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JMCC Space Hotel Launch System - runway to space reusable 40% fuel savings - 10 hour turn around between launches - uses existing airliner technology - easy assembly of tubes in outer space - to build autonomous space stations ... This system of launching large hotel tubes to build a large space station with artificial gravity I described in my 2005 book "The Diamond Principle" and discussed more recently on my May 26, 2020 guest appearance on Coast to Coast AM radio show with host George Noory ... more details soon

Patreon Channel - Please support my Patreon Channel for as little as $8 per month - where I will be discussing many topics including the so called "Master Class" of Neil de Grasse Tyson (Carl Sagan's student) which tries to convince you that "standard science" has all the correct answers with his arrogant "we are smart and you are dumb ... so you have to believe us" BS ... go to my Patreon Channel and with a minimal donation you can hear my response to that effort to protect the lies being propagated today ... here is the link

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