lecture notes May 5, 2003 radio show


just a few x-rays lately (look at the red bars at the bottom of this graph) - bon apetite - i bet you didn't hear about that on the evening news with Peter Jennings or Dan Rather ... or even the NOAA weather page ... my lecture explains why this alone should convince you that the solar fusion is a surface phenomenon ... why does it not convince the nasa scientists who are daily looking at this information ????  i guess anything is possible when your pay check depends on it

the earth weather is a bit early for a hurricane season / look at the cells daily as they are rolling off the west coast of africa ... put on your seat belts for a big hurricane season if this keeps up (and it has NOTHING to do with el nino or la nina) 


just a final note .... remember ... one dimensional thinking, which i now call  "first level thinking", breeds fascism in whatever discipline it takes hold of ... science in the USA, which dominates world science, is in a severe state of "first level thinking" ... the image that there is universal agreement on certain scientific principles is nothing more than the result of complete censorship which takes the seemingly respectable cloak of "peer review publications" ... when have you EVER seen even two scientists who agree on anything let alone an entire scientific community??? need i say more???   jim mccannney

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