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HIGH Flow Rate - Whole House & Commercial Grade - Water Filters
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For - Whole House - Ranch - Farm - Any Business that requires clean water

Stop showering in chemical soup ... your families health is being affected every day as pollutants enter the skin and breath in chemicals that accumulate over the days, months and years.  The JMCC "GF" filter elements remove these pollutants.  Give your loved ones the gift of health.

Purchase a High Flow Rate Commercial Grade Water Filter ... EVERY HOUSE, RANCH, FARM AND COMMERCIAL BUSINESS SHOULD HAVE WATER FILTRATION ... with the MR5 and MR7 there is no need for any other filters ... for hard water issues we recommended installing a hard water softener upstream from the MR5 or MR7 ... the MR5 / MR7 20" GF filters provide the same high reduction rates as my standard JMCC "GF" filters for home and kitchen ... if you have a sediment problem in your water or potential viruses you can also include an optional pre "Spin Down" filter and/or the final UV filter that will kill viruses ... the most complete water filtration system ... there is no other product anywhere that can compete with these (beware of companies selling water softeners as whole house filters OR carbon filters which only remove chlorine) ... use drop down menu and Add To Cart button below ... $100 shipping to the 48 states (Alaska, Hawaii, P O Box orders and all foreign orders will be billed additional shipping at the time of shipping via paypal invoice)

Multi Round High Flow MR5 - $1766.00 SALE $1599.00

Includes 5 - 20" filter element Filter Pack
Sediment Pre-Filter & UV Final Filter optional in drop down menu
- Extra MR5 Element Packs - $504.00

   (pay less and free shipping when ordered with MR5)

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Multi Round High Flow MR7 - $2424.00  SALE $2299.00
*** MR7 not currently in stock ***

Includes 7 - 20" filter element Filter Pack
Sediment Pre-Filter & UV Final Filter optional
Extra MR7 Element Packs - $678.12

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