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"FREE LIVING FARM" design project ... for earth day ... i have presented a concept i call "FREE LIVING" which means you have land and water and have everything you need there ... of course you can have a "real job" and live in the "real world" but all (i mean ALL) of your necessities of living can come from your farm ... a 5 acre farm is enough for a family ... like back in the old days BUT with modern living mixed in ... here is how it goes ... listen to my March 03, 2016 radio show for more details ...


1) list all the things you use in your daily living ... everything from tooth paste and toilet paper to transportation etc etc ... food ... milk ...whatever  clothes


2) figure out how you can replace everything you buy in the store with natural products you produce on your farm ... there are some great books on this topic ... look into community skills like spinning and making materials ... how much time is taken vs today working at a job and then buying your clothes at the store ... remember to mix all the modern with the old ways of doing things ... for example if you purchase LED light bulbs you will save energy and have light for years to come ... but you will need electricity for this and other needs ... do you know how to spec out a home electric system ? 


3) list the major things that you need that are currently the largest part of your expenses

HOUSE (SHELTER) - ENERGY (LIST ALL YOUR ENERGY CONSUMPTION) - WATER - HEALTH RELATED ITEMS ... have someone do a special on electric cars and trucks ... you hopefully already are doing work with organic and non-GMO gardening ... do you know about composting toilets ? when human waist is properly composted it can be used for growing food and fertilizer 


4) now do a mix of modern life and life 100 years ago ... the McCanney WING GENERATOR and water filters are modern ... regarding storage of food there are many old ways that are still the best ... what % of food value is lost in the various food storage methods ... study the old fashioned cellar and canning they are still the best ways to store food ... do you know how to store apples in a barrel using news paper ???... etc etc etc


5) get the students to talk to their elder relatives to ask how they used to do things


6) create a FREE LIVING farm with displays ... FREE LIVING means you produce everything you need PLUS you do not pollute or damage the environment ... in fact you improve the land as you live there


7) last but not least ... look at some ancient societies ... like the INCA ... when people came of age they were given their own land where they raised their own food plus contributed to the common pools so no one was hungry ... they developed new strains of food ... there were no homeless and no one starving or poor ... they all contributed to common projects and they spent time in religious ceremonial centers to study ... they had 3 laws ... do not steal ... do not lie ... do not be lazy ... other cultures could be looked at since some failed because they collected too much from the people like the MAYA ... imagine a world in which people's food and livelihood came from a few miles around them

8) can you imagine a world like this PLUS a world with high technology used for the benefit of all including mass transportation or even possibly space travel and the use of space for eco-friendly life styles 

THE FOLLOWING IS A LINK TO VIEW THE 4 MINUTE VIDEO REGARDING THE McCanney WING GENERATOR  ... and there is a link to listen to my April 14, 2016 radio show which is an interview with a teacher doing an earth day project 

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