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Rules to contact me … here are the simple rules again … the only way to pass information is via the email address listed on this page and this goes through the screeners who follow certain basic guidelines … no anonymous or fictitious names (those emails are deleted off the top … you have to be identifiable as a real person) … no news letters or bulk email or email list email are accepted and those addresses are blocked and sent to national spam centers to add to black list the email address and server … i do not have “associations” with people emailing to this address and anyone who tries to continually send emails will be notified by the screeners and blocked … the email address is for people to send an occasional email and feedback … people attempting to get me to read their theories or proof read a book or some such thing are blocked and told politely to refrain from continued attempts to contact me … i work essentially alone as i always have and have my own contacts and methods of working … i distribute my own work by my own distribution mechanisms and my work (and name) are not available for opportunists to try to use or make a fast buck (see the copyright notice below) … i only grant interviews with long term well known talk show hosts and similar entities … you have to realize that there is a continual barrage of people trying to get to me who are posing as average people down the street, posing as “legitimate” news sources as well as opportunists trying to pretend they somehow have associations with me … these are blocked by the screening process … i am seriously busy with my work and much of this is not made public until i make it public … how do you think i got this far doing what i do ??? i appreciate the many good people out there who respect my privacy and distance … the unique information you get on my radio show and shows where i am guest or in my publications are the results of this process … i have seen many people come and go in my now somewhat lengthy career … this includes some of the biggest names in science, radio and broadcasting … i have ridden over the lumps and bumps and still am on the leading edge of nearly every field that i am involved in … this is not by accident … once again i appreciate the sincere people out there who understand what i am doing and support my efforts through their attention and prayers as well as their respect for my privacy … jim mccanney.

PS there are generally 10,000 emails in this bin we try to read and reply to as many as possible based on the above “rules”

if you have been a victim of people attempting to email you using my name or attempting to garner access to youtube videos or web sites using my name please do us all a favor and report them to your ISP as spam.

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