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2 disk DVD set of professionally remastered Historical Record Videos

The following 8 videos were selected from dozens of lecture videos that have been recorded of my talks and lectures over past decades … in some you will see me as a much younger person and you will see that my theoretical work has not changed over this time (unlike standard science that has been creeping into my work over these years) … imagine being in Los Alamos National Laboratory in 1986 trying to convince 50 of the world’s top plasma physicists that comets were electrical and would be found to have no trace of water on their surfaces … imagine confronting the text book industry in 1991 with evidence that literally everything NASA was telling them was incorrect … imagine trying to keep the scientific world and general public in line with correct concepts during the Hale Bopp era and the early post 2000 years when the “Planet X” nut case disinformation campaigns were in full swing on the internet and on radio shows that tried to relate Planet X with people who claimed to talk with aliens and a phony date of May 15, 2003 that was targeted to make the entire issue of extra-solar system new planet sized arrivals seem like the illusions of mad psychos … then imagine giving a talk to 1500 guests at an international conference the day after the first NASA space shuttle disaster … talking about the real way we should be going into outer space … with electrical propulsion systems that i developed in the early 1980s and presented to the aerospace industry and military as an invited speaker … you will see all this as i lived and guided the public and the scientific world through these eras … through my radio shows … books … and as you will see in these 8 remastered videos … these very much give a basis for my ongoing DVD lecture series that carry on this tradition of lectures to the public … jim mccanney