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05/03/2024 – Dust in Kuiper Belt

In my original papers (the famous 3 part comet paper – reprinted in the appendix of my book “Planet X Comets and Earth Changes”) I predicted that there will be discovered a “Nebular Ion Cloud” of dust and gasses beyond the solar system and now it has been confirmed by new measurements from the New Horizon space craft that is now cruising through the Kuiper Belt. Planets are forming there by the Plasma Discharge Comet Model. Pluto itself is a Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) and when the New Horizon space craft passed Pluto it verified that it had an active comet tail and material was falling into the planet as ammonia snow (it was visible in the atmosphere of Pluto). I will be following this topic in upcoming lectures on my weekly radio show so stay tuned. Remember to purchase my eBooks in library or individually at the following sub page Click Here to purchase Library Packages and individual products