Notes for the November 09, 2006 radio broadcast

MORE COMETS FROM THE SOUTH and resulting solar flares

Back in the early days of the internet when my work was featured on an earlier version of this web page, when presented with comets coming near the sun and creating flares, the official NASA response was that this was “just coincidence” that a comet passing close to the sun and the solar flares occurred in concert … they said these events were not in any way related ..

My theoretical work from decades earlier published in peer reviewed journals already explained this phenomena as part of the electrical discharge of the solar capacitor (or as in the cases of Jupiter and Saturn … with their respective electric fields caused by low levels of nuclear fusion in their atmospheres … with the same charging process that creates the solar electric field) … the energy expended in this electrical discharge then triggered more fusion that already was occurring in the solar atmosphere and … thus the resulting flare as the comet passes … of course this would make no sense if you thought that comets were stupid little snow balls just a few miles across … NASA scientists incredibly still cling to this remarkably outdated concept of the dirty snow ball comet model 

ANYWAY … here are some MORE video clips of a comet that crashed into the sun (coming from the SOUTH AGAIN !!!) … see the resulting solar flares … what is interesting is that the comet nucleus then does not leave the scene of the crime but in fact falls into the sun … also see a day later or so when that object descends into the sun and internally ignites the internal solar atmosphere and BOOOOM BOOOOM … resulting hefty flares come pounding out of the sun … the following video segments are larger clips of about a meg to 2 megs so if you have a slow computer internet access line … get a cup of coffee and come back to view these … it is worth the wait … KIDS should definitely see these so you know what you are learning in school about the solar system is not true … it is sad to see our schools dominated by incorrect science coming from NASA 

AND BY THE WAY … i have compiled dozens if not hundreds of similar video clips of comets interacting with the sun and causing solar flares … it ain’t just coincidence … these are real … proving my theoretical work is very real … this by the way is one thing that NASA and its disinformation front outreach people (what we call text book repeaters) do not want … me bringing my science directly to the public and presenting it in a way that you can see and understand for yourselves … no more “believe me cause i work for NASA and all my Ph.D. buddies are whistlin’ the same tune” kind of “logic” … 

< align="center">and just one last thought … imagine if these booming flares had been earth directed … our weather would be severely affected as i have pointed out in the past … you will see the close up C2 view November 04 followed by the wide angle view C3 camera … then comes the delayed action on November 07 (C2 and C3 views also) … click on each line below and let the video load and play on your computer … now for the show …





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