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In my original papers (the famous 3 part comet paper – reprinted in the appendix of my book “Planet X Comets and Earth Changes”) I predicted that there will be discovered a “Nebular Ion Cloud” of dust and gasses beyond the solar system and now it has been confirmed by new measurements from the New Horizon space craft that is now cruising through the Kuiper Belt. Planets are forming there by the Plasma Discharge Comet Model. Pluto itself is a Kuiper Belt Object (KBO) and when the New Horizon space craft passed Pluto it verified that it had an active comet tail and material was falling into the planet as ammonia snow (it was visible in the atmosphere of Pluto). I will be following this topic in upcoming lectures on my weekly radio show so stay tuned. Remember to purchase my eBooks in library or individually at the following sub page Click Here to purchase Library Packages and individual products

See my new eDVD release “Eclipsed – The New Cosmology” which is a course for interested students of the topic. It shows how standard cosmology has finally run its course and no one believes it any more. The issue is … what do you replace it with? My work originated during my time as a faculty member of Cornell University, Ithaca, NY during the 1979 to 81 academic years. This course is a must read coming with 8 hours of lectures (and a special bonus intro lecture) and 25 problems to solve once you have taken the course. You can purchase as part of a library collection OR to purchase individually go here to order Eclipsed – The New Cosmology – eDVD # 4 – order page

James Webb Telescope data is being interpreted by scientists at the University of Cambridge to suggest there is confirmation of life on a planet K2-18b, also known as EPIC 201912552 b, is an exoplanet orbiting the red dwarf K2-18, situated 124 light-years from our solar system. It is 2.6 times the radius of Earth, with a 33-day orbit and is said to be earthlike in climate that has potential to support life as we know it. These announcements typically come too soon even though it appears that the researchers are trying to be careful. The problem with this is that now the propensity is to never say NO and to shunt anyone who may disagree. The momentum of course is to come up with partial conclusions but get continued time on large telescopes and FUNDING that makes these large universities tick (they are research funding institutions not towers of education). Too many times false data has been railroaded into prominence such as the case with General Relativity, Climate Change, the microwave background radiation, etc that gave rise to Nobel Prizes based on false interpretation of data. I will be following this on my weekly radio show and remember to look at my educational materials for science (click on the “Educational” tab at the top of this page).

As reported on my radio show the state of Tennessee has a bill moving through the legislature that will ban chem trails in their state. This raises many questions about who controls the air space over states. Is it Federal like the FAA or the air force or the space force or the EPA or none of the above and is controlled by the state? And who is doing the chem trail spraying? No one seems to know. It is never a conversation in national presidential debates it is like the elephant in the room that no one notices. Is it related to climate change zealots who think they are saving the planet? Yes lots of questions and literally no answers. Listen to my weekly radio show live or the archives on this page for updates.

On any given day there can be as many as 50 active volcanoes in locations around the globe. It is comical to see people trying to relate these to particular events or increase in activity due to the latest celestial or terrestrial events. As many as 20 or more can be active on a given day. More CO2 is released from one of these volcanoes in a given day than many countries combined so maybe you should petition your senator to pass laws against active volcanoes. Remember that Every Body Needs Clean Water so go here to see which water filter is right for your home JMCC Water Filters – Since 2001

This is a photo of comet Holmes. I did a lot of radio shows when this comet went viral. I actually predicted the exact date because it was in a perfect electrical alignment in the solar system but not even I expected what happened. The official explanation is “an asteroid hit it” … Ya Sure Ya betcha NASA.