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Introductory Portal

If you are a new visitor please read this short intro make sure you also read the “bio” and “OPENING STATEMENT” found on the main web page.

Due to recent experiences of people visiting this web page and the shock that some have experienced by seeing this material for the first time … and at the friendly advise of others who know me quite well … i have created a sort of “portal” message … whether you are old or new to this site and my work please read this short intro “portal” … keep it in mind as you venture through the vast amount of material presented here … thanks for your interest and support … jim mccanney.

Introduction: i have found that people who are new to this page and have never seen the darker side of this world can be shocked and alarmed at what they read here … be advised that i post material that i have come to know and understand from my own experiences … these do not come from reading someone else’s web page or a book … once you understand how this planet is operated and by whom … as well as the masks and charades that are posed to the public … it is impossible to separate the “politics” from science since you would not be able to see the total picture … the world is filled with manufactured misinformation and deceit … with many well intentioned individuals oblivious of the functioning of the real world furthering the dark cause … these are as much a problem as the problem of deceit and lies itself … since the dark world could not function without the many who unknowingly support it … this affects the world of science and as i said … it is impossible to separate my experiences and understanding of the “real world” and what i call the “dark world” … in spite of this i believe it is important for people of all ages and especially young people to gain an understanding of how the world really works … you will not get this information in school or a text book … this web page along with my radio shows, books, videos etc are the materials for my classroom … there are no tests or grades … you will get out of this what you put into it … if you want sound bites and quick solutions this is not the place for you … and yes there will be those who do not want their boat rocked with an alternative view of the world … the truth can be a very scary thing as people come out of their comfort zones and see another side of what they always thought to be true … i would have far more supporters for my science work if i eliminated the other materials you see here … i gain nothing from continually having to point out the BS produced by NASA and other alphabet soup government agencies … it is a drain on my time and research efforts … and it diverts you the public from my main message regarding the electrical nature of the solar system … but as i said … if you do not understand the total picture you would not understand simple issues like the tier I level of black ops science and who is benefiting from it and who operates it … and why the so called NASA “top scientists” are actually the tier II scientists in small compartmentalized positions with no clue that there is an entire layer of science above them and about which they know absolutely nothing … without the total picture you would not understand who is manipulating weather (both those that issue commands and the scientist facilitators that create the machines that do the work) and why they are doing it … once you begin to understand how the world really operates you will start to see everything around you in a very different light … as we are truly attached to this dynamic Electrical Universe in which we live … you will learn that your birthright is a place amongst the stars … you will also learn that there are people working diligently every day to divert you from taking hold of your birthright … jim mccanney

make sure you also read the “bio” and “OPENING STATEMENT” found on the main web page