notes for April 24, 2003 radio show


The following is to illustrate the difficulty of observing the "Harrington location" in the sky from the land points in the southern hemisphere ... there are 2 problems ... 1) the now constant 30,000 foot haze layer that surrounds the southern hemisphere making it very difficult to see anything that is not almost straight up (vertical) and 2) the tremendous storm and weather activity.  Both are due to the increased solar activity that may be the result of an inbound large comet coming into the solar system.  The ancients claimed they never saw the last one coming and maybe that is why ... the same heavy haze and weather surrounds the Earth and prevents visibility of the night sky ... and especially comets that are diffuse white objects.


the following drawings were added after the radio show to illustrate the viewing angles from points in the southern hemisphere ... these drawings only depict the haze and not the constant cloud and weather that now exists in the southern hemisphere ... there may be intermittent times of clear skies but when trying to move equipment to these remote locations in a hurry the logistic problems are difficult at best ... clearly the only real good location is Antarctica and  that is why the US gov has many new big telescopes down there ... the logistics of going to Antarctica are far more extreme and even then one would not be guaranteed of good viewing conditions 



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