June 17, 2004 sub page showing 2 pages of Ignatius Donnelly’s (1831-1901) book entitled “Ragnorak, or, The Age of Fire and Gravel” published in 1883

It interestingly shows how in the late 1800’s scientists had already proven that comets could not possibly be dirty snowballs with the spectrum they give and also showing the huge Comet of 1862 with its “Horn of the Beast”. Of course the ancient and biblical references to the horns of the beasts are referring to the characteristics of BIG comets (the kind of which we have not seen in modern times … at least not yet). Modern astronomers ignore this and assume that if they have not seen it then it could not exist (and shun all the references to large deadly powerful comets by ancients and some people like Donnelly in more modern times).

GEEE with all the modern equipment we have purchased for NASA would you not think that they could figure this out too ???

Next copy is of the “Horn” of the comet of 1862 on successive nights (an optical illusion of a drunk sailor???? i think not …)

so even back in the 1800’s scientists knew and accepted the violent nature of comets and the symbolism of the “horns” or sunward protrusions … this is also clear in the mayan and inca archaeology figures with the extended tongues of the serpent gods that fought in the sky and that destroyed earth (with the primary one becoming Venus the planet) … jim mccanney

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