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The Physics of Planet X and Ancient Celestial Disasters

THE 2 CD SET (all lectures in MP3 Format)

i produced this extensive CD series of lectures so everyone would have this in case we are ever beset now or in the future with a planet X type of object coming into the solar system … remember that these objects have an extremely low probability of hitting earth directly … but just their presence in the solar system can spell disaster for the planets including Earth by dozens of “Earth Changes” that happen at a distance … the ancients tell us in their own words as best they could of what they saw and witnessed … now for the first time there is a COMPLETE ANALYSIS of the stories of the ancients explained in terms you will understand … understanding what you might see and witness will also give you the understanding of how to survive … for example what was the real reason the ancient mayans and Israelites sealed their doors and painted animal blood over their doors as the events unfolded ??? there is a scientific reason that allowed them to survive … that kind of ancient knowledge has been lost until now … or the very important fact that Mars lost its oceans and atmosphere recently and that there was abundant life including human life on Mars … these topics and many more come to us through the ancients …18 hours total of lectures with 21 topics discussed on CD #1 and 12 topics discussed on CD #2 … for the first time and from the only source that can really discuss this topic in depth … detailed discussions in terms you will understand of the science of Planet X and Ancient Celestial Disasters … here is the breakdown and for only $11.95 you really need this information in your library … sold also in a dual set so you have one for your library and one for your survival gear or to give to a friend … jim mccanney.

CD #1 … (13 hours total)

01 INTRODUCTION – 02 Planet X Objects – 03 A Brief History of Celestial Disasters – 04 The Noah’s Flood Event – 05 The Moses Event – 06 Ancient Egyptians – 07 The Tale of Atlantis – 08 Physics of the Kolbrin – 09 The Ancient Mayans – 10 The Modern Mayans – 11 Mexico and the Ancient Americas – 12 Modern Myths and Quacks – 13 The Physics of Telsa – 14, 15, 16 and 17 is a four part series Science of the Many Planet -X Objects one hour each segment – 18, 19, 20 and 21 is a four part series The Psychology of Planet-X one hour each segment

CD #2 … (5 hours total)

01 Velikovsky – 02 The Physics of the Venus Event – 03 Credibility – Why Velikovsky had to be Buried – Secret Societies and Control – 04 Warner Sizemore Interview March 22, 2008 Part I (personal assistant to Velikovsky) – 05 Warner Sizemore Interview March 22, 2008 Part II – 06 Warner Sizemore Interview April 28, 2008 additional people – 07 What Did Velikovsky Really Say – 08 The Axioms of Astronomy – 09 Of Calendars and Time Scales – 10 The Physics of Earth Changes (an extensive scientific analysis of over 20 Earth Changes explained in detail) – 11 Summary Conclusions – 12 Epilogue Was the Venus Event Related to the Noah or Moses Event