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Well folks … just when you thought it was safe to go back into the bank …

here are some simple facts that hopefully will make you realize what is going on around you in the world

fact #1 ) that worthless paper shown in the picture above is NOT MONEY … it is the biggest sham ever created … the IMF world bank that sits above the “FED” or federal reserve has produced what we should call “debt notes”

fact #2 ) as you work and slave for debt notes … you engulf you and your family and children into more debt … since every one of these pieces of paper represents debt that has to be repaid up the banking ladder

fact #3 ) who is the man that has sooooo much money that he can loan it to all the countries in the world and they all owe him ??? and how did he get so rich ??? herein lies that scam … he does not have any more money than you or me … he just has the international CIA police force to enforce the “banking rules” and “prevent competition” … just imagine … the countries of the east (Japan, China, and a dozen other countries) recently tried to create such a competitive system to break away from this tyrannical monopoly (yes just like the game you played as a kid … only here it is for real) … with all their independence and wealth they were “forced to drop the idea”

fact #4 ) when you “earn a dollar” you as an individual are “taxed” (something that was outlawed by the constitution of the united states when it was formed) … in our example of the real world game of monopoly let’s say that the tax rate is 10% (REALLY IT IS NOW MUCH MUCH HIGHER) … so at 10% when you “earn that dollar” (actually you slaved for that debt note and brought the country deeper in debt to the world bank) … when you “earned that dollar” the tax then takes 10% away from you off the top … so you then spend that debt note and the next poor sucker (who just slaved for his debt dollar and created more slavery) gets the dollar and has to pay his 10% tax … this goes on and on and on and if that dollar (debt note) exchanges hands just 10 times in one year …. guess who has the dollar back ??? the federal reserve bank that released this debt note to society … and what do you have … another year older and deeper in debt (and you do not have the dollar and neither does anyone else that you know) …. do you see how the tax creates a slave of all of you ??? that is just one reason why the individual income tax was outlawed in the creation of this once great nation

fact #5 ) all the taxes collected do not begin to pay for the operation of the federal government … it in fact is not even enough to pay for the annual accrued interest on the national debt (a debt owing on phony money loaned to us by a family of jokers that do not have any more money than the man in the moon)

fact #6 ) why do you think that in the past … secretaries of the department of defense have moved directly into being the president of the world bank ??? because the “money” employs scientists and engineers to create the war and aerospace machines and black ops science that are now being unleashed on the public in the form of viruses (with that fake avian flu as a front) and controlled storms and other forms of public terror … terrorism being sponsored and perpetrated by the CIA and their thug henchmen and controlled by the world bank and their front men in the offices that run this country and almost every other country on this planet … and to force you into a one government system with the banking world at its center

fact #7 ) the bush clinton cabal (which includes hillary setting in the wings hoping to become the next pres … with jeb bush after that) are the representatives in the USA for the world bank … although things these days aren’t going so swell for the home town team … the world is finding out about their scam … and with geee dubya the mini moron of the bush family blundering his way along and blowing the cover of their operation … they are VERY VULNERABLE … this also makes them all very DANGEROUS as they need to pull something … another 911 type of deal but on a much larger horrific scale to use the press to bolster their failing positions

fact #8 ) when john f kennedy went to dallas he had 2 unsigned bills on his desk (maybe he already had signed them but the ones there on his desk after the assassination were unsigned) … one was to re-establish the american monetary system set out by the constitution whereby congress created real money … the second was to eliminate the CIA (the police force of the world bank)

fact #9 ) the IRS is not a branch of the federal government but is an independent international front of more henchmen whose job it is to intimidate the american public into thinking they have no constitution … their job is to enforce your enslavement

fact #10 ) the entire reason for the american revolution was over individual income taxes … THE ENTIRE REASON … the concept of life – liberty and pursuit of happiness was coupled with the idea that no matter where governments existed throughout history … whether it was the king’s henchmen riding through the country taking chickens and eggs or the more “civilized” method of taxation that is invoked today … no matter where this right to tax has been in place … it has always turned ugly for the individual as the leaders got greedier and greedier without bound … the entire idea was that the individuals had no recourse from the government that was designed to protect them … SOOOO … the founding fathers created a country which by its very origin and basic principles outlawed this practice of individual taxation … so what you worked for you got to keep … by its very conception it outlawed the very system that is now in place in the good ole USA … all taxes were to be placed on corporations and commerce (something that is NOT done today although it is there in a facade sort of way) … the corporations have in fact become the book keepers for this backwards system … the original concepts of the USA also eliminated something that was by common law abolished in the middle ages called “debtors court” which extracted tolls from indebted slaves and surfs … for not producing enough for the greed of the taxing lords and ladies … there were many other guaranteed freedoms that have recently been trashed by illegal laws … laws that subvert and attempt to over-ride the basic premises of the constitution and the premises that founded this once great country … it created the method for creating value money by acts of congress … when is the last time you ever heard a congressman say they created wealth money for you ??? certainly none that are alive today !!! … today everything is upside down and backwards and every congressman and judge and attorney has contributed to this topsy turvy world … with the mindless press mouthing their every press release

fact #11 ) the only way to adjust this situation is with a GIANT RED RESET BUTTON … THEY ALL HAVE TO BE REPLACED … NOW … before they do any more damage to this country and the world … the biggest fear of all of these worthless self admonishing trash is that they would have to go out and get a real job and do real work and earn a real living like the rest of us …

this is not a revolution or overthrow of the government … we just want all the crooks and morons out that have no idea what they are supposed to be doing in public office … all the agencies have to be gutted … which are generally not providing the needed services to the public in a way that is responsible to the world …

this is not a revolution or an overthrow of the government … we have a great governmental system … it has just been infiltrated like cockroaches in a dirty kitchen … they all have to go … don’t leave even one under a counter where he can re-infest the kitchen … we have to return to basics and rebuild this country with real leaders with real integrity and with a future for the youth and respect for the planet

… jim mccanney

additional comment … this in from a listener … this write up by Simon Black

May 6, 2015

Sovereign Valley Farm, Chile

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Our beloved amigos at the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), have just issued the first-ever ‘civil enforcement action’ against a virtual currency.

The offending criminal mastermind in this case? Ripple Labs.

If you’re not familiar, Ripple is a virtual currency platform that was once the darling of Silicon Valley, attracting top VC firms like Google Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.

Ripple’s technology allows users to conduct financial transactions with one another — sending and receiving payments in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as well as fiat currency.

Imagine Bitcoin meets Paypal… and you have the basic idea.

As part of its technology, the parent company Ripple Labs also created a native virtual currency called ‘XRP’, which is the second largest in the world after Bitcoin when measured by market capitalization.

Because of all of these features, Ripple Labs qualifies as a ‘money service business (MSB)’ according to FinCEN… which makes them subject to all sorts of regulations.

At the top of the list is the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), which, contrary to its name, requires banks and MSBs to betray their customers’ financial secrets to the US government.

Specifically, the BSA mandates that all banks and MSBs file ‘suspicious activity reports’ if they “know, suspect, or have reason to suspect” that a transaction of $2,000 or more is ‘suspicious’.

And in the age of the USA PATRIOT Act, suspicious transactions are BIG BUSINESS for Uncle Sam.

Last year a record 2.4 MILLION suspicious activity reports were filed. That’s a 40% increase from 2013’s record year of 1.7 million.

As you can imagine, Ripple Labs failed to register with FinCEN as an MSB, nor did it submit suspicious activity reports.

In its complaint, FinCEN describes several of the oooooh-so-nefarious violations.

According to FinCEN, “In January 2014, a Malaysian-based customer sought to purchase XRP from [Ripple Labs], indicating that he wanted to use a personal bank account for a business purpose.”

HOLY JIHAD BATMAN!!!! Someone wanted to use a personal bank account for business purposes?!?! NUKE THE SON OF A BITCH!

I mean, seriously. This is the complete nonsense that keeps financial bureaucrats up at night: some guy in Malaysia wants to buy digital currency with his personal funds.


But what’s really wild is that Ripple actually DENIED the transaction. They just didn’t file the SAR.

So… even though Ripple didn’t actually ENGAGE in said ‘suspicious activity’, failing to file the SAR (with the appropriate TPS report cover sheet) was enough to land them in hot water.

End result — Ripple was dinged with a $700,000 fine.

Now, $700k is a pittance compared to the $9 BILLION that BNP Paribas was slammed with last year for doing business with countries that were former enemies-turned-BFFs of the US government — namely Cuba and Iran.

But it’s still a ridiculous penalty for having done nothing wrong.

Of course, it’s never about right or wrong. It’s about sending a message. And that’s exactly what FinCEN is doing.

By going after Ripple (a major player in the industry), FinCEN is trying to scare all the smaller players into ratting out their customers.

This, after all, is what desperate, bankrupt governments have done for millennia —

Step 1: Track down where everyone’s money is.

Step 2: Take it.

You don’t see rich, stable countries doing this sort of thing. In fact, the exact opposite.

An official from Hong Kong’s Treasury recently stated that: “the Government does not consider it necessary to introduce at the moment new legislation to regulate trading in such virtual commodities or prohibit people from participating in such activities.”

Night and day difference.

We’ll continue to see these steps in the US and in Europe. Tracking down virtual currency transactions. Banning cash. Anything they can do to keep your money trapped in the system where they can keep their eyes on it.

It’s all the more reason to move a portion of your savings out of that system and into somewhere safe.

Until Tomorrow,

Simon Black


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