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20 Year Anniversary

20 Year Anniversary Hale Bopp Harrington Expedition Planet X Update Sub-Page

… in honor of july 23, 2015 the 20th anniversary of the July 23, 1995 discovery of comet Hale Bopp AND some amazing new discoveries i have made regarding this very special comet … truly a planet in formation … one of the MANY Planet X objects … i dedicated my radio show July 23, 2015 to this topic along with an extensive update on the topic of Planet X including 4 hours of lecture and supporting materials in the new release … THE AMOUNT OF INFORMATION AND THE IMPORTANCE OF THE HALE BOPP / PLANET X TOPIC based on my new discoveries is immense … from a perspective that only i can give … remember that my work was central to the entire Hale Bopp controversy in the mid 1990’s being numerous times on the old Art Bell Show etc … my personal research which includes my personal Harrington Expedition of May and June 2015 to the southern hemisphere with astronomical equipment equivalent to that used by Harrington in 1991 … i retraced Harrington’s footsteps and methods of observation … this has shown that Dr Harrington of the Naval observatory did in fact succeed in discovering what he called Planet X and i also discovered what happened to this object … this information is contained in this important release … it contains 4 hours of detailed lecture plus supporting documents including other important radio interviews where i am guest … $24.95 download (you will receive an email after ordering to download) order just the single release above OR GET FREE with purchase of more than $250.00 any combination of products on this sales page OR is included in any complete Library package on the blue table left column that includes CDs and DVDs … jim mccanney