PICTURE OF THE DAY (FEB 18, 2003) ...

Sometimes people wonder why I cannot stand the morons that call themselves NASA scientists, and especially the morons at SOHO. This is what I am talking about in the post above for February 18, 2003. Now read the caption very carefully and note that as these 2 comets passed through the solar flare and created the "largest solar flare ever recorded by SOHO to this date" ... nasa says

"SOHO spacecraft sees two comets plunge into the Sun. In a rare celestial spectacle, two comets were observed plunging into the Sun's atmosphere in close succession, on 1 and 2 June 2000. This unusual event on Earth's own star was followed on 2 June 2000 by a likely unrelated but also dramatic ejection of solar gas and magnetic fields on the southwest (or lower right) limb of the Sun."

See what I mean about the creeping crud. Now all of a sudden it slips into a SOHO page posting that it is quite expected that comet V1 will cause a spectacular CME at or near perihelion. At the time of the above 2 comets and associated ejection I and many others notified NASA that this was confirmation of my theory regarding how comets interact with the Sun. NASA as you can see above rejected that idea.


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The barred galaxy NGC 1365 shows perfect symmetry in the arms. Appendix I of my book "Planet X, Comets and Earth Changes" explains the process of galactic arm formation and one result proves that only Jupiter and our Sun could have been the original members of our "solar system" ... with ALL of the other planets, moons, asteroids and comets being captured at a later date. There are many Planet X type objects associated with our solar system.

PICTURE OF THE DAY (DEC 18, 2002) - Jupiter - our second sun ...

Astronomers still mistakenly call Jupiter a "planet" ...

My book explains the data showing it to be a small star.

At one time in the past Jupiter was as bright as the Sun.

Could it ignite again? Is Jupiter still undergoing Fusion?