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April 29, 2004 update … if there is anyone who has the original minor planet ephemeris (or any previous ephemeris) saved PLEASE copy it and email it to me ASAP … nasa is up to its old tricks of updating the minor planet page and not saving the old ones … this happened in the old hale bopp days and now astronomers are trying to say that comet had NO changes in its orbit when we know it went from a period of 4250 years to 2600 years during its 6 year passage through the solar system … they are doing the same thing with bradfield under the watchful eye of ice ball proponent brian marsden who has been responsible for a lot of hidden and faked data to protect the dirty snow ball image … jim mccanney

April 28, 2004 update …. is there a shell game going on at nasa (with spokesperson running interference??) regarding comet bradfield … am investigating and will be reporting on my show thursday night … and there is a reason soho has been down since comet bradfield came by … listen to hear what it and nasa has been up to … jim mccanney

April 26, 2004 UPDATE … something very fishy about they entire comet bradfield issue … i suspect that as it rounded the sun it gained a tremendous amount of matter and it has an altered orbit to some degree … we may not get to determine this until we come around the sun and at that point it would be only found with very good amateur efforts as it would have moved quite far by then … IF THERE IS ANYONE THAT HAS RECORDED BRADFIELD AFTER APRIL 25 PLEASE POST IT OR LET ME KNOW … IF YOU DO NOT HEAR A RESPONSE JUST KEEP SENDING IT SINCE THEY HAVE MY EMAIL BLOCKED … AND WHERE ARE THE COMET SCIENTISTS AT NASA???? HIDING ???? WITH ALL THE GREAT EQUIPMENT WE BOUGHT THEM ??? they have been in hiding since this all began … they rely on amateur pics and a few hired hand outreach personnel to try to placate the public … !!!!!????? where is nasa and all the high powered professional comet “experts” ???? … jim mccanney


April 21, 2004 upate …. i have been blocked from my email and web page for over a day now so sorry for no updates since the 19th … am giving this brief update from a backdoor … listen to my show thursday night for a complete update on the latest on comet bradfield … be prepared to see it in the morning northeast sky in a day or two … look for sunward spike activity … nasa said comet bradfield melted near the sun so no need to look for it … let’s see if they are lying again forks … also do not lose site of the dates april 29 and may 6 (comet T7 in the morning sky before dawn crossing the ecliptic on april 29


and aligned electrically with Mercury on may 6) … and then on may 11 comet Q4 will be aligned electrically with Venus in the evening sky and crosses the ecliptic on may 15 also in the western sky after sun down … bozos in the mil ops and nasa VERY worried that you will see some activity in these comets … word is nasa has already been watching it but of course not reporting it … every major telescope on this planet will be looking at these comets but do not expect them to report any results (at least truthfully) … listen to my show for more details thursday night … jim mccanney

April 19, 2004 update : confirmation that nasa is faking the comet Bradfield data and pictures on SOHO

… see for yourselves on the links below / i thought comet tails always pointed away from the sun … not any more according to nasa … they keep pasting the same pic over and over again … note on the video clip how the stars jump just as the comet nears the sun … a little solar flare action cut out possibly nasa??? … or are they going to blame these poorly photo shopped pics on some lowly grad student as they tried to do with comet Neat V1 last year … NASA scientists dirty snow ball comet model … their pet theory … CHECK MATE / they are on the ropes and know it so they are faking data (playing games with my web page and getting their CIA buddies to block my email to stop amateurs from around the world from participating in my may comet verification of the sunward activity of comets) … see for yourselves in the pics below … i understand there are some US Senators viewing this page … let’s ponder the implications of NASA scientists faking data to maintain their status and gov $$$ … ILLEGAL folks … are they risking going to prison besides the loss of credibility ???

c3 april 19 2004 1154 UT another FAKED nasa photo.gif

c3 april 19 2004 nasa faked images .mpeg

April 18, 2004 early morning post on comet bradfield and nasa hiding the data … nasa pulled down all soho feeds as the comet began to approach perihelion (closest approach to the sun) on early morning april 17 …. none of the data has been available showing they are seeing data that would confirm my plasma discharge comet model and disprove their dirty snow ball comet model … early this morning the first image came out in the form of a thumbnail print BUT what it shows is that they took the image of the comet that was there over a day ago and cut and pasted it into the C3 soho background FAKING THE DATA AS THEY DID WITH COMET NEAT V1 in february of 2003 … the thumnail is shown below / the comet should be swinging around the sun and note it is the exact same image as below and even left in the same relative position as it was nearly 24 hours ago … IMPOSSIBLE !!!!! it also appears that they took a C3 background from many hours earlier as the stars have not moved as they should have so they are faking that also pretending that the sun is not reacting to the comet … the entire picture has been faked … nasa scientists are involved in criminal activity as with a doctor faking data in cancer research to maintain position and grant money / the faked image is shown below

note another contradiction … nasa claims it never saw this massive comet coming / of course they are lying about that also as they must have been tracking this for years / but that admission shows that they could not see a planet x sized comet coming either then … correct???? so either they are lying or incompetent … take your pick … jim mccanney

april 17, 2004 posting … emergency posting / giant comet approaching the sun from the south / turns out this is comet bradfield newly discovered by amateur in australia a few weeks ago / as with most comets nasa surely sees these long before but says nothing / nasa lasco feeds magically stop in the middle of the night as bradfield passed the sun / more hiding of critical data by nasa / we can only wonder at this point what the comet did … remember how they doctored the pics of comet Neat V1 in february 2003?

the following file is over one meg so be patient / comet comes in at the end of the video clip

giant comet apr162004 c3.mpeg

below is latest comet image / nasa feed stopped in the middle of the night with this pic / what did the comet do ??? is nasa doctoring the data again ???

comet is comet bradfield newly discovered by an amateur in Australia … nasa as usual knows about these long before and leaves “discovery” to amateurs so they do not have to tell the public about impending comets … what a cute trick … as it passed the sun nasa pulled down all soho feeds / what are they hiding this time / obviously data that would confirm my work / this is becoming criminal / there was no “planned maintenance” of soho / this is criminal and nasa scientists should be put in jail for conning the public and misusing public funds to promote their ongoing scam of the dirty snow ball comet model !!!!!!!!!!! / jim mccanney

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