April 29, 2004 lecture notes page …

more evidence of nasa faked photos of comet bradfield using their own “animated” models … someone must have forgotten to tell the clowns at SOHO (as in Dr. SOHO maybe … what a laugh) that comet tails are supposed to point away from the sun … first i will post the nasa animations then post the “real” (real faked that is) soho video of the passage of comet bradfield … the nasa hired apologists (outreach professionals they are called … i call them professional liars because that is why nasa hires them) are quite busy trying to placate the public into thinking there is a reason all the mumbo jumbo happened with these pics … decide for yourself …

nasa animation used by

video animation using the actual soho c3 field of view


the “real” (real faked) soho C3 feed

c3 april 19 2004 1154 UT another FAKED nasa photo.gif

my drawing of the issue that i could not post for the past 2 weeks since the gov paid hackers have been bombing my computer system … they tried to keep me off line but too bad here it is anyway

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