so what happened with the may 2004 comet project listed below … my email was hacked by government programmers … anyone who emailed me with real photos were contacted and harassed and of the people who submitted photos of the comet spikes their pictures were surgically removed from their emails … the email address that i set up to use to send and receive emails about this project was hi-jacked and they (the gov spooks) began using it to sent mass e-mailings advertising pornography sites … interestingly enough the JPL (NASA) web site that had been set up to post pictures of these comets “got too busy to post them” … pretty amazing since they printed in sky and telescope magazine where to go for “official-dom” (more like official-dumb) information … at about the same time the access to my page was interrupted and i received reports from all over that people were not able to access my page or were diverted to other pages … the email address created for this effort was also used to flood the internet with viruses so this completely blocked the access of anyone trying to contact me or me to them … seems that my little program coordinating world wide amateurs hit a hot button with someone !!! at the same time the soho satellite was “shut down” as we later found out (and i suspected all along) it was diverted to watch these comets and YES they ALL did produce the predicted sunward spikes … YUP the gov scientists know that their theories are all wacko and that i am totally correct about comets … the sunward spikes … and everything else i have been talking about … and as the bunch of liars and thieves that they are … their goal now is to try to find ways to pilfer my work … that is what you get from NASA and the boys today .. they have nothing else going on in the 15 billion dollar a year fiasco we call NASA … jim mccanney

This page is for the individuals and groups wishing to learn about and participate in the upcoming world wide coordinated effort to view the two May comets …. C/2001/Q4 and C/2002/T7 … this has unique specific goals and is not related to any other data collection efforts by any other group

listen to my show april 29 thursday night for comet bradfield update and more details on april 29 and may comet viewing …

$1000.00 reward !!! for the best comet spike picture … yes that is right … if you get a good pic send it or email it … we will try to be impartial but kids get preference !!!

OK FOLKS … all hands on deck … WE ARE HEADED INTO THE LATE APRIL AND MAY COMET VIEWING SEASON WITH ELECTRICAL ALIGNMENTS FOR COMETS C/2002/T7 ON APRIL 29 AND MAY 6 IN THE MORNING PRE-DAWN SKY … AND FOR COMET C/2001/Q4 ON MAY 11 AND 15 AFTER SUN DOWN … READ THE AMATEUR ASTRO PROJECT PAGE (SCROLL DOWN FOR THE LINK) AND GET WITH THE GROUP EFFORT AROUND THE WORLD … REMEMBER THAT COMET PREDICTIONS ARE VERY DIFFICULT AND THEY MANY TIMES FIZZLE … SO LET’S HOPE THAT OUT OF ONE OF THE FOUR ELECTRICAL ALIGNMENTS NOTED WE WILL GET AT LEAST ONE GOOD SUNWARD SPIKE … FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE WITH VIEWING BE SURE TO GET LOTS OF REST AND DRESS WARM SO YOU ARE COMFORTABLE STANDING OUT IN THE COOL AIR … get away from city lights (how about a spring camping trip!!) and get to the top of a hill or on a flat area with no trees etc so you have a clear view of the east or west horizon (depending on the dates you go) … many times a lake offers a great place to get a good horizon view … TAKE YOUR BINOCULARS (AND A TRIPOD IF YOU HAVE ONE) AND NEVER LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN … AT LEAST WE WILL ALL HAVE A GREAT TIME LOOKING AT THE COMETS … if you have a camera with shutter control put it on a tripod and take exposures of 1, 2, 4, 10, 15 and 30 seconds (and longer up to 5 minutes) … one of your pictures may turn out … remember what we are looking for … look in all cases to the area between the ground and the comet (or between the planet and comet on the may 6 and may 11 dates) and look for a faint thin glowing “spike” or line … these are not artifacts of a “dirty snow ball” but are characteristics of “plasma discharge comets” (the TRUE nature of comets!!!) … these features are always there and have been seen many times before but astronomers have chosen to make excuses rather than admit they are real … it is caused by an electrical current of electrons coming from the sunward direction to the comet nucleus and usually we cannot see this … BUT these comets offer rare broadside views at exactly the times of the electrical alignments so we may get to see them … as i said … comets can fizzle out but with four chances we may get to see one and disprove the dirty snow ball comet model for good .. remember that if we do not see them this time there may be other opportunities but with all the amateurs with good equipment we may just catch this … HERE’S HOPING !!! jim mccanney

… a special note to the amateur astronomers … as many of you know my email has been blocked so here are some last minute notes … read the amateur astro page … if possible move as far south as possible or to clear skies … watch intellicast for clear areas near you … we were going to have an interactive page for communications but that is not possible with the current state of the internet so if you have friends or know of other groups be in communications with others to let them know what is working for you … have different people doing different things such as one person image the comet in full spectrum, one person working with the O-III or UV passing filters … remember digital cameras can be programmed to effectively have filters … for those of your group concentrating on the sunward side of the comets looking for spikes, just barely have the nose of the comet in your field of view (the comet light will saturate your film or ccd) and search the area to the sunward side taking time lapse photos even if your eyes cannot see the effect (between comet and horizon or between comet and Mercury on may 6 for c/2002/T7 and between c/2001/Q4 and Venus on may 11) … have others using no filters taking pics of mercury and Venus to see if they “go comet” as the electrical attachments fire up those planet’s own electrical “tails” … if possible take pics the day before and after to eliminate the negative arguments that you are getting ghost images … we are trying to get amateurs from around the world to take continuous coverage so we can see when and where the spike activity begins … it could begin on one day and last for days … remember that comet arend roland’s 1957 spike lasted over 7 days and was fully visible to the naked eye (yes it was a true electrical sunward spike … listen to my previous week radio lectures on this … this has been one of the biggest long standing myths in astronomical history!!) … remember to take time lapse pics as these effects may be faint … use your instincts and experience as these are subtle and difficult measurements and i know there are great amateurs out there that could easily be professionals if they could only get their hands on that great equipment we bought for the gov scientists … if i ever get to a state of power in this country the first thing i will do is turn over time on the big scopes to amateurs … jim mccanney

attached below is a viewing guide to give a basic idea of the project … detailed information will be distributed to each participating amateur astronomer when they join the effort, based on your equipment and preferences … each person will be responsible for his designated location and will have a unique viewing program … you would need to be available from April 23 to May 29 on specified nights that you select (if you can do more than the times for which you volunteer that is great … be prepared to move if possible to the clearest sky areas as the details we are looking for may be faint) … we will need many people to assure that we will have continuous coverage for the many viewing requirements on the various dates from both hemispheres and all latitudes around the world … there will be an interactive web page for data entry and communication between groups … all contributions will be properly credited

Basically my theoretical work, which was solidified in the late 1970’s and developed over the past 25 years, proves that comets are NOT dirty snow balls … comets are in fact a complex plasma interaction of a rocky asteroidal nucleus with a non-uniform electric field created by the solar “capacitor” … the solar capacitor is maintained by a slight excess current of positive charge carried out from the sun by the solar wind … this comet model is called the “McCanney Plasma Discharge Comet Model” … all of this is explained in much more detail (including the original published papers from the early 1980’s) in my most recent books … the main home page gives regular updates and i have a weekly radio show every Thursday evening at 9 PM eastern time on Ku band satellite and also on the internet (all of my radio shows are archived on my home page … you will need a real radio player to listen) …

The comets coming into view now and into May of this year offer two perfect electrical alignments with planets … there are other possible times for observable electrical effects … this offers a rare chance for amateur astronomers to team up world wide to capture the details of this event and record them as they develop in real time … what might you see and capture on film or CCD? Essentially we need experienced amateurs with UV and other filters to view the dark regions to the sunward side of the comet coma and for possible electrical interactions between the comets and planets Mercury and Venus during the exact electrical alignment configurations. This page will update and coordinate the effort … much more information will be posted soon … but the goal now is to get as many interested amateurs to sign up from both the southern and northern hemispheres and to list the filters and camera techniques you can use (e.g. the electrical effects will be optimized in the violet region of the spectrum but we also need good pics of the comets in ALL wavelengths to compare notes …. so for now just read the attached and for those who are not familiar with my work, a basic primer is available in my book “Planets, Comets and Earth Changes” … it is being made available at a greatly reduced price for astronomy club members only (use the button below for the special offer to club members) … if you are not familiar with my theoretical work (one of the best kept secrets in the astronomy community) this book is essential to understanding what we are looking for … i am also including a button below for my “1986 Comet Lecture Video” … a classroom lecture of the basics of the comet theory (essentially the initial 45 minutes of a four hour lecture i gave to 50 plasma physicists in 1986 at Los Alamos National Laboratory) …


posted December 2014


By James M McCanney, M.S.

Copyright – 2004 – all rights reserved

Two comets were discovered in 2001 and 2002 which will pass through the inner solar system in April and May 2004. These comets are designated C/2001/ Q4 and C/2002/T7. These are NOT Earth threatening comets but will possibly put on a good show for everyone on earth INCLUDING THE POSSIBILITY OF ELECTRICAL SPIKES.

They will be visible from every location on Earth at some point during their passage AND on certain dates they POSSIBLY could exhibit characteristics proving to the entire world that


(the standard explanation by standard science). Comets are in fact a complex interaction between a rocky asteroidal (or rarely lunar or planet sized nucleus) and the electric fields of our Sun’s “solar capacitor”.

This sheet is a guide to viewing the comets and the special effects you may witness. You will not find this information on any other source since these dates are predetermined from my personal complex analysis. You may need binoculars or a small telescope to see the comets and effects mentioned in this guide, but we are hoping they will be visible to the naked eye. Predicting comet behavior is difficult as they sometimes “fizzle” and do not become bright and viewable, but if you are prepared and know what to look for you may see some amazing sites. Also be aware that professional astronomers DO NOT want you to see these sights and interpret them as “Plasma Discharge Comets”. Note that the morning of May 5 and 6 will also have a great meteor shower known as the ETA AQUARIDS … it could be quite a light show.


Encourage your community to have a dark sky night where they turn off the lights and let everyone see the stars. Even if the comets are not as bright as expected it will remind everyone to look at the stars. The effects we are looking for may be very faint or subtle so you will need extreme dark skies to maximize your success.


Sunward Spikes and comet electrical activity …..

We need as many people as possible from around the world to view these comets and especially amateur astronomers with photographic or CCD equipment. As the Earth turns to view these comets we need a continuous record of their development. Others with binoculars can also confirm what they saw and possibly the sunward spikes may be visible to the naked eye. Both comets will briefly be in perfect electrical alignments with planets (one with Mercury and the other with Venus) and this offers the further possibility (although rare) that we could witness an interplanetary electrical discharge between a comet and planet. In the late 1990’s Venus actually “went comet” and developed a comet tail for a few days (professional astronomers do not like to talk about that). We could possibly see such an event again … be prepared to watch during the times specified in this guide … news papers and other news sources will not have this information. The sunward Spike is a result of the electron beam coming from the sun and interacting with material in the comet coma or cloud on the SUNWARD side of the comet (where x-rays have been discovered as I predicted in my 1979 published papers). Usually the sunward spike is not visible BUT the two incoming comets present a high probability of developing the visible sunward spike as we have seen on other past comets, or at least amateurs with photographic equipment may be able to capture it on time exposures of the dark area between the comet and the Sun (expose the dark area only so the light from the comet does not wash out the subtle spike).

Comet picture – hand drawn with spike and sun

Photograph or view the dark area to the sunward side of the comets – (expose the dark area only so the light from the comet does not wash out the subtle spike)

Many comets have also produced sunward “spikes” as they crossed the ecliptic.

In the past astronomers have always found “excuses” to explain away the spikes …

The official NASA/jpl comet viewing home page does not mention anything about the dates or observable effects noted in this guide. Click on the yellow line to read the official NASA/jpl explanation for “anti-tails” … mouse copied on march 11, 2004 jpl page explanation of “anti-tails”

… BUT with these two comets NONE of the official excuses work as the dust debris tail is not in line with the sunward direction and the comets are perfectly broadside … additionally we will be able to produce spectral analysis to show the difference between electrical effects and reflected solar light – the dates of planet alignments and ecliptic crossings are noted in this guide. The sunward spikes have been observed to sometimes exhibit helical shapes and ARE NOT FANS OR JETS, but very narrow high energy pinched electron currents. The Spike of Hale Bopp at ecliptic crossing was a very narrow pencil beam within a background of a fan type anti-tail which is a totally separate characteristic. The Spikes have a completely different spectrum than reflected sun light coming from tail dust and ions. Our goal is to record and identify these unique properties and conclusively prove that the spike is a distinct sunward characteristic of comets and is NOT explained by the dirty snow ball comet model, whereas it is an essential part of the Plasma Discharge Comet Model as noted in the diagram from one of my papers on this topic (e.g. this model in 1979 correctly predicted the sunward x-rays found in comets … it is an essential part of the model).

Figure from my 1987 paper “Dynamics of a small comet” and illustrates the sunward spike electron beam using the Plasma Discharge Comet Model (this 1987 paper is reprinted in my book “ATLANTIS TO TESLA – THE KOLBRIN CONNECTION”)

Past comets that have developed sunward activity (including spikes) were many ancient comets (see the cover of my book “Planets, Comets and Earth Changes” for two examples of comets with “helical” spikes … caused by the electron beam moving in the local magnetic field), the Great Comet of 1861, 1957 Comet Arend-Roland, 1973 Comet Kahoutek (developed intense sunward spike photographed by Sky-Lab Astronauts), 1986 Halley’s Comet (Giotto Space Craft directly detected an intense sunward electron beam, directly measuring the sunward electron beam theorized in the Plasma Discharge Comet Model), 1996 Comet Hayakutake (x-rays and other activity directly measured 30,000 kilometers to the sunward side of the nucleus … in the 1996 NASA news announcement the lead scientist stated that “they did not have any idea previously that comets were active in the x-ray region’), 1997 Comet Hale Bopp (developed an intense very narrow UV sunward spike when crossing the ecliptic plane and also exhibited x-rays for many years), 1999 two comets passed through a narrow solar filament and ignited the Sun to emit the largest solar flare ever recorded to date, many other comets have been recorded to develop intense sunward radiation (including x-rays), 2002 Comet NEAT V1 (the sun exploded with a large flare as the comet passed the Sun (this was visible with the naked eye in broad daylight from Earth) and a narrow visible electrical connection occurred between the comet and the planet Mercury, over the past 2 years many comets have come into the solar system from the south and crashed into the sun with resulting high energy flares coming from the Sun. The two comets coming in May have numerous “ELECTRICAL ALIGNMENTS” AS THEY CROSS THE ECLIPTIC AND BECOME ALIGNED WITH THE PLANETS VENUS AND MERCURY giving the possibility that they will also develop visible sunward activity.

WHEN AND WHERE TO VIEW THE COMETS. Remember that the electrical effects we are looking for may be faint and only visible with time-lapse photography BUT there is a possibility that the effects described above could become naked eye visible as was the case with some notable past comets. The events could develop rapidly … that is why we need continuous coverage throughout the time periods specified in this project … we need experienced dedicated amateurs. The following will give the sequential time, date and location to view each of the two comets. It is important for amateur astronomers with photographic equipment to take pictures the day before and after the specified times so that if you capture an event, the possibility of “ghost images” (internal reflections within your telescope) can be eliminated. Without these extra photos your pictures may be eliminated as proof from the data pool. Keep your data and photos and original negatives in a safe place and take notes. You will need a clock synchronized to the master UT clock for recording the exact time of observations. The following charts are for 30 degrees north latitude for northern hemisphere and southern locations charts are available on request. Adjust slightly for your location but these will allow you to find the comets and track it on a nightly basis. The comets are already visible to amateurs with telescopes but the following table indicates the most probable times for electrical spikes and planetary or solar “electrical connections” as described earlier. MORE DETAILS WILL BE ADDED AS THE TIMES APPROACH.

NORTHERN HEMISPHERE (for observer 30 degrees north)

Date(s) local time location in sky to observe (degrees off horizon)
mm/dd hours east or west lists what to observe
04/23-05/03 morning due east C/2002/T7 100 to 200 off horizon April 29 ecliptic crossing possible spike + Lyrid metoers 4/22
05/06 3am-sunup due east C/2002/T7 rising off horizonPerfect electrical alignment with Mercury and the SunWatch for sunward spike or electrical connection to MercuryMercury could “go comet” briefly / Eta Aquarid meteorsMercury rises about an hour after the cometWatch SOHO satellite for solar reaction to electric alignment This will be a PERFECT BOADSIDE view of the comet
05/11 sundown 200 south of west C/2001/Q4 380 off horizon Perfect electrical alignment with Venus and the Sun Watch for sunward spike or electrical connection to Venus Venus could “go comet” briefly Watch SOHO satellite for solar reaction to electric alignment This will be a PERFECT BROADSIDE view of the comet
05/15 sundown due west C/2002/Q4 480 off horizon Comet crossing the ecliptic – may produce sunward spike Be watchful to the sunward side and amateurs take photos of the dark area below the comet (to the sunward side) to capture the spike This will be a PERFECT BROADSIDE view of the comet


include a brief description of your equipment, camera or CCD capabilities as well as filters or spectrometers or gratings etc / also include your latitude and longitude – we will have a grid of astronomers and will coordinate the viewing so we obtain CONTINUOUS coverage of the comets in all wavelengths and from different latitudes as the comets come into view as the world turns (they will be close to the ecliptic for all viewing sessions from late april to mid may) … we can triangulate features to identify their exact locations relative to the comets … more details will be organized as time goes on so be brief in the first email / we will also have a way for groups to communicate on line in real time as the observing sessions progress / ALL PARTICIPANTS WILL BE FULLY CREDITED WITH THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS / this is much different from the standard viewing you would do for comets since the area of interest is actually the dark region to the sunward side of the comets and in the cases of the planetary alignments there may be electrical connections between the comet and planets using filters (e.g. nebular filters) … as this posting goes up the standard jpl pages and viewing information do not mention anything about the times or dates mentioned in this posting nor do they mention the possibility of conditions that would explain the sunward activity by the standard explanations using the incorrect dirty snow ball comet model …

thanks … jim mccanney