star date captain's log june 26, 2003 (radio show notes)

get out your spoons ... your daily dose of x-rays ... GEEEE i wonder why they are taking SOHO off line ... can you imagine the conversation in the backroom of NASA headquarters trying to figure out who had the bright idea to put the SOHO data on line for all to see ... one can be sure that at the time a decade ago no one ever imagined that the ole' sun would ever do what I said it could do 

The solar mega storm de-jur ... now we do not just have solar flares ... now they last for a week and longer ... we should have a contest to try to figure out a new name for these events ...   

I tried to post the video but just captured this one still pic of the water influx as the storm formed over the Dakotas and moved easterly AT NIGHT on June 24 to 25 ... this was a tremendous storm system that formed at night (no sunlight to fuel it) and additionally there was an incredible influx of water (from outer space as i have been saying) ... Yes water does come from outside and quickly migrates to the poles where it falls and stays 

look at the incredible storm over the Dakotas (click on the link below) in the US as well as the world wide intense weather resulting from the solar storm listed above  -  watch for my new daily solar and earth weather report link at the top of my home page 


taking down the SOHO satellite has happened before when big events took place and this time it may be permanent unless we do something about it ... WE NEED SOHO FOR OUR DAILY SAFETY ON EARTH / i think we should dress the head of nasa up in a space suite and have him do a space walk out there to take the imaginary rock out of the antenna works so SOHO will operate normally again ... maybe then we would get the truth that there is nothing wrong with it ... jim mccanney

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