing will reflect some of the expense … but i also wanted to keep the first DVD cost down to get the maximum number of viewers to see the first broad based lecture … thus the “white board” lecture … return frequently for future DVDs as the lecture series proceeds … jim mccanney