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i completed the preliminary plans to build a full scale tesla tower ... i was going to do it silently however with the people following me these days there is no  such thing ... so i am just going to do it in full view of everyone ... with this is place bush and his oil buddies will have more time to hold hands ... more on this soon ... jim mccanney ... update ... am involved in environmental impact phase of this project ... the workings of the Tesla Tower to gather limitless energy is described in detail in my book "Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun Earth Weather" (see the sales page for details )

UPDATE ... this project is on hold due to environmental issues ... basically this is an EXTREMELY dangerous project and has complications ... when the ionospheric capacitor begins to discharge one needs a large "sink" to use the energy ... enough to power a large city ... in a controlled manner ... this is not possible so i have opted to move to full scale production of the WING project ... described in my 2014 released eBook "McCanney WING GENERATOR" - WORLD ENERGY PROJECT as my solution to the world energy issue ... see the secure web ordering sub-page for details (link at the bottom of this page)... but first finish reading the text below the picture


? why did the government tear it down ?

? why are we paying for polluting power of oil, coal and nuclear power ?

? now that my theoretical work has rediscovered the principles of the TESLA tower and unlimited free electrical power from the ionosphere (as printed in my book ATLANTIS TO TESLA - THE KOLBRIN CONNECTION) why are we not pursuing this free energy on a world wide scale ?

 we know the military quickly built such a tower in july 2003 (only a few short weeks after the release of my ATLANTIS TO TESLA book on the july 7, 2003 Coast to Coast program ... listen to the C2C archive for that release) near Kanata Canada and when they tapped into the ionosphere (the idiots did not put any control electronics on their tower) the surge blew out the north east electric power grid corridor - the recent Dept of Energy report was another cover up of this mess (sighting the "official cause" as due to a squirrel's tail tripping over a power  line in rural Ohio)

one final note ... there is a blanket disinformation campaign stemming from the controlled news media and managed by the owned international energy "industry" that claims Tesla was building his tower to "distribute energy" ... since he had already sold his electrical generator turbine and 3 phase motor technology to Westinghouse one has to ask the simple question ... from where was Tesla going to get his power to transmit ??? the story does not hold water ... why did Westinghouse send out a band of goons to tear down Tesla's tower ??? because Tesla had already started getting power from the ionosphere and was ready to replace the "burn high energy content fuel for electricity" with literally FREE power ... Tesla did not know where the vertical electric field came from but he knew it was there and how to tap into it ... my work has rediscovered the work of Tesla and its true meaning ... AND discovered the true source of the earth's vertical electric field which is the solar capacitor ... read more about this in my three books "Atlantis to Tesla - The Kolbrin Connection" AND "Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun Earth Weather" and "McCanney WING GENERATOR - World Energy Project (see the secure web ordering page for details  SECURE WEB ORDERING SUB-PAGE LINK ) ... jim mccanney

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