Notes page for October 23, 2003 lecture 

there were no official references to the notes on the show but these are referred to in the broadcast 

Days of serious electrical storms are pounding earth 

Your weekly dose of xrays ... why does NOAA not mention this and the long term health effects?

Solar wind protons began just after the massive solar flare on the 20th of October / this year's Halloween may be more interesting that most as we are pummeled by a huge electrical blast from the sun ... do you have your lead shielding handy ??? / remember the 1991 Halloween storm that brought 32 inches of snow across the mid-west (during the last "solar minimum") and which became one third of the most famous storms in history ... commonly called "the perfect storm" ... NOAA and NASA will never learn ... the most powerful storm we have seen in the past century was made up of three hurricane storms ... 2 of which formed over land in late October in frigid arctic conditions ... so much for the warm water theory of hurricane development

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