June 12, 2003 star date captain’s log … (radio show

There are no hand written notes per se this week since i
talked about a quite abstract topic of the relation of gravitational forces to
electromagnetic forces … a somewhat seemingly esoteric topic but one you will
need more background in for future discussions … 

the following is a video link to the latest SOHO comet FROM
where-else ???? make sure you catch my comments on this weeks radio archive …
statistically we are and have been for some time been barraged by comets from
the south (and these are fairly big with some being extremely big) … all from
the south … statistically this is impossible unless there is an immediate
cause locally in our solar system … as in an incoming Planet X type of object
… by the way, as soon as this came in the SOHO feed stopped for at least 3
days and counting 

V0KKCPDB06102003 (1).mpg

keep tuned to my web page for updates and as i said in the
radio broadcast … don’t kiss any pigs and don’t take any shots … your only
defense in upcoming weeks, months and years … will be a strong immune system
and this you will get with information provided for free at the top of my web
page … follow the “health link” …   jim mccanney

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