The Litmus Test … who butters their bread ?

an initial thought … for new and old visitors … as we head into very uncertain times … there is ONE thing that you need to remember to always use as a test … a litmus test so to speak … for everyone that you encounter … whether they are a talk show host or guest on a show or someone claiming “decades or research” (but no proof of it) and their new book or the national news announcers or blogger hosts and their anonymous trekky followers … or military leaders or congressmen or bankers or stockbrokers or newspaper editors or science news reporters and their glossy magazines (and TV productions) and the tier II scientists who fill their pages with useless dribble that could not possibly be true … or CEOs of aerospace companies who are more interested in profits and stock options than creating a real space program … or the 99.999% of all scientists and engineers whose entire existence comes directly or indirectly from government funding … the infinite list of political candidates who need their little egos stroked (the higher you go the worse it gets) or the CIA low level workers with a badge and security clearance … the list could take up pages … you know … those people out there who are trying to influence what you should do and how you should think … and expecting you to pay their way either directly or indirectly … they all belong to the same clubhouse … there is a single simple litmus test for all … WHO BUTTERS THEIR BREAD ?!?!?! follow that trail and you will have gotten through the first line of their defenses … many times it is difficult to follow as they hide it well … look for example for “no visible sign of income” … yet they seem to be there traveling all over the place and making public appearances and sending you “their message” … or is it really their message … also look for people with an ego that needs stroking … give them a badge and a little notoriety and … WALA !!! you have someone who will go to the ends of the earth to carry the prescribed message … and attack anyone who does not cater to their home source of support … and lastly … look for their line of direct or indirect government funding or the support groups with incomes dependent on supporting the endless barrage of garbage they try to pawn off on you the public etc etc … it is simple … just ask … “where did they get the staff and money to support their wonderful web pages – productions – daily propaganda” … just ask … WHO BUTTERS THEIR BREAD ??? and this will help you understand who is saying what and why … jim mccanney (P.S. i have always refused to take part in this government funding racket … i do not take donations and have nothing to do with any of any of it)

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