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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show note –
Pics for my September 06, 2018 radio show

Below are 13 photos of the talking points for my September 06, 2018
radio show … listen and then look at these pictures …. click on the
images for full screen view

6 sided hex pattern with 7 coins of the same size … since the storms
on saturn’s north pole are the same energy they are the same size …
you will see later the earth’s own patterns that vary at the south pole

at pole of Jupiter is similar to earth polar auroral ring that is
always there day and night 365 days of the year  … by the way
that is why it is so laughable when the NASA mouth piece fake science
news media outlets talk about huge auroras and point to lapland or such
northerly places that the auroras are there all the time … 

a screen shot of the earth.nullschool.net web page showing you looking
at earth’s south pole … see the storm patterns which are not all the
same size and at this time there is not a single storm at the exact
south pole but if you look at this site you will eventually see the 6
sided storm system form … these are all storms created by electrical currents from the ionosphere

hurricane is powered by electrical currents from the ionosphere which are in turn powered by electrical currents from the sun

Great Red Spot is a hurricane that has been running around for hundreds
of years … see all the other weather patterns in the atmosphere …
whereas earth has only 5 bands in counter-rotating directions driven by
electrical currents in the upper atmosphere, Jupiter has 3 … always an
ODD NUMBER … because there are symmetrical bands above and below the
equator and then the equatorial electron band so always an ODD NUMBER of bands

above and below clouds … the cloud according to my theoretical work
is the intermediary in a much larger electrical circuit that extends to the sun

inside a tornado which also was just a water spout … HMMM !?!?!? do
you think the electrical current has anything to do with the tornado
water spout ??? standard science says NO … unreleated just coincidence
they say … the fact is that the electrical current coming from the
ionosphere is what creates and drives this just like hurricanes and jupiter’s great red spot

below many
water spouts on the leading edge of a severe storm system … do you
see all the little ones forming besides the two large ones ??? all
powered by the same electrical source … standards science (excuse me
.. i mean fake science that you are taught in school) says that storms
are caused by two clouds rubbing together … what do you believe ???

finally the Saturn HEX pattern at its north pole (it will be at the
south pole when saturn passes through 1/2 of its orbit … this system
comes and goes just as does the earth systems … if you look closely
you will see the six storms circling the central storm all about the
same size … like the coin analogy

tornado on the sun … standing up out of the atmosphere … the reason
the russians loved my work was because it explained such phenomenon as
with everything here … one theory and one source of energy for all
systems you see on this page … standard science has a separate fake science explanation for each one

below is a photo of lightning around and
above a volcano ash cloud … the lightning is OUTSIDE the cloud and to
the sides so how could the electricity be generated inside this cloud as
stated by standard fake science … here is a funny story … i had
this picture on a poster session at an American Geophysical Union
meeting and had a crowd of grad students around me discussing this …
up came their advisor very angry that they were talking to me … their
advisor huffed and puffed and stated that this was due to updrafts in
the ash cloud and one of his students (astutely) stated “But professor
the lightning is to the outside of the cloud” which was exactly correct
… their advisor reprimanded them and hauled them all away …

another volcanic plume with lightning nearby and some around the outside of the plume

water spout the last photo below
… a big one !!! and close !!! see the small cloud from which this
develops … certainly not the source of power for this stormy activity
… it is the electrical discharging of the ionosphere as explained in
my weather book and radio show

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08/09/2018 Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show note –
Diamonds in space ??? But i thought in “school” they said diamonds could
only form in the tremendous pressure deep in the earth … if there are
billions of diamonds in space would that not make going into space
profitable and ruin the monopoly of the diamond families on earth ??? so
where do diamonds really come from ???

Below is a series of photos … the first is an artist’s conception of a
galaxy with countless diamonds that create the light we see coming from
galaxies … the recently confirmed experimental evidence is very
convincing … and astronomers say “oh sure … “they come from the heat
out there” … but wait a minute … space is COLD remember … so cold
that allegedly only frozen comets made of ice could exist … so where
is all the heat to make diamonds enough to fill all of space in a galaxy
??? i discuss this in my book “The Diamond Principle” see more pics below …


photo below shows a view of a real galaxy namely our very own Milky Way
Galaxy … so all that light is from diamonds they say … my work
explains that in laboratory experiments they can create nano-diamonds
using exactly the same conditions that exist in my Plasma Discharge
Comet Model … read my book The Diamond Principle for details … also
… someone posted the following on a popular web page that posted the
article about the discovery of diamonds being the source of galaxy light
… here is the post …

odd – Professor James
McCanney has been talking about diamonds in space for years and discusses the
REAL cause of diamonds in space including the laboratory experiments to back up
his claims that they form in the electric fields of comets. The article claims
that “heat in space” is the cause – how ridiculous. Previously we
were told that diamonds had to form deep in the earth under tremendous
pressures. Now they are found in space where there is NO pressure. Sounds like
standard science cannot keep its story straight and people repeat it without so
much as a whisper. Additionally, McCanney has been censored from youtube for
years in fact youtube would erase any comments including his name. With all the
nut cases and phony “science” on youtube, only real people that cause real
issues for the controllers get censored. Thus, the old adage that when they
censored the first person no one noticed or cared. Then they came for the next
persons and only then did people start to notice because it affected them.

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show note – Comet
Photos Comet 67P … where is the snow ice and water ??? there ain’t

Below is a series of photos of Comet 67P recently returned from the
Rosetta Mission cameras … supposedly comets are dirty snow balls
correct ?? NOT !!! the surface you see in these pictures is very dark
and consists of organic molecules in the form of grains of sand that
have eroded from the rocky comet nucleus … in NASA’s original “artist
conceptions” of comets they showed white snow with water gushing off the
surface like a steam locomotive of yester year … but that is not
happening either … NASA wants to spend decades and waste more money to
dig into a comet to find the water that they still claim is there …
but bongo … there is nothing coming off the nucleus to form the water
tail we observe from a distance so … give it up already … one
scientist did in public the lead scientist on the Rosetta team … but
he was silenced … see more pics below …

photo below shows another angle of the “not so snowy” hot dry rock
nucleus … you can click on these figures for a screen sized view …
note in the next 3 photos you can see the geological layering which took
place BEFORE this rock was blown out of the mother planet or star …
this is NOT a fluffy little snow ball left over from the origin of the
solar system … this is a geologically layered piece of rock … see
all the evidence of geologically compressed layers in the next 3 photos

below is another pic from a distance … notice there is nothing coming
off the nucleus … my Plasma Discharge Comet Model is absolutely correct …

close up showing the erosion caused by the electron beam that hits the
comet nucleus constantly as it discharges the solar capacitor cutting
and creating the sand you see on the surface

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show note – Proto Planet Formation From Comets confirmed 

Below is a photo of a series of photos of recently discovered planets
information around other stars … what do all have in common ??? the
planets are forming as i have stated from COMETS … this is how planets
form … the idea that super weal fields of gravity can pull in
material from  great distances is absurd … it cannot happen as i
realized in the 1970s … also electrical forces are usually contained
so there has to be a very subtle mechanism that creates the conditions
to form planets … so when you read my books you will understand these
processes … now look at the first photo … 2 planets forming around a
star … comets you say ??? yes

photo below was just released astronomers … Europe’s Very Large
Telescope captured this image .. the star is blotted out with a mask
(center dark spot) … the planet is the bright spot off to lower right
image and also you see the nebular ion cloud surrounding the star …
the object is a comet … click on the image for a full screen image and
see that the planet is forming in a faint disk or ring of material and
the planet already has a significant atmosphere … the problem with the
“traditional” collapse theory of planet formation is that the
collisions create so much heat by small individual impacts that all the
vapor (gasses for atmosphere and volatiles such as water) escape and
never form … so NASA and traditional astronomy cannot tell you where
the the oceans or atmospheres of planets come from (including earth)

below is another star called HL Tauri which has a saturnian structure
(actually our own sun is very similar and we see out Sun’s ring system
called the “Zodiacal Light” … comets form in the gaps as stated in my
paper “Saturn Sweeper Moons Predicted” … read my books to understand
how saturn convinced me that both saturn and jupiter are small stars and
similar to our sun with ongoing fusion in the atmospheres …

see pic below (this is posted on my home page with explanation)
of a star with a nebular ion cloud surrounding with many comets forming
planets in what would be the equivalent of what astronomers call the
“kuiper belt” where planets are forming including pluto which i stated
long ago was a comet … (see picture of the day below regarding pluto farther below for more details on that)

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show note – NASA’s
Fake News announcement of “life on mars” … looking for water in all
the wrong places …   

Below is a photo of a satellite photo of the martial surface from an
early Mars orbiter … pristine … untouched by billions and billions
of years ??? so last week NASA makes an amazing announcement that they
allegedly discovered some organic molecules (or distant relatives
thereof) and as they claimed in a massive pre-announced news release
with LOTS OF HYPE that they had discovered life on mars … then quickly
stated in the articles that really they had NOTHING … a chemical
analysis of some hybrid organic molecules that they claimed were
billions of years old from rocks that they stated without reason were
billions of years old … but of course what they were really looking
for was continuing funding for upcoming missions with the european space
agency … well lots of salaries and the usual list of suspects were in
need of congressional funding … but look at the pic below … water
was flowing on mars a short time ago as ensured by the river in the pics
below which would be all destroyed if “billions of years old” … as
the old country western tune went … “lookin’ for luv
water in all the wrong places” …  i have many many pics on my
“picture of the day sub page” on mars and its surface water features
with a few new ones below …

rover landed in the circle on the pic below … a lot of sand erosion
in this area BUT look to the upper right area and you see a full blown
bed draining into this crater … but of course no water … the water
was removed during the Venus event just a few thousand years ago

below is another view of the same crater do you see the river bed ???
if you can see it then why cannot trained NASA scientists ???

below is a full blown river bed on mars … but no water … even
within the river are flows that would not be there if they were in fact
billions of years old since mars has annual tremendous wind dust storms
that would have destroyed these LONG AGO if they were in fact billions
of years old … again … the elephant in the room and NASA is looking
for organic molecules in what was once a desert … as i said … lookin
for water in all the wrong places

more river beds on mars

more river beds on mars

So NASA continues to create fake news when the real news is right in front of your face … jim mccanney

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show note – Navajo Power Plant Controversy …   

Below is a photo of the Navajo mega coal fired power plant which serves
southern california and arizona customers and is owned not really by the
Navajo tribe although it is on their land … the coal comes from the
Peabody owned facility also on navajo land and the pollution goes to you
… but is there another solution … unfortunately the Navajo tribe is
being conned into installing massive amounts of solar panels which will
NOT replace this 2.25 giga watt installation as i discuss on my show
this week … i redid my calculations and will discuss those on next
week’s show plus i will be giving many new statistics about this plant
and the phony baloney plan to replace this plant with solar panels …
to put it bluntly … the navajo nation has been sold a bill of goods
making the “sale” of the island of manhattan for a few strings of beads
look like a great deal for the natives … being ripped off again by the
“white man” … jim mccanney

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show note – Nature and Man …   

Below is a photo of a terraced mountain side … man modifying nature to
all for growth as a species … man is the only creature that we know
of that modifies his environment while all others live with what god has
given them on this planet … is man the smart one or will time tell
that by not relying on nature completely and by creating more
concentrated food than normally would exist are we creating out own doom
… in other words … when a catastrophic event occurs … our
dependency on mass creation of food will in fact be our downfall … jim mccanney

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
what if we burnt all the coal and oil on earth???

the pic below shows a coal mine in kasakhstan … the scene is repeated
the world over … every year we burn and burn and burn with a full 80%
being lost to atmospheric heating BUT also we are burning up the earth’s
oxygen … you really don’t believe that fable in the text books about
the amazon jungle replenishing our O2 do you ??? if we burnt all the
coal and oil on earth we would likewise burn up all the O2 … no one is
monitoring this little secret … not to mention the unbridled
pollution that goes with this … my paid casts starting this past
january are covering these topics in detail … be sure to sign up with
the link at the top of the home page for the paid casts 

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
is there life out there ???

the pic below shows a spiral galaxy in distant outer space … Zillions
of stars (ZILLIONS AND CAZILLIONS to be more exact) … are there biped
beings ??? with 2 eyes and 2 ears and … SOULS ??? spirits ??? do they
have feelings do they love and hate and are they lazy and frail like
humans and energetic and visionary too ??? did this all happen by its
self ??? or is the result of an infinite grand design ??? YOUR SCHOOLS

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
Comet Tail Christmas Star

the pic below shows the Christmas star which by legend had a “tail” that
came to rest on the birthplace of Christ … modern astronomers say it
was a “planetary alignment” and now even try to say it did not happen
… anything to deny the real truth … the painting is by John Williams 

is the pic i talked about on my show this week … this is Buzz Aldrin
the alleged 2nd man on the moon … an unverified scientific claim …
BUT Buzz is sporting his new new york designer clothes and a ???? FLAG
???? WHAT THE ?!?!?!?! are they trying to tell us something … in
Buzz’s new book he says NASA should go to Mars by 2040 … 2040 ?!?!?!
we will all be dead by then why on earth would i want to support that
??? listen to my show for more discussion …

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
Comet Tail Disconnection Events

the pic below shows comet C2016R2 with its tail being separated (let the animation load you will see it moving) … but
what is the cause ??? this is the topic of my show this week

is Comet Lovejoy with another tail separation event … once again the
standard fairy tale science explanation does not explain what is
observed … they say that the tail becomes sideways and the solar wind
interacts with the tail BUT clearly below the picture shows the tail
disconnection occurs directly behind the comet not out to the side …
but one could “debate” this all day … the real proof that comets are
not dirty snow balls came when the European Space Agency landed on Comet
67P and confirmed there is no water nor snow nor subsurface moisture
and of course nothing coming off the nucleus to form the tail … 

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –

the pic below shows planets in formation around a star exactly like our
own … NASA and astronomers are astonished that they are finding
hundreds of planets in a distant region known as the Kuiper Belt and
they cannot figure out why there are so many and how they got there …
bizarre speculations range the field but there is a single simple answer
that i produced in my original work (in fact i used a picture similar
the this one in my published papers in the early 1980s) i
discuss in my show this week

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
Hurricane Harvey

the pic below shows Hurricane Harvey from space … i discuss in my show this week

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
Comet Holmes and The Ancient Greek Myth of Sisyphus

the pic below shows comet Holmes which had a visible coma larger than the sun

below is an artist conception of the Myth of Sisyphus … listen to my August 17, 2017 commercial free radio show for details 

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
May 29, 1919 Eddington experiment SHAMA SCAMMA DOOOO … produces a century of bad science

the pic below shows results of  the poorly performed Eddington
experiment where he took pictures of stars that were allegedly affected
by the mass of the sun … the stars should appear to move outwards as
the light is allegedly bent around the sun (photographed during a total
solar eclipse on May 29, 1919) … BUT the stars do not move outwards
from the center of mass of the sun … they move in all directions
except radially outwards … this alone should have been questioned …
but not in the world of shamma scamma science … this was not
einstein’s fault as he openly denied the effects of general relativity
throughout his life

is the picture showing more results of “gravitational lensing” … this
only works if you are a drunk sailor on furlow night on the town …
how in the universe could anyone look at this and base 100 years of
cosmology on these results … the stars are SUPPOSED to move radially
outwards … they are bending in the non-uniform local electric fields
near the sun … they should be radial with distance but gee whiz batman
and boy wonder robin … this is disturbing at best … literally none
of them are radially moving and those farther away from the center of
the sun should have less movement … this is hardly “convincing data”
… i also point out many some modern anomalies in my DVD #4 University
Level Astronomy Course on my sales page in looking at bending of light
around galaxies the same bad science is promoted AND NO ONE SEEMS TO

is the eddington graph of the line fit of outward movement but this is a
total misrepresentation of the real data above … he ignores the fact
that the data above does not go radially outwards and notice that the
bending displacement is also all over the place in the real photos and
nice and neatly placed in his “interpretation” below SHAMMA SCAMMA …

is a diagram of the famous eddington experiment .. note how only a few
choice data points are included that are fudged they are not from the
real data set … eddington would have made a fine NASA employee …

photo of the same region of the sky without the sun present is compared
to the sky with the solar eclipse … this is done on a “blink
comparator” which allows one to see the negatives of 2 photos at the
same time … you can easily detect movement of celestial objects …
but notice that the distance of movement and the directions are NOT
commensurate with the general relativity model at all  


point is that with thousands of amateur astronomers out there with
equipment better than what eddington had it would be as simple task to
redo this and prove that the bending is not due to gravity … if not
gravity then what is it ??? my Induced Electric Dipole Red Shift which
is easily proved in the laboratory is the true cause of bending of light
and it predicts that the results will be all over the place as in the
real data as the electric field of the sun is constantly changing and
bending in the vicinity of the sun … there are other fish to fry in
the world of general relativity … the precession of the orbit of
mercury was one example … einstein suggested this could be caused by
general relativity but there again it is the tail drag of the planet as
it is acting like a comet discharging the local capacitor which is
enormous near the sun that is continually altering its orbit again an
electrical effect  

bending of gravitational space and the curved space concepts of einstein revolutionized newtonian physics (photo below)
… but the question is … does gravity affect light and
electromagnetic radiation and my answer is a resounding NO and the very
experiments that are said to prove general relativity in fact denounce
it 100 %

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
Atmospheric Electricity

the pic below shows results of atmospheric electricity … this pic was
taken by a fish eye lense on a time exposure of the evening night sky
in of all places Iran (no not by me) … see the light bands in the sky
… standard science claims this is due to “gravity waves” and “chemical
reactions” … neither explanation holds even a drop of water …
clearly the earth is connecting to our space environment


is the picture showing krakatoa volcano in the strait of sunda on the
entrance of what was once the continent of atlantis in what is now the
south china sea … this was one of the “pillars of hercules” that were
visible from hundreds of mile away

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
Atlantis in the South China Sea AND modern HBOT machines that duplicate ancient atmospheres

the pics below show the South China Sea and the Sunda Strait between
JAVA and Sumatra … the ancient mariners would enter what is now the
Strait of Sunda then swing north around what is now Malaysia and Borneo
and into what is now the South China Sea … we will examine the
underwater topography remembering that Atlantis was a vast plain larger
than all of asia minor with the ringed city on a mountain (currently
island) and the approach was a cut through vast bogs making it the
geographically most protected empire on earth .. remember also this was
before the pole shift and oddly enough it is one of the places on earth
that did not change latitudes after the shift


is another photo showing the map of the region as we see ocean levels
today … the Strait of Sunda is noted with the orange marker

below …
another map of what we call indonesia … the area is rich in ancient
monuments but the real region of interest is below the sea … read on

now here
is where it gets interesting as we look a the underwater topography of
the south china sea … this is the ONLY place on the planet that
matches the description of Atlantis and the entrance to the Straight of
Sunda is where the Pillars of Hercules are still found in the 5
volcanoes including Krakatoa … the mariners could see these from
hundreds of miles away at night … try that with the Rock of Gibraltar
… sorry that old wives tail does not meet the test … the bogs of
floating grasses still create a shipping hazzard in the south china sea
one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world …

that at the time the sea level was about 150 feet lower than now making
this all a passable region by the wooden trading ships of the times …
the depths here are in “fathoms” (about 1.8 meters) … the depths in
the Strait run about 200 feet deep … note the many volcanoes (one of
which is missing today because of a massive volcanic explosion in
historical times) … the discovery of Atlantis was made by a physics
professor from Brazil showing this to be the only place on earth that
could be Atlantis Dr Arysio Santos … my own “discovery” came in the
1990’s as i was on the internet and accidentally backed into a secure
navy site stationed in northern australia … they were excavating
atlantis … in the south china sea … the chinese government was very
angry at the US presence … where did all the archaeological treasures
go ??? we may never know 

the red X’s mark the Pillars of Hercules that guarded the entrance to
Atlantis … imagine coming into this region in an ancient phoenician
sailing vessel to the advanced city of atlantis with its Tesla Tower in
the form of Poseidon with his pitch fork skyward discharging the
vertical electric field and many flying saucers using electromagnetic
propulsion systems coming in and out riding what i call “the Electric
Rivers to the Stars” (listen to my DVD talk at the 2003 UFO Congress
using that same title and my recent Paid Cast also of the same title …
this is the term i coined to represent my work in this area) … you
will note when any fake “identification of Atlantis” is printed … it
never will include the true location … real information is blocked at
all fronts from reaching you the public

looking at this at night imagine … the Pillars of Hercules … no less
than five active volcanoes with their smoke clouds reaching skyward
visible from hundreds of miles away … any questions ???

switching gears to ancient atmospheres … below is the composition of today’s atmosphere … listen to my lecture
on my commercial free show to expose the lies about CO2 … but the
ancient atmospheres had about 2 times the amount of O2 we have today and
much less nitrogen and A LOT more CO2 … a much healthier environment

is a photo of an HBOT or HyperBaric Oxygen Treatment facility … why
do people have to get “extra oxygen” to cure all kinds of deseases ???
including aging … why are we told that ancient people lived for very
long times ??? why are people today constantly putting creams and
lotions on their bodies because they are so dry ??? could it be because
the earth’s atmosphere was different in ancient times and we are stuck
now in an atmosphere that is deficient … more water … more O2 and
more CO2 to make vibrant plant growth … and what do we have for science ??? AL GORE ?!?!?! wow

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
World Water Shorelines and more information on glaciation – shoreline changes – world water situation and more

the pics below show desertification around the world … most of this is
man made … you would think that global climate change “concerned
scientists” would be squawking about this or Fukushima but not a peep


is another photo showing the desert regions of africa … one would
imagine that africa is the worst land with depleted regions but wait
until you see other pictures showing the USA has the most depleted land
in the world thanks to monsanto and corporate farming … in africa the
sahara desert (orange region top of africa) is a man made desert

below … 
the degraded soil look at the “bread basket of the USA” … right up
there with the most depleted land in the world …note that the majority
of the world has degraded soil to the point at which if we depended on
it for food we may all starve to death BUT remember my past shows i made
a determination that the entire world population could eat organic food
grown in an area smaller than the state of iowa … so with state after
state covered in corn and soy beans where does it all go ??? not for food for you !!!

desertification … where is it going next ??? see the map below

last week i showed the Laurentian Ice Shield ??? below is a topo map
… this was the north pole before the Venus event notice how greenland
was included in the glaciation then and is in the glaciation that we
currently have … if you estimate the center of this ice cap based on
this map it would correspond to the area i measured when i surveyed the
mayan ruins in mexico and central america … in the region north of
what is now the state of michigan in ontario that was the north pole
prior to the pole shift and that is why we now see the magnetic pole
migrating towards the rotational north pole they are still trying to
align after all this time … note how it does not extend into siberia
to the upper left in the diagram assuring that i am correct about this
being the old north pole

is the silt run off from the laurentian ice shield as it melted and
note that the great lakes were buried under it … that is why they are
giant ocean sized lakes with NO SALT … standard science has no
explanation for that one

looking forward … if all the ice in antarctica and greenland melted
this is what our shorelines would look like but don’t hold your breath
… those ice packs are growing contrary to climate change hysteria

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
World Water Shorelines before the Great Flood

the pics below shows the location of the Laurentian Ice Cap which was
the source of some of the great glaciers and note the southern
hemisphere antarctica was not where it is now relative to the spin axis
of earth .. note how the ice cap does not go into russia nor siberia
which was temperate at the time …

is another photo showing the shorlines at the same time … most of
what are now islands in the caribbean were connected to north and south
america and the entire world had similarly low coast lines … where did
the water from the great flood go ???

below …  the
bust of the main god of the greek pantheon Zeus was one of the planets
as were all … but Venus was a comet … in her correct representations
… all destroyed by modern science and corrupted history …

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
World Water Shortage

the pics below show the dire conditions that can strike anywhere at any
time … but many regions of the world will always struggle with water
issues … there are many solutions … i am working in the background
on many varying solutions and have just introduced one that is currently
available … removing water from the air in machines known as
Atmospheric Water Generators AWGs … many of us live in water rich
areas and also have infrastructures that deliver water … but the face
of the world is changing … my water filters are needed now in even the
most modern countries because of severe pollution and chemicals added
to the water at municipal water plants … here are some pics to ponder
… one of my new product line available in any location in the world
… this is a mid sized model AWG removing up to 1000 Liters per Day of
clean filtered water from the air …

is another photo showing a california dam empty of water … oddly
enough recent flooding changed the situation to where it is now a threat
to communities down stream … this shows how volatile the water
situation can be within short periods of time

below … you
could be living in or near a water shortage area … imagine if we could
“green” all of these areas … in my “11 Earth Mega Projects” sub page i
have some projects that include bringing spring melt waters to the
american south west and also harvesting water from Greenland and
Antarctica to bring to drought needy areas of the globe … i hope that
in the next 10 years these projects will actually be underway …

the image below is a reality in all too many places in the world … i
have seen this first hand in many many places … this can be cured …
the reality is that within 15 years almost all people in the world will
be “water challenged” and most already are … add to this the control
and ownership of greedy companies like Nestles CocaCola and the Royal
Bank of Canada plus greedy governments selling water rights out from
under people … we have a severe problem on our hands … will wars be
fought over water ??? they have been fought over oil …

listen to my weekly
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details … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
The Science of Life

the pics below shows DNA being built and the building blocks of DNA
called nucleotides made up of smaller organic molecules which of
themselves are not living beings … so my question to standard science
that would have you believe there is no creator divine plan … what
scientific explanation do they have for why some molecules after getting
to a certain stage … begin acting like living beings and disobeying
the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics … how do they explain this … there are
other bigger questions but if they cannot even explain this in their
“text books” … then how are we to take “evolution” seriously ??? and
now the pics 

below is another photo relating organic molecules with what we call the basis of “life”

one more diagram below
… so what makes this the basis of life ??? i guarantee you no one on
this planet can answer that question and certainly not with “evolution”

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – Total Solar Eclipse coming August 21
in the USA

the pic below shows a total eclipse in progress …

is a complete photo of a total eclipse … there is  a lot of

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – Hurricanes … where to they come from ???

the pic below shows a completely developed eye of a hurricane … there
is not enough energy to create or maintain such a storm from warm ocean
water so why do the standard news media and the gov science agencies
continue to spout this ridiculous information … listen to my show for more details … and don’t forget
to visit the Picture of the Day sub-page regularly lots and lots to see
and read

below is a
full blown hurricane … over kansas … what i call a himicane (my play
on words) for a hurricane that develops over land … do you see any
warm ocean water to create this mammoth storm ??? i don’t either … but
also note the lightning this is part of the overall electric discharge
of the earth’s electric field … for a better understanding of how
these electric fields create hurricanes (and himicanes) see my weather
book Principia Meteorologia The Physics of Sun Earth Weather on the
sales page …

below … a water spout is a tornado over the over water and acts as a
giant vacuum cleaner sometimes sucking up schools of fish and sending
them flying through the air … these are electrically driven also and
are seen many times on the leading edges of hurricanes as they make land fall

click on this pic for enlarged
view … listen to my June 15, 2017 weekly
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details … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – SMOKE … from smoke stacks … what is the real issue ??

the pic below shows smoke stacks … belching not only smoke but tons of
raw heat … lots more than any green house effect could ever create
… so is the green house effect real ??? no it is not it is one of the
biggest scientific myths of all time along with the moon is made of
green cheese … but that is not the real issue the real issue is that
we simply should not be burning up all this high energy content fuel to
create electric energy … listen to my show for more details … and
don’t forget
to visit the Picture of the Day sub-page regularly lots and lots to see
and read about there … link below this picture 

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – War
of the Worlds … are we nigh for the planned New World Order False Flag
Alien Invasion ???

the pic below shows art work by Richard Bizley dipicting a scene from
Orson Wells 1938 “War of the Worlds” that created panic in the public
… but Werner von Braun picture also below with a V2 german rocket
cutaway design stated in a 1977 interview prior to his death
with Dr Rosin that what he called then the “New World Order” had a
phased plan including the Cold War which was already happening … an
episode of planned terrorism that would set the public restrictions in
place for the final phase that would be ushered in a single day with a
false flag alien invasion … listen to my radio show this week as i
discuss the US military War Games dealing with an “expected alien
invasion” this ain’t no joke nor conspiracy theory the US mil boys are
planning now !!! listen to my show of June 01, 2017 for more details …
jim mccanney


Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes

Magnetic fields can now be
measured in the regions of galaxies .. but what do they mean ??? listen
to this week’s show to find out
this is NASA’s newest latest
diagram trying to explain the heliosphere the region around the sun …
but they fail to understand the most important issue that the sun is a
comet and discharges the galactic capacitor build by and excess current
of protons in its fusion based wind … they also do not understand that
the solar fusion is not and could not be in the solar core …
gravitational lensing … Wrong
Again !!! yes the stars in the backgrounds are experiencing a lensing
effect BUT this is due to the non-uniform electric fields surrounding
all the visible objects here … as explained with my Induced Electric
Dipole Red Shift

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes

confirmed impact craters the
americas … why do some cause mass extinctions and others nothing ???
maybe those believed to have caused mass extinctions did not do that
either is the best explanation … bu standard science does not allow
for other explanations …
cause and effect … this is a
simulation of the impact at Chicxulub in the Yucatan of mexico … the
blast helped spur the geological processes that created the cenotes
common in the region
the Chicxulub Crater
Chicxulub Crater a place i have personally spent quite a bit of time
exploring mayan ruins and the geology of the area … there is
definitely a crater here … the trillion dollar question is … did
this cause the demise of the dinosaurs ???  my radio show this week
may 18, 2017 discusses this and comes to the conclusion that this
impact was not the cause of the demise of the dinosaurs …
the cenotes are an amazing
geological structure … you see where they are compared to the impact
basin … a diagram in a coming pic will show how the material blasted
out and in the direction of the cenotes to the right of the impact crater
the famous crater at winslow
arizona … i have a very funny story related to this crater … i had
always wanted to visit this … but it is a tale of one disaster after
the other … on the first trip i got caught in a raging winter storm
near flagstaff arizona and had to spend 2 days sleeping in the front
seat of my car in that cold town … the highways were shut down no one
could move … no room in any hotels … so i had to hurry on my way and
did not get to visit this amazing wonder … on my second fateful trip
to see the crater … i planned ahead so there would be no issues … i
turned off the main highway and headed down the long access road …
happy and full of joy that finally i would be able to visit this amazing
geological feature … i crossed the entrance gate driving into the
… THERE IS NOTHING HERE … comes a man running across the desert at
my car with hands raised and arms waving running at my car screaming
STOP STOP STOP … dressed in a federal park ranger uniform like …
WHAT IS THIS !?!?! … the guy stops me and says you cannot go in the
park is CLOSED … in shock and disbelief i had to leave … so i again
planned to visit the site as i passed this way again … this time it
was open … i got in and spent the entire day there in the visitor
center … this by the way was one of gene shoemaker’s favorite sites
like the one in australia where he met an early demise for what i
believe he was going to release the information regarding Hale Bopp
another story for another day
the gravitational anomaly of the Chicxulub crater ..  yes this is an impact crater 
the Chicxulub Crater side view

the odd thing about the so
called impact crater theory of mass extinctions is that all these
craters worldwide have no associated mass extinctions … in short …
the idea was railroaded into prominence and has gained a life of its own
… more recent studies of the geological record in the area of the
yucatan impact crater shows that not even the dinosaurs in that area
died off … something else happened … thus my show topic for this
week … “Passing Large Comets vs. Impacts vs. Both”

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes

with infrared heat signatures
Jupiter reacts as the 21 pieces of comet shoemaker levy 9 … this
occured when i was working with russian scientists and they had all
instruments trained on jupiter … the explosions were so intense (as
measured from x-rays reflected off the moons on the far side of jupiter)
that they estimated that each of these pieces ignited with more energy
than all the nuclear bombs on earth combined
as seen in visible light as the sulfur dioxide smudges rotated with jupiter after the impacts of comet shoemaker levy 9
the explosions as seen in the
infrared … clearly not little snow balls … the russian scientists
reported that this was the last nail in the coffin for the NASA dirty
snow ball comet model and confirmation of my Plasma Discharge Comet
Model … in spite of the fact that we have visited comets and found no
water ice or snow on any nucleus let alone water coming off the nucleus
to create the tail … the “icy wanderer” baloney dominates the FAKE SCIENCE NEWS press
not only did the comet create
spots but these were mini red spot like hurricanes … this of course is
explained in my plasma weather work because hurricanes are in fact the
result of electrical discharges also
a better view of one of the hurricane structures in jupiter’s atmosphere after the impacts
this is the picture i chose for
the cover of my eBook COMETS … this shows the 21 pieces of comet
shoemaker levy 9 as sulfur dioxide comets … hours earlier they were
water comets in the region away from jupiter … jupiter has massive
amounts of sulfur dioxide surrounding it and thus as explained in my
Plasma Discharge Comet Model … the comets are attracting the material
in the local environment … what is the probability or even remote
possibility that 21 water comets all of a sudden changed to completely
sulfur dioxide comets a molecular species that had never been observed
in water comets before … with not a trace of water …

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Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes

picture at left … is it the strange NASA pic of a new planetary
surface ??? is it  a picture of a land formation at the south pole
on earth ??? nope … neither … it is an laboratory experiment that i
performed using a material possibly similar to the type of organic
substances that might lurk under the surface of the icy moons of jupiter
… this is a cellulose gel that forms as the interface meets a drying
vacuum of outer space … it solidifies and due to the heat below forms
ridges and valleys and everything you see here … you can click on the
pic for a full screen view … i also did a similar one to simulate the
surface development on the planet pluto … click here for that
rendition of the same experiment then return here for more information
… –>  Pluto Milk Boil Surface Experiment  
BUT what does this all mean … ok first there is  a heat source
… second and more importantly SOMETHING is creating an organic gel
material under the surface … also the subsurface regions have to have
at least some liquid water and it receives sunlight that is trapped
under the surface … can we say … LIFE !!!
now we are looking at the real surface of a real moon of saturn called
enceladus … see the older cratered area … is old … but look at the
completely craterless area and how it resembles my experimental lab
surface above … any questions …

look carefully at ALL the “Craters” … are they impact craters …
bubbles bursting craters … OR in some rare cases in the solar system
they can be electrical discharges … i have identified some on Callisto
moon of Jupiter (see my original published papers from 1979 in the
appendices of my Planet X Comets and Earth Changes book and also i
repost in my Paid Cast for April 27, 2017 ) … but these appear to me
to be either impact or bubbles … what is interesting to observe about
craters is how they fade with time … we see many fresh craters as if a
large passing comet with its trailing meteorite tail splattered the
area recently … but many of the craters especially those fading into
the new surfaced area are flooding from within … when we see this on
the moon or mars we attribute this to material coming from outside BUT
here there is no atmosphere and the surface is apparently solidified
liquid of some kind (possibly organic gel or something similar) … look
at the large crater just left of center of the pic and see it has a
“ridge” running right through it … looks like the formative process
illustrated above is at work destroying this crater indicating the
surface renews itself regularly and is not 4.5 billion years old … by
the way NASA on its various pages keeps miming the mantra that “comets
crashed into these and caused the water to be there” but remember that
when we visit comets they have NO WATER NO ICE NO SNOW on them … so a
crashing small comet is not going to bring water and as usual they set
the solution into never never land with non solutions … the real
answer is that this moon had its entire load of water as it formed as a
large comet attracting the water and storing it via my Plasma Discharge
Comet Model … but anyway match the smooth new area to the picture
above …

is the top of the page pic today … click for a larger view … do you
see the comet tails in the faint broad ring below the disk of saturn
(largest faint diffuse ring) … NASA says these are “reflections” …
HMMM … look like Plasma Discharge Comet Tails to me … and that is
what they are … dragging in water … my paper from 1979 still is the
best paper on the explanation of saturn’s rings even after all these
decades … NASA has had to admit that all their theories were wrong and
all of what i said was correct … one NASA scientist even stole all my
terms and became the NASA “Saturn Sweeper Moon” expert … no conscious
there … but just examine this beautiful pic and again my hat is off
and i bow with great admiration for the engineers who built the cassini
mission craft and got it there so the NASA tier 2 scientists could
misinterpret all the wonderful data …
of Saturn and Saturn itself offer proof that the standard theories of
solar system formation are completely false … Enceladus is a new hot
young moon … it is still growing (not sputtering away as standard
science pretends) … it is involved in a significant electrical
discharge with Saturn on an ongoing basis proving that space is not
electrically neutral and it is everything explained in my Plasma
Discharge Comet Model … it creates the vast E-Ring with the material
mainly water that is drawn in but Enceladus is moving too fast in its
orbit for all the material to be drawn in and held by gravity so it
remains orbiting saturn in a faint very broad ring …

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – the depleted world  

this week i discuss soil
depletion around the world due to man made destruction … below is a
map of the world … orange is highly depleted … note the central USA
(due to monsanto and big agri) and the agricultural area of california
and the american southwest … then the orange area is depleted but not
completely … then the gray areas are desert where nothing grows much
of which was caused by man … then look at the few white areas they are
in regions not habitable for the most part … yes this is your world
… for more details listen to my 04/27/2017 weekly radio show

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
diamonds are a comets best friend …

below is a carbon structure
some call the “bucky ball” which is due to the fame made from
Buckminster Fuller and the geo-desic dome which uses the same principle
of putting the forces on all memebers equally so the structure is
extremely stable and strong … but like carbon fiber the real strength
is in the “stretching” component … this is the structure in which
diamonds are formed in outer space
lightning sprites elves

the following is
an animation of the diamond crystal made up of 6 center side carbon
atoms … 8 corner atoms … and 4 internal atoms … these then connect
to other similar carbon crystal elements and make up the hardest
material known to man … they form inside the above lattice

the following shows the many varieties of “cut” diamonds … actually
they are not cut but are chipped along the crystal lattice faces … or
facets … read my book “The Diamond Principle” for a real world view
based on the diamond

below is the
diamond tetrahedron geometric build … the pure diamond is clear and
its facets reflect light internally giving the cut diamond its brilliant look

s below are the
facets of the diamond crystal … all the cuts follow these planes
within the crystal .. but how do you tell the difference between
diamonds ??? because there are fractures … why are all diamonds
fractured ??? listen to my show to find out

lightning sprites elves

graphite is another form of carbon but oddly enough it is one of the softest materials known 

the raw diamond can also be beautiful … but how did this form and where ???

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes ADDITIONAL PICTURE

wonderfully amazing picture sent in by a listener … talk about my
work visible in the sky … do you see the reddish ring above the
horizon ??? the photographer Martin Pokek was using a video camera and
this was just a brief couple of frames here and gone that quickly …
from the Czech Republic … so what is happening … first of all we see
the constellation ORION to the left setting (we know it is setting in
the west from the northern hemisphere vantage point of the Czech
Republic with ORION’s feet down to the left) … so the reddish ring is
westerly possibly just a tad bit north of due west … above near the
edge of the picture we see a bright moon (see the glow fading into the
picture ??) … the moon is bright in the very clear night sky (except
for a solitary cloud) … so the reddish ring is really amazingly bright
… but only lasts a few seconds … in my work i show drawings of this
type of behavior when the earth acts as a comet and plasma from deep
space actually attaches to the upper atmosphere in broad regions … i
show the comet tail plasma structures (faint charged gas clouds that
permeate space) attaching to the upper atmosphere like a leech attaching
to a fish in the water … but why the ring shape ??? we see this all
the time at the north and south poles (but usually from the vantage
point from outer space) where the earth’s magnetic field comes into the
atmosphere nearly perpendicularly … the aruoral rings look exactly
like this picture … you get the same effect when the electrical
discharge connects to earth’s upper atmosphere creating a local magnetic
field that briefly sticks out of the atmosphere (in that direction) …
jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
lightning above the clouds … where on earth does that come from ???

Well actually
none of earth’s lightning comes from earth itself … i discuss that in
tonight’s show where i take the complete solar system electrical system
and break it down … electricity … magnetism and many of the “ring
currents” that we see … standard science is baffled by all of this and
ignores most of it .. but pictures from private individuals come out is
it now odd that NASA is not giving us this information … below a pic
from an amateur in australia with rivers of electrical current coming in
from above … standard science thinks that lightning comes out of the
clouds … note how there are tributaries above the clouds

lightning sprites elves

a main
contributor to our misunderstanding of clouds and lightning comes from
decades of incorrectly taught university level courses in meteorology
and astronomy … a more distant pic below shows the snaking discharge
and the broad spray of electrical current above a thunder storm …
actually these currents are always there you just do not see them this

the clouds are all by themselves … there are no “clouds rubbing
together” to make this storm … my weather book Principia Meteorologia –
The Physics of Sun Earth Weather talks about all of this not only on
earth but on the various other planets 

below another
similar effect called Air Glow is shown below … i discussed this on
prior shows and also discuss this in my books and teachings

click on this pic for enlarged
view … listen to my april 06, 2017 weekly
commercial free radio show for
details … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
Clear cutting as primary contributor to Climate Change

of years ago the earth was covered with forests .. it is said that
during the time of Noah (listen to my Paid Cast of March 23, 2017 for a
discussion of How Noah Built the Ark) man had destroyed the vegetation
of the earth and man had sunk into an irreversible rut … so the word
is that God destroyed the earth and all living creatures … he hit the
giant red reset button … but man is at it again … the “Global
Climate Change” people are inadvertently protecting the many forms of
pollution and destruction of the earth by diverting the attention to
something they fain to mention because scientifically it has no merit
called “The Greenhouse Effect” … but i have shown that cutting vast
amounts of forest contribute to climate change both locally and globally
… below see the devastation at the Lewis and Clark River basin …
just one of many many locations in the world … the belief that forests
are a “renewable resource” is a convenient lie … below are 3rd growth
forests … the original full growth forest were cut over 100 years

clear cutting global climate change

a main contributor to
climate change … but why do the ivory towered prof’s never discuss
this … it is politically incorrect and they would lose their precious
funding … oh well … now they all are going to be searching for new
employment thanks to trump dumping the EPA budget … now the EPA will
be doing their real job of stopping pollution while businesses grow


click on this pic for enlarged
view … listen to my march 30, 2017 Paid Cast and weekly
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details … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
A wooden luxury sail boat being built in Turkey

of years ago the same boat building methods were common place … but
Noah had a different task … he lived not by the sea but inland and was
chosen by God to carry on the human race … in this week’s Paid Cast i
show the actual design of the Ark and explain the design
characteristics and how to build it … My estimate of how long it would
have take Noah to build a 400 plus foot long boat may surprise you …
based on my own experience of building, designing and watching building
of large wooden craft


click on this pic for enlarged
view … listen to my march 23, 2017 Paid Cast and weekly
commercial free radio show for
details … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
Palm Springs massive 3 blade wind generator installation … but do they work ???

Thousands of
decaying dinosaurs stretch for miles … some spinning due to motors
that are inside required to get them started in low wind conditions …
but to make it look “green” and convince the unsuspecting public that
these are generating power … you will see some spinning very slowly

below see the vast numbers
of these … at around a million dollars each you would think that
someone has put serious money into this expecting a long term return on
investment … the reality is these were installed solely because of tax
incentives … as soon as they break down … the “owners” no longer
want to pay to fix them … so one by one they become idle … the other
reality is that these were installed using tax credits … so people
made money to install these AT YOUR EXPENSE … you paid for this mess
but i bet you did not know that … some people have gotten extremely rich off this scam 

below more of these stretch
to the horizon for miles … on my weekly show this week i give facts
and figures that should make you wind blown just listening to the scam
that you have paid for … these were designed for failure … in my
eBook “McCanney WING GENERATOR – World Energy Project” i discuss the
unscrupulous world in a chapter called “The Myth of Alternative Energy” 

click on this pic for enlarged
view … listen to my march 16, 2017 weekly
commercial free radio show for
details … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – Hoover Dam during drought not producing electricity

Lake Meade
is the man made lade stopped by the immense Hoover Dam that has the
capacity to generate 2 GegaWatts of electric power … but lately the
water level is so low that it is not operating … below see the pic
from a time when the lake was full … there used to be boating and
fishing and camping around the lake … that is all gone with the severe

below is the recent photo of the lake bed down to the lowest levels ever in the history of the facility

below is a chart for the water levels historically since the beginning of record keeping with the new Hoover Dam …


click on this pic for enlarged
view … listen to my march 09, 2017 weekly
commercial free radio show and Paid Cast for
details … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
refinery taking chemicals that came to earth via comet encounters

So what is
all the fuss about ??? is there a shortage of “oil” … that was the
biggest hoax ever … oil is so abundant on earth that it rivals water
… but then again there are people trying to tell you that there is a
water shortage too … oil that we have access to on or beneath the
surface of the earth came from earth passing through the tails of large
comets … hydrocarbons fell like noah’s flood in fact the Great Flood
was also the result of earth passing through a large comet tail … but
SSSHHHHH don’t wake up the masses or university professors … they
still think it came from dinosaur bones

click on this pic for enlarged
view … listen to my march 02, 2017 weekly
commercial free radio show and Paid Cast for
details … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – 1927 photo
including Einstein

Conference On Photons And Electrons Quantum Physics 1927 …
the world of quantum physics was young and spirited … at
the center were names like Planck and Einstein … my
lecture this week puts Einstein into perspective and his
major achievements … many of which could have resulted in
Nobel Prizes … when you realize what he did … where no
one else was solving these problems … the modern name
bashing suggesting that Einstein was a plagiarist copy cat
is so beyond absurd that i had to dedicate a show on this
topic which rightfully would take many shows to even scratch
the surface … were all the great scientists in the picture
below and all physicists since fooled into thinking Einstein
was a genius ??? NO not at all … the reality is you first
have to understand physics and the history of developments
at these times … so i had to also venture at the reason
why some morons are trying to hammer on the personal
integrity of Einstein … see also my Paid Cast from
February 16, 2017 for many more pictures

click on this pic for enlarged view …
listen to my february 23, 2017 weekly commercial free radio
show and Paid Cast for details … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – The Double
Helix … where does the chemistry begin for life … in
Comet Tails using the theoretical work of my Plasma
Discharge Comet Model

the idea
that large molecules come from comets is not exactly new
HOWEVER the idea that they are created in comet tails using
electrical forces that work on atoms coming into the comet
is new … in the “dirty snow ball comet model” once the
discovery of nucleotides in comet tails was made astronomers
concluded that the large molecules came from distant outer
space … but where did they originate ??? they forgot to
imagine that there would then have to be another process
where the DNA was forming to get into the comets in the
first place and really they ended up with another circular
reasoning with no beginning or end … to the contrary my
comet theory explains not only how the building blocks of
DNA form in comet tails but also the entire structure of
large molecules based on whatever is available in the region
of the comet … since the tail material is coming into the
comet nucleus …

click on this pic for enlarged view …
listen to my february 16, 2017 weekly commercial free radio
show and Paid Cast for details … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – Andromeda
M31 our neighbor galaxy has 14 dwarf galaxies orbiting it

since this
galaxy is bigger than the full moon and fully visible to the
naked eye in the night sky you should all be familiar with
it AND the ancients should also have known about galaxies
and therefore our own plight in the universe with these
islands of stars … 

click on this pic for enlarged view …
listen to my february 09, 2017 weekly commercial free radio
show and Paid Cast for details of my discoveries that were
made and published in the 1970s … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – Electrical
Currents in the Galaxy … where does this energy come from

since the
1800s or even earlier modern astronomers have witnessed
electrical currents in the cosmos … in our own planetary
system and outside currents stretching between stars in the
galactic arms … these turn out to be different in that
their sources are different … the pic below is a great
example of electrical currents running through the galactic
arm through some stars in a local grouping …

 the solution is complex … listen to
my january 12, 2017 weekly commercial free radio show for
details of my discoveries that were made and published in
the 1970s … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – NEW !!! New
Zealand earth quake damage and sink holes … all talking
points on my commercial free radio show this week

next are
pics sent to me by a fan of New Zealand of damage and sink
holes after the major earth quakes …

New Zealand Earth Quake Pics

New Zealand Earth Quake Pics

New Zealand Earth Quake Pics

New Zealand Earth Quake Pics

New Zealand Earth Quake Pics

New Zealand Earth Quake Pics

New Zealand Earth Quake Pics

New Zealand Earth Quake Pics

New Zealand Earth Quake Pics

 New Zealand Earth Quake Pics

New Zealand Earth Quake Pics

… the report from the listener stated the
ground shook like crazy for 2 minutes 20 seconds … i know
… after 5 seconds in and EQ it becomes an eternity … jim

11/24/2016 Picture of the Day AND weekly radio
show notes – A REAL meteorite … not a Rod From God … plus
New Zealand earth quake sink holes … all talking points on
my commercial free radio show this week

i have
posted pics of “rods from god” coming in (during my
examination of the Ecuador earth quakes of spring 2016) …
the above pic in Japan is a REAL meteorite … note how the
tail is full and there is no thin streak coming out of the
tail that lasts over the whole path (characteristic of a rod
from god trail) …

next are pics sent to me by a fan of New
Zealand of sink holes after the major earth quakes …

… i will be talking
about this including the Grand Canyon on my  show this
week … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – The Black
Spirals – referenced in my Nazca Lines – The Mystery Solved
paper released December 31, 2016

Read my
paper on Nazca Palpa Lines – The Mystery Solved for details
.. this picture is what we were discussing on this weeks
commercial free radio show with my special guest Sylvie
Ivanowa …  jim mccanney

Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – Saturn’s
Southern Pole Hex Pattern

on my show this week i discuss
the complex but interesting topic of this strange phenomenon
on saturn … notice that there are many cyclonic storms
included here that come and go as they rotate around the
southern pole of saturn … how can we compare this to
processes on the sun and earth our own weather systems to
understand what is going on here … another picture of the
Great Red Spot on Jupiter and its bands gives more insight …
but what is so special on saturn ??? listen to my commercial
free radio show for november 10 and find out … jim mccanney

09/15/2016 and
09/22/2016 Picture of the Day AND weekly radio show notes –
Mathematics of the World Population – PART II (this week’s
show also uses the population maps from last week’s show on
the Picture of the Day notes from 09/08/2016 further below)

on my show this
week i discuss the complex but interesting topic of earth’s
population … follow my dialogue and the photos and charts
below … we always assume that earth is “over populated” …
but imagine how quickly it could become depopulated as in the
case with Noah’s flood which resulted from the earth passing
for 40 days and 40 nights through the tail of a large comet
… very few survived the great flood … and the ear markings
of the great flood are everywhere on earth … in spite of
this modern “science” does not even teach that it happened …
they minimize it to an alleged dam breaking and flooding a
small part of the mid eastern countries … the plate
below shows the active volcanoes of the world … listen to my
radio show for september 15, 2016 for description … (click
on the plates below for full screen view)

below is the
fallout map of Mt Saint Helens ash field … listen to the
discussion regarding ash fields and effects of volcanoes world

below is the earth
topo map

listen to my radio
show for september 15, 2016 for details … jim mccanney

09/08/2016 Picture
of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – Mathematics of the
World Population

on my show this
week i discuss the complex but interesting topic of earth’s
population … follow my dialogue and the photos and charts
below … we always assume that earth is “over populated” …
but imagine how quickly it could become depopulated as in the
case with Noah’s flood which resulted from the earth passing
for 40 days and 40 nights through the tail of a large comet
… very few survived the great flood … and the ear markings
of the great flood are everywhere on earth … in spite of
this modern “science” does not even teach that it happened …
they minimize it to an alleged dam breaking and flooding a
small part of the mid eastern countries … 

china and india
are case studies in recovery from the 2 great great earth
disasters at the hands of comets …  all the charts
and maps below click for full screen view …

today after just
30 years of intensive agriculture the world’s soil is depleted
of naturally occurring minerals … 

compare depleted
soil with population profiles …

india’s population
is not near the coast … what does that mean for world wide
disasters and the population of india both historical and in
the future …

the USA is the 3rd
most populous country in the world … there are some
interesting statistics … but combine mexico and the USA and
let’s see what interesting statistics result … 

below is another
population density map of the USA 

where do you live

let’s analyze the
world population in terms of natural disasters 

listen to my
september 08, 2016 commercial free radio show for analysis of
these charts and more … jim mccanney

09/01/2016 Picture
of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – Hawaii Hurricanes
Short Circuit Before Landfall AND how we can use this same
physical method to stop hurricanes all over the world … i
proposed this to the US military in 1995 and they have never
responded … read to the end of this write up for

This past week was
a case study in my weather work !!! standard science cannot
explain why their computer model predictions failed once again
… two cat 3 hurricanes were bearing down on the Big Island
of Hawaii and were predicted to hit full force … a double
punch they said … the islands were told to prepare for total
devastation … read the text and see pics below to see the
data … see the storms and “predictions” as they progressed
… on my show 09/01/2016 i discussed why both these (and
other hurricanes) historically fizzle prior to land fall in
Hawaii … it has to do with the electrical currents that
drive the storms and what happens when they approach … this
is unique in the world … and i have many documented cases
… first see the topo maps below .. note the 13,500′ volcano
on the southern flanks of this volcanically active island …
also note the small island forming off the southern shore that
is breaking water (no you cannot buy land there yet) … also
notice how deep the water is off shore in all directions
(click on pic for full screen view) … a few years ago a
hurricane named Daniel approached Hawaii from the south east
and shorted out to this small growing island off the southern
shore and the electrical current created a 4.5 earth quake …
the exact same scenario occurred in 2014 with another
hurricane named Iselle … land fall hurricanes commonly cause
earth quakes when the powerful electrical currents driving the
storms short out to land and that current dives deep through
fissures to ignite earthquakes … although this does not
happen 100% of the time it is a common occurrence … and of
course un-noticed by standard science 

below is a
perspective view of the hawaiian chain … notice again how
deep the water is just off shore … the hurricanes come from
the east or southeast (right in the photo) … across very
deep water and then all of a sudden there is a 13,500′ massive
active volcano which has an electrical connection to the
ionosphere already established … as explained in my weather
work … as the hurricanes approach with their own electrical
connection to the ionosphere which is driving the storm …
when the storm gets close enough the two current sheets
combine and literally the power source for the hurricanes is
“robbed” … when this happens the storm literally dissipates
before your very eyes as happened in this and all other cases
… so a cat 3 hurricane comes apart at the seams and becomes
a whimpering little cloud … BUT standard meteorology does
not know this .. they think hurricanes are powered by warm
water which becomes more abundant the closer you come to the
island … so according to their “predictions” the storms
should intensify exactly the opposite of what is observed
repeatedly … 

the Hawaiians have
a legend that goes back to when they first discovered the
islands … they said there has never been a full blown
hurricane on the Big Island although the other islands have
had many … setting smack dab in the middle of the pacific
ocean a full 80% of all pacific hurricanes graze the island
… but the Big Island fends them off … the islanders
attribute this to old legends … but there is real science
behind their “myths” if you understand my weather work and how
hurricanes really work … below is an underwater topo map of
the world … you can see the hawaiian island chain out in the
middle of the pacific ocean (click on the pic for full screen

below are the two
cat 3 hurricanes Madeline and Lester back to back racing
towards the hawaiian islands on august 30th … 

below is the
satellite image of the two full blown hurricanes … ready to
blow the island apart … visible below the clouds in the
upper left side of the photo is the Big Island … apparently
no match for these colossal mega-storms … but wait and see

below is the
official prediction from august 30th with mighty winds and
torrential rains predicted … this is not what happened

in 2014 two
hurricanes Iselle and Julio came in exactly the same track …
and did exactly the same thing (although isabelle did blow
down some trees the cat 3 devastation did not happen …

below the
satellite images of the 2014 pair Iselle and Julio … you can
see that the leading (left) hurricane Iselle is already coming
apart … it has lost its “eye” and a few hours later was
nearly completely gone  

below are the
remnants of Madeline and Lester … like curve balls in a
baseball game … they totally miss the island and both lost
their punch … at closest approach there were no 15 meter
waves … no pounding rain … and not enough wind to make the
palm trees sway … as we watched on internet web cams
stationed at the port of hilo 

listen to my
09/01/2016 radio show for more details … in 1995 i made a
proposal to the US military to create this same method of
shorting out hurricanes to stop the storms off shore from any
damage world wide … here is how it would work … imagine
the florida coast as an example … prior to the approach of
the hurricane drop from airplanes hundreds of buoys with
weather balloons tethered to them and anchored with metal
anchor chains to the sea floor (on the continental shelf off
of the coast where the hurricane was expected to landfall) …
these would short out the hurricane reducing the wind and
forcing the storm to dump its water off shore … the US
military has never responded … jim mccanney

08/25/2016 Picture
of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – EXO PLANETS 

Exo-Planets are
allegedly discovered planets around other stars … below are
some artists conceptions of some Kepler Telescope
“discoveries” comparing to known terrestrial planets in our
solar system … many of these planets are false readings
based on secondary interpretation of things like “red shift”
data and have not been directly observed … others have more
concrete basis … a little understood fact is that the larger
the planet does not increase that much the surface gravity of
someone standing on the surface (a good physics problem for
students to estimate surface gravity based on size and
internal composition)

my own thought …
which i NEVER see in any of the exo-planet announcements is
that NONE are suitable for life as we know it on planet earth
… and that we better take care of what we have since this
earth is the only game in town … the book cover below
reflects that somehow lost theme 

the pic below is a
collage of some of the major alleged discoveries … remember
these are artists conceptions … earth has millions of
factors that we have adapted to here … our bodies are of
earth … trying to create a space ship to duplicate these is
going to take a LONG time if it is even possible … finding a
planet that duplicates these is statistically impossible …
something akin to finding 2 snowflakes that are the same …
there are an estimated 4000 discovered exo-planets … one was
recently announced circling our nearest neighbor star Proxima
Centauri however this was the result of analyzing red shift
data and this is actually the result of an unstable variable
electric field around the star not the presence of an existing
planet … there is the possibility that there is a large
active comet becoming a planet and this is the cause also of
the variable nature of the star but like i said the
announcement was premature and based on secondary information
not a direct sighting (click on the pic for full screen view)

Don’t start
packing your bags yet … this reminds me of a joke … a man
runs into the house and exclaims to his wife … honey your
lottery ticket won !!! … to which she replies … great pack
the suitcase … exited he says … “where are we going?” to
which she replies … “I am not going anywhere” … maybe we
should pack NASA off to one of these exo-planets 

in the pic below
when they say “habitable” they simpy that we could move there
and live … sorry boys and girls … you ain’t gonna find
another earth that suites our needs … that is the real
lesson here (click on pic for full screen view) 

below is the so
called Kepler 62 system which has some planets in the
“habitable zone” a region where liquid water could exist …
if that is your only criteria then maybe so … but our earth
is exceptionally rich in many elements we use to sustain life
… it also is rich in iron something our nearest neighbor
planets lack completely … scientists are struggling under
completely false theories about how these objects form and
therefore are totally simplifying the search for earth like
planets … it is not just where they reside around the star
but where they spent much of their formative time in
collecting matter … it drives me crazy when “scientists”
make advance claims based on little or no real data or
theoretical structure (click on pic for full screen

be sure to keep up
with the recent pictures of the day which are also now used as
notes for my weekly radio shows … jim mccanney

PS … the so
called “earth-like” exo planet that was announced this past
week around our nearest neighbor star proxima centauri was a
compete hoax .. they did not discover anything … nor did
they see a planet … they “interpreted” some red shift data
to imply that a planet was the cause as it allegedly shifted
the position of the star gravitationally … a complete farce
… don’t start packing your bags quite yet !!!

08/18/2016 Picture
of the Day AND weekly radio show notes – Radiation … where
does it come from and what do you do about it 

when is the last
time you saw a blue beautiful clouded sky with NO CHEM TRAILS
??? here is one … there are places on the planet that have
not been hit yet

 … but if
you live in the USA you ALL have been hit and hit hard .. but
what about radiation ??? recent fire in radiation polluted
land in Hanford Washington state (news did not tell you about)
nor have they told you about all the radiation pollution …
fukushima … over 100 US power plants leaking radiation …
old nuclear dump sites filtering into the water supply like
near Saint Louis MO … the list goes on and on … listen to
my radio show and also the extra Paid Cast for more details
(also return here for more pics for the show) … jim mccanney

08/04/2016 and
08/11/2016 Picture of the Day – Where does salt come from ?
how is related to your body ?

salt is a
collection of minerals that are at a basic level and generally
soluble in water … we find them in deposits sometimes deep
in the earth and high in mountain ranges … the earth’s
oceans contain so much salt that you cannot dissolve anymore
water in them … a particular form of pink salt valued for
human consumtion comes from a large deposit in the Himalayan
Mountains of north eastern Pakistan 

lithe area is
known as Khewra and the salt was discovered allegedly by the
Horse of Alexander the Great in around 325 BC … see the
picture of the region below … high in the Himalayan
Mountains it is not exactly where you would expect to find
ocean salt …  

our own moon
sports an extended comet tail containing mainly sodium one of
the main components of what we call salt as it combines
readily with chloride … bogus standard science explanations
attempt to claim there are 3 sources of sodium coming “from”
the lunar surface including solar wind “sputtering”, meteor
showers and light from the sun … but why just sodium and not
a host of other elements ??? they never ask the obvious but
hard questions in so called peer reviewed journals …

the lunar tail
looks like a comet tail to standard science … but in
actuality it IS a comet tail … sodium is the most abundant
of the “salt” components on earth and geee oddly enough is a
major component of our bodies … when we finally get to other
stars and planets and discover other life you can imagine that
their bodies will be based on salt content of their respective
planets … listen to my august 4 and 11  2016 show to
find out what is really going on along with these and many
other issues dealing with salt … jim mccanney

07/28/2016 Picture
of the Day – Comet Orbital Dynamics – 

SEE ALSO my eBook
COMETS which i will be giving away free with all orders made
over the next 2 weeks from the secure web ordering page

The ancients
called comets “the lawless ones” because they did not obey the
laws of the other planets.  Comet orbits are changing
constantly.  But standard science does not know
why.  They occasionally make guesses at particular comet
paths but have no general understanding.  This past week
astronomers announced that the famous Halleys Comet return
date was off by as much as 6 months.  In a mere 86 year
orbit that is HUGE given that the Maya could predict lunar
eclipses hundreds if not thousands of years in advance and
this is a far more exacting problem than comet returns (lunar
eclipses have to be predicted to the minute).  
Below is a picture of the broken 21 pieces of comet Shoemacher
Levy 9 as they approached Jupiter and the next picture
actually shows the comet patches in the atmosphere of Jupiter
after they hit Jupiter cerca July 1994 (pictures taken from my
eBook COMETS).


 But where
did all the SO2 Sulfur Dioxide come from and why was there no
water in the comet tails at Jupiter?   This can only
be explained by my Plasma Discharge Comet Model which shows
that the comet tail material is coming from the environment
being drawn into the comet nucleus by electrical forces. 
The same comets were water comets just hours before when they
were out in the solar wind, but “magically” changed to SO2
comets which is the dominant chemical species near

The comet pieces
did not just hit Jupiter.  They caused unimaginable
explosions as they discharged the Jupiter fusion based
capacitor to the extent that the energy bursts were recorded
by the Russian scientists reflected from the distant moons of
Jupiter (the comets hit Jupiter while on the far side so the
measurements of immense nuclear explosions were only to be
seen from reflected x-rays off distant moons).

Below you see
Comet NEAT.  There are actually many “tails” but you
cannot see all of them with the visible eye (you need special
cameras that see in infrared, ultraviolet and even x-rays)
with some of the tails extending millions of miles away from
the comet and some to the sunward side.  Additionally
there is a spherical ionized hydrogen cloud that extends
millions of kilometers surrounding the comet nucleus which is
a “Debye electrical shielding”  … these features can
only be explained by my Plasma Discharge Comet Model.

Below are many
pictures starting with NASA’s prediction of their “Icy Comet”
model in a NASA artists conception prior to anyone going to a
comet to see.   They expected to see ice and snow
and jets of water steaming like a locomotive from the comet
nucleus … enough to create the vast comet tail we can see at
a distance.

The next pic shows
Fred Whipple who as a young astronomer in the 1950s “saved”
the Astronomy community as they reeled against Velikovsky’s
massive success by reviving the Keplerian (yes from the middle
ages) idea of a comet being an icy body that melts (sublimates
in modern terms) when it gets near the heat of the sun. 
Notice the ice ball looking model he is presenting and the
diagram in the back on the blackboard showing the flowing
water that they expected would be coming from this alleged

BUT … That is
not what they found … after many close range visits to
comets they found HOT DRY ROCKS with not a trace of water or
snow or ice nor anything coming off the nuclei as shown in the
next photos of real comet nuclei (click on the images for full
screen view) … in some photo shopped pics NASA and ESO try
to pretend there is something coming off the nucleus but
finally as the Rosetta space craft orbited comet 67P for a
long period of time they confirmed by direct measurements that
nothing was coming off of the comet nucleus

the following is
comet NEAT … note the bright colors are false these are
severely black objects … there is nothing coming off the
nucleus to form a water or any kind of tail yet from a
distance all these comets exhibit full blown comet tails …
how can scientists continue to call these “dirty snowballs”
and expect you to believe they are emitting gases when there
is nothing coming off the comet nucleus

the following is
of come Borrelly pic taken by the Deep Space mission … once
again … no ice or snow or water and nothing coming off the
nucleus to form the tail you see from a distance 

below are more
pics that should convince anyone with a 3rd grade education
that comets are not “dirty snowballs” … so where does all
the water come from visible in the tail if not from the
nucleus ??? this is what i resolved in my Plasma Discharge
Comet Model in the late 1970s … the answer … the hot dry
rock is discharging the solar capacitor and the water is
coming INTO the electrically charged comet nucleus … the
charging process is part of the discharge process as i explain
in detail in my published papers and books as well as so many
lectures … the following is comet 67PChuryumov-Gerasimenko
picture taken by the European Space Organization Rosetta
mission … During the recent Paris Air Show press conference
the ESO lead comet scientist admitted (rather sheepishly on
camera) that they now have confirmed that the “dirty snowball
comet model is completely incorrect” … so why does the story
continue to be told as scientific truth ??? that is a long
story but essentially there are many other lies connected to
this myth not the least of which is a domino effect of all the
“theories” not the least of which is the “Big Bang”


below another view
of comet 67P … ESO also landed on the nucleus … no ice or
snow or water … just organic compound dust …

below is comet
Tempe 1 picture taken by the Deep Impact probe .. on the date
of the closest flyby i was a guest on the Coast to Coast AM
radio show and host George Noory and i were waiting for the
promised NASA data release to discuss on the show … it was
July 4 2005 … not only did NASA not release the data but
they only partially released doctored data 6 months later …
the huge water plume they expected to see did not materialize
and they promised that the water must be much deeper than they
expected … i have a write up of this event on my sub-page of
Historically Important Sub-pages center column on my main home
page … just another in a long history of NASA covering up
and fudging DATA to protect their incorrect pet theories

on my July 28,
2016 weekly radio show i will be talking about “comet orbital
dynamics” … if comets are just “hot dry rocks” then where
does all that water and other chemicals come from in the tail
that spans millions of miles and seen so clearly from a
distance ???

and how do their
orbits change dramatically to the point that no one can
predict where they will be ??? listen and learn and remember
with every purchase made in the next week you will get a free
copy of my eBook COMETS … you will not get this information
anywhere else on the planet or in this part of the galaxy …
jim mccanney

07/13/2016 Picture
of the Day – Jupiter and its bands plus Great Red Spot and
thermal heat signature pics

Just like Saturn
and the Sun (the other 2 stars of our solar system) Jupiter
has many bands … my theoretical work explains the bands as
counter-rotating electrical currents in the upper atmosphere
that is part of the plasma magnetic field of Jupiter … these
are then coupled with the outer rings of charged particles
that orbit Jupiter just like earth’s van Allen Belts … 

Also noted is the
Great Red Spot that is an electrically driven Hurricane that
never stops … unlike earth that has land masses that short
out (electrically) the hurricane … on Jupiter there is no
land mass below to short out the storm so it just keeps going
and going … first discovered by Galileo the GRS resides in
the gap between the South Temperate and South South Temperate
bands which are co-rotating (rotating in opposite directions)
… notice there are dozens of white and other colored
hurricanes in other bands which likewise are electrically
driven storms … Jupiter gives off 2 times the heat that
arrives from the sun in the form of solar light so it has an
internal heat source which i have explained being due to
surface fusion in Jupiter’s atmosphere … Saturn and the Sun
are the same …   

Below is the heat
signature of Jupiter … showing as i have stated that there
is an internal heat source and is due to fusion in the
atmosphere … i will be talking more about this on my july
14, 2016 radio show … but notice how the Great Res Spot is
highly luminous which means its highly electrical nature gives
rise to higher levels of fusion than the other areas of
Jupiter’s atmosphere … also note that the equatorial band
and the poles are highly illuminated because of the high level
of incoming electrical current in these areas … this is
because the magnetic field lines in this area are entering the
planet in this same direction … away from the poles the
magnetic field blocks the incoming charged particles and so
they funnel into the polar regions … complex but simple if
you understand my plasma physics work and follow my
instructions … 

The solar system
is a complex place with gravitational – electrical and
magnetic couplings and 3 stars … read my work and listen to
my radio shows for details .. you will not hear this anywhere
else … jim mccanney

07/02/2016 Picture
of the Day – Space Craft JUNO approaches Jupiter

 … to
detect auroras … will certainly show two things … will add
more scientific weight to my Plasma Discharge Comet Model work
AND show how lame NASA scientists are … the actual
photo below is NOT from JUNO but is a composite of an old
Hubble telescope pics … 

In 1979 i was on
the Physics and Mathematics faculty of Cornell University and
realized that the scientists had no clue what was happening in
the solar system in spite of the fact that they had PhDs and
were the alleged most advanced scientists on the planet …
what i later learned was that these were the head tier 2 bozos
allowed to exist to create a cover story for real science
(tier 1 military) … i know because the tier 1 mil guys used
to talk to me to try to understand what was going on … they
learned a lot from me as did the Russian scientists that i
worked with … i will be covering the above mentioned JUNO
spacecraft trip to Jupiter and what the data means … now
what will happen is that a comet will come by Jupiter to
engage it electrically and we will see my Plasma Discharge
Comet Model in action just as happened at Mars with comet
Siding Spring as well as other comets that passed Mars and
affected it electrically … MORE TO COME ON THIS FOR SURE …
jim mccanney 

06/02/2016 Picture
of the Day – Rods from God space based weapon used to create
the Ecuador Earthquakes 

Operated by the US
arsenal for the Zionist interests in the IMF and Inter
American Development Bank in Ecuador to attempt to strong arm
them into signing loans that would certainly force over
valuable national resources not the least of which is uranium
in large quantities in southeastern Ecuador that has been
under survey since 2008 … with Russia China and Bolovia now
holding main interest … but the IMF and its jesuit operating
front agency the world bank has other plans … as they also
press sanctions on Venezuela crippling that economy trying to
force “regime changes” as they are working on bolivia as well
as brazil and as they have done recently in many mideastern
countries inlcuding lybia yemen syria and the list goes on and
as they have done in honduras and other latin countries

everyone is in
agreement that this same weapon was used in japan and in china
for severe destruction of key facilities and the same weapon
used to simulate an asteroid in central russia about a year
ago … jim mccanney

04/29/2016 Picture
of the Day – Killing the Earth with Radiation

Planet Earth from
a distance looks beautiful BUT !!!

listen to my radio
shows april 28 and may 05, 2016 for details on world wide
radiation pollution … above the nuclear fallout days after
the initial accident from Fukushima … and the World Health
Organization said nothing happened … 
(click on all photos for full screen
view) …

how can you say
there is no problem here … years later the radiation is
still pouring out … the world wide view is full of deniers
… people with their heads in the sand … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day – EARTH DAY FOR KIDS … What’s Wrong
With This Picture ???

What is wrong here
???(click on the picture for a full screen view) … kids need
real education not the buttered popcorn disneyland lolly pop
and roses everything is wonderful Earth Day Theme … you
notice that there is no real content here … just pure fluff
… is it time for kids to realize that the world that is
being handed off to them is a polluted disaster !?!?!?!? but
if your parents do not know either then we sure would not want
it taught in the fairy tale schools … SHHHHH don’t wake
those people up from their deep sleep … jim mccanney

EARTH DAY … April 22, 2016
… thanks to interested students i drafted a project outline
for students (actually for all of you) for earth day … click
on the following link to go to the Student Earth Day Project
Sub-Page … —>  Student Earth Day
Project Sub Page

04/11/2016 Picture
of the Day – up up and away – ELECTRIC AIRPLANES 

the future of
aviation is going electric … everyone is jumping on the band
wagon … elon musk … nasa with major announcements (don’t
hold your breath there) … AirBus (see picture above … yes
they have really built and flown one) and are combining with
major corporations to develop large scale commercial planes
… BUT BUT BUT … there is always a BUT … this is NOT
GREEN if you are getting your electric from a nuclear or coal
power plant … it is far worse than just burning jet fuel …
isn’t it funny that some of the major players in the new push
for electric flight are also those deeply involved in the most
horrific disaster in world history NUCLEAR POWER … so why
not use my WING GENERATOR to produce the electricity …
coming soon … jim mccanney

04/01/2016 Picture
of the Day – Twin Green Comets Pass Earth March 21 and 22,
2016 – create massive electrical effects not understood by
standard science (they say are caused by gravity waves …
more NASA fairy tale science) … read below to find out the
real cause

above pic from the
Azores just off of Portugal … super bright green and red and
other color air-glows … on march 22 as the comets passed …
standard science has no explanation

Green air glow
outshines the setting sun – photo – Atacama Chile – March 21,

The following is the
sequence of announcements as they happened up to and including
march 25th … 

March 18, 2016 !!!
SUPER IMPORTANT COMET announcement … not one but TWO comets
are set to pass earth this coming Monday … first NOTE these
are NOT on collision courses with earth according to
“authorities” and i have no reason to doubt this … they will
pass just 3 million miles away from earth … but other effects
will certainly occur and you should be set to observe and be
part of my world watch team (continue reading for what you
should do) … but THE CLOWNS AT NASA waited until minutes after
my live radio show to announce this even though they have known
about this for months … HMMM !?!?!?!? let’s put this into
perspective … last october (2015) the much anticipated comet
“Siding Spring” came within 87,000 miles (150,000 kilometers)
from Mars and just last week NASA admitted that it reeked havoc
with the magnetic field and atmosphere of mars (and lots more
they are not talking about) … we literally saw mars from earth
turn into a comet for a brief period of time (a clear
observation that NASA has hidden from the public to protect
their “fuzzy little snow ball” comet model baloney)  … i
observed this as did many other people who i had prepared to
watch … Siding Spring was a very small comet yet it had
drastic effects on mars even at that great distance … it
attached electrically to mars as the comet’s surrounding
electric “sheath” extends far from the comet nucleus as
explained in my Plasma Discharge Comet Model … the two comets
coming near earth monday are also small but they are coming
extremely close … they will pass only 3 Million miles (just 12
Lunar Distances) and visible only in the southern hemisphere
where i will have many people with equipment for direct
observations … one of these comets was classified as an
asteroid until it grew a tail (also as explained in my comet
model) … i cannot give all the details here … HERE IS WHAT
today … you will take measurements NOW and then compare them
to measurements when the comets are passing as  they start
to connect to earth electrically starting as early as sunday 1)
get a compass (like the boy scouts use) … look at it
frequently NOW and BEFORE the comet arrives … watch for how
stable it is … put it on a table away from anything metal
(outside is best) and leave there … when the comet comes you
could very likely see the compass needle going wild … 2) get
your phone GPS set up … observe your position NOW and BEFORE
the comet arrives … the electromagnetic effects could affect
your GPS location so during the comet passage this could be
changing rapidly although you are not moving … 3) pull down
the weather reports and 10 day forecasts for all over the world
… also pull down any related information like the solar output
or aurora borealis (northern lights) predictions … pull down
all related weather and space weather reports for the next days
predictions … then watch as earth weather possibly reacts to
the passing comets … watch as possible unprecedented auroras
happen around the world in places where they normally do not
occur .. compare your captured weather etc predictions from the
internet with the realities … watch for nocto-luminescent
clouds and lightning at night even though there are no thunder
clouds … 4) watch for failures in communications … TV
signals … cell phone … radio … etc etc … 5) watch for
sudden hurricanes and other land storm systems to develop out of
nowhere 6) download and save articles you see in the standard
astronomy public outlets (magazines … naval observatory
announcements … NASA … spaceweather dot com etc) they will
not make any relevant predictions but watch the back-peddling
when you the public sees real issues … RETURN HERE FOR MORE
… i am very busy on a project but will be posting more here
… GET READY and watch as the standard weather and NASA bozos
try to tell you this is unrelated !!!!!!!!!!!!!! jim mccanney

March 22, 2016 !!! My Comet
Prediction Verified !!! update … below i posted my prediction
for today’s passage of a small comet … since yesterday reports
have been coming in from around the world especially south
america (including my own observations) and africa of very
bright green “air glow” (see picture above taken at Atacama
Chile … the bright green is the air glow much brighter than
the setting sun) … the comet is seen from the southern
hemisphere and its electrical connection to earth is max in the
south … Air Glow is a phenomenon known of for a very long time
(thousands of years) but not understood in “standard science”
… my work explains that it is literally the earth acting as a
comet discharging the solar capacitor with the light “rain” of
charged particles attaching to earth’s upper atmosphere and more
intense in some areas … but with a passing comet earth’s
discharge becomes greatly augmented … no surprise that the
earth’s airglow is observed to be green the same color as the
comet … once again “standard science” claims this is due to
chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere and that comets have
green color due to carbon molecules lighting up due to solar
light … neither is true and both can be nullified in a simple
laboratory experiment … take a neon glass tube (or any gas in
a laboratory tube) and shine light on it … it does not light
up and the light no matter how intense does not create light …
now run an electric current through the tube … IT LIGHTS UP
LIKE A LIGHT BULB … just like the comet … just like earth’s
geeeee … spaceweather dot com who is reporting the extreme
levels of airglow cannot talk about that can it ?!?!? they state
that “airglow is observed when there is no lunar light
interference … but wait a minute sherlock !!! we have a near
full moon and the airglow is outshining the full moon … the
above picture you can see the setting sun above the horizon ..
the air glow is outshining even the setting sun !!! as stated by
one observer near Atacama Chile (picture above) says Beletsky.
“It was so strong that one could hardly see Magellanic clouds
through those colorful emissions” … just like i predicted due
to the passing comets … listen to my march 24, 2016 radio show
for more detailed analysis … jim mccanney

UPDATE march 23 to 25, 2016 …
severe winter weather blanketed the northern united states from
out west including Denver CO and all the way to Toronto and
beyond … totally unpredicted by the weather forecasts … this
is exactly what i was talking about … unprecedented
unpredicted storm activity … here is how it works … coupled
with the full moon (electrical alignment) the comet attaches
electrically with earth … even though the comet had passed by
the 22nd the electrical activity of earth was greatly augmented
… in a posting back in 1995 my web page then i wrote an
article which is reposted in my Atlantis to Tesla – The Kolbrin
Connection book … stating “You cannot predict the weather if
you do not know what causes the weather” … that was over 20
years ago and the clueless weather service still cannot
get  a handle on it … jim mccanney

The larger of
the two comets photo taken from Siding Spring Observatory

03/03/2016 Picture
of the Day – Earth Day is coming …

the above painting
is as real as life … the Great Horned Owl piece by Guy
Coheleach (pronounced Co-lee-ack)… it captures the silence
and wonder of nature … something we are losing daily on this
planet due to corporate greed … how can we really celebrate
earth day for one day only and the other 364 (ooops 365 this
is leap year) not honor and respect the earth … jim mccanney

02/25/2016 Picture
of the Day – Pharoah’s armies chasing Moses … was this a
true story or biblical myth ?

This is a
wonderful scene from the hollywood movie (click on the pic for
a larger view) BUT was this a true story ??? the reality is
that it was a true story … about 15 years ago the chariots
were found in the Red Sea right where this happened … the
only myth is that the kos jews have tried to lay claim to the
“chosen people” being led by Moses when in reality they were
living in tribes in the steps of Russia at this time in
history … they migrated from russia to eastern europe with
about 550,000 ending up in germany by 1933 … by 1937 only
200,000 remained (there never were 7 million or anywhere close
to it  … the numbers given here come directly from the
Holocaust Museum itself) as most had left for higher ground in
the USA and south america … their ancestors had nothing to
do with the Moses Exodus yet a secret pact made to usher
England and later the United States into WWII led the way for
the jews to create a “home land” in what later became modern
Israel … the true Israelites were a nation enslaved to the
Egyptians by the same banking cartel that exists today using
the same methods to enslave them which had emerged from
ancient Babylon … the Israelites were owned by pharoah …
they were his property … as today the european bankers are
vying to take all of you as slaves in an eternal debt spiral
… the final jaws of that trap are closing as i write this
… the other half of the moses story is that the majority of
people died … interestingly enough a recent biblical
comparison written by Yvonne Whiteman showed passages of the
Kolbrin to be exact statements of the Exodus but give the
perspective that this was not good for anyone … mostly
everyone died in this milieu … both egyptian and slave …
in Velikovsky’s  work he refers to this and i always
wondered why academia dumped so hard on him and why there was
such a fuss … the reality is that Velikovsky … a russian
born and educated jew … stated clearly that the Moses
“people” were “Israelites” not jews … without this
connection their claim to what is now called “Israel” occupied
by russian born jews would lose one more necessary connection
which they claim allows them to occupy the mideast lands …
the false statement that they were the Moses “chosen people”
… this is one of the most key moments in the history of man
… when the comet Venus raged through the solar system and
devastated Mars and Earth … but there is a complete blackout
of real information on this topic … there are so many
reasons … so many lies … jim mccanney

02/11/2016 Picture
of the Day – Water Water Everywhere but not a drop to
drink  … the Rhyme of the Ancient Mariners is very true
today … 

the biggest topic
in the news and on the minds of the public is WATER … a few
years ago i released an eBook entitled “WATER” which everyone
should read (see the sales page for details) … it breaches
the unseen world of water control … my recent radio shows
including tonight’s show (feb 11, 2016) concentrate on water
… tonight’s topic “Living in a Toxic World” will be
reproduced for a wider distribution along with last week’s
show “The Science of Water Pollution” … below are pictured
two of my name branded stainless steel water filters … i am
about to make a HUGE announcement that will change how we deal
with water and water issues … it will for the first time
allow YOU to test your water AND yourselves for contaminants
… up until now government agencies have hidden behind the
thin veil that protected the industries and EPA (environmental
protections agencies) who have been allowing the pollution of
all water sources … only they could test the water as they
also controlled the companies that supposedly could test the
water … ALL THAT IS ABOUT TO CHANGE !!! NOW you will be able
to test your water AND yourselves for toxic contaminants for
an extremely small fee AND we also have a solution to remove
these toxins from your body and of your loved ones … STAY
TUNED … jim mccanney

01/28/2016 Picture
of the Day – Mars and Our Moon … water water everywhere but
not a drop to drink

It was not just
the Tale of the Ancient Mariners that strikes that note in our
minds … Mars and our moon have ALL the indications of WATER
but now there ain’t none and modern science cannot explain
that … look at the following pictures … below is Mount
Sharp on Mars … EVERYTHING you see here was formed by WATER
… but NASA cannot figure out what happened to it … so they
make up fairy tale explanations that could not possibly be
true and for which they have zero evidence … much of my
Picture of the Day sub-page is dedicated to showing you the
real evidence that proves the water was there RECENTLY

below is the
Aristarchus crater area of our Moon’s surface … if you look
closely you will see evidence of what appears to be water
erosion but there could there be other explanations ??? NOTE
that the large crater PRINZ as will as others are completely
filled in with dust … but the moon does not have an
atmosphere or dust storms so how does this happen on the moon
… NASA says the (alleged) apollo astronaut footprints should
last forever BUT if entire craters are being filled in over
time then how are tiny (alleged) man made footprints going to
last ??? i will be covering these and many more topics on my
February 04, 2016 radio show … listen and learn and in the
mean time click on the picture to bring up the full size photo
and zoom in to see the details …

01/18/2016 Picture
of the Day – Antennas – Circuit Boards and The Nazca Palpa

On my December 31,
2015 weekly radio show i announced an amazing discovery i made
some weeks ago during a trip to Peru and released the
information in a White Paper available on the secure web
ordering sub-page entitled “The Nazca Palpa Lines Peru –
Mystery Solved” (i expand on this topic if subsequent shows)
… here are some antenna and circuit board pics related the
Nazca area designs  … below see a picture of a modern
circuit board design … compare to the Nazca Palpa Lines pic

below is a fractal
antenna design from the Palpa Ancient Antenna Complex …
compare to the above modern circuit board layout

below a modern TV
antenna … compare to the Nazca Lines “Heron” figure next
picture below 

below the “Heron”
fractal antenna at Nazca includes the TV type antenna as well
as a broken dipole fractal and in front a lobe which would
adjust the frequency and then the long Dipole nose … compare
to the modern TV antenna above but created thousands of years
ago … my discovery ranks as one of the top archaeological
discoveries of all time … it truly links us with a past of
which we know nothing but which leads to communications with
other star systems as explained in my white paper 

01/02/2016 Picture
of the Day – The Nazca Palpa Lines 

On my December 31,
2015 weekly radio show i announced an amazing discovery i made
some weeks ago during a trip to Peru and released the
information in a White Paper available on the secure web
ordering sub-page entitled “The Nazca Palpa Lines Peru –
Mystery Solved” … here are some other pics related the Nazca
area … below is the entry sign noting it as a UNESCO World
Heritage area 

below is a pottery
remnant of the incas who populated the Nazca Plains BUT the
discovery is of a different era

below the “Monkey”
sports an attitude but what is he really saying ??? read my
White Paper to find out

below are samples
of the iron rich rocks (about palm size) that dot the Nazca
plains … they have a lot to do with the new discovery

a discovery such
as i made only comes once in a thousand years … literally
… read the White Paper release to find out what this all
means … jim mccanney

12/19/2015 Picture
of the Day – Machu Picchu – some incredible secrets about to
be revealed … listen to my upcoming shows

below is one of
thousands of pictures i took at Machu Picchu amongst many
other locations … it is named after the peak in the
background top right … i have some startling new
observations about this grander than grand construction and
the people who built it … i also have a remarkable discovery
regarding the pre-incas … keep posted for details … jim

below is a picture
of machu picchu’s second mountain … the day i was there i
had perfect beyond magnificent weather blue sky conditions
(usually it rains every day of the year as it is in a rain
forest … clearly the inca gods were shining on my visit) …
also i went during low tourist season (their summer) so it was
just me and the alpacas as you can see in this picture …
this is just one of many inca sites i visited … i will be
discussing the science observations and discoveries i made
during this trip in upcoming shows including the Christmas Eve
December 24th 2015 show … listen to my December 31, 2015
weekly radio show archive for an amazing discovery and NEW
RELEASE … jim mccanney

12/03/2015 Picture
of the Day – Mount Etna exploded today as it has done many
times in the past … this pic appeared in an article with the
following quote … “The giant plume of smoke and ash thrown
up by the blast creates a dazzling display of volcanic
lightning, a
phenomenon (my emphasis added)
seen in many of the most powerful volcanic
eruptions.” … scientists who promote modern fairy tale tier
2 science have no clue why the most fundamental of weather
processes even exists … let alone the cause … it of course
is a natural by product of my work … jim mccanny (also visit
the other sub page Chaiten
Volcanic Eruptions Sub-Page
for more information and
wonderful pics but remember to return here for this extensive
page of pictures and explanations)

11/22/2015 Picture
of the Day – Russian Space Shuttle Program and other pics …
jim mccanney

below is a series
of photos of the Russian space shuttles … the plane next to
the carrier plane (largest aircraft in the world) is a 1960s
vintage jet … contrary to the total misinformation
propagated in the west … russia had a number of shuttle
designs operating while we were waiting for 10 years for the
failed Apollo missions to go to the moon 

… i also have a
picture of the russian KOSMOS mini shuttle that had over 1200
manned flights into space during the years 1974 to 1985 …
recently there was a total misinformation propaganda in the
western press stating that the russian space shuttle flew once
and was mothballed … written by a complete idiot that went
to russia and took some pictures of an old hanger containing
one of the currently mothballed russian shuttles … funny
thing is that this moron was not even born when the russian
shuttle was in its hay day making hundreds of launches into
space … the western aerospace news promoted this tripe …
here are the photos of the REAL russian shuttle … they
finally stopped the program as it was too costly for the
benefit … relying on their energia mega launch systems …
one last comment that i learned when i worked with russian
scientists in the mid 1990s … they sent men to the moon long
before the alleged apollo lunar landing to simply circle the
moon and come back … a test mission … they came back dead
from severe radiation burns and poisoning from going through
the van Allen belts … they never went back although they had
all the technology to send men to the moon long before NASA
did … their recent insistence that NASA produce real
evidence of sending men to the moon was met with NASA
releasing some studio footage shot in a warehouse in arizona
in trainer simulators claiming it was was real lunar footage
… anyone can see that these are simulator footage … see
more russian space shuttle pics below … 

below one of
hundreds of russian shuttle launches … NASA copied the
russian designs … no surprise there

below one of 3
launch pads staging for a shuttle launch 

below a runway to
space shuttle vehicle launch in russia in the 1960s

below is a US U2
spy plane photo of the russian mini shuttle Kosmos … circa
1974 … although the western intelligence knew all about this
and the vast space program in russia they continued to promote
that the USA was “winning the space race” … PURE BULLSHIT
!!! just one more example of how the american public has been
lulled to sleep thinking they are the greatest … 

below see the
launch schedule for the russian Kosmos mini shuttle … you
can click on the image for a full screen view … note the
source of this information … the Kosmos was a strictly
manned vehicle capable of taking 3 cosmonauts and a payload to
space … the russians literally had thousands of cosmonauts
in space while we had NOTHING … remember that during this
time our Saturn V Apollo program had been completely
dismantled and we were waiting over 10 years for the US
shuttle program to begin … a completely failed program that
kept us in low earth orbit … more decades of tier 2 baloney
smoke screen while the tier 1 US space program was in
operation … even today the US wallows in the “glory days” of
the failed Apollo space program which kept large numbers of
people from pursuing their birthright to the stars … 

below the russians
always brought their rockets and heavy equipment out
horizontally … cerca 1964

below a picture of
a mothballed russian shuttle by the ding dong that claimed the
russian space shuttle program did not exist … this shuttle
flew over 100 missions in the 1960s

below … WHERE TO
PUT TESLA TOWERS … one of my life long studies has been to
identify where to put the tesla towers … ancient atlanta
used them as well as other locations on earth … remember
when bill clinton (new world order pawn and drug dealer
president) sent cruize missiles into bosnia ??? it was to
destroy the records of tesla which were still archived in the
basement of a church where tesla’s father retained ancient
records for the Vatican library … see the black and red
areas in the map below … this is where the best locations
are to put tesla towers to extract energy from the ionosphere
… note also that they are in the poorest countries of the
world … this would give them a jump start to be the highest
development countries in the world … click on the pic below
for a larger image

below is a rare
type of cloud that forms with varying pressure in the lower
atmosphere … how are clouds held together ??? it is a weak
electrical force called “van der waals” … standard science
denies electric fields but these clouds would not even exist
without electric fields … 

i hope you enjoy
these pics and commentaries … information you will never see
anywhere else … jim mccanney

11/21/2015 Picture
of the Day –
is a pic recently published in NATURE magazine stating
incorrectly that planets (red blue and white spots in the
center) were observed forming around a star “by accretion” of
a dust gas cloud … first of all the dots were put there by
the scientists and ASSUMED to be there … note that not even
the central star is visible so how on earth could the smaller
allegedly forming planets be seen especially so large … the
dots were put there by the scientists … secondly the planets
ARE NOT where the cloud of dust and gasses are located
contrary to the theory that planets form in this manner …
the white clouds are clearly located far from the central star
… what is going on ??? the planets are forming from the
“nebular ion cloud” (the white surrounding clouds of dust and
gasses) as large comets deriving the materials from the remote
cloud as detailed in my Plasma Discharge Comet Model … jim

11/20/2015 Picture
of the Day – below is called “scale of the solar system” and
gives many many examples of comparisons of solar system
objects … notice in the top right pic that the planet venus
is nearly the same size as earth BUT this is only due to its
massive atmosphere … the inner planet core is much smaller
than earth … venus formed from a large comet within the past
10,000 years … click on the photo below and a larger version
will load so you can discover these amazing details … be
aware that when they start talking about distances to distant
galaxies that is based on the incorrect “hubble” constant and
big bang fairy tale science … but the pics are great !!!

10/28/2015 Picture
of the Day – Moon Callisto of Jupiter 

this is a picture
of Callisto moon of Jupiter … see the ringed system
surrounding what appears to be an impact crater … i referred
to this in my first papers in the early 1980s dealing with
interplanetary discharges … i showed that it was similar to
a simple laboratory experiment where you sprinkle iron filings
on a piece of paper and run an electrical current carrying
wire perpendicular through the paper … the same ring pattern
emerges instantly complete with the space near the wire …
there are other bright burn craters near the main central one
… if these were impact craters the waves of material would
overlap with multiple circular patterns overlaying others …
but with the electrical discharge from space explanation …
any old patterns would have been destroyed … as seen … but
here we are dealing with an additional shock wave that carried
into the surrounding land as waves moved radially outwards …
also not about in the 2 o’clock position there is a fine
linear string of craters like pearls or beads on a string …
another clear electrical discharge string … we also see the
exact same patterns on planet Mercury as i have shown before
(see picture below) 

you can see the
electrical steaks of craters strung in lines criss crossing
the planet as large sun grazing comets passed by Mercury …
the random streaks indicate the random paths followed by
comets … note that the discharges do not carve out ravines
but leave a string of circular craters all in a nice line …
this is because the electrical arcing connects to one spot
then jumps to another on its dancing path across the planetary
surface … more about electrical discharges on my October 29,
2015 radio show … including some super spots on our own
planet earth see the pic below 

.this is called
the “eye of the sahara” a landmark visible from outer space
… another pic below … proven to NOT be an asteriod
collision … “standard” tier 2 fairy tail science claims this
is a natural formation formed by wind and water erosion … ya
sure you betcha &#*#$(*^@# … see another pic below this
is the result of a comsmic electrical discharge … odd they
found so much magnetite in the region you cannot use a compass
to detect the larger scale earth magnetic field … 

and how about this
pic of the “eye of the sahara” close up and personal … there
is wind and water erosion after the fact but that is NOT what
formed this amazing mega geological feature … compare again
with cosmic scale other formations of Mercury and Callisto …

below see a photo
of the blow down at another major earth electrical discharge
but this time combined with and asteroid comet impact site
located at Tunguska Siberia Russia showing the trees that were
blown down in a circular pattern for 20 kilometers around in
1908 (some claim it was a tesla experiment of redirected
energy but clear evidence of asteroidal material was found at
the site) … 

listen to my
October 29, 2015 radio show for more details … jim mccanney

October 28, 2015
posting # 2 … brain dead is the only term that applies to
the european space agency Rosetta team headed by the mindless
Kathrin Atwegg leader of the air head team … below is a
picture of the comet nucleus of 67P on July 08, 2015 as it
approached perihelion (closest approach to the sun) … in a
peer reviewed article (in the rubber stamp phony peer review
system) in Nature mag her team published results showing
abundant O2 (molecular oxygen) in the tail area … but in
typical mindless fashion they do not see any of this coming
off the nucleus which has a minor amount of dust activity and
NO gas activity … of course they have looked there but never
detect any so they concentrate on the tail area with their
spectrometers … they claim unwittingly that the gas is
coming from the nucleus allegedly trapped there “4.6 billion
years ago during the formation of the solar system” …
something might hint to them that since this is not coming
from the nucleus then it has to be coming from somewhere else
… they are making a scientific claim based on an outdated
incorrect “dirty snowball comet model theory” that would have
the nucleus exploding with water and now O2 but there is none
… light’s on nobody home … in an email to atwegg i
confirmed that their measurements are in the TAIL area of the
comet (10 and 100 km from the nucleus) … i have always
stated that O2 is abundant in the solar system and is
identifiable in other ways such as seeing it around the
nebular ion clouds surrounding all stars … as it is
attracted to the comet nucleus as explained in my “plasma
discharge comet model” …  the only thing they have
correct is that O2 is NOT an indicator of life it is
abundantly available free in the universe and the majority
that you might detect is not a result of biological life …
so all the hype you hear about O2 = life found is totally
incorrect … just one more fairy tale science “theory”
falling by the wayside BUT they cannot let on that none of
their hallowed theories hold a drop of water LITERALLY !!! see
pic below showing mild dust activity … the alleged SUPER
COMET WATER STEAM ENGINE EFFECT did not pan out … pretty
quiet about that at the ole ESO offices … the pic below is
highly enhanced the activity around the comet is adjusted
millions of times to get this “ray” effect but is dust only
… no organic molecules found near the nucleus at all … no
water or CO2 or CO or O2 … NOPE NOTHING … just a little
dust sprayed off by the incoming sunward side electron beam
… jim mccanney

10/13/2015 Picture
of the Day – The South Polar region of Mars … What’s wrong
with this picture ? (see explanation below) 

ok … looks like
a nice picture of the south pole of the planet Mars …
recently released from the Mars Orbiter … they are searching
for water ??? so there is some locked into this ice cap that
forms in winter when the sun does not shine … and disappears
with the same water and CO2 working its way to the north pole
… but let’s take a closer look … if you are looking for
water there are signs of water erosion EVERYWHERE in this pic
… so why cannot NASA scientists see it ? because it would
prove exactly what i have been telling you all along … that
there was abundant water RECENTLY on mars … and that it left
when a large comet passed and was witnessed and reported by
ancient cultures the world over … you can see cratering and
river beds in some areas and NOTHING in other areas … did
the asteroids know where to hit and not to hit ??? did the
rivers only form in the highlands and not in the lowlands …
most earth rivers occur in the lowlands and lead to larger
bodies of water … the obvious answer … the oceans and
bodies of water that were there only recently erased the
evidence of craters and of course there were no rivers there
since the areas were full of water … case solved … yes
mars had water … it had abundant life … so why is it
sooooo hard to find ??? it isn’t … unless your objective is
to keep this from you the public … more about this on my
show this week … jim mccanney PS you can click on the above
photo for a high resolution photo … spend some time looking

10/07/2015 Picture
of the Day – Mars water ?recent? ?ancient? NASA disinformation
ploy  … and now … Matt Damon stranded on
desolate mars … just another Hollywood block buster

the September 28th
2015 announcement by NASA much heralded of a “major discovery”
of water on mars is really a total disinformation campaign and
was the topic of my show october 1, 2015 (see notes below for
09/30/2015 also) … the following  weekend gives
constant blanket coverage with the release of the Matt Damon
movie “Bring Him Home” with the “Mars is soooo inhospitable
you cannot go there so don’t even think about it” message to
you the public … that is the subliminal message and who is
behind it ??? look at the pic above … remember in the middle
ages when they taught the commoners (via the church) that the
earth was flat ??? all the royalty and upper crust and
especially the church (vatican) knew it was round … so why
the disinformation ??? this put a mental cell around the
people … don’t go there … you can’t go there … don’t
even think about it … if i were to tell you that mars had
vast oceans and an earth-like climate only a few thousand
years ago most of you would think i was nuts … but do you
know anyone who was around a few thousand years ago ??? no …
you have been conditioned to believe what you are convinced is
true and you literally have NO PROOF whatsoever for that
belief … well … ALL the civilizations from that time talk
about Mars the BLUE planet and they even tell us of the night
when a large passing comet ripped off the atmosphere and
oceans leaving the red hulk of a planet we see today … but
don’t stop there … my Picture of the Day sub-page (link
below) has large portions dedicated to this topic showing
conclusive evidence and the reasons for scientific result that
the oceans were RECENT and not ancient as the NASA story is
trying to pawn off on you … so why the secrecy … why the
flat earth disinformation ??? listen to my october 8, 2015
show to find out more … jim mccanney 

09/30/2015 Picture
of the Day – Mars water ?recent? ?ancient? NASA disinformation

the recent
announcement by NASA much heralded of a “major discovery” is
really a total disinformation campaign and will be the topic
of my show october 1, 2015 … first of all did they discover
water ??? no not really … they think they did … what they
actually see are black streaks that appear and go away from a
outcropping of rock the contains “perchlorate salts” …
sometimes associated with water … so NO they did not
discover water although we know there is some frozen water on
mars … in the announcement the words “believe” and similar
show they really do not know but needed to make a major
announcement … the pictures were allegedly released in 2011
so why all the hoopla now ??? listen to my radio show october
1, 2015 and find out … below is the famous discovery pic of
dark streaks that appear and disappear it is NOT flowing water
and may not be water at all … not exactly niagra falls …
jim mccanney


09/24/2015 Picture
of the Day – Pluto in the News AGAIN … the posting below
this one is also on Pluto with extensive picture and text
coverage HOWEVER in today’s pic of the day i have re-created
Pluto’s surface in a “frozen broth” with internal heat source
that EXACTLY replicates the surface of pluto with upwelling
cycles which form the surface … ask yourself if Pluto has an
internal heat source then see for yourself …  of course
this is totally contrary to the established belief that all
the planets are 4.5 billion years old … everything about
Pluto is YOUNG … YOUTHFUL … FRESH … there is also an
external heat source … click on the following link to see
… jim mccanney   —> PLUTO

09/23/2015 Picture
of the Day – Pluto in the News … today’s pic of the day is a
link to the sub-page that was used for my 09/24/2015 radio
show discussing new findings regarding Pluto … the pictures
are very large so if you do not have a high speed connection
get a cup of coffee because it is worth the wait for the
discussion … basically pluto and its 5 moons are comets
working on the inside of the nebular ion cloud … something i
predicted in my earliest work from the 1970s long before
anyone had any clue what might be out there … follow this
link and then return here for more pictures of the day … jim

09/21/2015 Picture
of the Day – Equinox on Earth and Saturn 

On September 23,
2015 Earth will experience the fall “Equinox” when the day and
night times are exactly equal for all points on earth … but
other planets like Saturn have Equinox days also … the first
diagram below (credit to Tau ‘olunga) shows earth’s equatorial
plane (white circle) and the ecliptic plane (red circle) where
they intersect … the earth – sun – intersection point all
align … the constellations that line up along the red line
are the 12 regions of the “zodiac”

below is a picture
of the planet saturn taken by the Cassini space craft at the
exact point of the saturnian equinox when the sun aligned
perfectly with the equatorial rings … you can click on the
picture of saturn to pull up the original 3 MB file and see
small moons and the ring’s super thin shadow skirting saturn’s
equator … even though we experience the fall equinox every
year … it will take saturn 14.75 of our years before it will
have another … 

the solar system
is a giant clock … on earth we recon time with the sun, moon
and stars … as time progresses our date of equinox and
solstices change slowly as we “precess” like a top in the
gravitational fields of the other celestial bodies … that
takes about 26,000 years … so if you really take this
literally … we will not have another equinox exactly like
this one for 26,000 years … i build and sell a device called
the “Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock” that gives you the months
days and years AND allows you to use the sun and/or the stars
to create a very accurate clock …. it even takes the
precession effect into account … and if we ever had a pole
shift you would be able to rebuild the new calendar and the
new clock and project it far into the future … it would also
allow you (given the data on the plate) sufficient information
to rebuild our calendar and recon our history with our orbit
… something we are constantly trying to reconstruct from
ancient archaeological sites for ancient lost civilizations
(for details on this device see the secure web ordering page)
… jim mccanney 

09/11/2015 Picture
of the Day – The Platform of Venus – Chichen Izta Mayan City –
Yucatan Mexico

notice the top
horizontal glyph in the picture below … do you detect the long
winding comet tail ??? in the american southwest (and all over
the world the ancient cultures) they referred to Venus as a
comet … i was at a meeting once of astronomers showing native
depictions of the amercan southwest and one was noted by the
indigenous people as Venus … the astronomers could not figure
out why it had long rays coming off of it (planned ignorance)

the Day the earth was
devastated  by the Comet Venus is commemorated in this
temple central to this Mayan cultural symbol and religious
“myths” denoted in the Popul Vuh their religious document which
has been passed down to us … another name for Venus was
Quetzalcoatl the plumed serpent god of the night sky whose heart
eventually became the planet Venus … but notice our friend
Chac Mul is located on top center of this temple in the artists
reconstruction below (see also my 05/09/2015 Picture of the Day
explaining the enigma of this central mayan figure who was a 6
foot tall european with knee high moccasins) 

notice the glyph
codex below the serpents head of Quetzalcoatl … a comet

The reality is that
Venus (pictured below with its acid haze cloud cover and inferno
heat) was a comet in historical times … its “scientific
enigmas” are easily explainable when you realize it formed as a
comet raging through the solar system .. as explained by my
Plasma Discharge Comet Model …

comically NASA
scientists recently admitted that both Venus and Mars exhibit
comet tails (as i have stated many times that i have personally
observed) and that Pluto also has a comet tail (which i
predicted they would find months before the New Horizons space
craft passed) … are they finally breaking slowly since you the
public are fully aware of this because of my work … the
“creeping crud” is trying to crawl out from under their
rock  … jim mccanney

July 23, 2015 Picture of the Day … THE ROSETTA

… it is clearly a hot dry rock with no ice or
snow or vapor of any kind coming off the nucleus (also exhibiting
large scale striated rock layers that had to have formed in a
planet that had ongoing geological activity … this is just a
piece of the core of an old planet) … SOOOO are comets dirty
snowballs ??? here is what the European Space Agency said which
only confirms what NASA discovered long ago (as early as 1986 when
4 spacecraft passed Comet Halley) in spite of the fact that they
all keep spouting “little icy wanderer” and many phrases like that
in every news report you see in the joooze smoooze noooze …
using data taken in November 2014 from the infrared spectrometer
on board the Rosetta Space Craft at comet 67P … “Rosetta has
already collected enough data about the comet for scientists to
know that the surface of Comet 67P is actually too warm to be
ice-covered. Instead, ESA scientists think
(emphasis added) that the comet only has splotches of ice
intermixed with a dusty crust.” So we know that comets do not
have the expected surface ice and they are “warm” … well if they
are warm on the outside and it is colder than cold in outer space
… then the HEAT is coming from within … so then how is water
snow or water ice or other chemicals like CO2 or ammonia (far more
volatile than H2O) commonly found in comet tails going to exist
inside the nucleus ??? it does not need the sun to heat it up to
expel these volatiles it is already hotter than an object that can
hold these volatiles … in short THE VOLATILE GASSES INCLUDING
… i have had personal contact with the head of the Rosetta
mission that the H2O, CO2 and other tail chemicals they monitored
were found 10 and 100 km from the comet nucleus … THEY HAVE
should be most abundant if they in fact are coming off the nucleus
… they continue to mime the sentiment that the dust in the
region of the nucleus is “jetted” from the nucleus by gasses BUT
THEY cannot detect the gasses where the gasses should be most
NUCLEUS … the reality is the near nucleus dust jets are related
to the electrical effects in the vicinity of the comet nucleus …
but let’s step back a minute … the comet nucleus looks brilliant
white from a distance with the comet tail active and very present
… BUT when the Rosetta craft penetrated to within a few
kilometers of the nucleus they saw it as pure black with NO tail
activity (once again nothing new … we saw the same at Comet
Halley and ALL other comets visited to date) … the nucleus being
blacker than the blackest coal … so all that bright white comet
activity you see from a distance is just that … activity at a
distance … PER MY PLASMA DISCHARGE COMET MODEL … but going a
bit deeper … comets are complex animals with many layers of
plasma shielding and many many related measurable effects … they
certainly are detecting these with Rosetta but the news releases
all discuss only the most superficial aspects of the “dirty snow
ball theory” … we are talking about 1979 to 2015 and counting
that my theory has been public … i released it to the scientific
community when i was at Cornell University as a faculty member in
1979 … i could go on and on with more details but the real
question is … how long can these clowns hold out ??? probably
forever in the government sponsored tier 2 science scenario …
jim mccanney   PS addendum … at the Paris Air Show the
lead ESA scientist on the Rosetta mission admitted that comets are
NOT DIRTY SNOW BALLS and they have been wrong about that

June 21, 2015
posting … ok boys and girls … the European Space Agency
today released about 50 photos of comet 67P … taken last
NOVEMBER as the comet lander craft Philae came in at super
close range before it crash landed … apparently these pics
have been stored inside the lander since then and just
retrieved in the past day … WOW !!! this is really amazing
… once again confirming everything and more from my
theoretical work … i am posting just one pic here … have
you ever been to the rocky mountains … the alps … the
Himalayas … the andes … all up thrust mountains with
jagged striated rock sticking out and smashed angles from the
enormous forces due to a long ago passing planet Comet X
object (which has happened to earth MANY MANY times to form
the mountains we see today) … now the nucleus of comet 67P
HAS NO WATER OR ICE … not on the surface and not below …
and even if there were … it is not escaping from the surface
to form the comet tail … recent spectrometer data shows no
of the nucleus … just atomic C H O N … atoms … they have
concocted a simple simon silly science scenario for how water
immediately is destroyed as it comes off the nucleus by solar
UV light BUT then how does it get into the tail region where
those chemicals are abundant ??? they fail to ponder that
little contradiction … with every drop of new data as they
grapple for explanations they “solve” one disparity while
creating 5 more contradictions … but since no one can get a
question in edgewise in their rubber stamp peer review
journals their ridiculous crap gets published and regurgitated
in the news media without batting an eye … their standard
story is that comet nuclei formed billions of years ago as
fluffy dust and snow conglomerated into “dirty snowballs” …
fluffy little icy wanders as you have heard more times than
you can imagine … but it turns out that fairy tale isn’t
true either … here is a great pic of the comet nucleus with
… formed over eons layering up under extreme pressure in the
interior then thrust up 10,000 to 20,000 feet in a matter of
hours … or as in the case of the 67P comet nucleus …
blasted out into space by a planetary collision … but oooops
we sure cannot say that now can we … imagine all the
geologists on staff at ESO looking at these clearly striated
well forget them … see for yourselves (photo left is comet
67P – photo right is rocky mountain up thrust stratified rock
outcrop) … jim mccanney

June 15, 2015
posting … below is a NASA pic of a clear starry night with
the stellar wonder (our galaxy) The Milky Way overhead … but
out over the ocean is a series of clouds exploding with
external electrical discharges we commonly call “lightning”
… but scientists do not know what causes lightning let alone
from a clear starry sky … the reality is that lightning is
simply a circuit in the middle of a much larger electrical
circuit from the ionosphere which is part of the solar
electric field all powered by the earth’s discharge of the
“solar capacitor” as defined in my work … jim mccanney (see
my poster on the secure web ordering page for lightning
explanation around volcanos)

June 13, 2015
posting … although i am putting full time into the WING
project (please help fund it in link above) … the world of
outer space is heating up with the approach of the New
Horizons space craft at Pluto … today in reworking some NASA
released photos i am 98% certain i have detected COMET
ACTIVITY at pluto which i predicted as you know … what is
more interesting is that NASA has chosen none other than HAL
WEAVER (data fixing con man from the old Hale Bopp Days) …
why did NASA pick a comet “specialist” to head the Pluto New
Horizons program ??? certainly there could be no dirty
snowball comet activity in this remote outpost of our solar
system … we now know the Hubble space telescope and other
orbiting facilities have been fervently studying pluto for
years and NOT RELEASING THE DATA … the moons are wandering
in strange gyrations (seen by Hubble not the New Horizons
probe) … NOW NASA has released images showing pluto to have
varying terrain and topography and as i just said … here is
the comet activity seen from a distance … can you see it too
??? in the video of this series you can see the “clouds”
swirling around the moons and planet just as in the initial
pictures of Hale Bopp that NASA scuttled off the internet …
this is tentative but getting real interesting … this ties
in with my new book release that i held back on due to the
WING project but maybe i will have to release it anyway …
stay tuned and i will definitely be covering this … in the
mean time please help with my WING project below … jim

recent Pluto pics
above from the New Horizon show the planet rotating and
showing surface structure … possibly a polar cap … it has
a known atmosphere and … WEATHER ??? standard science says
that weather is caused by solar light input … but there
ain’t no sunlight worth spitting at where pluto stands in our
solar system … the sun will look like a larger than average
star … my explanation of weather shows that it is strictly
due to plasma effects around the planet and has very little if
anything to do with sunlight … this is getting interesting
but look at the pic below … 

look for the comet
activity above … middle pic shows the streaks and swirls of
dust clouds … why should pluto have comet activity ??? as i
have explained this is a PRIME area for comets since 1) it is
discharging the solar capacitor just inside the outer region
of the capacitor AND 2) the rich supply of dust gasses and
molecular species held back by solar wind pressure as shown in
my Plasma Discharge Comet Model … we can see these same
clouds with planets forming in them around other stars as seen
in the pic below … do you see the comets forming in the
nebular ion cloud around this star below ??? this is from my
earliest work and as always NASA is “discovering” and
confirming my earliest predictions … watch how “surprised”
they are going to be and without explanations when they get
the data at pluto … if they release them without photo
shopping the *@#$*&!?*#  out of them first … but
imagine all the other data such as electromagnetic effects
that they will hide as they slip out a few pretty pictures for
you the unsuspecting public … that’s why NASA has Hal Weaver
at the helm … he is an expert at smooozing the data … jim

Spherical shell of colored area against
        background stars. Intricate cometary-like knots radiate inwards
        from the edge to about a third of the way to the center. The
        center half contains brighter spherical shells that overlap each
        other and have rough edges. Lone central star is visible in the
        middle. No background stars are visible.

06/03/2015 Picture
of the Day – Mars Recent River Bed Pic

NASA just released
this pic of Mars taken over a half year ago … only trouble
is they forgot to photoshop out the meandering river bed at
the lower right … their story is that the blue coloration in
the large crater is basalt blown into these areas by 100 km
per hour winds that blaze over the martian surface constantly
… you can see the tremendous erosion on the larger and
nearby caters … they are almost completely covered and
destroyed by wind erosion … but NOT the delicate meandering
river bed that was more than a mile wide … a meandering
river is an old river as the currents swashed out the banks to
make the bends and turns as you see on old earth rivers …
you see the upper mississippi as straight and wide being
younger than the lower mississippi which twists and turns many
times forming islands as it completes an entire circle … OLD
meaning it took a long time to form these features … so the
river that once flowed here at the lower right took a long
time to form and left its bed in pristine condition like a
spring flower … what’s wrong with this picture ??? it proves
AGAIN that mars had oceans recently … if this erosion were
billions of years old as NASA says … then this river would
have been LONG GONE !!! proving again my long standing claim
based on observation (something predicted by Velikovsky long
before close up pics of mars were available) that mars lost
its atmosphere and oceans recently … real data does not lie
and requires truthful interpretations not religious dogma …
recall i have many many pics of mars on the archive sub-page
of mars with many other examples proving my point and remember
that my book Principia Meteorologia The Physics of Sun Earth
Weather has a center area with 8 high resolution plates
covering the entire surface of mars … worth the price just
for that not to mention all the other details about space and
planetary weather … jim mccanney 

June 02, 2015
Picture of the Day – Predicted Severe Weather arrives on

WELL the facts
are in … a number of weeks ago i made a prediction for
severe world wide weather starting May 30 … i correlated the
factors of a strong CME that grazed earth mid month that
standard science dismissed but i knew from my work that it
would continue out into the solar system and i calculated it
would discharge with Saturn at near may 30th connecting earth
with Saturn electrically (the ringed planet commands a vast
linear discharge in its region to the far reaches of the solar
systems and is currently electrically aligned with earth so
this boost connects them electrically across the entire solar
system on our side of the sun) and being further “triggered”
by the swift footed planet Mercury which snapped into an
electrical alignment on may 30th in addition to our Full Moon
leaving the earth completely “naked” to the effects of the
solar wind and this incredibly strong cross solar system
discharge of the solar capacitor (not just the usual local
capacitor) … as with all of my weather predictions (now
hundreds that predate the events sometimes by months) i have
real data and conditions that are factors in my predictions
… i do not use computer models or extrapolated data from
past weather systems … like your national weather service
NOAA or its subsidiaries like weather dot com (rothschild
owned) or the national hurricane prediction center … look at
the world weather satellite map tonight … i counted over 120
severe storms including two hurricanes off the west coast of
mexico … there are 7 major storms that just passed over
japan in a line … the entire equator is ablaze with storms
and the USA itself is being bombarded by storms especially in
the entire eastern US all the way down through the caribbean
(see satellite pic below) … note that none of this existed
prior to this time except for the manipulated storms over
oklahoma and texas of past weeks (how strange as the drought
in california raged on) … the current severe weather is not
a small local event but WORLD WIDE … as i predicted … when
these solar system wide discharge events connect with earth’s
upper atmosphere they then connect to local surface weather
events as they discharge the vertical electric field via
existing cloud systems that build into the major storms you
see … this is where the majority of energy is funneled into
storms … oh and one last point … i do all this myself …
i do this for free for you the public and i never get a
government pay check … the last of the true independent
scientists and very proud of it … jim mccanney

August 31, 2015 Picture of the Day
… Space Weather Update … 

there were 3 category 4
hurricanes (now 2) in the pacific ocean at one time this past
week … plus a few in the atlantic … plus about 60 serious
storms around the equator too numerous to mention … what has
been going on ??? here are the 6 major contributing factors
… these all happened simultaneously … alone not one would
produce this level of severe weather but combined at the same
time you can see the results … 1) Venus had an inferior
conjunction with earth with direct linear electrical
connection on the 19th but it really did not take hold until
around the 25th of august since 2) a compact solar wind
streamer was arching out of the sun connecting earth to venus
electrically … 3) at just this same time a small comet came
crashing directly into the sun causing extensive flaring some
of which followed the plasma streamer out reinforcing the
venus earth electrical connection with a good deal more
electrical current … this increased earth’s discharge of the
solar capacitor … 4) earth had a near perihelion full moon
(closest approach to earth) which further increased the solar
capacitor discharge to earth … 5) we are directly in the
august return current sheet which dominates our auroras and
weather in the month of august (as explained in my weather
work this causes the increase in severe storms including the
peak of the hurricane and aurora seasons in the month of
august) … note we had a surprise aurora far south during
this time also and severe weather at the south pole … both
poles were very active … 6) the solar wind came in with a
reversal and neutralized our protective magnetic space sheath
causing a compression of our upper atmosphere which increased
troposphere weather especially the severe storms that are
driven by the vertical electric field … so all of these
factors affected earth weather see the world weather maps
below (left is the pacific ocean with 3 hurricanes surrounding
the Hawaiian Islands … right is the atlantic ocean weather
map) … can you count all of the storms … this does not
show the south pole or the south pacific or the indian ocean
or africa where tremendous storms were also precipitated ??? i
will be discussing this in greater detail on my show this week
… jim mccanney 

05/29/2015 Picture
of the Day – WHO was Chac Mul?

as with many items
in standard archaeology … no one has a clue as to why this
european looking 6 foot tall guy with knee high moccasins is
central to the most important city in all of maya land Chichen
Itza and also is found in many other cities (one with fringes
on his moccasins) and in some instances alone in the middle of
the yucatan jungle ….i apologize for the poor pic above as i
have my own on site pictures of many of these same carved rock
statues from all over mexico when i was on location … ole
Chac here hardly looking like the 4 foot tall mayans with
pressed upper foreheads and extended noses … this most
central “person” is an inigma … but for more information
listen to my radio show for may 29, 2015 where i discuss the
absurd notion that man migrated across the Bering Strait
11,000 years ago as the “ice age” allegedly lowered the ocean
levels (another myth of modern education) to populate the
western hemisphere … so how exactly did ol’ chac (a french
name completely fabricated by modern man) get into the middle
of the mayan culture around what we think was approximately
1000 AD ??? what really happened … listen to my show and
learn … i will be continuing this theme in coming months on
my show mixed with space science of the electrical nature of
the solar system … jim mccanney

05/12/2015 Picture
of the Day…
THOUGHT – Ceres pics … commentary

BELOW on the
05/12/2015 Picture of the Day  i discuss the recently
released photos of the minor planet Ceres by NASA’s Dawn
mission … what is obvious is that these pics have been
photo-shopped … we saw this with photos of the planet
Mercury as i pointed out in other recent postings of the
Picture of the Day … some pics make the planet look like
just another cratered hulk … dark … craters … ok … but
other pictures show the complete scenario of interplanetary
electrical discharge paths streaked across the planetary
surface with strings of craters like pearls with some burned
in much more clearly and more intensely … when you look at
the pics you almost imagine that it is not even the same
planet … the point is that the same has obviously been done
with the pics released of Ceres … dark gray lifeless Ceres
… but where are the electrical discharges that are certainly
there … photo shopped out (tone adjusted) and you may never
see the real pics … remember that i initiated this field of
direct observation and identification of interplanetary
electrical discharges when i was at Cornell University in 1979
seeing data as it came off space craft for the first time
noting for example the clear “rings” around a crater burned
into the surface of that moon of jupiter … jim mccanney

05/12/2015 Picture
of the Day – FINALLY – Ceres pics

see explanation of
the pics and link to downloadable video below … this is
interesting … i discovered Mount McCanney (i think) … read
this then re-read the 05/06/2015 Picture of the Day posting
which i left posted below to compare bright spots of Ceres and
Mercury … it appears that these are naturally occurring
phenomenon related to both collision AND electrical discharges
to the planetary surfaces … 

Above is a size
comparison pic of Earth – our Moon and Ceres … Ceres is the
smaller one but is still spherical meaning that when it formed
(during its comet stage of development) it had sufficient self
gravity to pull the molten blob into a sphere … BUT is too
small to be considered a real planet because (by definition)
it is too small to gravitationally control the region in its
orbit … the region between Mars and Jupiter where thousands
of asteroids orbit the sun … and in every which direction
… the term “asteroid belt” is a misnomer it is an “asteroid
zone” … but Ceres does not control them so Ceres is termed a
“minor planet”

Above one of the
“bright spots” that has puzzled scientists (including myself)
since first seen in lower resolution pics years ago from the
Hubble Space Telescope (i know many of you are thinking “alien
base” but is there a natural cause? keep reading … )

Above is a
complete (both sides) composite pic of Ceres taken from 8400
miles away … notice a few of the “bright spots” which they
have discovered with close up photos are many many small
bright spots close together … they seem to be either on rim
edges OR out in the middle of a large crater having nothing to
do with the formation of the crater …

NOW … the final
video pic …this is about 27 MBytes (BIG BIG) download so
right click on the link below and select “open in separate
tab” and then continue reading below until the download
completes … 


the download is a
video of Ceres rotating … first understand that Ceres is a
large frozen ball of ice according to NASA mass analysis (and
possibly sloshy water mixture) with a dark sooty covering …
in watching i noticed a “bump and its shadow” … i will
discuss this more below but my first belief is that this is an
ice mountain created as icy water broke through the surface
layer and like a volcano on earth of molten rock formed an ICE
MOUNTAIN … i thought of calling it Mount McCanney … but
instead of seeking more fame than i already have (NASA would
never give me credit anyway) i am naming it Mount Gerda after
the Hans Christian Anderson 1844 fairy tale The Snow Queen who
is beset by evil trolls … i like that theme also since in
the real world NASA employs evil “internet trolls” to do its
bidding (angrily demanding you believe their Bad Astronomy and
Science) and run amuck with good science … so watch the
video and watch the far left horizon edge of Ceres as the
horizon becomes visible … Mount Gerda (an ice mountain i am
presuming) first appears as a small pimple looking bump on the
left side and as it moves to the right you can see its shadow
(upwards of the bump because the sunlight is coming from
below) … watch Mount Gerda as it crosses the disk along the
lower portion of Ceres AND THEN EMERGES again to the lower
right hand side again as a bump along the eastern horizon …
all the time you can see its shadow to the “north” or upper
side … MOUNT GERDA … i like that … BUT BUT BUT !!! there
is something more immediately obvious about Ceres … isn’t it
what you would call a “dirty snow ball” … a ball of ice
covered with a dark layer of sooty material ?!?!? yes it is
… by NASA’s own analysis … a GIANT ONE … but wait boys
and girls grandmas and grandpas … shouldn’t it be acting as
a raging comet ?????? yes it should according to the NASA
dirty snowball comet model … just like the icy moons of
Jupiter Europa Ganymede and Callisto which also lie naked to
the solar wind … BUT NO COMET TAIL SEEN !!! so could that
mean that ONCE AGAIN the McCanney Plasma Discharge Comet Model
comes through ??? could the answer be in the affirmative
???  now look at mercury below with its surface bright
spots and compare to Ceres … jim mccanney

05/06/2015 Picture
of the Day – Planet Mercury pic releases

the above pics
were just released of the NASA Mercury Orbiter that for the
past 4 years has been orbiting and studying the planet mercury
… recently i reported on mercury and tracks of electrical
discharges that criss crossed its surface from the passage of
comets which is common for little mercury in its position near
the sun … i also commented on how the pics are always photo
shopped to minimize the view of the tremendous electrical
damage to the surface … although these are highly photo
shopped and adjusted photos one can still see what are
obviously recent electrical discharge damage sites … NASA
says all this is caused by “colliding asteroids” … how do
asteroids cause planet wide perfectly linear streaks with many
craters in line … silly science … (i have a new name for
NASA … National Academy of Silly Astronomy) … the other
problem with these pics is that they are extremely low
resolution … i imagine the real pics are a minimum of 20
MBytes each … here you see pics of less than 100kB … the
trash pawned off on the public … the top pic easily you can
detect the linear electrical paths that scar the surface with
occasional burned crates along the path where the discharge
locked in for an extended period of time then passed to the
next location … the lower picture shows bright spots that
may be a combination of impacts and electrical connections
where the lower brighter land is exposed but in either case
these are RECENT … the darker cover of the planet as i
explained before is due to the comet effect (my Plasma
Discharge Comet Model) as the planet draws in material from
the local environment and is baked on the surface by its
proximity to the solar inferno and electric discharge … as
with all the planets mercury is acting as a comet discharging
the solar capacitor locally and this is very intense in its
location near the sun … they also discovered that mercury
has a small magnetic field close to its surface  (see
more pics and discussion on the Picture of the Day Archive
sub-page) … jim mccanney 

04/27/2015 Picture
of the Day – Who Owns Outer Space ???

Above Elon Musk
and gov officials Sept 22, 2014 break ground –  center
Elon Musk (estimated personal worth $12 Billion) Space X Owner
with US Rep Filemon Vela Tx and Tx Gov Rick Perry at Space X
Boca Chica Beach Tx Space Port


Above Jeff Bezos
(estimated worth $35 Billion) Secret Texas “Land” procured for
his private space venture Blue Origins LLC

these people are
vying to dominate outer space … i used to think private
enterprise was the way to get into space “for the people” BUT
this is hardly what is happening … is the procurement of
lands related to government associations “for the people” and
how many have lost (and will lose) their property at the hands
of such “ventures” … like in Nevada where senator Harry Reed
and associates cheated ranchers out of their land … but that
is just the tip of the iceberg … my belief is that outer
space is like water … every human has an inalienable right
to it as their birth right … and not to be owned or
controlled by anyone or any group or any government and
certainly not any military or “security agency” … remember
that Musk has secret contracts with Google owned by the CIA
who has NASA as well as military (spy satellite) interests …
remember that i have exposed that in the early 1990s NASA was
taken over by the CIA and cleansed (at the hands of ex CIAer
Dan Golden under the directorship of then president George
Bush Sr ex head of the CIA) … all remaining at NASA after
the cleansing were forced to sign gag orders and the final
division between what i call tier 1 and tier 2 science was
made (tier 2 is the official fairy tale science pawned off on
the public whereas tier 1 is the secret space program you
never see mainly under the direction of the US navy) … for
decades the CIA has been laundering its international drug
money from heroin and cocaine into high tech purchases and the
lucrative internet businesses that also create data bases on
all of you to monitor every move you make … they are now
involved in massive disinformation campaigns to direct public
opinion and direct wars … the list goes on and on …
remember that the CIA is the police force of the world bankers
… they have NOTHING to do with “security of you and your
loved ones” … this should be very scary for all of you out
there … while you were sleeping or surfing the internet …
your money was being absconded with for the richness of a very
few … those who have succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest
dreams or imaginations seem to have a strange path to this
“success” … at the base of all of this is the CIA as well as
government and other entities … the route to success is
paved for some … and blocked for others as Richard Branson
is finding out (he is not one of the “boys”) … WHO OWNS
OUTER SPACE ??? i can tell you it is not you … like the song
says … “all the gold in california is in a bank under
somebody else’s name” … jim mccanney

April 23, 2015
picture of the day … Calbuco Volcano Chile blows its top AND
connects electrically !!!


TODAY … EXPLOSIVE eruption of the Calbuco Volcano Chile …
remember my 2009 presentation on this web page (still posted
on the thought of the day sub-page) of the multiple Chile
Volcanic eruptions that resembled these pics (one was so
impressive i put on my 30 year anniversary poster available on
the secure ordering sub-page) … these show the electrical
discharges that come from the ionosphere as the plume of hot
gases and dust reach upwards like a grounded finger in the sky
… note that the “lightning” is outside the clouds proving my
theoretical work that the electrical activity is from OUTSIDE
and not somehow magically generated from within the plume as
standard science would have you believe … if the electricity
were generated inside the plume then the discharges would
occur within the plume (as that would be the shortest path)
… there is a humorous story that goes with my poster
mentioned above … i took a very similar version of my 30
year anniversary poster to the 2009 AGU meeting held in Ft
Lauderdale Florida … a group of graduate students gathered
around and i was explaining my theoretical work and they were
very interested … their advisor (a NASA crony) happened by
and was seriously distraught … he started arguing with me
that the electricity was generated in the plume by updrafts
… i did not say anything and one of his students pointed
that he could not be correct because the discharges were
outside of the plume (this is just basic physics … a battery
will discharge within … it is the battery’s high internal
resistance that prevents it from discharging rapidly and
completely … how many batteries have you ever seen
auto-discharging outside ??? NONE no matter what their voltage
at the poles) … anyway their advisor adamantly told them
that the charge was generated WITHIN the plume and forced them
to follow him away from me and my poster … i think they all
learned something that day … about the politics of science
… and that if you want a degree here you do not talk about
atmospheric electricity … jim mccanney  P.S. a listener
sent a link to wikipedia and some peer reviewed articles
regarding “official science” explanation of lightning above
volcanoes which i posted on the “simple simon silly science”
sub-page … not worth wasting any space here

04/22/2015 Picture
of the Day – Comet 67P photo-shopped again …

it is unbelievable
the absurdity they pawn off on the public … the above pics
appeared today in the “science news media” that repeats
whatever NASA or in this case ESO hands it … total this
released pic has only 8 kB of data … the resolution is SO
LOW it is ridiculous … it is photo shopped and tone
brightened as if shining off the page … in reality the
nucleus of 67P is blacker than the blackest coal … deceptive
reporting states that ice and volatiles are forcing “dust
jets” off the nucleus … what is really going on is that
there is dust in the region of the nucleus and faint rays of
reflected sunlight are illuminating the dust that is drawn
into the nuclear region by electrical forces as defined in my
Plasma Discharge Comet Model … they claim they detect
changes in the movement of jet structure which they interpret
as meaning the dust is receding away from the nucleus at 8
meters per second (about equivalent to a slow trot) and that
this somehow makes its way to the comet dust tail which is
observed from afar … but how does this dust spread to evenly
fill the vast symmetrical tail area ??? at this rate it would
take 7 days to reach the mid region of the coma BUT by then
the comet would be millions of miles farther in its path
around the sun … if they claim solar wind or solar radiation
moves the dust then it would form a “tail” about 50 meters in
diameter hardly what we observe from a distance … it is
hardly worth wasting time anymore with the “Simple Simon Silly
Science” coming from the space agencies … photo shopped pics
… “data” that is rudely primitive and does not add up even
within their own theoretical structure … they also do not
report any gasses coming off the nucleus that should be
detectable from the Rosetta space craft spectrometers … jim

04/15/2015 Picture
of the Day – Lightning strikes THROUGH the cloud

Proving my
theoretical work that lightning is not formed IN clouds but
the clouds are a path to the ground level (in this case water
… lightning LOVES to strike the water) … if you could look
at any lightning exchange with the earth there is also
lightning ABOVE the clouds … but where does the earth
vertical electric field come from and what maintains it ??? my
work explains this in detail … you will find that lightning
is part of a larger electrical circuit … standard science
cannot tell you where lightning comes from or what makes it
happen … since a picture is worth a thousand words i will
stop talking here … read and learn more about this in my
books CDs DVDs and educational posters … jim mccanney

04/08/2015 Picture
of the Day – Comet 67P March 22, 2015 

Rosetta Mission
photo 04/22/2015 of Comet 67P … i have been talking about
photo shopping photos (specifically changing “tones”) to hide
data but here is a case where the image was made extremely
bright to exaggerate effects … in this case they want to
express that “lots” of material “is coming off the nucleus”
… but here is what is really going on … they are NOT
detecting any water or other volatiles … so their precious
dirty snow ball comet model (with the mythical icy nucleus) is
not putting out the carrier system (sublimated volatiles
including water) to create the forces that they need to “push”
the dust “from the nucleus” … but you see the rays of light
reflected off the nucleus shining on dust that yes you see in
this photo … but the dust is an electrically charged dust
cloud attracted to the comet nucleus … they have
spectrometers on the Rosetta mission that would easily detect
even low levels of water and believe me if they were seeing
mums the world … just a seriously photo shopped (extreme
tone increase) photo … to get a better idea of the level of
tone “adjustment” … the nucleus in reality is blacker than
the charcoal in your Bar B Q grill … but see how it almost
shines off the page … and NO WATER DETECTED coming off the
nucleus … so what’s happening to the water that is detected
from a distance in the comet tail ??? it combines with
electrons in the vicinity of the nucleus and they are carried
out by the solar wind … they are called “neutrals” … in a
large comet they would be held by the gravitational field but
in this small comet they are carried away and nowhere to be
found near the nucleus … looking at the picture … one has
to ask the simple question … how do the seemingly one sided
asymmetrical rays (allegedly coming off one side of the
nucleus) magically turn into the perfectly symmetrical comet
tail filled with water ??? this is beyond absurd but no one in
the “news media” has enough intelligence to ask this simple
question … they just blindly print whatever NASA pawns off
on them … the main point of the article in which this
picture was found was that the Rosetta space craft was having
a hard time maintaining stability … they blamed that on dust
particles hitting the satellite … but listen to my 04/09
radio show for my description of the electrical effects on a
metal space craft in the vicinity of a small charged celestial
object  (in this case a comet nucleus) for which i
defined mathematical equations governing the erratic forces in
my 1981 publication “Saturn’s Sweeper Moons Predicted” … the
reality is that a comet is a very complex animal and they are
sliding out the absolute minimum of “data” and calling it an
ice ball … comets exhibit ultraviolet light and x-rays …
there are continual fluctuations in the magnetic fields and
many many other measurable aspects in a dynamic comet … BUT
THEY SAY NOTHING ABOUT ANY OF THESE … hoping the public will
be complacent and bite off on this simple simon fairy tale
“science” … listen to my show for more details … jim

NOTE – i have been
waiting with baited breath for the Ceres pictures from the
DAWN spacecraft … i now have confirmed that NASA scientists
are setting on them and we also know they are being seriously
photo shopped before being released to the public … this is
criminal activity for two reasons … this information is
public information and related to your birthright to the stars
… and secondly this minor planet holds the key to disproving
the plethora of NASA fairy tale science theories (as have so
many other space probes of the past decades) … so they keep
their lofty high paying positions based on complete garbage
science that is pawned off on you the paying public … but
what are they finding … i can tell you without even seeing
them … here is what i wrote to a listener

they are seeing is proof of my comet theory personified
(especially the bright spots on the sunward side) … plus a
lot of scaring from electrical discharges of passing comets
… the bright spots are electrical discharges and they now
know … they did mention before the complete information
blackout that the bright spots continued even after the sun
had long set on the crater floors where they appear so they
could not be from reflected sunlight on geysers or whatever
… you can bet they are photo shopping the #*&%@#?! out
of those pics … even a slight adjustment of tone can
destroy many features from view … i read a news brief
where the nasa guys on this mission were at a meeting and
did not even show the pictures to the lunar and planetary
session they were presenting at … mumms the word … these
are the same guys that “would tell you they saw planet X” if
they ever discovered one … ya sure you betcha !!

 jim mccanney

04/07/2015 Picture
of the Day – Saturn Rings and Moon Tethys

from the Cassini
mission at Saturn … moon Tethys orbit outside the rings …
the angle of the sun casts a shadow of the rings on the
planet’s upper surface … what you see in the shadows is the
fact that the rings are like an old fashioned record disk
spiraling inwards … they are constantly forming and
spiraling into the planet and therefore are not “ancient” …
this was part of my prediction when i published my peer
reviewed paper “Saturn’s Sweeper Moons Predicted” in 1980 when
i was on the faculty at Cornell University … this is
reprinted in the appendix of my Planet X Comets and Earth
Changes book … like the “sweeper moons” that i predicted
that have all been confirmed … the sweeper moons are
electrically discharging the fusion based capacitor of Saturn
and therefore even though they are small their electric fields
combined with that of saturn creates the characteristic comet
shape around the moons sweeping the rings to the outer side of
the moons (the rings exhibit a elongated fading) whereas the
outer edges of the rings are well defined (the comet “nose” is
much shorter on the saturn side and therefore sweeps out a
very sharp path on the outside ring edges) … remember that i
took these known observations of the rings BEFORE any space
craft arrived at saturn and predicted the presence of these
tiny moons that were hidden from earth view by their very
small size … you can learn more about this discovery and
others in my books and other educational materials … jim

03/30/2015 Picture of the Day … today NASA scientists published
an article in NATURE … the British equivalent of SCIENCE in
the USA … these are rubber stamp “peer reviewed” journals
that publish anything NASA throws at them … without the
least hint of critical review and certainly without input from
anyone else … these are the “dogma” postings of the religion
of standard astronomical theory … supporting the status quo
at all costs … today’s article deals with the planet Mercury
… they say it is very dark because carbon is found all over
its surface (picture below) 

… and they believe “comets”
crashed into the planet leaving carbon (implying of course the
NASA pet theory for comets “the Dirty Snowball Comet Model”)
… BUT if you look at the picture the exact opposite is true
… where the impact craters and comet discharge burn streaks
(in many cases the craters are electrical discharge burn
craters as you can see the long paths burned by the discharges
as they ran across the surface) are located in the above photo
the sprays are LIGHTER in color tones … according to the
NASA boys’ theory and analyzing the true result of such a
bombardment (of a dirty snowball) the individual impacts would
leave darkened regions at impact leaving the rest of the
planet surface lighter in color tone … but they apparently
did not look at their own photo … the real cause is that
Mercury is close to the sun and is continually attracting
carbon which is a common solar system atomic species by
discharging the solar capacitor as explained in my Plasma
Discharge Comet Model (it is acting exactly like a plasma
discharge comet) … comet nuclei that we have visited
characteristically exhibit NO WATER OR ICE of any kind
(surface or sub-surface) even though their vast tails are full
of water … and CARBON chains (hydrocarbons) … baked onto
their surfaces causing them to be very black … mercury is
the only inner solar system planet without an atmosphere so
acts much like a comet nuclei and has no atmosphere to absorb
and later the incoming hydrocarbons … Mercury is constantly
drawing in carbon based material which then settles on the
surface and is baked by the solar wind and incredible heat
from the near by sun … then when an asteroid or comet nuclei
hits OR an electrical discharge burns a path along the surface
(remaining in some spots longer to burn out entire craters) it
rips off the top darker layers exposing the lower brighter
older layers as seen in the photo … once again my Plasma
Discharge Comet Model explains the data precisely … i
encourage you to look at my book Planet X Comets and Earth
Changes which has a reprint in the Appendix of my 1980
publication (the historically important 3 part comet paper)
where i post a photo of the moon Callisto of Jupiter that
shows concentric rings of iron that formed circles around the
center electrical discharge … this was the first confirmed
discovery of electrical discharge surface scarring on a
distant celestial object … this is a topic i pioneered and
as with everything else dealing with the Electric Universe
being once again confirmed by new space craft data (much of
which has been the unfortunate victim of mass plagiarism by
the many copy cat clowns that populate the internet today) …
below are posted 2 more pics to support this Thought of the
Day session … the first is a higher resolution older photo
of Mercury where you see a balance of asteroid impact craters
as well as the electrical discharge paths which show the
discharge “locked in” on certain locations and burned a
serious hole in the planetary surface … the other is the
discharge i just mentioned on the moon Callisto of Jupiter …
you can read more details of this discovery in my book and
appendix as noted above long before anyone ever imagined the
electrical processes in the solar system i had already
completely covered the field with my theoretical work 

above planet Mercury in a
different light (most of the discharge streaks are not visible
because of the light correction done to the photo by NASA) …
the lighting on the first photo shows the discharge streaks
much more clearly

and below is Callisto moon of
Jupiter showing the picture i presented in my discovery of the
first electrical discharge on a distant planetary surface in
1980 that started the entire field of examining interplanetary
discharges on the surfaces of other planets … the concentric
rings seen with the discharge crater in the center (right side
of this pic) show the iron alignment just like you can show in
a laboratory by sprinkling a magnetic material like iron
filings on a sheet of paper and running a wire with an
electrical current through the wire … imagine the Israelites
as Moses led them across the desert sands and the Comet
Pre-Planet Venus discharged to the earth’s surface … jim

03/20/2015 Picture
of the Day – A Rose … Are there Roses on the other side of
the Universe ???

My book THE
DIAMOND PRINCIPLE asks the question … if you found a diamond
… would you think it was the only one in the universe and
guard it and not look for any more ??? or would you assume
that there were more ??? all diamonds are different and show
differing characteristics which make it impossible to copy …
such as internal fissures … but the method of creating a
diamond in nature is the same on the far side of the universe
as it is here in our solar system … i also point out that
the assumed process where diamonds are allegedly created deep
in the earth cannot possibly be true and present 100%
conclusive evidence that diamonds are made in natural causes
in outer space … the argument continues to discuss DNA … i
also discuss DNA as a by product of generating prime numbers
in my book Calculate Primes … the DNA in your little finger
is the same as in this rose and is the same on the other side
of the universe … does this mean that the complex histories
that became the rose are going to exist on the other side of
the universe ??? not at all … DNA is a complex molecule that
is very stable and based on 4 main atoms C – O – H – N which
always combine in certain complex forms to create the
nucleotides of DNA … for more on this topic read my books
noted above … jim mccanney

03/20/2015 Picture
of the Day – RECENT OCEANS ON MARS compare recent pictures of
the minor planet CERES near the orbit of mars 

BUT first a
picture of an “asteroid” in the asteroid belt that broke up
and formed a 5 piece COMET (first it was a normal asteroid
with no comet characteristics … after the break up which was
confirmed to not be caused by any impacts it becomes a comet)
… you can see the halos around each piece below … why is
this important when talking about CERES the minor planet which
is closer to the sun than this “asteroid” turned comet …
because ceres is loaded with water and ice BUT does not show
any comet characteristics and if the NASA “dirty snowball
comet model” were correct then ceres should have been a
ragingly huge comet and lost all its water billions of years
ago … contradictions abound their story is so full of holes
it makes a fishing net look solid … on my recent shows i
have been discussing how NASA’s Dawn mission has been orbiting
CERES the minor planet in the asteroid belt for over a month
now and … drum roll … not a peep or smidgen of data and NO
PICs even though they never really release anything without a
thorough photo shop job and super low resolution for you the
public … (that is “Science at NASA”) … see the asteroid
turned comet then see the surface pic of ceres below

ceres below (super low
resolution pics from mid february the only ones released in
over a month from the NASA Dawn probe) … what are they
hiding this time ??? but as with all NASA releases they
immediately show their story does not add up … the left hand
does not know what their right hand is doing .. the recent
NASA  “discovery” (theft of my material) discussed below
and on a separate sub page says the oceans of mars are ANCIENT
… what rabbits hat did they pull that out of ??? below you
see the entire surface of the minor planet ceres COMPLETELY
CRATERED WALL TO WALL … why is this important ??? because
ceres’ orbit is close to that of mars … BUT the surface of
mars has highly selective cratering … meaning that where the
oceans were … the lack of craters means that the oceans
erased the effects of impacts … but we know the current
cratering rate of an object like mars near the asteroid belt
is much higher than earth … the only result is that … as i
have said this puts an upper limit on the time frame that the
oceans on mars left … this upper limit is only A FEW
THOUSAND YEARS … so how did mars lose its atmosphere and
oceans only a few thousand years ago … we are told by the
ancients who lived about 1500 BC that mars was a blue water
planet like earth and lost its atmosphere to a large passing
comet … see my books, CDs and DVDs for more information …
but compare the picture below of Ceres cratering to the
cratering in the next picture below of the surface of mars …
decide for yourselves … when i explain something it is so
you can look and make the decision for yourselves and not
depend on rows and columns of paid tier 2 NASA fairy tale
scientists with their shiny badges and skinny little neck ties
telling you that the oceans on mars are “ancient” … there
are many other reasons for understanding that the oceans were
stripped away recently including the amazing huge dust storms
that rip the surface of mars on a daily basis … ancient
oceans features would have been destroyed long ago yet the
surface features like delicate little river beds are fresh as
a daisy …  

compare the picture of the surface of Mars with the above
pictures of near by Ceres … Ceres is completely cratered …
Mars is not … this is the key to understanding that the
“oceans” on mars are RECENT … at most a few thousand years
have past since Mars lost its oceans … but like i said …
the NASA release “experts” are not smart enough to see all the
contradictions that abound in everything they release … no
matter how photo shopped or how low a resolution they dumb on
you the unsuspecting public … 

the thieves at
NASA recently “discovered” that the planet Mars had oceans but
in typical NASA style dated it as “billions of years ago” …
the amazing “discovery” announcement being blanket broadcast
to the owned news media last thursday March 5th 2015 just as
my last week show went to air and published in the rubber
stamp “peer review journal” SCIENCE (which has been rubber
stamp publishing all NASA tripe for decades) … the thief …
one Michael Mumma of NASA’a Goddard Space Flight Center has
stolen material from me before not the least of which was my
work on x-rays in comets … my Picture of the Day sub-page
last year featured Mars and the lost oceans showing that they
are RECENT … also my weather book “Principia Meteorologia –
The Physics of Sun Earth Weather” has a series of 8 high
resolution plates of the entire surface of the planet Mars
showing the oceans … exactly as “discovered” by NASA’s paid
liar and thief Michael Mumma … here is one of the prints
form my 2004 book on this topic … go to my weather book for
the complete set … you can see the cratering heavy on the
old land “highlands” and completely devoid of cratering on the
old ocean area … we know the cratering rate on earth …
Mars has a much higher rate since it sets at the edge of the
asteroid belt … how long would mars go without any cratering
in the lowlands after the water left ??? my estimate MAXIMUM
4000 years … the time frame Velikovsky gave for the
historical observations of all civilizations from around the
globe that mars lost its oceans to a large passing comet …
the main thing the NASA controlled world bankers do NOT want
you to know about is this fact … thus my success at pointing
out the recent oceans on mars had to be side swiped so they
sent in their paid liar Michael Mumma to steal my material and
twist it into a “billions of years ago” lie … part of the
ongoing fairy tale science for the public program at “Science
at NASA” … the photo below shows the heavily cratered
shoreline and highlands adjacent to the ocena area completely
devoid of cratering … jim mccanney

P.S. see more on
this on my Pictures of the Day sub-page (link below) AND on
the specially created sub-page (link in the left hand column
of my home page “Mars had recent vast oceans” … it was this
where NASA got the idea to steal my material because i have
been so successful in presenting my material to the public

02/18/2015 Picture
of the Day – Russian Kosmos Mini Shuttle

the people in the
west are SOOOO dumbed down … when everyone was watching
individual gemini and apollo launches (and alleged moon
landings (which are unverified scientific claims) … Russia
was launching thousands of men into space during the same
period (1960s and 70s) … below is a spy plane image of the
Kosmos Mini Shuttle being loaded onto a truck after recovery
… the ruskies had sooo much lift power that they could put a
Kosmos on the nose of their huge kerosene boosters and send 3
men at a time to their space station IN ADDITION to their main
payload of kosmos series manned capsules … bet you never
heard that on the evening news as you all beamed that “we were
beating the russians in space” … you can see the known
launch schedule below this pic … when i worked with russian
scientists in the mid 1990s they said they had much more going
on than this … like i said … you never heard that on the
evening news … jim mccanney

zoom in with your browser to see
details of the following 

02/16/2015 Picture
of the Day – Comet Holmes Demonstrates “Charge Shielding”

 in the photo
above notice the very faint perfectly circular cloud
surrounding many layers of “shielding” and its definitive
“edge” … outside this layer the comet exhibits NO CHARGE
effects at all … except along the line of the solar
electrical discharge which can extend millions of miles to the
sunward and anti-sunward side … as you can see the comet
“electrical” size is much different from the physical size of
its nucleus which is possibly only a few miles across and
takes on many many shapes depending on what “part” of the
comet plasma you are talking about … how many “electrical
layers” can you see in the above photo ??? 

 of Comet
Holmes again … in green (natural) light … the circular
“shield” is about the size of the full moon in the night sky
but physically was larger than the sun … a dirty snow ball
??? i think not … the actual nuclues is miniscule hiding
deep inside this ball of celestial lightning … the spherical
shielding form AND the tail rays (streaking out top right) are
predicted in the mathematics of my Plasma Discharge Comet
Model … not seen in visible light are the x-rays far to the
sunward side also predicted by my model

this is me as a
young man teaching students about shielding … you can see
the smoke ion cloud accumulating around the negatively charged
test ball in the electric field of a larger (left side) van de
graaf generator … you can see this in my DVD # 1 and # 2 in
clear remastered video … it sure is funny how students can
understand these concepts but NASA scientists with PhDs cannot
… listen to my recent radio shows where i discuss the topic
of cometary and outer space shielding … jim mccanney 

Picture of the Day –

succeeding … this is REAL science and engineering at work
… 100 times over BRAVO and hats off to Richard Branson and
Burt Rutan as they forge ahead in the ONLY TRUE PRIVATE SPACE
PROGRAM … all of the others have borrowed or tapped into
NASA and other government programs and agencies … that to me
is the ultimate cop out … Branson has maintained his
completely private status … the following photos are
courtesy of the Branson Virgin Galactic web page … taken at
their facility at the Space Port America … i saw their
“White Knight One” transport vehicle (pictured here is the
later more advanced version of the White Knight) a few years
ago at the Oshkosh Wisconsin Air Show … in the early 1980s i
met Burt Rutan at the Space America Air Show in San Diego
where i was presenting my space systems in private audience
conferences … jim mccanney


02/03/2015 Picture
of the Day – Lightning — where does it come from ???

An admission
occurred in a magazine recently admitting that standard
science does not know what causes lightning … they
speculated that “cosmic rays” sparked lightning … but holy
missing energy source batman and boy wonder robin !!! if
cosmic rays kick off lightning … and cosmic rays are
bombarding us all the time … then … let me see … 1 + 1 =
2 … shouldn’t we have lightning all the time ??? is this
more tier 2 fairy tale science grappling for straws ??? even
if there were a link (which no one can confirm) the big
question is “from where does the energy come from” … they
always seem to skim over the obvious and necessary main
question … like the tier 2 theory that comets brought life
to earth … where did the comets get it ??? somewhere somehow
there had to be a chicken before the egg or visa versa … but
please don’t ask those tuff questions !!! putting the question
farther out in time and space solves the problem for most tier
2 scientists … back to lightning … the picture below shows
cloud to cloud lightning … how does lightning shoot out of
clouds ??? have you ever seen electricity shoot out of a
battery ??? NO … it needs a current path and without one the
battery discharge’s easiest path is INTERNAL … my work
pioneered the idea that the solar electric field which i
called “the solar capacitor” basically provided the entire
solar system with electrical activity … it drives our
weather and many other aspects of our planet … in fact
without it we would have extremely bland weather … read more
about this in my books dealing with the electrical nature of
the solar system and solar system weather … jim mccanney

02/02/2015 Picture
of the Day – missed today 

02/01/2015 Picture
of the Day – Interacting Galaxies

Two galaxies
interact gravitationally … see prior Pictures of the Day
where i discuss my peer reviewed published paper dealing with
symmetry (and other topics) of galactic formation (reprinted
in appendix 1 of my “Planet X Comets and Earth Changes” book)
… standard science claims that gravitational interactions
between galaxies began with “density waves” that were created
allegedly when two masses came close in outer space … as i
pointed out this fails to explain the tremendous symmetries
found in galaxies … ALL normal galaxies … now below see
the photo of two galaxies that are interacting … they are
ripping themselves apart but in a terribly asymmetrical manner
… the interaction is destroying the symmetry that existed
before … not creating symmetry … the density wave theory
did not ever explain any of the data … it did not explain
how a nucleus formed … how symmetry in remote dual arms
formed or was maintained … it did not explain how circular
newtonian (gravitationally bound) star orbits fit the light
curve data … so they invented “invisible mass” also called
“dark matter” … BUT it required so much of this invisible
matter out in the arm system that there was more mass orbiting
the nucleus than was contained in the nucleus … a completely
unstable configuration … at every turn the “density wave”
model failed BUT it maintained predominance in the peer
reviewed journals for 40 + years and is still taught as the
leading theory of galactic formation … the picture below
shows what happens when galaxies interact gravitationally …
they DESTROY one another … my theoretical work describes how
galaxies form from collapsing gas and dust clouds and how the
diametrically opposing arms form as a fluid flow problem as
the two sprays flow outwards induced by the pressure of the
inflowing gas and dust clouds … the clouds spin as they
collapse giving the plane of the galaxy … and the
symmetrical arm patterns … jim mccanney

01/31/2015 Picture
of the Day – Warped Galaxies 

I said i would
discuss warped galaxies … here is a great example (photo
below) however the universe is filled with them … what
causes the disk to warp ??? one might off the cuff say this
could be due to a passing galaxy or other mass causing a
gravitational interaction … that is what standard astronomy
says … but like the galaxy itself there is tremendous
symmetry in the warped disk … EXACTLY the same on both sides
even through they are separated by tens of thousands of light
years … ALL of the warped disk galaxies exhibit this
symmetry … are random gravitational interactions so
perfectly affected that they impart the same gravity into both
arms ??? of course not … in fact all the galaxies are apart
in this photo and are evolving separately without any
interactions although rarely we see galaxies coming close or
even colliding (but oddly enough these colliding galaxies
rarely show any warpage at all!!!) … my published paper
“Continuing Galactic Formation” (reprinted in appendix 1 of my
“Planet X Comets and Earth Changes” book) explains the warped
disk as the result coming from the center of the galaxy as the
arms form … the galactic formation model shows dust clouds
collapsing and the arms emanating from the nuclear region …
NOTE that in warped disk galaxies the warpage always points
directly to the nucleus (the tangent to the surface of the
disk) and if you drew a line between any two points on
opposite sides that line will ALWAYS pass directly through the
nucleus (this is the symmetry i was talking about) … this
means that as the collapsing gas clouds whirled into the
nucleus in that plane LONG AGO and the subsequent cloud’s
angular momentum plane changed … the resulting out gassing
dual arms followed this angular momentum plane … over time
the arms that were emanating from the nucleus changed
directions slightly and continually … it is that simple …
and there is NO DARK MATTER REQUIRED !!! (see my post from
yesterday regarding the fairy tale science called Dark Matter)
… jim mccanney

01/30/2015 Picture
of the Day – LOOOOOK closely at the frame below for a few
minutes to see what you see … and then read the explanation
below … 

BLACK SCREEN – now imagine what they call “dark matter” …
they cannot tell you what properties it should exhibit … it
allegedly affects everything in the universe … but they
cannot see it … it defies all the known laws of physics
including the most fundamental concept that mass (98% of the
universe) never coalesced to create anything visible …
everything they see in space including x-rays … gamma rays
… cosmic rays … you name it … are allegedly related to
the magical “dark matter” … dark matter is not a new concept
… it has come and gone many times in the past … and always
was a theoretical requirement because the astrophysical
theories did not add up … so they created the ultimate
“swanz factor” … something so undetectable and invisible
that no one can see or detect it … but it fills in the
theoretical gap so that they do not have to admit that their
theoretical structure is faulty to begin with … and endanger
the almighty government paycheck … oh and i forgot … they
get to sound intelligent at the same time … jim mccanney

Picture of the Day –
Space X rocket boosters being

this is
strange … Space X the elon musk owned private space
company sued the US Air Force over contract fixing for the
mil surveillance satellite launching contracts sighting that
a consortium of old boy aerospace corporations were
essentially getting no bid no competition contracts …
alleging they were dragging their feet on certifying Space X
for qualifying for the contracts … now here comes the
weird part … USAF and Space X just settled when it became
apparent that Space X was going to win … before the
settlement ink was dry on the paper … drum roll … mega
search and information giant GOOGLE and mega investor
Fidelity (who is heavily invested in Monsanto) jointly threw
$1 billion (yes with a B) into space X giving them 10%
ownership and a spot on the board of directors … i am all
for private space exploration but what is happening here is
bizarre and weird … Google also is heavily invested in
other data procurement technologies from outer space
including photos from space … they have the largest data
base on all matters earth and beyond (including you … yes
YOU) … now they are linked with the mil boys in what is
sure to generate many secret back door programs … the ones
you will never see … this is getting scary … jim

P.S. now you have
to understand something … just like monsanto protects its
“patented” psyco seeds … can you imagine the protectionism
when these mega corps set their sites on outer space ??? and
keeping you the public at bay so YOU CANNOT PURSUE YOUR
BIRTHRIGHT TO THE STARS … this gives a new meaning to
international out of control corporations

01/26/2015 Picture
of the Day – Typhoon Bonsi – with “Manipulated Signature
Electric Discharge”

two photos taken
from outer space illustrate graphically the electrical nature
of cyclonic storms … in this case cyclone BANSI … to
prepare for my radio show dedicated to explaining these
pictures review my weather book “Principia Meteorologia – the
Physics of Sun Earth Weather” … here are the photos courtesy
of astronaut twitter feed Samantha Cristoforetti … also this
“lightning” occurred as the storm increased in power and the
discharge is offset typical of manipulated storms … i will
be discussing this in terms of natural events and satellite
manipulated storms … be sure to listen to my January 29 2015
radio show for a detailed explanation … jim mccanney

01/23/2014 Picture
of the Day – The Eagle Nebula and The Pillars of Creation

One of the most
famous photos in all of Astronomy … an image that speaks of
the grandiose nature of the universe … i am not going to
discuss any pure science topics … just look at this and
appreciate that within all of this there is a reality … a
physics … a mathematics … an organization … an image at
the hand of the Master Creator … with a sea of stars
surrounding all in order … all following the laws that are
the same on the other side of the universe … how anyone can
be so arrogant as to imagine that there is no plan here … no
Master … no Creator … no God … to imagine that all of
this just happened by chance … my book “The Diamond
Principle” discusses outer space relative to the human dilemma
… right now the ownership of oil, water and outer space are
being divided up amongst multinational corporations and the
human species is living in a sick demented experiment destined
to fail … but the bottom line is that every person has a
birthright to the stars … this all belongs to YOU not some
deep pocket greed ridden corporation with its hands in the
back pockets of politicians … and it does not belong to the
military who wants you to believe they need it to defend you
… they also own science and maintain a level of BAD SCIENCE
AND ASTRONOMY designed to stifle any attempts by any of you to
gain access to outer space … look at this picture … it
belongs to all of YOU … jim mccanney

01/22/2014 Picture
of the Day – Planetary Nebula – Planets forming from Comets
Far from the Central Star

One thing i LOVE
about Astronomy Space Science and Astrophysics are the
wonderful artful photographs … soo pleasing to the eye …
but as as scientist i look for the workings of the cosmos in
these photos … literally every active star has something in
common … they have a stellar wind of protons and electrons
leaving the central star … this is explained in my work as
the separation of charge resulting from nuclear fusion in the
atmospheres of the Hydrogen atmospheres … another photo
earlier this year (below) shows stars forming in a galactic
arm plasma as you can clearly see the electrical currents
passing through the region bright with newly forming stars …
but in the picture below from my very earliest work regarding
comets and the formation of solar systems by capture … i
noted that comets were NOT some wandering ice ball from a
hypothetical Oort cloud that could never be detected or
confirmed by observation (another fairy tale nursery rhyme)
… i discovered and theorized that comets in fact were ANY
object no matter how large or small (yes even down to the size
of a grain of sand) that crossed into the “solar capacitor”
that surrounds our sun … below you see such a solar
capacitor surrounding another nearby star … notice the small
glow in the center red region … compared to our solar system
that would include the area encompassing ALL of the planets of
our solar system and really at about the practical limits of
current telescopes to detect planet sized objects …
automated searches are just beginning as this is being written
and they are finding not dozens but hundreds of new planets
… remember when we had only 9 known planets ??? now there
are hundreds known … and they are just in the baby
beginnings of searching out there … my original work in the
1970s projected MANY planets forming out in the far reaches of
what i called “the Nebular Ion Cloud” or alternatively the
“Doughnut Nebula” … now there is proof of these around
literally every star … remember that the tail material is
moving TOWARDS the comet nuclei and building the planets …
not just one … but thousands of them … you see the planets
forming from comets … DO YOU SEE THEM IN THE PHOTO BELOW ???
all with the forming planets show the nuclear area with the
characteristic comet tail pointing radially outward from the
central star … in the electric field … this far from the
central star they orbit VERY SLOWLY … eventually all of them
will have their orbits reduced by what i call the “tail drag”
which is a principle of celestial mechanics that i discovered
in conjunction with the physics of comets … not all nebulae
around stars are as bright as this one … but the blue is
characteristic of nitrogen in a mainly hydrogen atmosphere
such as we see in the outer planets Uranus and Neptune …
they formed in the far reaches of our solar system just like
the planets in the photo below … once in a while these
objects interact and some are diverted (perturbed is the
celestial mechanics term) into the inner solar system … at
that point they may interact with the other planets or
eventually be captured into the inner solar system by the
other planets … likewise space debris of all sizes may come
into a solar system from far beyond and likewise become comets
in the solar capacitor … some are large … have you ever
heard the term PLANET X … my work shows that there are MANY
MANY MANY Planet X objects not just one … our history seems
to indicate a few but truly there are thousands of them …
astronomers have secret automated telescope search programs
under way to look for Planet X objects … they know i am
correct in spite of the fact that the government supported
disinformation agents continue to claim that there is no such
thing as planet X … the government also continually sends
nut case imposters to spew about planet X to make it into a
crazy topic … this is to keep you the public from
understanding the real nature of the cosmos because if the
public knew the real story they would stop worshipping the
evening fake news and worshipping the phony money god that is
placed in front of them … keeping the public scientifically
stupid takes a lot of money and effort … when i attend for
example American Geophysical Union meetings there are in
excess of 17,000 scientists in attendance … all tier 2 with
fairy tale science that is propagated through the universities
and ultimately to the public … there is however a layer of
science above all of this that you never see i call tier 1 …
i have met many of the scientists and they are serious hard
working and know that everything i am doing is correct … jim
mccanney    P.S. the bright white stars in the
photo are actually other stars in the background and
foreground and not related to this star or planetary

01/21/2014 Picture of the Day –
Green Comet Lovejoy

Why are some comets green and
others other colors and some are white with no colors at all
(like Comet Hale Bopp was white) ??? for some time standard
astronomy ignored this seemingly unexplainable quagmire until
lots of naked eye visible green comets started showing up a few
years ago … making the public aware of it … i pointed out
that the color is due to the electrical discharge of electrons
passing through the gasses in the comet coma (the round gaseous
head part) and the tail (the long part extending away from the
sun) and that the spectrum were due to the type of light caused
by electron currents like we see in tubes of gas in the
laboratory and in fact i have had for a long time a posting
regarding spectroscopy of comets as far back as the 1800s where
astronomers identified HOT electrified gases … so standard
science had to come up with an explanation … they settled on
another fairy tale to cover the first fairy tale (that comets
were supposedly dirty snowballs) … they simply said that
gasses “glowed” in the solar ultraviolet light … but holy
inadequate explanation batman and boy wonder robin … why are
some comets white ??? is the ultraviolet light landing on those
comets different from the ultraviolet light landing on this
comet ??? of course not … but since there is no dialogue …
no one gets to ask the questions that are staring in the face
obvious … and the dumbed down news media that depends on NASA
for their bread and butter articles cannot ask the questions …
ridiculous explanations full of contradictions and half facts
… my Plasma Discharge Comet Model says it all … it predicted
from my earliest theoretical days that they would find x-rays
far to the sunward side of the comet nucleus and that this would
be the definitive experiment to drive the last spike in the
coffin of the dirty snowball comet model that could in no way
explain x-rays let alone far to the sunward side … when they
were discovered in 1996 by a NASA satellite by accident … they
quickly adopted a ridiculous theory that solar wind particles
were creating a charge exchange causing x-rays … but why did
not this magical explanation work on the earth or other
celestial bodies … just comets ??? once again no one gets to
ask real questions and demand real answers from NASA scientists
… their papers are rubber stamp published in the monopoly
driven space science journals … refereed by the same group who
have vested interest in maintaining their government supported
status quo … not only have i explained why the standard
science has no reality … i have replaced it with a highly
complex set of principles which have consistently predicted the
results of space probe data over the past 35 years whereas the
standard theories have consistently had to put band aids on top
of band aids … my work also explains why comets glow green and
blue and other colors … my theoretical work not only deals
with comets but every other aspect of solar system activity …
outer space is a vacuum and we replicate the comet gas cloud
conditions every time we light a neon light bulb … electrons
passing through the tube cause the neon atoms to phosphoresce
… now try the NASA standard science theory in the laboratory
… shine a laboratory UV light on your neon tube and see what
happens … NOTHING … the fleets of NASA scientists are not
even intelligent enough to do a basic laboratory experiment
before they unleash their paid news media with garbage science
and the news media prints it without a single question or
comment since they are not scientists … jim mccanney

01/20/2014 Picture of the Day –
Hurricane on Mars

Meteorologists on earth repeat the
fairy tale nursery rhyme that hurricanes form from warm water in
the ocean … HMMMM … now boys and girls … this concept
harbors more than its share of contradictions … the biggest
hurricanes in history (remember “The Perfect Storm” ???) formed
over the frigid north atlantic ocean in NOVEMBER … not exactly
the tropical waters of the Caribbean !!! but here we have a full
blown hurricane racing across the surface of the planet Mars
NEAR THE ICE COVERED NORTH POLE … note primarily however that
mars has no water at all … not hot … not cold … not any at
all … so how does this hurricane form ??? they cannot tell you
of course … because the idea of warm water forming hurricanes
is no more true than the moon is made of green cheese … yet
the Rothschild owned disinformation channel WEATHER.COM hosts a
sub-page stating this like you should all believe it … the
reality is that all cyclonic storms and the dust devils in the
picture of yesterday form and are sustained by ELECTRICAL
currents that flow between the planet surface and the ionosphere
… there are many reasons why they want to keep you the public
stupid about these things … because if you realized that
electrical energy abounded in the atmosphere and all we have to
do is tap into that amazing large source of energy we would dump
coal, oil and nuclear power which are the major control factors
in the world today and controlled by guess who ??? ultimately
the Rothschild banking empire … jim mccanney

01/19/2014 Picture of the Day –
Mars Dust Devil – Tornado

Actually a dust devil on earth is a
small tornado that races across the desert flatlands … but on
mars these are towering tornados miles high … as in this
picture … they leave a devastated terrain in its wake although
there are no trees or plants … just rock and sand and dust …
but how do these form ??? where are the storm clouds that they
say on earth twirl and twist to form tornadoes … what is the
invisible force that drives these storms ??? plus they exhibit
electrical discharges … the reality is that these and ALL
tornadoes are driven by electrical currents from the ionosphere
… that “capacitor” is in turn driven by the solar electric
field … the source of all electric activity in the solar
system … additionally these cause far more change to the
delicate surface features of mars than the average raging dust
storms of mars … so once again how did the martian surface
with its amazing amount of surface erosion last for billions of
years (since the water left) according to standard astronomical
space science theory ??? clearly the surface erosion features of
mare are RECENT and the water leaving the planet was recent …
many more pictures of the day are dedicated to this theme …
for more details read my weather book “Principia Meteorologia –
The Physics of Sun-Earth Weather”  which includes in the
center 8 high resolution photos of the entire surface of
mars  and discusses not only weather on earth but the
weather of ALL the planets in the solar system … jim mccanney

01/18/2014 Picture of the Day –
Water Erosion on Mars

Delicate meandering river beds all
over mars highlands fresh as the day the water left … how long
would these features last ??? see other pictures below of the
giant dust storms that blanket mars … you can add 1 + 1 = 2
… seems our illustrious highly paid PhD NASA scientists are
having trouble with that simple equation … jim mccanney

01/17/2014 Picture of the Day –
Surface of Mars … looks like ice flows like glaciated land

01/16/2014 Picture of the Day –
River Water Effects Comparing Mars and Earth

See the many photos below of Mars
water effects but of course there is no water … jim

01/15/2014 Picture of the Day –
Dust Storm on Mars

Tremendous dust storms rage on mars
annually … they are so large they can be seen on earth with a
modest telescope … even early astronomers with relatively poor
telescopes by today’s standards could see the change of surface
thousands of years … so why does NASA and standard science
state that the water was there billions of years ago … clear
evidence shows us otherwise … see the other pictures below for
many water erosion surface features that have to be recent …
jim mccanney

01/14/2014 Picture of the Day –
Mars … Evidence of water 

This conglomeration of pebbles and
sand are results of WATER … essentially moving water … in
fact sand has not possible without moving water … water
erosion … water erosion … water composite rocks … but …
no water anywhere to be found … jim mccanney

01/13/2014 Picture of the Day –
from the Mars Rover

Look off to the very right side
where there is a definite water erosion path … many of the
pictures lately (below) point out water erosion from orbiting
satellite … but this is nose on the ground … NASA is looking
for water but seem to ignore the fact that water erosion is
EVERYWHERE you look … but there ain’t no water … these fine
features would have eroded away after a short time due to the
massive annual dust storms that rage across mars … but here
they are … fresh as a daisy … clearly Mars had massive water
present recently but it is all gone … the ancients tell us
what happened … the giant comet Venus pulled the atmosphere
and oceans off the once blue planet leaving the red dry
atmosphere-less hulk we see today …  jim mccanney

01/12/2014 Picture of the Day –
Mars Water Erosion

Like erosion systems on the western
planes of the USA … but on mars … many photos below i am
concentrating on the water erosion on mars that is so evidently
recent … i will explain why … jim mccanney


01/11/2014 Picture of the Day –
Water Erosion on Mars … but there ain’t no water

More evidence of recent water on
Mars … but also notice the credit at the bottom of this photo
… interesting this photo is copyrighted by NASA /JPL-Caltech/
now look at the next part … Malin Space Science Systems …
did you know that NASA does not own the cameras on its space
missions … the cameras and the resulting photos are controlled
by an entity known as Malin Space Science Systems … i learned
about this bullshit when i was in los angeles  and wondered
what in the world was this all about ??? i then found out that
this enterprise was headed a very young kid named David Malin
… i am going to myself ‘who is this clown and what rock did he
crawl out from under’ ??? later as i was soliciting venture
capitol for my science projects in los angeles i found out that
there is an entire ownership of science … what we imagine as
“top NASA scientists” were just what i now call tier 2 level
scientists which are just smoke and mirrors science … there is
an entire ownership of all science … that is why i never “fit
in” … i did not fit the mold of a scientist who was
controllable … i cut my own path and did things MY WAY … not
an acceptable method in that system … i met young college
grads who were involved in the movement of millions of dollars
of funding and forming new companies every day … they traveled
the world and told congressmen what to do … they moved
military contracts into companies that they managed and then i
realized … these were the kids of the world families … the
people who controlled the USA government and more … so every
photo you see has first been “cleansed” for your consumption …
space is already owned … jim mccanney

01/10/2014 Picture of the Day –
Eden Volcanic Caldera on Mars Topo Relief Map

Two days ago i posted this caldera
in a photo … here is a relief map from a vertical satellite
vantage point (red areas are highlands … blue are lowlands …
and black are the lowest levels) … do you see water effects
and erosion ??? clearly this caldera sat near the edge of a lake
or ocean … see the islands in the very low lying area to the
left side of this map ??? do you see the meandering river coming
north from the bottom left side that dumps into the sea and has
built up a “delta” as is done with earth rivers after a long
time … notice once again the cratering apparent in the
highlands but completely devoid in the low areas where the water
was present … in the lower right reddish area there are many
smaller rivers

but why are these water rich areas
recent you ask ??? simply put … because mars has extensive
dust storms that rage over the planet every year that would
quickly destroy and obliterate any soft geological features like
delicate meandering rivers and crater rims where sand would
build up … none … nothing … this is all fresh as a baby’s
butt … the ancients tell us what happened … all we have to
do is listen … why is there such an unbridled effort to
suppress any semblance of sanity in the space science space
geology world ??? listen to my weekly radio shows (all free and
commercial free) and read my books to find out
…  jim mccanney

01/09/2014 Picture of the Day –
Simulation of Major Eruption from Yellowstone Volcano Planet

Estimated to kill and lay to waste
EVERYTHING in the path of ash and bring earth to a global
cooling death knell for the surviving 6 billion earth residents
as mass starvation and crop failures occurred world wide … now
are you worried about global warming … statistically this
volcano is due for a major eruption and recent floor rising of
lake yellowstone add credence to this dire message … one has
to understand that one of my 10 Earth Mega Projects that HAS TO
BE DONE AND SOON … is to drain the lake water out of
yellowstone lake … i have attempted to get attention to this
project but we are living in an age of gross incompetence in
government and science … without the water in the lake there
would be no major eruption … it could easily be drained by
breaching the southeast rim of the caldera and the water would
drain naturally into the scab lands of oregon … a generally
waste area … jim mccanney

01/08/2014 Picture of the Day –
Eden Volcanic Caldera Mars

Do you see evidence of water
erosion in this photo ??? look closely … jim mccanney

01/07/2014 Picture of the Day –
Mars Super Volcanoes Old or New ?

The martian surface is littered
with volcanism … these mega volcanoes are so large that they
did not rise and form a cone … like the massive yellowstone
calderas in the western USA they would form a lake bed … IF
THERE WERE ANY WATER … on the one on the right notice that
there is evidence of water being in this crater … at many
differing levels over geological time …once again you see
other evidence … for example the area outside of the right
caldera is pocked with impact craters … whereas within the
crater there is only one that that matches the outside crater
many craters … once again this means that the impacting
objects certainly peppered the crater area but because of water
erosion and the fact that it was a lakebed with water eroded any
trace of their impacting that area … look in the crater can
you see the signs of water erosion … leading down to the pit
in the middle … there are river beds around both of these
craters … and LOTS of evidence of water erosion … if you
look at detailed pictures of the massive Olympus Mons volcano
(the larges volcanic cone in the solar system … the two middle
pictures below) you will seed it has extensive river systems
flowing off the mountain side AND a common effect called
“slewing” where the sides of the layers of lava split off and
flow into the ocean … when there is water present these “slew”
far out into the sea area … one can see the erosion and cliff
areas to the windward side of Olympus Mons and the more gradual
beach areas to the leeward side … ALSO … see the chart
comparison below the two pics of Olympus Mons … by noting
where the oceans came (the erosion cliff line on olympus mons)
and comparing to earth mountains of Manua Kea and Mount Everest
(the tallest mountain on earth) you can see that the oceans of
mars were far deeper than the oceans of earth … mars is
somewhat of an egg shape as is earth with all the land in one
hemisphere and all the old oceans in the other … see my book
“Principia Meteorologia – The Physics of Sun-Earth Weather”
which has a high resolution set of 8 photographic plates of the
entire planet Mars in the middle of the book … you will be
able to see what i mean about the highlands being bombarded by
crater impacts whereas the old ocean area is almost completely
devoid of crater impacts … OCEANS AND OCEANS OF WATER ON MARS
OCEANS … and NASA is “looking for water” … sorry bud there
ain’t none … it all left on the last train out of town when
Venus the Comet ripped it off (literally) … jim mccanney


01/06/2014 Picture of the Day –
Titan large moon of Saturn surface mock up Methane Lakes

Stranger than strange … methane
oceans … but look at the atmosphere … it has similarities to
that of Uranus and Neptune which tells me that Titan was once a
planet wandering in the vicinity of the far outer planets Uranus
and Neptune and was subsequently captured by Saturn … my work
from its very inception in the 1970s invoked CAPTURE as the
primary method of solar system formation not only for our sun
but for all stars in the galaxy … NASA finally admitted just a
few years ago that at least 27 of Saturn’s small moons can only
be attributed to capture … start with my peer review published
paper on Galactic Formation and one main result is that only two
or at most three stars would have left the galactic nucleus in
one gravitational grouping (with the third star being loosely
coupled to the first two in a tighter binary configuration) …
the statistics of N-body random gravitational systems dictate
this formula … the Russians did a great deal of work on this
although they never understood why there should be just 2 or 3
stars initially and never understood the concept of capture as
documented in my early work .. when you study my work you have
to understand that it is a solidified collection of
self-consistent theoretical concepts that meet the mathematical
requirements of what we see in the heavens … Titan is more a
planet than a moon … it is a smaller twin to the outer planets
except that it has about 98% nitrogen in place of the Hydrogen
dominant atmospheres of Uranus and Neptune … but remember that
Titan has a very low surface gravity compared to the larger
planets so it was not able to maintain the lighter higher
velocity (at a given temperature) molecules … it could
maintain the nitrogen and nitrogen compounds that abound in its
atmosphere and on the planetary surface … but what this says
is that in the region of the solar system the solar wind has
excluded many of the denser molecular species and only the
lighter more aerosol species remain … i call this the
differential effect of the solar wind … so when we see nebular
clouds around other stars at the far reaches of their stellar
winds … you see primarily hydrogen … oxygen … nitrogen and
their related compounds and a host of low chain hydrocarbons or
nitrogen hydrogen compounds like methane or ammonia … is Titan
a “moon” or a planet of the mini star Saturn ??? is it old or
young ??? i would say it is relatively young … jim mccanney

01/05/2014 Picture of the Day – a
private space program vehicle from a foreign market

do not think that the USA has a
corner on the private space market … this vehicle modeled
after the 1960s Russian shuttle re-entry vehicle may someday
shuttle space tourists to and from space hotels … jim mccanney

01/04/2014 Picture of the Day –
Mars Water Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink 

This phrase from “the tale of the
ancient mariner” … possibly NASA should adopt it as their
slogan on mars exploration as they search for water … the
ancients from all over the world have left the tales of woe …
Mars lost its blue oceans and atmosphere to a passing comet …
that comet they called Venus and it eventually encountered earth
on two occasions and finally settled into the orbit where we see
the white hot planet Venus today … my physics and Plasma
Discharge Comet Model explains how this happens … the ancient
Maya tell us in their mythology … that stated that the “plumed
serpent of the night sky Quetzalcoatl ruled the night sky for
hundreds of years and eventually his heart became the planet
Venus” … in the photo below and many others in the following
days i will be concentrating on photos of water erosion on Mars
sent back by various Mars missions from NASA … every year mars
exhibits vast wind storms which alter the terrain and cover up
features … if mars lost its oceans billions of years ago and
NASA is searching far and wide supposedly for the reason … may
the real reason is right in front of their celestial noses …
but of course they cannot say the obvious … MARS HAD OCEANS
Amecican Geophysical Union meeting where i had a poster session
in the early 2000s in Fort Lauderdale Florida and encountered a
number of NASA geologists presenting the latest mars images of
water activity and erosion on mars … they would say under
their breath that these were recent BUT not in public as they
still came under the heavy handed RULE of the hierarchy and did
not dare state the obvious … mars had large quantities of
flowing water RECENTLY … VERY RECENTLY … note also the many
craters which are obviously impact origin … they came AFTER
the other surface features so they are more recent … notice
how there are many on the highlands to the south and the 3 large
ones to the top left … but NONE NONE NONE in the lowlands …
were the impacting meteors (or comet debris from the large
passing comet) so smart that they only hit on the highlands ???
no the reality is that they hit WATER regions which quickly
eroded them away if they ever formed at all … more evidence of
RECENT water … the impacts happened BEFORE the water left …
jim mccanney

01/03/2014 Picture of the Day –
High Resolution Photo Spiral Arms very clearly proves my Galaxy
Formation Model

See appendix 1 of my “Planet X
Comets and Earth Changes” book (in print and eBook format) which
gives the reprint of my peer reviewed published paper
“Continuing Galactic Formation” published in Astrophysics and
Space Science Journal in 1980 … in 2009 a group of
astrophysicists attempted to borrow my concept stating that the
orbits of stars could not be in circles as promoted by the long
help Gravity Wave model of galactic formation … i knew that in
1979 as i presented my model to the Astrophysics Department at
Cornell University where i was employed at the time as a faculty
member in the Physics Department (later employed by the Cornell
Mathematics Department) … it was on Dr Edwin Salpeter of
Cornell who defended the then (and really to this day) popular
Density Wave model which propounded that all galaxy structures
were started by a chance interaction of one galaxy with another
to create “waves” which allegedly spun around the galactic
nucleus forever .. the only problem is that the light curve data
did not at all support newtonain circular orbits but showed that
the stars in the mid sections of the arms were moving too fast
and the near and far parts of the arm too slow (there were many
other problems including “how did the galactic nucleus form?”
and most of all … they had to assume “missing or invisible
mass” far out into the arm system to compensate for the
non-newtonian circular star orbits … so much so that there was
allegedly more mass in the arms than in the galactic nucleus …
they never could explain how such an un-natural configuration
could exist …BUT the most striking fault was simply … the
random glancing gravitational interaction with some other mass
could not explain the consistent and amazing symmetry found in
galactic structures … the arms exhibit precise symmetries even
though the structures in the arms are tens of thousands of light
years apart) … i pointed this out to Dr Ed in the hall one day
at Cornell and he huffed and puffed at me stating that he still
“favored the density wave model” … my paper was published
anyway and stands today as the dominantly correct theory of
galactic formation … as noted … in 2009 a group of
astrophysicists attacked the Density Wave model in a published
paper and noted that only elliptical stellar orbits could
explain the arm light curves … they made what i would call a
“modified density wave model” with stars in elliptical orbits
but with the orbits only coming in partway to the galactic
nucleus and somehow interacting with waves of gas in the arms
that looked remarkably like density waves … their model
suffered all of the same issues as the density wave model … if
they had brought the inner edges of stellar orbits of their
model to the nucleus it would have been too blatant a copy cat
version of my 1980 published  paper (which they by the way
seemed to have forgotten to reference) … BUT now we have much
better detailed photos of galactic nuclei region of some
galaxies all the way into the nucleus … the photo below is one
example of which there are now many … you can clearly see the
arms emanating from the galactic nucleus and NOT orbiting far
out as in the 2009 paper … see the appendix of my book “Planet
X Comets and Earth Changes” for the reprint of that historically
important paper … also note that the issue is not just about
orbits but there are many other innovative and new ideas
contained in that paper which leads to the CAPTURE method of
solar system formation as the stars become active and begin
forming planetary systems as they move out in their lifetime
journey in the galactic arms … and yes there are electrical
interactions that occur on a galactic level since the nucleus is
a fusion based mega star with a stellar wind that pushes far
beyond the visible reaches of the galactic arms … the stars
interact with these but that is another topic for another
posting … jim mccanney

01/02/2014 Picture of the Day –
Galactic Electrical Filament with Star Formation

Star Formation in galactic nebula
… if you look at pictures of galactic structures the arms are
almost completely gaseous extensions like the one seen here …
they come from the mixing of conditions as flows of stars and
gas emanate from the galalctic nucleus as described in my peer
reviewed published paper “Continuous galactic Formation”
published in the Astrophysics and Space Science Journal … but
how do stars form ??? do clouds just collapse or is there
another process that helps speed up the process ??? yes there
certainly is … the stars are discharging the local capacitor
in the galactic arms (the same type of Fusion supported Solar
Capacitor that surrounds our sun as described in my work) …
this process continues throughout the life of the star as the
initial allotment of hydrogen is NOT SUFFICIENT to last for
billions of years … the supply has to be constantly
re-supplied … at a conference once an engineer approached me
stating his calculations prove that the sun cannot be 4.5
billion years old as claimed by standard astronomical theory …
i listened as he described a simple calculation … take the
energy loss due to converting matter to light (E=mc2)
and mass loss due to the solar wind and calculate how long the
sun would last to expend ALL of the solar mass (not just its
estimated core where scientists incorrectly belief that the
solar fusion is occurring) … sure enough he was dead on …
the sun simply does not have enough mass to keep it going that
long … SOOOO … there are two things in my theoretical work
that explain how the sun can keep going for long periods of time
… 1) the sun has to be replenished with Hydrogen (and other
elements like Deuterium) and this can only happen if the sun is
acting like a comet (as in my Plasma Discharge Comet Model for
solar system comets) but the stars are acting like comets in the
galactic wind that is also fusion based in the galactic core …
2) how do you get this new hydrogen to the core where standard
science says the fusion is occurring ??? the answer is simple
… you don’t … the solar fusion is at the surface … read my
explanations for the surface solar fusion of the sun powered by
ongoing electrical bolts in the solar atmosphere … the same
process that powers low levels of fusion in the atmospheres of
Jupiter and Saturn the two companion STARS to our sun … they
have stellar atmospheres … and both additionally have fusion
based proton winds … something that NASA is hiding but which
surfaced in early articles published in SCIENCE magazine from
the Voyager space craft passages of those “planets” … ooops
… i mean “stars” … look in the pic below and you will seed
the filaments of electrical current as the stars form in the
arms where the electrical discharges are occurring … jim

01/01/2014 Picture of the Day –
Surface map of Saturn Moon Tethys

Note that there is evidence of both
impact craters AND volcanic types of activity… there are
“flow” areas reminiscent of water flowing on the surface over
vast areas of the moon’s surface … the only problem there are
no fluids to account for  flows … the surface is
completely frozen water ice … the entire moon all the way to
its small core is frozen water ice … flowing out of the crater
at the top left is a massive volcanic flow where apparently the
crater wall was breached … similar to volcanic flows on planet
earth … for a surface that standard science says is 4.5
billion years old (as old as our moon they say) there sure is a
lack of impact craters making this “4.5 billion year old moon”
(the standard science story) look like a celestial baby … also
note the valleys and mountain ranges … how do mountain ranges
form on a small planet like this out of solid ice ??? yes planet
… it is round and solid and in all respects is a planet in
Saturn’s solar system … and yes Saturn is NOT a planet it is a
small star … with ongoing fusion in its atmosphere but back to
Tethys … 

comets supposed to be dirty snow balls and sublimate as the move
in the solar wind ??? like the many icy moons of Jupiter …
even though they ALL lie naked to the solar wind … according
to standard dirty ice ball theory this should have been a raging
large comet and there should be NO ice on it at all certainly
after 4.5 billion years … the contradictions in standard
astronomical theory are everywhere you look EVERYWHERE and NASA
has no answers … in fact … you cannot contact them to even
ask the question … jim mccanney



Sometimes comets get
pulled in by the Sun, as seen by LASCO

SOHO spacecraft sees
two comets plunge into the Sun. In a rare celestial
spectacle, two comets were observed plunging into the
Sun’s atmosphere in close succession, on 1 and 2 June
2000. This unusual event on Earth’s own star was
followed on 2 June 2000 by a likely unrelated but also
dramatic ejection of solar gas and magnetic fields on
the southwest (or lower right) limb of the Sun.

Sometimes people wonder why I cannot stand the
morons that call themselves NASA scientists, and especially the
morons at SOHO.  This is what I am talking about in the
post above for February 18, 2003.  Now read the caption
very carefully and note that as these 2 comets passed through
the solar flare and created the “largest solar flare ever
recorded by SOHO to this date” … nasa says 

SOHO spacecraft sees two
comets plunge into the Sun. In a rare celestial spectacle, two
comets were observed plunging into the Sun’s atmosphere in close
succession, on 1 and 2 June 2000.
This unusual
event on Earth’s own star was followed on 2 June 2000 by a
but also dramatic ejection of
solar gas and magnetic fields on the southwest (or lower right)
limb of the Sun.”

See what I mean about the creeping crud.  Now all of a sudden
it slips into a SOHO page posting that it is quite expected that
comet V1 will cause a spectacular CME at or near
perihelion.  At the time of the above 2 comets and
associated ejection I and many others notified NASA that this
was confirmation of my theory regarding how comets interact with
the Sun.  NASA as you can see above rejected that


leaving the space open below for your response

NASA response: (nothing yet)



The barred galaxy NGC 1365 shows perfect symmetry
in the arms.  Appendix I of my book “Planet X, Comets and
Earth Changes” explains the process of galactic arm formation
and one result proves that only Jupiter and our Sun could have
been the original members of our “solar system” … with ALL of
the other planets, moons, asteroids and comets being captured at
a later date.  There are many Planet X type objects
associated with our solar system.  

Jupiter – our second sun

Astronomers still mistakenly call Jupiter a “planet” …
My book explains the data showing it to be a small star.
At one time in the past Jupiter  was as bright as the Sun.
Could it ignite again?
Jupiter still undergoing Fusion?

Jupiter - our second (unlit) Sun  

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