October 26, 2006 posting … make sure you read all of the following postings (october 21 to october 25 postings) in conjunction with (before if possible) tonight’s radio broadcast … at the heart of this matter are the multitudes of Ph.D. scientists and engineers who are monopolized by government controlled science … if you talk to any of these … they do not see a problem … life is good for them … listen tonight to understand where the real problems come into play … jim mccanne

October 25, 2006 posting # 1 … join me on my show this week as i talk about the strange situation coming out of the “heritage foundation” ultra conservative psycho think tank and the bush administration (the US representatives of the world bankers) regarding the recent unilateral proclamation that they will not negotiate any space treaties and intend to militarize space (extending their “protection racket” into 3 dimensions) … going against already signed international arms non-proliferation space treaties … oddly enough their “reason for not negotiating” is because they say that since there are no other space contenders … that there is no one really to negotiate with … which totally contradicts the “protection” argument for putting military hardware in space “to protect US private investment” … against who ??? (if there is no one to negotiate with per the first statement) … these are rather bizarre statements coming from a country who’s space agency cannot provide evidence that it ever went to the moon (and even if it did it has abandoned any “claims” to it long ago) … and at best cannot get a mouse into space at this time (does automated military equipment with no human presence constitute any basis for a claim on outer space ???) … i will also talk about numerous self evident precedents that intelligent species must recognize before they reach out to the stars … to do this one must shed the earthly arrogance and self-centeredness that comes from living on a 2 dimensional planetary surface with property lines and national boarders … at this critical juncture in the development of the human species we are seeing the ultimate test emerging… will man attempt to take earthly greed and territorial imperatives into space ??? seems there is plenty of room out there for everyone … science as well as scientists are at the crux of the issues … like military generals who learn in military training that their first obligation is to their troops (and the troops expect that the generals know and will comply with this and other fundamental principles of engagement) … so too scientists must not be subjugated to the dominance of a monopolized centralized “owner” as we have in today’s world of government funded science … since none of the “leaders” could do anything without the efforts and ultimate control of the science community at large … today scientists and engineers are but prostitutes of the world “leaders” who pay them with worthless money and endless lists of honorarium and titles … what a small token to trade your soul to the devil … but on a more fundamental level … peace and the naturally required path for any intelligent species to pass into 3 dimensions has got some stringent rules that must be learned and followed or certain failure will result … ultimately the masses have to contain and rule over the path of their representatives AS WELL AS THE SCIENTISTS and not visa versa … at this point in time … the human race is no where near prepared mentally or psychologically to go into space … just because we can built machines that can go into space does not mean we are ready to go into space … join me as i discuss these and other topics … jim mccanney 

October 25, 2006 posting #2 … in talking to a number of people who i consider quite savvy … i found that in reading the postings below they missed certain key and subtle points …so i will leave the postings up for another day … even if you already read them … please re-read the material below … like watching a movie a 2nd and 3rd time … there are some very unusual and AMAZING twists and turns going on all of a sudden … i always knew these items would come to pass … but evenfor me it is some what of a shock when it actually starts to come out in reality … in reading the passages you must connect things said in various parts of the passages … jim mccanney

October 23, 2006 posting … the following just in from a source who knows gov contracts … first read the postings below for october 22 and 23 and then read this excerpt from acommunication i just received … interesting … jim mccanney

Let’s see now.  Parallel programs just in case one gets behind schedule or has a failure.  The U of C web sit   is one of the most incomplete major science project sites I have ever  seen.  The list of subjects not detailed would run to pages.  Would  love to see their budget, schedule, etc.  Could not even find a link  to the prime contractor’s brag site.  This puppy is a whopper.   Bet  the budget is well north of $150 million.  No mention of the suppor   facilities to be built at the South Pole or are they just going to kick out  the sci teams currently in residence.  No brag pages on how they  overcame the engineering challenges of placing 244 tons on ice and  maintaining stability.  Understand there was even the manufacture of back- up components in Europe.  Never saw an NSF program move this fast  with such invisibility, especially for a telescope.  How many telescopes  of this size have ever been assembled in three months? None   Operational by South Pole fall.   Know anyone at any of the support  universities? Bet the data flow goes thru a three letter agency first.

October 23, 2006 posting … the entire issue related below is getting most bizarre… i have a number of “helpers” who monitor literally everything going on over the internet … they monitor every radio show and network agenda and report in on a daily basis … i get calls almost immediately from any number of long term associates who are themselves talk show hosts where i am a regular guest … they call immediately and tip me off when certain issues rise up … i only work with long time associates and well established talk show hosts … i have other “indicators” that i personally watch on a daily basis … lately all the indicators have been popping up as i always say … like gophers popping out of gopher holes (a minnesota expression … an expression that poor phil plaite has tried to copy … poor phil … what a pathetic tier III loooooser … he has to use my name to draw people to his stupid page to try to get people to buy his stupid book) … is it not interesting that i have been promoting my search for extra-solar system objects over my lengthy and somewhat interesting career … and have been highly criticized as a fringe element by standard astronomers (even though i have far more physics and mathematics education than many of them combined) … and now low and behold NASA announces that there is not one … but possibly thousands of these unaccounted for objects floating around our very own solar system … and they have a full fledged program headed up by the guy who just won the nobel prize … to look for these “brown dwarf – near earth” objects … but what has made this most interesting lately is that the indicators just mentioned are going off big time … i see a lot from my vantage point that the public never sees … so many times when i go into a topic … it is not always obvious to the casual listener why i am bringing up a certain topic or covering it in a certain way … but lately there has been a very interesting series of advances orchestrated by the disinformation crew to compromise me and other people that i know … interesting things like people showing up and approaching people in the middle of the night claiming to be old acquaintances … bizarre international “professionals” (but obviously planted nut cases) trying to make associations with me … you do not get to experience these things as i see them occurring behind the scenes as they have been throughout my lifetime as a controversial scientist … the indicators are going off … this is just one reason why i always work alone and have many layers of screening between me and the disinfo crew (the other reason i work alone is because i have my directions well charted based on the needs of theoretical physics and mathematics … working with others would just slow me down) … i only work with long time associates and host my own radio show and do all the production work myself and in fact pay for the air time myself … the disinfo crew has been paid a lot of money to try to neutralize my information and water it down with imposters and front agents … it is literally like a three ring circus … all the time … so with this in mind and without going into a lot more detail … i will continue to do my work as i always have done with full concentration on my work … some of my best work is ready for announcement … and as always … it is in a direction that you would never imagine … jimmccanney  

October 22, 2006 posting #1 … the south pole telescope (SPT) is now under construction … the new buzz word is “dark energy” … everyone is looking for it … but magically all the facilities that can look for “dark energy” can also look  for traces of Planet X type objects … hmmmmm !&^*&#@(*&@ ??? … for years i have discussed my research on the “search for extra-solar system objects” and i am not talking about the ones around other stars (as NASA has so interestingly changed my definition to imply planet searches out there and not here in our own solar system neighborhood) … sure is funny all the major telescopes going in at the SOUTH pole … and NONE at the north pole … geeeee … seems there is nothing of interest in the northern sky … but in the slew of misinformation and news cover dog and pony shows that NASA and its “scientists” (none of whom have had an original idea in 50 years) have portrayed lately … i am going to reaffirm my long standing prediction based on the Plasma Discharge Comet Model and the associated “solar capacitor” … commensurate with the signature of the so called “cosmic background radiation” in all directions from earth … the new high resolution and high sensitivity telescopes in both microwave AND NOW IN THE INFRARED will detect the same signature in the infrared … i have stated for decades that what they are seeing is NOT microwave background from the alleged “big bang” … but in fact they are seeing the signature of the nebular ion cloud that surrounds our sun far beyond the orbit of pluto … the new more sensitive infrared readings will show the same signature whose radiation curve peaks in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum … we will also now be able to see the same signatures around other stars that have similar “doughnut nebulae” surrounding them … these are non-uniform as we see these same signatures around the other stars that are near us in our own galaxy … jim mccanney   

October 22, 2006 posting #2 (updated) … !!!!! BEFORE READING THE FOLLOWING ANNOUNCEMENT … YOU ARE REQUIRED TO SIT DOWN AND IF POSSIBLE PUT ON A SEAT BELT … SINCE YOU WILL END UP IN UNCONTROLLABLE LAUGHTER … OK … HERE IT IS … i have been talking for some time about the satellite that NASA has planned for launch in the 2008 time frame … it has now been put back one year but has been commissioned under the non-descript scientific heading “NASA Approves Construction of Satellite to Scan Galaxies” … but wait a minute … this is the WISE (Wide Field Infrared Survey Explorer) satellite that also … get this … is going to do a 100% deep sky survey with 500 times the sensitivity of any previous infrared capability (either ground based or satellite based) … when we get to the fine print here is where it gets interesting … although the title talks about looking at galaxies and possible new formative stars in “other galaxies” … the real intention is to LOOK FOR BROWN DWARFS NEAR OUR OWN SOLAR SYSTEM … rather than have me paraphrase the news release … i will mouse copy the exact quotes by the leading NASA scientists so there is no chance of “misinterpretation” by you the reader … and no chance of me being accused of “doctoring” the statements … GOT YOUR SEAT BELT ON ???? here goes … 

“This mission has incredible power for discovery,” Wright said (Edward L. (Ned) Wright, UCLA professor of physics and astronomy, is WISE’s principal investigator.) “I expect that what we find will be amazing. There is still so much we don’t know.” Wright said that 99 percent of the sky has not been observed yet with this kind of sensitivity, and that the survey should be able to find and observe at least 100 million galaxies and hundreds of nearby cool stars that are currently unknown. “Approximately two-thirds of nearby stars are too cool to be detected with visible light,” Wright said. “WISE will see most of them.”

the news release goes on … wait til you see the punch line below

“Such extensive sky coverage means that the mission will find and catalogue all sorts of celestial eccentrics, including perhaps elusive brown dwarfs close to the Earth.”

GEEEEEE … are we smelling an official announcement of an official NASA search for Planet X type objects ???? as i said put on your seat belt before reading the punch line below

“Brown dwarfs are lurking all around us,” said Peter Eisenhardt, project scientist for WISE and JPL. “We believe there are more brown dwarfs than stars in the universe, but we haven’t found them because they are faint.

got your seat belt on ???

“WISE is expected to produce more than 1 million images, from which hundreds of millions of space objects will be catalogued.”

the punch line is still coming … make sure you got your seat belt on … 

Wright and John Mather, chief scientist for the James Webb Space Telescope, and NASA’s Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE) team were jointly awarded the 2006 Gruber Cosmology Prize in August for their research confirming that our universe was born in a hot Big Bang; Mather also shared the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics.

OK … am i to understand that the guy who just won the (totally politically motivated) 2006 nobel prize for the alleged  big bang and his buddy Doc Wright … are stating that 99% of everything in the universe has never been seen let alone catalogued … but they  “have confirmed the (alleged) big bang” (based on only 1% of everything in the universe being already observed) AND … get this … got your seat belt on ??? !!!! are now on a mission sponsored by NASA to search for hundreds if not thousands of “Brown dwarfs (that) are lurking all around us,” 

… can these complete buffoons and morons really think that the public is that incredibly naive and stupid … ??? remember that i have stated dozens if not hundreds of times in public that NASA had never made a public statement about the immensely public topic of Planet X … now how strange is that … our illustrious highly paid space agency … with all the international attention to the topic of something coming into the solar system that would destroy the very planet we live on … NASA never made any official statement OF ANY KIND FOR OVER THE DECADE THAT THIS BS WENT ON AND ON AND ON … that is why they sponsored the zeta quack disinformation campaign and the “white hat” tier III lackey astronomers who created one of the most bizarre dog and pony shows the news media has ever seen (and then tried to associate me with the nut cases they created!!!) … they let their paid liar front puppets like the tier III outreach yoyos (that fly around the country ON THE NASA PAYROLL and infiltrate your kids’ schools to promote the NASA agenda) do the talking for them … so that when the time came (which apparently is now) … NASA could take the high road and maintain that they never said anything about the topic of Planet X type objects … let alone be quoted as denying the possible existence of such objects … AND NOW THEY CAN BECOME THE WORLD AUTHORITY ON THE SEARCH FOR THESE UNSEEN OBJECTS … SO … when NASA pulls off some switcherooo like this … NASA has its pretty little paws clean as virgin snow … THESE GUYS STINK … NASA STINKS TO HIGH HEAVEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NASA … THEIR ENTOURAGE OF DISINFORMATION NUT CASES AND TIER III OUTREACH LIARS AND THE ENTIRE CREW THAT LURK AROUND CHAT PAGES AND WEB SITES WAITING TO FURTHER THE NASA AGENDA …. THEY ALL STINK … their 2006 nobel prize stinks … their hidden agenda dealing with the topic of planet X type objects stinks … their behind the scene assistance in creating private cave cities and a private space program for the elite stinks … and the public knows it … oh and just one last comment … let’s see if the big time daily talk show hosts like alex jones and joyce riley and a few others who have refused to breach the topic of “Planet X” will now magically start including it with the “politically correct NASAversion” … if (and when) NASA discovers a Planet X type object  (if they haven’t already) that is headed for the inner solar system … do you think they would tell you??? NASA has already proven  by its actions that it hides data when it comes to new planet discoveries … e.g. the new small planets beyond pluto were held “in trust” for a number of years … the only reason they released the information was because other foreign groups were going to announce them so NASA stepped up to the plate so they could be there first … but if a really dangerous object were detected you already know that due to “national security” you will never hear about it until you can see it for yourself … and then you will just get the NASA disinformation line that it is just a larger the average “dirty snow ball” …  jim mccanney

October 21, 2006 posting … just a quick note on something very strange that has transpired over the past years … one night a number of years ago on my radio show i expounded on the hundreds of solar observatories dotting the earth as well as the huge number of satellites monitoring the solar and near earth conditions … we are talking hundreds and hundreds of facilities supported by the many nations of the world … not just a few … most remarkably the access web sites that allowed me to monitor these many stations have simply disappeared as if they no longer existed … however i know for a fact that the equipment is still out there and active on a daily basis … the public … in their daily quest to survive modern life … is totally unaware of the information that has been completely pulled from view … that is why one must understand that the majority of “news” that you see today is just an orchestrated dog and pony show to pacify the general public and to keep them from seeing and understanding the real issues of the day … this is why i find it somewhat bizarre when very wonderful average people get aggravated when i bring up sensitive topics regarding the disinformation dog an pony shows with their cast of characters … remember the WWF world wrestling federation where “mortal enemies” fought tooth and nail for world dominance … and afterwards rode the same bus laughing and drinking to the next “event” for the next paying crowd to see … modern politics are much the same and they surround themselves with paid disinformation agents to distort the news and influence you the public … there are people out there who are paid to discredit me and my work and attempt daily to support imposters who impersonate my work and attempt to make it a jumbled mess of crazy non-science … it would be far easier for me to just concentrate on strict science work … but you would then not understand the total picture … the real plight of modern man … and that the greatest diversion today is to keep the pubic from thinking about things like “extra-solar system objects” (e.g. Planet X objects) and the fundamental assumption that life will always go on just as it is now … as elections come upon us … just remember that if you vote … you are being suckered into the biggest dog and pony show in existence today … that you somehow live in a “democracy” … by voting … as much as we all hate the lying politicians and want to vote for “change” … remember that by voting you are condoning the “winners” along with everything they will do for the next 4 to 6 years … and also … the same overall result will transpire in the overall scheme of things … war – taxes and phony debt  money … no matter who you vote for or who “wins” … with this simple scheme the very frail and vulnerable few that rule the world continue to sap the public of their strength and rationality and birth right amongst the stars … jim mccanney