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i am concentrating on promoting my new University Level Course DVD # 4 ... the majority of my information is free to everyone including my commercial free weekly radio show ... but the time and effort to organize highly detailed information at this level AND to protect and copyright my work is necessary to distribute in a course ... this is the 4th DVD of 20 total planned (written for both the general public and high level university students and professors) ... it is an eDVD download (not a physical DVD) ... these courses will be used in 100 years and beyond as the standard of Astronomy Astrophysics and Space Science as more and more scientists and the public wake up to the fact that over 35 years ago i restructured cosmology and astronomical theory into a vast new structure which has been repeatedly proven by space craft data ... just like many classic books remain today in Physics and Mathematics my work has stood the test of time ... as more and more high level scientists discover the major flaws in standard science my work will emerge as the correct understanding of the universe and solar system ... remember that the bulk of the base material was developed AND PUBLISHED in what i call "The Cornell Years" when i was a resident faculty member in both Physics and Mathematics Departments of that ivy league institution LONG BEFORE anyone had the slightest concept of the true electrical nature of the cosmos ... i recommend highly that you take the step and review my existing library of books (all in eBook format) CDs and DVDs and take the step to order this first of many DVD university level courses ... i understand that $49.00 seems like a lot BUT understand the amount of work that has gone into this and will take place in the future not to mention your entire family will benefit from this ... you are also supporting my ongoing work including my commercial free radio show ... my adversaries hate me because they all wish they could do what i am doing ... i own my own work which you will see covers many branches of science and mathematics ... i do not give it away in "peer reviewed" journals which rob the scientists of the rights to their own work ... i do not take donations or government money or grants which are top down specified and for which the scientists once again do not own their own work (most of which is tier 2 fairy tale science with no meaning) ... i fund my own radio show and my own research ... take a second and return to the ordering buttons above and consider ordering my DVD # 4 and start your adventure into the cosmos ... i thank you for your support ... here is a sample of what you will find in the DVD # 4 course work ... look at it then go to the secure web ordering sub-page and purchase this course ... jim mccanney

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See the March 21 to 25, 2016 Twin Green Comets pass near earth sub-page ---> Comets - Twin Green Earth Passage Sub-Page 

WIND VS SOLAR power ... which is better ??? read my latest eBook "McCanney WING GENERATOR" FOR MORE DETAILS ... in the book i provide a simple test that shows that my WING GENERATOR will solve the world energy problems as the ONLY solution ... whereas the solar "solution" is really a vast failure in the making ... listen to my 04/23/2015 and 05/07/2015 radio shows (posted on the archive sub-page link below center column) for more details ... but here is a small fun fact for your memory ... 

Taking the earth's surface as a whole, the energy received during a year aggregates about sixty mile-tons for every square foot. That is to say, the heat annually received on each square foot of the earth's surface, if employed in a perfect heat engine, would be able to hoist sixty tons to the height of a mile. (this was known in the 1800's this quote taken from an 1800's astronomy text book) ... sounds impressive ... ONLY TROUBLE .. this is max sunlight and only during peak times OF THE DAY ... so you have to store the energy in batteries ... this is fine for a home or small local grid situation BUT will never work on a national scale TO REPLACE THE CURRENT ENERGY NEEDS NOW PROVIDED BY COAL - NUCLEAR - AND OIL (the big 3) ... the big issue is not only COST PER KILOWATT HOUR ... but WHO CONTROLS THE VOLTAGE LEVEL ... solar cost is coming down but one only has to calculate the output of solar panels (and even multiply by a factor of 2 to be generous for possible future improvements) ... so with solar you will always need the local power plants (you have to listen to my april 23, 2015 and may 07, 2015 radio shows) ... as more solar installations come on line ... the WORSE the situation becomes (unless you plan on piping solar electric energy from the sun side of the earth to the dark side and keep this folly going day and night) ... because simply put you cannot replace the central power plant with a solar installation ... END OF STORY !!! ... (now throw in 2 or 3 family electric cars) so if you always have to maintain that grossly inefficient central power plant ... you have gone to GREAT EXPENSE and not solved anything ... the relative expense of the central power plant INCREASES not decreases and becomes unwieldy as the fluctuations of solar power provided by the growing number of small solar installations increase AND AT GREAT EXPENSE TO THE PUBLIC ... they are paying for electric at full retail prices but selling it back to the grid at sub-wholesale prices after all the expense and fees etc etc etc ... SOLAR IS A DISASTER IN THE MAKING ... A VERY EXPENSIVE ONE AT THAT ... but the world energy mongers love it because the public is spending its entire "alternative energy" budget on a solution that will not work ... and will have been "spent out" when real solutions are needed ... TOO MANY PEOPLE ASSOCIATE WIND ENERGY WITH THE FAILED 3 BLADE WIND GENERATORS ... COMPLETE FAILURES - GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED EVEN AFTER THEY STAND IDLE AND nothing in the approved licensing and permits to force the companies to take them down ... very expensive eye sores ... my WING project is the solution ... because it replaces the central power plants nation wide ... allows for distributed energy on the grid and prevents the "obama smart grid" which is a centralized disaster which will solidify the energy monopoly in the hands of the energy controllers ... more coming pronto on this ... jim mccanney  

a quick note on recent research i am doing on "global climate change" ... i have established a direct link with LOGGING and climate change ... it is not the fairy tale myth that trees provide our oxygen at all ... the real issue is that local climates have been drastically affected by deforestation of vast jungles and forests as well as prairie and grass lands ... for the greed of the wood barrens and the industrialized nations hunger for wood and paper ... one of my 11 earth mega projects is to reforest the earth and force the use of earth building products in the industrialized nations that also replace the canopy of native plants on top of the housing ... living with the earth not against it and minimal energy consumption ... as opposed to the building codes that force one to build housing with maximum wood use and energy consumption inherent in the bad "approved" designs  ... a 50 year project that needs to start today ... more to come ... jim mccanney

Mars Had Recent Vast Oceans

My Picture of the Day sub-page for some time has concentrated on my studies that Mars exhibits all the signs of vast oceans ... it also shows delicate meandering rivers and close up photos show small washes etc etc etc ... BUT there ain't no water ... certainly not oceans of water (only a small amount frozen at the north and south poles) ... my Weather Book "Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun Earth Weather" published a decade ago concentrates on planetary weather and regarding mars has 8 full page high resolution plates of the surface of planet mars concentrating on the lost oceans and reasons showing it to be recent ... the following is a sub-page dedicated to this topic ... jim mccanney 

PS recently NASA scientists stole my work and in an attempt to take credit published and widespread their amazing "discovery" in the popular press ... the following sub page also makes note of this proprietary material theft 

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 Mars Had Recent Vast Oceans Sub-Page

"Electric Universe"  who invented and brought into vogue the term ???

who invented and brought into vogue the term "Electric Universe" ... and when ??? here is my 1981 publication "The Nature and Origin of Comets and the Evolution of Celestial Bodies" ... from my peer reviewed 3 part comet paper (reprinted as an appendix in my book "Planet X Comets and Earth Changes") ... "Since Scientists Confront Velikovsky (30) and the 1974 AAAS Velikovsky trial, more cosmological data has been gathered than had been accumulated in the previous 300 years. A catastrophic band wagon has been formed in astronomy, geology, evolutionary biology, and related fields, but with no credit given to Velikovsky. Has data and observation pointed towards an "Electrical Universe", epochs of celestial catastrophes affecting Earth, etc.? Let the reader decide. Velikovsky's main difficulty was that of a man far ahead of his time in a world of academic elitism. He disagreed with the "experts" who used their resources to label him a crackpot." ... i then used this term as i continued presenting my material to the public and at scientific meetings such as my invited lecture at Los Alamos National Laboratories to 50 of the countries top plasma physicists (talk entitled ... "Are Comets Really Dirty Snowballs" 1984) and many American Geophysical Union meetings where i directly confronted NASA and other space scientists using space probe data to defend my position ... my work has been published in peer reviewed astrophysics journals ... jim mccanney 

P.S. a bunch of recent internet nut case government supported johny come latelies who have no degrees or history are trying to steal this term ... and my work ... but i have a paper trail ... they have nothing but fabrications

SPACE RADIATION - mitigation for human space travel research ... why do i have a picture (below) of a star with surrounding  "planetary nebula" under the topic of space radiation ??? an entire area of study that i have pursued in the background for many decades is space radiation ... this has many aspects including the manipulation and management for human space flight ... unfortunately i had a run in with the US military early in my physics career and i had to make the decision to carry on my research in the background ... essentially i had a nomination from senator Al Quie of Minnesota when i was a freshman in college to the Naval Academy ... it was then i learned about the reality of the war in Viet Nam ... eventually i protested and gained a legal "Conscientious Objector" CO status with the US Selective Service Department (i still have my CO status draft card of which only 1200 were granted from the time since World War II) ... i turned down the Naval Academy appointment and followed a life of an aggressive pacifist fighting the war industry and sent on a path which i am still following today ... when i developed my Electro-Magnetic propulsion systems that resulted from my work with the electrical nature of the solar system i went to Los Angeles in 1982 to pursue Venture Capitol to develop the ideas for my personal private space program ... i met Burt Rutan at an Air Show (Air Space America San Diego) and proposed we work together on flight systems ... what i did not know was that the venture capitol "industry" was frothing with the families of the world bankers who developed technology for warfare ... my projects against my contractual requirements to use and develop for peaceful only purposes was over-ridden and my plans were passed through the aerospace industries (then McDonald Douglas - and others) and sent to the pentagon where yes they did receive funding ... LOTS of funding ... but because of my anti-war convictions was distanced from my own projects as they were being developed in the skunk works ... i many years later ran into an engineer that worked on my projects ... he sat in total amazement as i described to him the top secret programs in great detail that he had worked on ... i should have known ... i designed the spacecraft and propulsion systems that he engineered with teams of government skunk works subcontractors ... the ONE thing they never got from me was the part to mitigate space radiation which was the key needed to make all the other parts work ... despite the fact that they have hundreds of scientists working on this topic the collective knowledge of space radiation between the military and behind the scenes NASA programs is very rudimentary ... i occasionally release information as part of my solar system weather research and my January 22, 2015 weekly commercial free radio show was dedicated to the topic (archives available on my web page) ... but the core of my research on this area is private so there will not be any sub-page regarding my results which includes methods for passing through for example the van Allen belts ... jim mccanney

science and mathematics

my work covers many dozens of topics in the hard science and mathematics ... listed below ... my paper trail of publications and promoting my work goes back to the 1970's ... showing that the universe is electrically active BUT the science is subtle ... while gravity is the dominant mover of the heavenly bodies, electrical effects must be put in proper context ... with a self-consistent set of concepts with detailed mathematical physics ... written for the general public as well as high level PhD level scientists ... jim mccanney

Jupiter Winds ... see the sub-page dedicated to this topic for which i initiated and coined the term ... decades of studying this effect produced some amazing results that finally were confirmed by the US Military satellites which directly measured the electron beam connecting earth and Jupiter ... click here for more ---> Jupiter Winds Sub-Page


Many years ago I defined 10 Earth Mega Projects that we must undertake ... i have expanded that list to 11 ... some are immediate that are required not only to save the human race ... but to save the planet ... some deal with nature and natural disasters while others deal with man made issues ... all can be started immediately but some will take a long time or even generations to complete ... but some are immediate and have to be done today using all the resources at our command ... visit this page and start acting now ... jim mccanney  ---> EarthMegaProjectSubPage

THE FOLLOWING STATEMENTS REGARDING PRIME NUMBERS ARE A TRIBUTE TO THE FACT THAT EVERY GREAT PHYSICIST AND MATHEMATICIAN THROUGHOUT HISTORY HAS SEARCHED IN VANE for patterns in the prime numbers... a problem first recognized by the ancient greeks.  So engrained is the concept of randomness and uncalculable that the highest levels of secure computing relied on this.  The greatest unsolved problem in mathematics today called The Riemann Hypothesis has to do with the spacing of the prime numbers but no one has managed to solve it.  Many years ago i cracked the unrelenting problem of calculating directly the prime numbers and put in a form that everyone can understand.  In 2007 I released this information to the public in my book with 3 hour DVD lecture "CALCULATE PRIMES".  Available on the sales page.  Also see the supplement book "Breaking RSA Codes for Fun and Profit". Much of the hacking that has occurred in recent years is because unscrupulous companies continue to sell "computer security" based on the RSA prime number encoding methods which were broken with the release of my work.  Here are some quotes regarding this oldest of mathematical problems starting with Euler who lived in the 1700s. 

Euler commented "Mathematicians have tried in vain to this day to discover some order in the sequence of prime numbers, and we have reason to believe that it is a mystery into which the mind will never penetrate" (Havil 2003, p. 163). In a 1975 lecture, D. Zagier commented "There are two facts about the distribution of prime numbers of which I hope to convince you so overwhelmingly that they will be permanently engraved in your hearts. The first is that, despite their simple definition and role as the building blocks of the natural numbers, the prime numbers grow like weeds among the natural numbers, seeming to obey no other law than that of chance, and nobody can predict where the next one will sprout. The second fact is even more astonishing, for it states just the opposite: that the prime numbers exhibit stunning regularity, that there are laws governing their behavior, and that they obey these laws with almost military precision" (Havil 2003, p. 171).

be sure to visit the secure ordering sub-page for the CALCULATE PRIMES and BREAKING RSA CODES books as well as other books CDs and DVDs that deal with the wide range of topics that i cover in my research ... jim mccanney

NEW !!! CIA IN THE NEWS sub-page ... why this in the science column of this page ??? the CIA is an international wrecking ball ... CRIME INTERNATIONAL ASSASSINS would be more appropriate ... but more so ... with their laundered drug billions they are heavily investing in internet technologies - outer space - robotic including robotic dogs and larger robots to wage war on the public ... they have a "venture capitol investment"  division which launders their drug money into high tech corporations mainly involved in snooping on the public ... they own GOOGLE (that international spy web site that has more data on you than you have on yourself) and many others such as FACEBOOK and other social media not to mention SKYPE ... the list is growing every day ... the CIA is the international police force of the European Banking cartel World Bank and always has been ... they do not represent you the citizens of the United States ... anyway read more and yes this belongs on the science column ... click on the following link ... read and learn 

CIA IN THE NEWS sub-page

throughout history leaders of countries have known that guarding science and engineering was key to holding power ... some were good rulers but most were ruthless and viewed the masses as owned commodities to be used in wars of empire building as a method to control the public ... wars, taxation and monetary control were the cycles of control ... today the world is in the grips of some of the most evil "rulers" in history ... and they understand that the ownership and control of science and scientists is paramount to their ongoing control ... most people live in a cloud of misinformation and misconceptions meant to distract them from the real issues that affect all of our lives ... additionally ... a constant stream of BAD SCIENCE AND ASTRONOMY pawned off on the public keeps the real science and real understanding of the universe from the masses ... it keeps the public from understanding their past, present and most importantly ... their future ... my web page is dedicated to giving a complete understanding of science starting with the electrical nature of our universe ... i also discuss how science is set up in "tiers" so the real science is never seen by the public ... thus keeping them from their birthright to the stars ... my commercial free weekly radio show and web page are dedicated to giving a true picture of the complex universe in which we live ...  james mccanney

to relieve my home page of the constant ridiculous tier 2 fairy tale "silly science" that appears daily ... i have created a new sub-page entitled "Simple Simon Silly Science Sub-Page" ... click on the link below ... return regularly for updates ... i do not want to clog my main page with this tripe ... but is worth noting for posterity ... be sure to put on your aluminum foil cone hat before going here ... jim mccanney 

Simple Simon Silly Science Sub-Page

June 14, 2015 posting ... Updated re-verified September 18, 2015 ??? IS THERE A COMET - ASTEROID - WHATEVER GOING TO HIT EARTH IN FALL 2015 (or at any other time in the foreseeable future) ??? the bottom line is that NO ONE that is announcing this has presented REAL DATA (there is a standard format for presenting astronomical data and no one has presented anything remotely close to real data that could be INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED) ... if they have this I PERSONALLY COULD LOOK WITH MY EQUIPMENT AND VERIFY IT ... and if they had some real data (of which i have seen nothing) ... no one in the public domain has the computer equipment to use that data to calculate that far in advance BECAUSE of inherent inaccuracies in position/velocity data and computation errors of orbits ... if they did then they should present that as evidence ... any predictions if real would be to the microsecond NOT A FEW DAY "WINDOW" ... the "windows" are so vague they are actually silly ... biblical references ??? how many times have you heard that ??? i have studied the REAL BIBLE (not the phony imitations presented to the public today) and understand better than all of you put together what the bible says and predicts ... and yes it could happen quickly and out of nowhere ... but what i am saying here is that the "chatter" that is out there regarding the fall of 2015 is not real data and does not constitute any form of PREDICTION ... is earth going to be labeled someday ??? YES you bet your ass it is ... but the question at hand is ... has anyone presented any real DATA regarding the fall of 2015 (i have heard dozens of predictions all with different dates and scenarios) ??? the answer is NO ... if someone presents me with real data i will personally independently verify it and let you know ... 

regarding gravity ... EARTH IS WITHOUT ANY EFFECTS from ANY object due to gravity including jupiter and other celestial bodies ... the "tidal forces" are 1/r3 forces and are VERY SHORT RANGE ... a 2 mile wide object (as some people are saying on the totally disinfo site YOUTUBE) even at close range would not cause earth quakes etc etc etc and certainly not months in advance as some people are saying ... what is happening is the disinfo crew is flooding the airwaves and internet with flack ... all centered around FALL 2015 ... what this does tell me is that this is a "beyond date" so the masses think "oh gee i have until august 31 to start preparing" and by that time it will be all over with man made terrorism and the ultimate fall of the USA as we know it ... WHAT DOES THIS MEAN ... i would read the blitz of the sky is falling stories as follows ... do not worry about september ... you have a lot more to think about prior to that ... jim mccanney 

A listener asked "how do the banks control the world"? here is what i responded but also include that essential is the control of science and scientists ... here is what i said ... 

... here is the basic formula for how the banks operate the world .. central to it all is the CIA (the police force of the world bank) and other "sister organizations" around the world ... they control everything including elections down to even the local levels ... they monitor everything to keep the public completely misinformed and own nearly all of the information world (not mine) i know this because i have seen the operations myself (not what i read in a book) ... the militaries of the world are "matched" so there is a balance of power ... the weapons you see at the paris air show are the public visible things ... there is an international tier 1 science level that the public never sees ... when a new tier 2 (publicly visible) technology is developed it is rapidly moved to the "other side" to maintain the balance ... if any leader gets out of line the bankers with the help of their CIA infiltration and money get the other side up to speed so that if anyone gets out of line they can quickly shift support to the other side (essential to this is creating the cover stories for the public) and if "war" breaks out they can influence who wins and who gets their butts kicked ... look at all the wars it was because someone stepped out of line ... in general they operate by keeping everyone out of balance and everything in chaos ... if there were real order they would quickly lose their power ... they have to bring the USA Europe and all other prosperous countries to the level of the 3rd world (by huge influxes of immigrants welfare programs that are not for the benefit of the people etc etc) and by maintaining a continually fluctuating economy that allows no one to succeed except their planned people ... they also worship a strange conglomeration of "higher order" ... visibly is oil water energy nuclear power etc etc etc ... but above that is the hidden occult and archaeology because they too do not fully understand their own past ... they are number worshipers and worship ancient deities since their true roots go far back in the secret societies to which they belong ... the "rule book" for everything you see happening today was developed and perfected long ago and the things that are happening today happened many times in the past they are very good techniques and work every time against the lame general public ... they fear honest people but respect them because most of their knowledge comes from others (for example who developed the atomic bomb) ... they will kill especially commoners who grow to popularity out of the common ranks because they are very paranoid ... they understand that even small groups can infiltrate and over throw them so they infiltrate even the smallest entity to subvert it ... and most of all ... they fear celestial doom because it is the one thing which they know they cannot control and is the one thing that would turn the entire world against their money god in a new york second ... thus the incredible disinfo campaigns about planet X and things hitting us from space ... they need the public confused about the one major thing they fear ... the things they cannot control ... that includes the free minds of men ... hope that helps ... jim mcc

The crazies are coming out of the closets lately ... if you have gotten emails or have been directed to obscure web pages stating i have said something about planet X or doom ... please be aware that these are coming from mind control program idiots that populate their grandmothers' basements ... loony toons ... remember i do NOT post on any one else's web pages and do not permit pieces of my radio shows to be posted elsewhere ... but this is being done in a vain attempt to waste my time with this frivolous tripe with these loony toons but sorry i am not taking the bait ... instead i use this as an educational tool for you the public to understand the level that the disinfo crew will go to in attempts to change my message ... no one represents me in emails ... i never mass email ... all my information is on my web page or in my own radio shows posted here or in interviews with long term real talk show hosts ... the idiots are cropping my voice and taking out of context what i have said ... the reason of course is because of my latest "Hale Bopp Planet X update" release (A MUST LISTEN PROGRAM !!!) which conclusively shows a giant cover up within NASA and the true story about what NASA discovered relative to Planet X and what they hid from the public ... the entourage of idiots running around the internet claiming planet X issues is just that ... a bunch of idiots with no background and no information ... this will only get worse as this fall arrives ... as for me i am more than busy with my work to divert any attention to morons like these ... see my July 23, 2015 radio show and extra 3 hours of lecture the "July 23, 2015 Hale Bopp Planet X Update" for the only real details regarding the issue of the Many planet X objects ... jim mccanney 

as stated in my Diamond Principle book ... someday earth will be labeled (again) by the passage of one of the large MANY planet X objects ... as i have stated there is no verifiable astronomical data that anyone has presented to date that would suggest an impending celestial catastrophe this fall 2015 (there is no verifiable astronomical data that has been presented that would suggest either a planet X (comet X) object or asteroids will affect earth this fall) as i reported on the Joyce Riley show this past week (July 1st 3rd hour of the Power Hour) ... the recent barrage of phony planet x / nibiru / asteroids to affect earth misinformation filling the internet lately for 2015 this fall tell me something else ... that is a smoke screen for other real events designed to keep the public looking over there while something real is happening over here ... remember also that the US Space Command has the ability to simulate asteroids hitting earth ... they have been experimenting with this for some time and i just came across evidence they have been experimenting with their "lightning rod" on the moon ... to fuel the asteroid hysteria NASA has been announcing it has been seeing asteroids hit the moon ... my personal estimate is they are showing the mil lightning rods and as i said fueling asteroid fear ... recently professional astronomers as you recall confirmed my long standing statement that there are MANY planet X objects but most are in orbits far from the main 9 planets ... NASA and the astronomical community has long since stopped releasing real data ... how these objects interact with the solar system is a complex topic ... something i have gone to great lengths to educate you the public on my commercial free radio show and this web page ... but additionally there are the objects that come from far beyond the solar system that  we know absolutely nothing about ... i would hope we have plenty of time but these objects can come in very fast unannounced as we know happened to the ancients ... as my work explains this is how solar systems work ... catastrophic events are part of the normal working of the celestial plan ... we can either set around sulking and doing nothing and letting the bankers rob you blind and use your kids for cannon fodder in their latest war ... or do what i am doing ... forging a path for large populations to go into space to "ride it out" ... but we are far from that today ... first we have to learn how to live on this earth ... while the technology develops for wide scale space population of outer space ... don't expect the government to help ... their "visible" space program is a smoke screen hiding the population from access to outer space ... one key piece of the future is my WING project ... a stepping stone to independence ... development of outer space capability for the masses ... and the ultimate protection of the human species from the planet X objects that are certain to divert our development or even lead to total extinction ... jim mccanney 

My message has been VERY CLEAR there is NO EVIDENCE of any kind of a rogue planet or asteroid about to pass or collide with earth AT THIS TIME (there are thousands of planet x types of objects but NO ONE HAS PRESENTED ANY REAL EVIDENCE OF IMMINENT DANGER AT THIS TIME) AFTER MY interview with Joyce Riley july 1 the disinfo crew was busy misinterpreting my message again ... i have not changed my message at all the interview was about THIS FALL so morons have completely twisted my message ... i still maintain the entire issue of planet X my message is that all the hype about planet X coming this fall i said THAT NO ONE HAS PRESENTED ANY EVIDENCE FOR A PLANET X OBJECT IMMINENT THIS FALL 2015 ... there are now literally hundreds of internet sites posting a cut and paste hack job of my voice clipped from old radio shows of long ago taken completely out of context making it look like i am stating there is a "mini solar system" coming at us accompanied by mass mailings with links to this baloney by a bunch of government paid internet quacks ... this is complete misinformation ... obviously my work and message are overpowering to the public thus the all out attempt to destroy my good name and message ... today i exposed the US Space Command program called "lightning rod" which can simulate an asteroid hitting earth (as they did in Russia last year) ... the effort to twist my message is not new but the incredible increase in the past few days is unprecedented ... my success in promoting my science and math  not to mention my WING GENERATOR project has clearly got some people worried and yes it is succeeding ... jim mccanney

June 26, 2015 ... my weekly radio show is now posted on the archive sub-page (link middle column of the table on this page below) ... join me as i discuss three space science topics ... the lack of (and reason for) NO PHOTOS from the New Horizons space craft fast approaching Pluto ... it has shown signs of COMET activity and NASA is hiding the photos "until they can be examined by experts" ... second is the Rosetta mission released 50 close range photos of the comet 67P nucleus ... listen as i discuss what no one else will discuss ... especially that my comet theory is the only one that explains the strange results ... not the least of which NOTHING is coming off the comet nucleus ... and lastly ... Titan large moon of Saturn is showing signs of comet activity ... just like i predicted as it orbits in Saturn's local proton wind supported capacitor ... listen and learn and please remember to donate to the WING effort note just below ... jim mccanney