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Background Photo of the Day - Machu Picchu - A beautiful sunny day in 2015 when I took this photo - It was during this trip to Peru that I made my famous discovery regarding the Nazca Lines (see Books/CDs/DVDs sales page for "Nazca Palpa Lines - The Mystery Solved" White Paper)
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Research Topics Including Peer Review Publications / Planet X Comets and Earth Changes / Pole Shifts from External Celestial Sources - Solar System Celestial Mechanical Mechanisms / Continuing Galactic Formation - Explanation of Galactic Arm Light Curves Without Invoking Missing Mass / Saturn’s Sweeper Moons Predicted / The MANY Planet X Objects (there are now over 140 confirmed) / Surviving Planet X Passage (Re-calendar with a Pile of Rocks) - Ancient Stone Circles  / Atlantis to Tesla - The Kolbrin Connection / 1997 En Sitio Survey Chichen Itza and Old North Pole Alignment / 1997 En Sitio Survey Uxmal and Tulum and Old North Pole Alignment  / The Solar System Sun- Earth Connection - Space & Earth Weather / The Induced Electric Dipole Red Shift - The Real Reason Why Our Universe is NOT Expanding / The Plasma Discharge Comet Model / Solar System Formation by Capture / The Solar Capacitor  / Stellar Surface Fusion / Ball Lightning - Controlled Fusion / The Physics of Tesla Technology / The Electrical Effects Planetary Physics and Weather / Proof of Recent Oceans on Mars / Re-Mastered Historical Record Videos My Lectures (1986 to Present) / DVD University Level Astronomy Astro-Physics Space Science Course / What the Japanese Want to Know about Planet X Japanese TV Show Interview / Russian TV Interview of Space Weather and US Space Program Compared to Russian Space Program / 1995 - 97 Collaboration with Atmospheric Physics Staff University of Novosibirsk Russia - Developed Techniques for Starting and Controlling Hurricanes with Laser Satellites - Ongoing Investigations of Atmospheric Electrical Phenomenon / Collaboration with Psychology Department University Novosibirsk Russia - Physical Basis for Planetary Positions Astrological Effects on Unborn and Newly Born Babies  / 11 Earth Mega-Projects / Water Rights - Who Owns Water / Water Filtration Product Line - All in One Filter Elements / The WING GENERATOR - World Energy Project / Patent - JMCC WING Generator - High Efficiency Wind Energy System / Electro-magnetic Propulsion System Designs and The Electric Highways to the Stars (Presented at closed Military Meeting 19th International Electric Propulsion Conference - Colorado Springs, CO 1986 / Invited Presenter Los Alamos National Labs  1986 Plasma Discharge Comet Model / Invited Speaker 1986 Air Space America Air Show - Electromagnetic Propulsion Systems / Continuing Galactic Formation Gravitational Collapse and Electric Current Sources in Galactic Arms / Private Space Program / Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock (to rebuild calendar after a pole shift) / Ancient Archaeology / Surveying Ancient Ruins / The Mayan Venus Calendar / The Physics of Ancient Celestial Disasters / The Nazca Lines - Mystery Solved (Nazca Lines are Fractal Antenna Array) / Aerial Photography / Mapping / 110 High Altitude High Resolution Aerial Photos of the American Southwest / The Truth about Comet Hale Bopp - The Harrington Expedition / Mathematical Solutions / Prime Numbers Solutions / Calculate Primes - The Generator Function Direct Calculation of Primes / Breaking RSA Encryption Codes / Number Theory / WINDROIDS 11 O/S - Windows 10 and Android Replacement O/S / Water Filtration Products / Political Corruption Commentary / World Bank Demise / States Rights / Breaking away from World Bank UN controlled fake Federal Government / Free Living /Nuclear Disaster Earth - Fukushima - over 100 USA Nuclear reactors are leaking - EPA shuts off Radiation Detectors nationwide to cover up nuclear contamination/ Chem Trails on Site Research (these are not commercial flights) / Discovery and Theory - Hurricanes and Cyclonic Storms are Driven by Electric Currents from the Ionosphere / Weather and Climate Engineering using Laser Satellites / Infiltration of the Geo-Engineering Climate change "Movement"/ Ecuador Earth Quakes and Rods from God nuclear weapons / subscribe to the monthly "Paid Casts" for additional topics in series such as "Tesla's Mind" "Radiation and You" " Environmental Toxins" and "The World Before the Great Flood" "Cyber Security" Secret Societies" "Election Fraud Mathematical Analysis" /

  this is a very partial list of topics and ongoing research

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