lecture notes for may 29, 2003 radio show … there will be a second page containing larger files that will be up shortly after the show … these will show the comet of this past week passing the sun, causing the x-rays and flares that then affect earth’s weather … The “Sun Earth Connection” as explained by the Plasma Discharge Comet Model

OOOPS … the above slide lost a little … it should say

Flare from this past week’s comet did affect Earth weather & directed x-rays towards Earth

there is another page with some very long files at the following URL that will show the comet in action creating the flare and the resulting x-ray measurements and earth weather (remember that another factor … the passing of the new moon which creates a disconnection to the sunward side of earth and allows the solar wind to pound into earth also affected this time period) … some of these files are over 3 mega bytes so depending on your system they may take a while but they are worth seeing

May 29,
2003 radio show lecture notes (part 2)