the supplemental notes page for the may 29, 2003 radio show

here is the comet that caused the x-rays and solar storms that caused the solar flares that caused the earth weather

The Sun Earth Connection as defined by the Plasma Discharge Comet Model and its associated phenomena …

what is it that NASA scientists do not see ??????? this has been defined since 1979 … why does NASA have a major program called “Living With a Star” and another called “The Sun Earth Connection” when this page gives the answers for free??? They have 3 options … 1) continue to ignore this while the rest of the world looks at them like fools, 2) try to create ridiculous after the fact theories based on gravity and the dirty snow ball comet model or 3) steal this material …so far they have tried all three … the only obvious honorable thing to do would be to recognize this work and go on to advance science … i do not see that happening
anytime soon

Proton count about a million times normal about 3 days after comet passes the sun 

just a few x-rays to alter your DNA

x-rays off the chart

Be patient with the following as they will take a long time to load …. 2.5 Meg on the first one and about half that for the second / it will play on windows media video player / there is a delayed reaction between the comet’s closest approach to the sun that the entire sun going ballistic / this is action at a distance in the sun’s reaction to the comet and to earth’s being pounded days later …. action at a distance … one of the main topics of my theoretical work outlined in my book Planet X, Comets and Earth Change

 (and yes there is not just one planet X … but many)

 note that this comet again comes out of the south .. is this a precursor to the “BIG GUY” … the question is just when will one of these cosmic storms really affect us??? the question is not if … the only question is when … but be that as it may … one thing is for sure … you won’t get a warning from nasa …

V17K12MH05292003 (1).mpg  the
comet hitting the sun on the 24th to the 25th 

VUGM6SFG05282003 (1).mpg a closer
view … where does the comet go  ???? interesting disappearing act … let’s ask NASA

am going to try to load this now and will try to load more later if this works / the world wide weather saw instantaneous high winds and concentrated storms not predicted by the national weather service / i hope to have all this information loaded in the next day or so