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My work embodies the essence of the solar system in combining planets – comets – solar system development – life – radical change as a part of it all – and the beauty of creation … of which we are a very LARGE part … how can scientists who practice atheism imagine that there is no divine moving force when we are just beginning to scratch the surface of the great unknown … in its infinite organization … below is pluto and its icy surface but with an extensive atmosphere with haze layers … active … vibrant and alive … with weather … but there is NO SOLAR light input at this distance from the sun … so where does the heat come from ??? to sustain an active atmosphere with weather cycles and thawing of the oceans of methane and nitrogen mixed with water ice … i talk about this on my september 24, 2014 show as the main science hour topic … but basically it is the joule heating of the plasma discharge of the solar capacitor just like earth’s weather is caused by the exact same forces … continue reading below there are many pictures and explanations

Charon is Pluto’s largest of five moons … in the horribly low resolution photo below we see that it is exactly like pluto on the surface … the two object Charon and Pluto clearly are forming at this time and from the same process … at the very bottom of this page i show the early pictures that confirm that my prediction of comet activity at pluto is causing their ongoing formation … from a distance we see pluto and its 5 known moons to act like comets complete with plasma tails (bottom set of pics) attracting the material from the nebular ion cloud which lies just to the outside of pluto

Craters on pluto’s surface show that this region of the solar system is quite active with bodies … like asteroids … since these pot holes quickly repair themselves you can see the active ongoing cratering and repair … also you can see many flow areas where something liquid carved out a river bed

the “snakeskin” effect is not understood yet in the surface features but also notice that the terrain is mountainous … clearly pluto’s surface is an active dynamic surface

islands of frozen methane float in a sea of frozen methane and nitrogen … but fractured and dynamically changing … i suspect that if we visited pluto in a few months or years much of this will have changed … father below is a picture of the entire area from which this picture is carved … this pic is at the closest approach to pluto of the New Horizons space craft

below Pluto entire planet … this is an extremely high resolution pic … take some time to study it … standard science has no clue what is going on here … their supposition of 4.5 billion year old planets is fading fast (actually it faded a long time ago but they have been living in a dreamland)

islands of ice below another high resolution pic

the ices breaking up in the pic below form islands just like water ice on earth in the spring thaw … see the flows from the lower left highlands flowing to the “sea” and the icebergs that appear to be pressed up on the shoreline but the thawing ocean of ice … just like lakes on earth in the spring time

Look at the big newer crater in the left center of the pic … now search the landscape for flows like in the upper left had corner do you see the valleys and ridge lines ??? do you see craters filled up and almost unrecognizable … this is a young active planetary surface

June 13, 2015 posting … (copied from the Picture of the Day sub-page) the world of outer space is heating up with the approach of the New Horizons space craft at Pluto … today in reworking some NASA released photos i am 98% certain i have detected COMET ACTIVITY at pluto which i predicted as you know … what is more interesting is that NASA has chosen none other than HAL WEAVER (data fixing con man from the old Hale Bopp Days) … why did NASA pick a comet “specialist” to head the Pluto New Horizons program ??? certainly there could be no dirty snowball comet activity in this remote outpost of our solar system … we now know the Hubble space telescope and other orbiting facilities have been fervently studying pluto for years and NOT RELEASING THE DATA … the moons are wandering in strange gyrations (seen by Hubble not the New Horizons probe) … NOW NASA has released images showing pluto to have varying terrain and topography and as i just said … here is the comet activity seen from a distance … can you see it too ??? in the video of this series you can see the “clouds” swirling around the moons and planet just as in the initial pictures of Hale Bopp that NASA scuttled off the internet … this is tentative but getting real interesting … this ties in with my new book release that i held back on due to the WING project but maybe i will have to release it anyway … stay tuned and i will definitely be covering this … in the mean time please help with my WING project below … jim mccanney

recent Pluto pics above from the New Horizon show the planet rotating and showing surface structure … possibly a polar cap … it has a known atmosphere and … WEATHER ??? standard science says that weather is caused by solar light input … but there ain’t no sunlight worth spitting at where pluto stands in our solar system … the sun will look like a larger than average star … my explanation of weather shows that it is strictly due to plasma effects around the planet and has very little if anything to do with sunlight … this is getting interesting but look at the pic below …

look for the comet activity above … middle pic shows the streaks and swirls of dust clouds … why should pluto have comet activity ??? as i have explained this is a PRIME area for comets since 1) it is discharging the solar capacitor just inside the outer region of the capacitor AND 2) the rich supply of dust gasses and molecular species held back by solar wind pressure as shown in my Plasma Discharge Comet Model … we can see these same clouds with planets forming in them around other stars as seen in the pic below … do you see the comets forming in the nebular ion cloud around this star below ??? this is from my earliest work and as always NASA is “discovering” and confirming my earliest predictions … watch how “surprised” they are going to be and without explanations when they get the data at pluto … if they release them without photo shopping the *@#$*&!?*# out of them first … but imagine all the other data such as electromagnetic effects that they will hide as they slip out a few pretty pictures for you the unsuspecting public … that’s why NASA has Hal Weaver at the helm … he is an expert at smooozing the data … jim mccanney

Planets forming from Comets Far from the Central Star … FROM A DISTANCE AROUND OUR STAR THE SUN ONE OF THESE WOULD BE PLUTO

One thing i LOVE about Astronomy Space Science and Astrophysics are the wonderful artful photographs … soo pleasing to the eye … but as as scientist i look for the workings of the cosmos in these photos … literally every active star has something in common … they have a stellar wind of protons and electrons leaving the central star … this is explained in my work as the separation of charge resulting from nuclear fusion in the atmospheres of the Hydrogen atmospheres … another photo earlier this year (on the Picture of the Day sub-page) shows stars forming in a galactic arm plasma as you can clearly see the electrical currents passing through the region bright with newly forming stars … but in the picture above from my very earliest work regarding comets and the formation of solar systems by capture … i noted that comets were NOT some wandering ice ball from a hypothetical Oort cloud that could never be detected or confirmed by observation (another fairy tale nursery rhyme) … i discovered and theorized that comets in fact were ANY object no matter how large or small (yes even down to the size of a grain of sand) that crossed into the “solar capacitor” that surrounds our sun … below you see such a solar capacitor surrounding another nearby star … notice the small glow in the center red region … compared to our solar system that would include the area encompassing ALL of the planets of our solar system and really at about the practical limits of current telescopes to detect planet sized objects … automated searches are just beginning as this is being written and they are finding not dozens but hundreds of new planets … remember when we had only 9 known planets ??? now there are hundreds known … and they are just in the baby beginnings of searching out there … my original work in the 1970s projected MANY planets forming out in the far reaches of what i called “the Nebular Ion Cloud” or alternatively the “Doughnut Nebula” … now there is proof of these around literally every star … remember that the tail material is moving TOWARDS the comet nuclei and building the planets … not just one … but thousands of them … you see the planets forming from comets … DO YOU SEE THEM IN THE PHOTO ABOVE ??? all with the forming planets show the nuclear area with the characteristic comet tail pointing radially outward from the central star … in the electric field … this far from the central star they orbit VERY SLOWLY … eventually all of them will have their orbits reduced by what i call the “tail drag” which is a principle of celestial mechanics that i discovered in conjunction with the physics of comets … not all nebulae around stars are as bright as this one … but the blue is characteristic of nitrogen in a mainly hydrogen atmosphere such as we see in the outer planets Uranus and Neptune … they formed in the far reaches of our solar system just like the planets in the photo above … once in a while these objects interact and some are diverted (perturbed is the celestial mechanics term) into the inner solar system … at that point they may interact with the other planets or eventually be captured into the inner solar system by the other planets … likewise space debris of all sizes may come into a solar system from far beyond and likewise become comets in the solar capacitor … some are large … have you ever heard the term PLANET X … my work shows that there are MANY MANY MANY Planet X objects not just one … our history seems to indicate a few but truly there are thousands of them … astronomers have secret automated telescope search programs under way to look for Planet X objects … they know i am correct in spite of the fact that the government supported disinformation agents continue to claim that there is no such thing as planet X … the government also continually sends nut case imposters to spew about planet X to make it into a crazy topic … this is to keep you the public from understanding the real nature of the cosmos because if the public knew the real story they would stop worshipping the evening fake news and worshipping the phony money god that is placed in front of them … keeping the public scientifically stupid takes a lot of money and effort … when i attend for example American Geophysical Union meetings there are in excess of 17,000 scientists in attendance … all tier 2 with fairy tale science that is propagated through the universities and ultimately to the public … there is however a layer of science above all of this that you never see that i call tier 1 … i have met many tier 1 scientists and they are serious hard working and know that everything i am doing is correct … jim mccanney P.S. the bright white stars in the photo are actually other stars in the background and foreground and not related to this star or planetary nebula.