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the other half of the bio released in 2007 with the publication of Calculate
Primes book and DVD, primarily dealing with the
many years teaching at the university level in mathematics, physics, computer
science and astronomy)
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for professionals and mathematicians coming to this page
regarding the “Calculate Primes” book (and for the general public
also) … this new work actually redefines the way we look at numbers themselves
… once you see the solution to the prime number problem … you will realize
that the lack of understanding has in part been due to the fundamental way we
look at numbers … the book not only solves the age old mystery of the prime
numbers … but it redefines how we look at numbers … remember how difficult
it was to do certain mathematical operations with the old Roman Numeral system
of counting ??? well the way we use the base 10 (or other base) number systems
was in fact a hindrance to understanding the true nature of numbers themselves
… the book with 3 hour DVD lecture will show you how we should be looking at
numbers … it is a far more natural way to view numbers and this opens the door
for more solutions to many higher mathematical operations … also for
professionals … there is a rigorous 7 part proof of the solution of the
patterns to the prime numbers that is available upon request to select
professionals but i suggest you read the book first … the original technical
paper is included as an appendix … use the web ordering link below to review
the book … to purchase the book simply scroll up to a secure web ordering link
… the calculate primes book order button is towards the bottom of the ordering
page … jim mccanney

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Primes Sub-page
  (this page includes a link to the 2 hour interview by
talk show host Brad Walton from the 2007 release of this book DVD )

Codes for Fun and Profit” (A Supplement to “Calculate Primes”)
released in march of 2014 discussing the esoteric world of encryption and
computer security and teaches you how to break RSA encryption codes … this
book is necessary for the public to understand the tenuous situation in this
country with the NSA snooping and able to access any and all computer systems as
well as the con being perpetrated by companies selling you “virus
protection and computer firewall protection” … their systems of
protection have been broken but they don’t want you to find out … this book
predated the “Heartbleed” story by many weeks and that is only
symptomatic of an industry wrought with corruption and misinformation with you
the public and private corporations as the losers … the new book is available
on the sales page … jim mccanney

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remember that i debated NASA’s
finest David Morrison on Coast to Coast AM radio show and won the debate with a
call in vote (you the public voted) defending my work and the support of
Immanuel Velikovsky … the big NASA honcho scientists are hunkered down out of
sight sending the no name junior achievers out to name call in attempts to
defend their fairy tale science … the immense effort being made to discredit
my work speaks for my growing success at bringing my message directly to you the
public … at my own expense on this web page and on my commercial free radio
show and interviews with long term hosts … remember i do not make a dime and
have never worked for the government although my career as a Physicist,
University Professor (in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science and Astronomy),
in the computer industry as a Principle Electrical Engineer, Computer Specialist
in hardware and software systems engineering, encryption and firewalls at the
highest levels of secure computing, and last but not least Mathematics i pose a
serious threat exposing the tier II baloney science being pawned off on you the
public to prevent you from realizing your full potential in the human race …
while presenting the real story on a level that anyone can understand … i
present my work to you for free … everyone you see trying to twist and destroy
my work gets paid in some form … think about it … jim mccanney

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