notes for September 04, 2003 radio show

picture of pluto i mentioned in the radio lecture ... using this photo one can show that the hubble space telescope has the resolving power to detect the lunar landing sites of the Apollo program (if they exist)



hurricane Fabian develops on Aug 30


hurricane Fabian turns north and is fully developed


in the world of NOAA the 3 storms that created the "perfect storm" (seen in the pic below) goes un-named because according to their model, hurricanes are tropical storms ... the last map in these notes shows another "extra-tropical" storm ... see last weeks notes showing the hurricane on mars where there are no oceans 

hurricane floyd and gert that i predicted in the 1999 hurricane season (prediction was part of a large internet posting regarding comet lee as explained in my book Planet X, Comets and Earth Changes)


hurricane Fabian pics

hurricane fabian 09032003.bmp

to imagine that these huge storms develop from warm ocean water's excess warmth or from a little excess salt in the water is beyond absurd

the pacific ocean explodes with electrical energy after the 4 way electrical alignment 

the proton count drops to abnormally low readings during Earth's passage through the August return current sheet of the sun

BIG FILE about 2.3 MB ... the 3 comets coming in from the south (look at 45 degrees to lower right of the sun as they come in on the 24th, 27th and the 29th)  


the world weather a week after the 4 way electrical alignment ... see also the cyclonic storm in the north sea 


keep tuned to the private space programs