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“The James
McCanney Science Hour – At the Crossroads”

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Produced by James
McCanney … for people who want to know the truth

Now heard world
wide – live on short wave – satellite & internet

also … all shows
are archived – listen anytime – all current and past shows (over
2 decades and counting) link below 

1) Short wave
schedule – WWCR – Nashville, Tennessee … the most powerful
radio station in the world with four 100,000 watt transmitters
… rebroadcasts air on WTWW … additionally all short wave
airings concurrently stream on the internet … see details
below …

* 7 PM Eastern
Time Thursdays – the live commercial free broadcast – WWCR
Shortwave on 5.935 MHz winter frequency or 9.350 MHz summer
time frequency (with 6.115 simulcast all year long) – the
change date between winter and summer frequencies follows
daylight savings time dates annually … ALSO it always airs
on frequency 6.115 MHz at the same time simulcast
… my show is in the evening so the 5.935
frequency is better during wintertime and 9.350 is better
during the summer months … this DOES NOT affect the friday
evening or saturday morning show airings (see details below)
which remain the same year round … mark your calendars
(or listen online streaming at wwcr.com
select “Listen Online” then select “Tower # 2” OR listen on
your phone using an application such as “TUNEIN RADIO” (search
for “wwcr2 tunein” and if you have the tunein app click on the
selection and it will launch .. or google search “WWCR2
Tunein” and click on the link it will launch your TUNEIN phone
app) or another phone application is Radiogarden … note that with the seasonal change in frequency i am
not sure if the show will still be streamed on tower 2 so
check the other streams if not on tower 2 and remember the
wwcr stream sometimes is a few minutes delayed in time from
the live short wave show so if you go exactly on time the
prior show will still be playing (wait a few minutes and my
show will begin) … NOTE when listening to the WWCR live
stream it will occasionally stop to buffer for up to a minute and then
resume … this is NORMAL because of the large number of
listeners …on nights with very high numbers of listeners you
may “buffer” many times … the audio will not be lost it picks up where it left off … DO NOT log off and log back in as you will lose content …
just be patient and stay on line … and remember you can
always listen to the archive on the archive sub-page (link
below) which usually is posted shortly after the thursday evening live broadcast …
it will be posted along with all shows going back to about the
year 2000) … the archives do not include the many thousands
of radio and TV appearances i have made over the decades …
that would include thousands more interviews but unfortunately
not housed here 

* 11 PM Eastern Time
Fridays – re-airing of the Thursday night live show -WTWW
Shortwave 5.830 MHz – go to the scripturesforamerica.com web
page and listen online or listen online 

* 4 AM Eastern Time
Saturdays – re-airing of the Thursday night live show – WTWW
Shortwave 5.830 MHz – go to the scripturesforamerica.com web
page and listen online or listen online at 

NOTE at the 11PM
Friday and 4AM Saturday times above you can also listen on
Satellite Radio FTA- 5 KU Band Galaxy 19 – LNB Frequency 
11836 – Left Channel – Symbol Rate 20.765 – LEFT Audio –
Vertical Polarization – channel label Scriptures for

NOTE for european the
mid-east and africa prime time here is the satellite schedule
… 3 times every saturday

Hot bird delivers
1100 television & radio channels to more than 120
million homes in Europe, North Africa and the Middle

Eutelsat HOT BIRD 13A @ 13
degrees East
Transponder 156
Frequency 11623 MHz,
Vertical polarization,
Symbol Rate 27500
FEC 3/4
Audio Pid – 1548
Sid – 10759
Channel ID – Global Star

NOTE … the 11PM
Friday and 4AM Saturday times are repeat airings of the live
Thursday night show and air on the Nashville shortwave station
WTWW via Pastor Peter J. Peters Scriptures for America World
Broadcast Network … I have been a guest many times on Pastor
Peters’ radio show which airs 24 hours a day on WTWW shortwave
… also see his web site at scripturesforamerica.com … Pastor
Peters was a real pastor with real information … not the
powder puff feel good religious “happy-talk” you hear elsewhere
… he understood the many issues that affect our nation and
world today and tells it like it is … he also understood what
the bible and ancient documents really tell us in the “modern
age” … unfortunately Pastor Peters passed away in the spring
of 2011 but his work is being continued by his dedicated staff

2) Archives of all recent and past shows (going
back to around the year 2000) are available on this home web
… scroll down
and follow the “weekly radio show archives sub-page” link and
select the date for the show you wish to hear … all are free
… the only support this page receives is from sales of books –
DVDs and the Water filters and other items you need to be fully
informed and ready in today’s complex world (we do not accept
donations) … Secure Web Ordering Sub-Page


The most informative show on the internet.  Tell your


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