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Notes 4B

I have enough detailed notes in my head alone to give about 2 years of graduate level astrophysics courses on the topics which I have been discussing including the following … there are many unpublished papers for scientific journals which discuss the following and many other topics.

In 1982 I took a detailed design for an electromagnetic propulsion system to the US Aerospace firms and was seeking venture capital moneys … the one stipulation in all the contracts was that the design could not be used for military purposes … the design was passed into the aerospace corporations and I was left with a con man contact who’s job it was to keep me awaywhile they developed my designs … I eventually found out which companies got the contracts (McDonald Douglas and Northrop) and there were even small new companies that got a significant portion of the development moneys … the one thing I did not tell them in my design (since I did not trust these republicans) was the fusion energy batteries … to date the military and their big business buddies have been unable to make these work since I left out the key ingredient … the fusion batteries … and another key part. The designs were discussed in invited talks which I presented at the 19th International Electric Propulsion Conference in Colorado Springs in May of 1987 and the following year at the Space America Air Show in San Diego California. The May 1987 speaking tour was the same tour in which I gave the invited talk on my comet and plasma physics theories at Los Alamos National Labs. The following is a partial sketch of the outside of one of the space craft designs, with current flow patterns.