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05/03/2024 – Dust in Kuiper Belt

In my original papers (the famous 3 part comet paper - reprinted in the appendix of my book "Planet X Comets and Earth Changes") I predicted that there will be discovered a "Nebular Ion Cloud" of dust..

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New Release – Eclipsed – The New Cosmology

See my new eDVD release "Eclipsed - The New Cosmology" which is a course for interested students of the topic. It shows how standard cosmology has finally run its course and no one believes..

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05/02/2024 – Microbes Life on Other Planets

James Webb Telescope data is being interpreted by scientists at the University of Cambridge to suggest there is confirmation of life on a planet K2-18b, also known as EPIC 201912552 b..

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04/27/2024 – Tennessee Outlaws Chem Trails

As reported on my radio show the state of Tennessee has a bill moving through the legislature that will ban chem trails in their state. This raises many questions about who controls the air space over states. Is it..

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04/29/2024 – Active Volcanoes World-Wide

On any given day there can be as many as 50 active volcanoes in locations around the globe. It is comical to see people trying to relate these to particular events or increase in..

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04/28/2024 – Comet Holmes and Mars

This is a photo of comet Holmes. I did a lot of radio shows when this comet went viral. I actually predicted the exact date because it was in a perfect electrical alignment in the solar system but..

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