the supplemental notes page for the November 04, 2004 radio show

the following links are about a meg each so if you have a slow line take a break as they load ... i have posted these same types of information previously and my ATLANTIC TO TESLA book last appendix shows where i discovered the first clear case of cosmic rays from the sun back in the 90's ... we reported this to NASA and the SOHO team who should have immediately posted the discovery and given proper credit on the page designed to give such credit for soho discoveries (such as comets etc) ... instead they waited 3 days and responded with an email stating that credit would be given to the PIs (principle investigators) on the soho team (who were asleep at the time and did not even recognize this as the data came in to soho computers) ... the two clips show the most recent example of SOHO C2 and C3 cameras with a large solar flare that has ... at the same time as we see the flare arrive at soho about 8 minutes after being generated at the sun ... we also see the white streaks of relativistic (moving at the speed of light) protons hitting the soho cameras (as mentioned we have seen this many times and is recognized after the fact by NASA that i was totally correct in this interpretation) ... so why is nasa not making a big deal out of "their" discovery??? because it also proves conclusively that the solar fusion is at the solar surface ... for if the fusion that created this flare and cosmic rays at the same time were interior to the sun then the protons would have been absorbed in the solar interior and the delayed result of x-rays would have emerged from the surface hundreds of years later ... thus this proves that solar fusion is at the surface again as i predicted in 1979 ... an essential part of my theoretical work has been unequivocally verified 



next see the chart of the proton and electron counts below ... see how the proton count goes up as the electron count dives to zero ... this is the result of a space craft charging in the passing solar flare (using the exact same process that comets use to charge the nuclei in my comet theory) ... there is a good deal of complex plasma physics involved but in the analysis of this data ... it proves that there is a differential count of protons and electrons in the solar wind as we see the space craft charging as a result of the passing solar flare .... 

the following chart shows a strong solar flare of protons that corresponds to the  dip in electron counts ... so when the sun projects a flare it is primarily protons and this in turn continues outward beyond the solar system where it subsequently charges the solar capacitor and builds the nebular ion cloud ... the source of electrical energy that powers comets and our solar system ... for more details see my books ...


and last but not least here is a chart of this years hurricane season as the sun went crazy (at solar "minimum") and once again i was able to predict the days on which the large activity began via the electrical alignments of the planets and moons ... were some of these storms manipulated ??? 

 jim mccanney