final update on what i call the “comet elenin phenomenon” … this was a huge orchestrated misinformation campaign meant to distract the public … just one of many that was designed to confuse the topic of electric comets and their effect on the solar system and planet earth … it appeared that many nut cases worked independently to make you tube videos and other internet pages etc etc etc to promote what appeared to be individual efforts … this is not the case … these individuals were needy pawns who needed an outlet to be important … small ego people who are very usable by the disinfo crew who are experts in managing both sides of a misinformation campaign … as of late october 2011 all of the bizarre “earth is going to be destroyed” predictions have come and gone with not so much as a whisper … as i said … and as i stated all along … the campaign was also meant to draw my name an work into a barrage of nut case scenarios and that did not work … quite to opposite it drew attention to my real work and home page and many new people have now realized the extreme amount of effort that goes into disinformation campaigns such as this comet elenin hoax … but be assured there will be more … jim mccanney

Comet Elenin IS NOT A THREAT to earth … my name and work regarding the electrical nature of comets and the solar system are being hijacked by a government backed misinformation crew making all kinds of wild claims about Comet Elenin … these postings are on web pages and blogs and many professionally made youtube videos disguised as coming from “average people” like you and me … many times claiming to have resources to un-named “professional astronomers” who “verify” their baloney stories … some claim that they talk to aliens who “confirm McCanney’s work” along with completely distorted ramblings … some claim Comet Elenin will cause all sorts of disaster with time lines and dates with some claiming you should move to certain “safe sites” on a given timeline … these sites and people we have found are all coming from the same place … let me make it perfectly clear that Comet Elenin is a small comet that will likely not be even seen by most people since it is so small and far away … someone (group) is spending a lot of time and money to make a major issue out of a complete non-issue … the curious issue is why all the misinformation and other “date” correlations being propagated on the internet and now on the major media … it is clear that an extensive group of people are behind this and they are getting major press and air time … then in clear disinformation style the NASA owned press has the “white hats” (the NASA “good-guys”) riding in to save the day telling you not to listen to all those quacks on the internet (pointing directly to these many sites which distort my name and work which as i said is being completely mis-represented by the same disinformation crew in what we have come to learn over the years is a well orchestrated dog and pony show … with the same disinformation crew controlling both sides of the “debate”) … others are associating this false reporting with possible NASA and leadership (NWO and other) groups to create false alien invasion scenarios (emphasis on FALSE) to create fear with the public … i have NOTHING to do with any of these reports and let me repeat and make it perfectly clear … my work regarding cometary alignments and the electrical nature of the solar system shows that Comet Elenin IS NOT ANY KIND OF THREAT TO EARTH … emphasis on NOT … the false reporting regarding Comet Elenin and many related topics will most likely continue into the fall of 2011 as a movie 2012 is due to come out November 13th this coming fall making all kinds of wild and unscientific (but scientific sounding) claims of doom and ultimate earth destruction … this oddly enough coincides with the take over of public communications that will soon be finalized with Obama making national emergency announcements on the newly centralized Homeland Security FEMA emergency broadcast network that will basically take over ALL media … 1984 is alive and well in the USA … so i will leave this posting up stating once again that i have nothing to do with the false FEAR reporting that is propagating on all fronts … this also opens the opportunity for every nut case and imposter on the internet to jump in and further cloud the real issues from the public … many of whom are just beginning to wake up from a deep mental slumber (the clueless ones) … every week i host a commercial free radio show that deals with REAL issues of science and also educates the public on how to recognize and understand the politics of science so you can then begin to understand the real nature of science and why there is such an effort to keep the public confused with phony BAD SCIENCE AND ASTRONOMY that comes from what i call “tier 2” NASA science as well as the barrage of internet imposters (many of whom receive support from government sources to distort the real efforts of the few sane voices that exist in the world today) … an extreme effort has been made by the “controllers” to dumb down the public everywhere from public school education to the mass media … you will begin to understand and read between the lines as you listen to my shows which air live every thursday evening with ALL PAST SHOWs available on the “weekly radio show archive sub-page” (scroll down for details) … i also provide information on how to prepare to live on what i call “many levels” … continue with your regular daily lives but also be prepared on a basic level to take care of you and your family … my secure web ordering page gives you everything you need (without all the bells and whistles) to prepare for what i call a “basic living scenario” … i do not call it “survival” as this implies many bad connotations … i call it “common sense and being prepared” … preparedness is the same whether it is for natural disasters such as floods or fires or tornados or earth quakes or for man made events or whatever the disaster may be … you will need clean water and basic food and good information … it may be for a day or a week or a month or longer … all of the items on the sales page are also items that you should be using EVERY DAY to live a healthy life style … so be sure to beware of the barrage of “good guy vs. bad guy” misinformation that will come at you from now and into the future … be sure to listen to my weekly radio show and past archives and be prepared by visiting the secure web ordering page … jim mccanney