JMCC "GF" Replacement Elements & Replacement Spigots
Fit ALL Gravity feed water filters - All in One - No Add On filters needed
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Replacement Filters for Gravity water filters - JMCC "GF" ALL IN ONE filter elements
Sale on 10 Packs of Std & IMPERIAL GF filter elements below + FREE SHIPPING to the 48 states
we are sold out of Stainelss Steel and Plastic water filter housings so please consider one of 3 options 1) Order the Terra Cotta Stoneware Filter above or 2) the above or under sink water filters OR 3) the MR5 or MR7 Whole House filters or 4) for an economical filter follow my instructions pdf to make your own gravity water filter from plastic food grade containers that you will buy locally and buy the gravity filter elements and spigot kit from below
link for instuctions --> How to Make Your Own Water Filter from Plastic Containers

Replacement "GF" Filter Elements
select below FOR ALL water filters sold on this page
replacements for all other Gravity Feed filters

Why purchase replacement water elements here ?
- Consistent complete product line for all water filters
- Our BIGGEST selling item is replacement filter elements
- !!! FIT ALL BRANDS of Gravity Feed Stainless Filters
- Tested to NSF National Certification standards - ongoing quality control meet our rigid specifications
- Tested for the lifetime of the filter based on contaminants (see Filter Spec Sheet link below)
- Made in our own factory IN THE USA - ALL OTHER BRANDS MADE OFF SHORE in china or india
- Sold in all 50 states (unlike the competition)

- No expensive Add On filters required - all filtration is done internal to the single filter element
- Cleanable - Rub with scotch bright pad and reuse dozens of times
- Our unique micro silver formula prevents mold and bacteria growth in the filter
- NO PRIMING REQUIRED - DO NOT buy filters that require priming (e.g. with black carbon block filters forcing water backwards into the filter) as it contaminates the filters - mold can grow inside where you cannot see it
*** BEWARE - big box store and other "black carbon" filters DO NOT remove these contaminants 
NO OTHER filter elements on the market can meet these standards
PLUS LOWEST PRICES & bulk SUPER SAVER 10 Packs FREE shipping to the 48 states

JMCC "GF" Filter Element Spec Sheet  --->  "GF" Filter Element Spec Sheet

!!! Note !!!   my unique "IMPERIAL" double wide GF Filter Elements with 2 times flow rate and 3 times filter life - fit all Stainless & Plastic Gravity filters

4 and 10 packs GRAVITY FEED REPLACEMENT ELEMENTS - for - Terra Cotta Stoneware Filter - Stainless Steel ANY BRAND - HDPE White Whopper - 1 & 2 Liter Personal Filters (use 5" short) ... replace your worn out filters and stock up for the future

* 4 PACK "Standard" GF Filter Elements
  $155.00 + $14.00 shpg = $169.00
* 10
PACK "Standard" GF Filter Elements (our biggest seller) BULK PRICING   $390.00
Sale Price $359.00 + FREE shipping to the 48 states
* 4 PACK "IMPERIAL" (DOUBLE WIDTH - 2 TIMES FLOW CAPACITY - 3 TIMES LIFETIME) - GF Filter Elements   $196.00 + $14.00 shpg = $210.00
(DOUBLE WIDTH - 2 TIMES FLOW CAPACITY - 3 TIMES LIFETIME) - GF Filter Elements BULK PRICING   $490.00 Sale Price $449.00 + FREE shipping to the 48 states
* ONE  5" short GF Filter Element for Travel - Sports - Emergency 1 or 2 liter Personal Travel Water Filters ... the same ALL IN ONE GF filter technology as the larger standard and Imperial filter elements -  $30.00 + $9.00 shpg = $39.00

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Replacement Spigots farther below
Replacement Filter Elements

Spigots and Replacement Plug Kits (for Gravity Water Filters only)
note: kits are different for stainless vs. the White Whopper HDPE plastic water filters ... so chose the kit for your filter type (spigots are the same but the plugs are different) - KIT INCLUDES two replacement spigots (sold in pairs only) plus 4 rubber plugs (which allow you to use more or fewer filter elements)
$29.95  + flat rate $12.00 shipping to the 50 states - excess foreign shipping will be charged to your card at the time of shipping)

Use Drop Down Menu Below to Order Spigots and Plugs for Gravity Water Filters
Spigots and Replacement Plug Kits


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JMCC "GF" Gravity Water Filter Replacement Elements & Replacement Spigots
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