Show notes for May 11, 2006 radio show

the following appear to show definite patterns
that are not natural weather patterns … additionally there are no low cell or
other normal weather patterns that would indicate storms of this nature … also
look at what i have termed the “string of pearls” weather patterns …
listen to the radio show for more details  … jim mccanney

out of a clear blue sky come storms with
identical shapes and neither in the solar output nor in satellite data are there
any indications of anything that would cause such storms … the oddly
consistent shapes of the storm cells tell you that these are manipulated storms
… sort of “cookie cutter” similarities that you do not see in
natural storm systems

what lies under the cloud patterns are the
cookie cutter storm patterns shown above … below are the storm clouds as seen
from satellite photos

and below are the storms that stretch all the
way to atlanta

what do you think … natural or manipulated

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