notes for July 17, 2003 radio show 

Just a small solar flare – this is not a BIG one but if
one of these comes to Earth it could take out our electrical grid system …
imagine life without electricity … you could not even pump gas …. it would
bring society as you know it to its knees … and if it blew out a large portion
of the components of the grid it would takes years to recover … and this is a relatively
small flare compared to what could occur if a large comet really affected the
sun … remember back in the Hale Bopp days when 300+ mile an hour winds were
clocked in the Philippines and 250 mile per hour straight line winds ravaged
parts of China, Europe and the US??? how soon we forget!

your daily and weekly dose of xrays … have you
purchased your lead shielding yet? … notice how the electron counts go to zero
for the first set of xrays and not for the second group … for those that
understand such things i have explained this is as due to the location of the
source of the xrays / the first is local at the space craft whereas with the
second the xrays originate in the sun …


note that, as mentioned on the radio broadcast, there is
more water and energy in the Midwest storm system than in the Hurricane
Claudette and these formed AT NIGHT … traditional theories of meteorology do
not explain this … the water and energy are coming in from outside the planet
with much of the water quickly cycling to the poles where it is permanently

claudette from the space station.dat

there is insufficient energy in the Earth local
environment to form such a storm

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