Notes page for February 09, 2006 lecture 

OK … so most of us watched the Super Bowl … or as some of my friends call it … THE STUPID BOWL … whatever your sentiments … i am
asking the question on my February 09, 2006 show as to whether crowd control technology could be used to stage or shift the winners in a game … THIS IS A QUESTION and i see evidence that the answer is yes … but this is circumstantial evidence and as a scientist i would need positive proof … this super bowl had an unusual twist and that was the statement by a well known person in the sports world … one “super bowl steve” (who i do not know or know anything about) that he was told long ago that the Pittsburgh win during a season when they were complete underdogs would usher in the signal that the New World Order bunch was taking control … how could they assure this ??? by using crowd control technology on the players … coupled with this was the “possibility” of a staged “event” and the reason for the following posting is to note the deep low cell situated directly over detroit the day of the game … i pulled this and sat on it and studied it … now you can see for yourselves and make your own decision … IF a dirty bomb went off in detroit that day … look at where the dirty pollution would have gone … directly to CANADA’S very populated areas … jim mccanney 

P.S. to understand how this low cell can be created by satellite lasers using the same technology that the US space command has repeatedly used to create, amplify and direct hurricanes and other storms … see my Weather Book “Principia Meteorologia – the Physics of Sun Earth Weather” listed on the main home page


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