Notes page for January 15, 2004 lecture 

picture of pluto i mentioned in the radio lecture (taken from my september 04, 2003 lecure notes) ... using this photo one can show that the hubble space telescope has the resolving power to detect the lunar landing sites of the Apollo program (if they exist) ... note that other larger scopes on earth have greater resolving power than the hubble / one would think these astronomers would be chomping at the bit to focus and show us the lunar landing sites with their wonderful large scopes that we bought (apparently they think for their private use only) / all the  phony arguments like they cannot image the moon are mute since one would do this at local dusk when the shadows would be changing and anyway we now have  the hubble with full pics of both the moon and mars so those old arguments were phony in the first place ... so i make the "NASA - BUSH challenge" ... before getting a blank check for another 15 or 20 years prove that 1) nasa went the first time and 2) they be put on a time table of one by one achievable goals (an not be given another 15 or 20 year blank check) beginning with sustained low earth orbit and proof that they can get a man through the Van Allen belts ... here are the hubble pics of pluto showing it has the resolving power to image the alleged lunar landing sites ... jim mccanney



another planet sized comet on january 11, 2004 comes in from the south and hits the sun with resulting mega flare ... how many of these do you have to see before people believe that something big is headed in from the south !!!!!!!!!!! (no "notice of this from nasa) (the file below is about 2.5 Meg video but worth watching) 

01142004c3Comet from the south and flare.mpg

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