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Emergency Survival Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock Educational

the very popular


Very educational for kids of all ages !!! learn how the sun, stars and lunar calendars work

IMAGINE A POWER OUTAGE OR EXTENDED INFRASTRUCTURE OUTAGE … A GOVERNMENT SHUT DOWN OF SERVICES OR “TERRORIST ACT” FOLLOWED BY MARTIAL LAW THAT SHUTS DOWN ALL COMMUNICATIONS … OR HOW ABOUT A NATURAL DISASTER THAT LEAVES YOU STRANDED FOR MONTHS AT A TIME … or in the ultimate case … a planet X (large comet) passage causing a pole shift … within days or week’s you would begin to lose track of the calendar and time … the one thing many people do not think about is how to maintain or re-build a calendar and re-establish time … why is this important ??? you eventually would need to plant and harvest or identify the coming of the seasons to know when to prepare for the future or when to move your group to a safer area … ALL the ancient civilizations that succeeded had people who maintained the calendar and time … they were the most protected and guarded individuals by the kings and rulers … WHY ??? because all life depended on knowing and understanding the calendar and times … after the last pole shift ALL societies wrestled for hundreds of years to re-establish the calendars and months and seasons … modern science denies that any of this happened … this helps to keep the masses ignorant and under the control the world “leaders” who do not want you to know how to keep track of time … an educated populous is an independent populous … the Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock is a device that is very inexpensive but allows anyone to quickly re-establish and maintain the calendar and time … no matter whether a man made or natural disaster event that would cause a loss of time keeping OR a real disaster such as a pole shift where our earth axis along with our orbit were permanently altered … the only people who will be independent and survive will be those who have the ability to re-calendar and rebuild the time AND convert from solar to “watch time” (the time on your clock or watch) … the cost is just $39.95 and we are offering free shipping if you purchase two units …

i originally designed a piece that was somewhat complicated to use and would have cost well over $300 BUT after field testing i was determined to redesign a unit that was far less expensive (in these troubled economic times) AND be simple to use … it uses the sun by day and the stars by night … for the more esoteric archaeologists and anthropologists as well as astronomy buffs, it also includes all the information necessary to recreate our current “Julian” calendar and orbit in the solar system so that if our race dies off and 10,000 years into the future someone digs up one of these devices … they will be able to exactly determine our orbit (even after a planet X encounter) and re-establish our calendar and history from just this simple device … something we would give anything to have today to decipher ancient history knowing that earth in the past has had serious Earth Changes due to passing large celestial objects …the Re-Clalendar Sun Star Clock is here … simple to set up and use … powerful in its ability to re-establish the clock and calendar anywhere in the world … JUST $39.95 plus $5.00 shipping … OR buy two and get free shipping (use separate order button) … easy to follow instructions included … you can practice now with our current solar orbit and conditions and be prepared to re-calendar and rebuild time in case of any emergency … the device is about the size of a tablet of paper and is very portable … it is embossed on nearly indestructible plate and works anywhere in the world … is easy for even children to set up … many schools have purchased for their science classes from grade school to advanced studies … follow the easy set up procedure and you will have a time (accurate to a few minutes) and the exact calendar using both the sun and/or stars for years to come … a very educational item for kids and adults of all ages …