notes for june 19, 2003 radio show 

This week again we were barraged by comets coming from
the south as well as immediate data feed shut-downs of the SOHO satellite, which
is now under a National Security order as is the rest of NASA and the scientists
employed by the government regarding the release of solar data.  Word from
the inside is that ‘they have no clue why the sun is acting this way’ … the
sun as you know is supposed to be quieting to a solar minimum, but nothing could
be farther from the truth … again 2 comets come in
… in fact if you look closely at the soho
movies there are indications of possibly barrages of dozens of small comets at a
time and we are only seeing the bigger ones (this also makes sense statistically
as soho will only pick up the bigger ones) … finally the earth weather map is
shown … at first glance nothing unusual but on fine tuning there are tens of
thousands of micro storm cells all over the planet … indication of high local
electric fields … this week nasa announced it is now “looking into other
sources of solar heating”   … 

DAAHHHHH!!!! NASA is in the process of “the
creeping crud” again and like the dog inching into the room he knows he is
not supposed to go into, they are creeping into my territory and my NASA law
suite …
as i said before they have only a few options
and it looks like they are going to try to steal my theoretical work and i am
not going to let them do it … keep tuned

ok … to start these are big files but watch for the
comets from the SOUTH … one bog one in the first video and 2 at the very end
(coming in from the lower right) on the second / look also for the dozens of
smaller ones ..  note also the missing soho data after each of the comets
come in … all are followed by huge flares that become earth affecting




here is you new weekly diet of x-rays … bon appetite …
(you did  not see this on dan rather or peter jennings evening news … or
even on the soho or NOAA home pages)

one red bar would previously been considered a “heavy
dose” … and below a corresponding data from GOES satellite 

some BIG solar
flares that become earth affecting after the comets come in

the sun goes ballistic … this flare will be here this
weekend … better go out and buy some lead shielding

above see flare !!!!!!!!!!!!!  pretty
“normal” wouldn’t you say … by the way notice Saturn (round object
lower left of sun with line through it) with the constellation Taurus in the
background and with NO PLANET X COMING FROM TAURUS!!! … all the comets are
coming from the southern hemisphere ala the Harrington location 

HUGE proton fluxes and elevated solar wind speeds (double
normal) resulting from solar flaring which in turn was resulting from the comets
that came in … how many times do i have to show this to nasa before they get
the picture !!!! i know there are now millions of people world wide who see this
… it is not that difficult 

aurora borealis !!! join the party !!! look at these
whopper auroras .    comets – solar flares – electron currents
via the Plasma Discharge Comet Model – and auroras …. what’s so hard about
that … drive north and enjoy nature’s most fabulous light show (FOR FREE!!!)

at last the world weather map … at first not too
“bad” / but notice the haze at the northern and southern regions of
the globe (this is why the ancients universally said that they never saw the big
comets coming) … the haze is due to increased solar activity


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