March 06,2015 posting ... Yesterday NASA announced it had "discovered" that the Planet Mars had an extensive "ancient" ocean of course published in the NASA mouth piece journal SCIENCE which has been rubber stamp publishing NASA fairy tale "science" for decades ... a cozy affair ... in typical NASA fashion they used their access to the blind repeating news media and blanket distributed this to ALL news media so everyone had to see this ... THIS IS NOTHING LESS THAN THEFT OF ALREADY EXISTING WORK ... their phony "we observed Mars with telescopes" is a cover that will not wash with people who have followed my work ... my weather book describes the martian ocean signatures in great detail showing EXACTLY the same ocean structure that NASA animators show in their "discovery" ... the issue of oceans on Mars actually started with Immanuel Velikovsky in his book Worlds in Collision where he identifies ancient cultures all over the world reporting that Mars had been a blue water planet and its oceans and atmosphere were extracted by a large passing comet ... leaving the reddish bone dry hulk we see today ... of course in the 1950s (and even up to his death) Velikovsky never had good close up pictures of Mars ... of course the astronomer william hershel hypothesized water channels on mars upon looking at the seasonal "canal" looking changes through his refractor telescope BUT he had no real vision of water and was incorrect about his interpretation of a dying culture building canals to move water on mars ... when i started my work at Cornell University in 1979 I had never heard of Velikovsky as i had been out of the country for almost a decade ... little did i know that i landed in a bees hive of hatred and mal content in the sciences ... as i started interpreting data from space probes with my theoretical work on the electrical nature of the universe and being published in the peer review astrophysics journals i was met with server animosity to put it mildly ... and with the advent of close up pictures of the martian surface i noted that Mars had oceans ... large oceans ... and that THEY HAD TO BE RECENT ... and that the story of a large comet taking off the atmosphere was the only sane explanation ... over the decades NASA continued with its dribble that they were "searching for traces of water on mars" ... my picture of the day sub-page has been dedicated to pointing out the reasoning for recent oceans on mars ... so convincing have my arguments been and so far reaching to you the public ... that NASA had only one choice ... they started a major name smear campaign a few months ago against me and my good name and diligent work ... prepping for the theft of my work ... just as Stephen J Gould stole the Velikovsky theoretical concept of rapid genetic change ... NASA is poised to continue stealing ideas because their own complete nonsense is not selling well with the public any more ...  in typical NASA theft mode ... they take the work of someone else and give it that "billions of years ago" twist with severely sketchy interpretation of data which itself is extremely sketchy and with no real basis (it could be interpreted 7 different ways besides their "billions of years" ago baloney which is necessary to prop up their failed model of solar system formation) ... more on this to continue ... PS Michael Mumma of Goddard is a government paid liar and thief ... he was also instrumental in robbing me of the credit i deserved for predicting x-rays in comets 15 years before they were accidentally discovered by a NASA satellite giving credit to another of Mumma's "students" Carey Lisse ... now he has a new boy named Geronimo Villanueva passing the baton to take over the Mars has oceans theft ... Mumma is back at work ... a professional thief and liar ... jim mccanney


01/20/2014 Picture of the Day - Hurricane on Mars

Meteorologists on earth repeat the fairy tale nursery rhyme that hurricanes form from warm water in the ocean ... HMMMM ... now boys and girls ... this concept harbors more than its share of contradictions ... the biggest hurricanes in history (remember "The Perfect Storm" ???) formed over the frigid north atlantic ocean in NOVEMBER ... not exactly the tropical waters of the Caribbean !!! but here we have a full blown hurricane racing across the surface of the planet Mars NEAR THE ICE COVERED NORTH POLE ... note primarily however that mars has no water at all ... not hot ... not cold ... not any at all ... so how does this hurricane form ??? they cannot tell you of course ... because the idea of warm water forming hurricanes is no more true than the moon is made of green cheese ... yet the Rothschild owned disinformation channel WEATHER.COM hosts a sub-page stating this like you should all believe it ... the reality is that all cyclonic storms and the dust devils in the picture of yesterday form and are sustained by ELECTRICAL currents that flow between the planet surface and the ionosphere ... there are many reasons why they want to keep you the public stupid about these things ... because if you realized that electrical energy abounded in the atmosphere and all we have to do is tap into that amazing large source of energy we would dump coal, oil and nuclear power which are the major control factors in the world today and controlled by guess who ??? ultimately the Rothschild banking empire ... jim mccanney

01/19/2014 Picture of the Day - Mars Dust Devil - Tornado

Actually a dust devil on earth is a small tornado that races across the desert flatlands ... but on mars these are towering tornados miles high ... as in this picture ... they leave a devastated terrain in its wake although there are no trees or plants ... just rock and sand and dust ... but how do these form ??? where are the storm clouds that they say on earth twirl and twist to form tornadoes ... what is the invisible force that drives these storms ??? plus they exhibit electrical discharges ... the reality is that these and ALL tornadoes are driven by electrical currents from the ionosphere ... that "capacitor" is in turn driven by the solar electric field ... the source of all electric activity in the solar system ... additionally these cause far more change to the delicate surface features of mars than the average raging dust storms of mars ... so once again how did the martian surface with its amazing amount of surface erosion last for billions of years (since the water left) according to standard astronomical space science theory ??? clearly the surface erosion features of mare are RECENT and the water leaving the planet was recent ... many more pictures of the day are dedicated to this theme ... for more details read my weather book "Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun-Earth Weather"  which includes in the center 8 high resolution photos of the entire surface of mars  and discusses not only weather on earth but the weather of ALL the planets in the solar system ... jim mccanney

01/18/2014 Picture of the Day - Water Erosion on Mars

Delicate meandering river beds all over mars highlands fresh as the day the water left ... how long would these features last ??? see other pictures below of the giant dust storms that blanket mars ... you can add 1 + 1 = 2 ... seems our illustrious highly paid PhD NASA scientists are having trouble with that simple equation ... jim mccanney

01/17/2014 Picture of the Day - Surface of Mars ... looks like ice flows like glaciated land movement

01/16/2014 Picture of the Day - River Water Effects Comparing Mars and Earth

See the many photos below of Mars water effects but of course there is no water ... jim mccanney 

01/15/2014 Picture of the Day - Dust Storm on Mars

Tremendous dust storms rage on mars annually ... they are so large they can be seen on earth with a modest telescope ... even early astronomers with relatively poor telescopes by today's standards could see the change of surface features ... NOW BOYS AND GIRLS ... GRANDMAS AND GRANDPAS ... HOW LONG WOULD IT TAKE TO ERODE DELICATE SURFACE FEATURES ON MARS ???  answer ... NOT VERY LONG AND CERTAINLY NOT BILLIONS NOR EVEN MILLIONS OF YEARS ... in fact not even many thousands of years ... so why does NASA and standard science state that the water was there billions of years ago ... clear evidence shows us otherwise ... see the other pictures below for many water erosion surface features that have to be recent ... jim mccanney

01/14/2014 Picture of the Day - Mars ... Evidence of water 

This conglomeration of pebbles and sand are results of WATER ... essentially moving water ... in fact sand has not possible without moving water ... water erosion ... water erosion ... water composite rocks ... but ... no water anywhere to be found ... jim mccanney

01/13/2014 Picture of the Day - from the Mars Rover

Look off to the very right side where there is a definite water erosion path ... many of the pictures lately (below) point out water erosion from orbiting satellite ... but this is nose on the ground ... NASA is looking for water but seem to ignore the fact that water erosion is EVERYWHERE you look ... but there ain't no water ... these fine features would have eroded away after a short time due to the massive annual dust storms that rage across mars ... but here they are ... fresh as a daisy ... clearly Mars had massive water present recently but it is all gone ... the ancients tell us what happened ... the giant comet Venus pulled the atmosphere and oceans off the once blue planet leaving the red dry atmosphere-less hulk we see today ...  jim mccanney

01/12/2014 Picture of the Day - Mars Water Erosion

Like erosion systems on the western planes of the USA ... but on mars ... many photos below i am concentrating on the water erosion on mars that is so evidently recent ... i will explain why ... jim mccanney


01/11/2014 Picture of the Day - Water Erosion on Mars ... but there ain't no water

More evidence of recent water on Mars ... but also notice the credit at the bottom of this photo ... interesting this photo is copyrighted by NASA /JPL-Caltech/ now look at the next part ... Malin Space Science Systems ... did you know that NASA does not own the cameras on its space missions ... the cameras and the resulting photos are controlled by an entity known as Malin Space Science Systems ... i learned about this bullshit when i was in los angeles  and wondered what in the world was this all about ??? i then found out that this enterprise was headed a very young kid named David Malin ... i am going to myself 'who is this clown and what rock did he crawl out from under' ??? later as i was soliciting venture capitol for my science projects in los angeles i found out that there is an entire ownership of science ... what we imagine as "top NASA scientists" were just what i now call tier 2 level scientists which are just smoke and mirrors science ... there is an entire ownership of all science ... that is why i never "fit in" ... i did not fit the mold of a scientist who was controllable ... i cut my own path and did things MY WAY ... not an acceptable method in that system ... i met young college grads who were involved in the movement of millions of dollars of funding and forming new companies every day ... they traveled the world and told congressmen what to do ... they moved military contracts into companies that they managed and then i realized ... these were the kids of the world families ... the people who controlled the USA government and more ... so every photo you see has first been "cleansed" for your consumption ... space is already owned ... jim mccanney

01/10/2014 Picture of the Day - Eden Volcanic Caldera on Mars Topo Relief Map Mars

Two days ago i posted this caldera in a photo ... here is a relief map from a vertical satellite vantage point (red areas are highlands ... blue are lowlands ... and black are the lowest levels) ... do you see water effects and erosion ??? clearly this caldera sat near the edge of a lake or ocean ... see the islands in the very low lying area to the left side of this map ??? do you see the meandering river coming north from the bottom left side that dumps into the sea and has built up a "delta" as is done with earth rivers after a long time ... notice once again the cratering apparent in the highlands but completely devoid in the low areas where the water was present ... in the lower right reddish area there are many smaller rivers

but why are these water rich areas recent you ask ??? simply put ... because mars has extensive dust storms that rage over the planet every year that would quickly destroy and obliterate any soft geological features like delicate meandering rivers and crater rims where sand would build up ... none ... nothing ... this is all fresh as a baby's butt ... the ancients tell us what happened ... all we have to do is listen ... why is there such an unbridled effort to suppress any semblance of sanity in the space science space geology world ??? listen to my weekly radio shows (all free and commercial free) and read my books to find out ...  jim mccanney

01/08/2014 Picture of the Day - Eden Volcanic Caldera Mars

Do you see evidence of water erosion in this photo ??? look closely ... jim mccanney

01/07/2014 Picture of the Day - Mars Super Volcanoes Old or New ?

The martian surface is littered with volcanism ... these mega volcanoes are so large that they did not rise and form a cone ... like the massive yellowstone calderas in the western USA they would form a lake bed ... IF THERE WERE ANY WATER ... on the one on the right notice that there is evidence of water being in this crater ... at many differing levels over geological time ...once again you see other evidence ... for example the area outside of the right caldera is pocked with impact craters ... whereas within the crater there is only one that that matches the outside crater many craters ... once again this means that the impacting objects certainly peppered the crater area but because of water erosion and the fact that it was a lakebed with water eroded any trace of their impacting that area ... look in the crater can you see the signs of water erosion ... leading down to the pit in the middle ... there are river beds around both of these craters ... and LOTS of evidence of water erosion ... if you look at detailed pictures of the massive Olympus Mons volcano (the larges volcanic cone in the solar system ... the two middle pictures below) you will seed it has extensive river systems flowing off the mountain side AND a common effect called "slewing" where the sides of the layers of lava split off and flow into the ocean ... when there is water present these "slew" far out into the sea area ... one can see the erosion and cliff areas to the windward side of Olympus Mons and the more gradual beach areas to the leeward side ... ALSO ... see the chart comparison below the two pics of Olympus Mons ... by noting where the oceans came (the erosion cliff line on olympus mons) and comparing to earth mountains of Manua Kea and Mount Everest (the tallest mountain on earth) you can see that the oceans of mars were far deeper than the oceans of earth ... mars is somewhat of an egg shape as is earth with all the land in one hemisphere and all the old oceans in the other ... see my book "Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun-Earth Weather" which has a high resolution set of 8 photographic plates of the entire planet Mars in the middle of the book ... you will be able to see what i mean about the highlands being bombarded by crater impacts whereas the old ocean area is almost completely devoid of crater impacts ... OCEANS AND OCEANS OF WATER ON MARS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVIDENCE STARRING YOU IN THE FACE OF RECENT OCEANS ... and NASA is "looking for water" ... sorry bud there ain't none ... it all left on the last train out of town when Venus the Comet ripped it off (literally) ... jim mccanney


01/04/2014 Picture of the Day - Mars Water Water Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink 

This phrase from "the tale of the ancient mariner" ... possibly NASA should adopt it as their slogan on mars exploration as they search for water ... the ancients from all over the world have left the tales of woe ... Mars lost its blue oceans and atmosphere to a passing comet ... that comet they called Venus and it eventually encountered earth on two occasions and finally settled into the orbit where we see the white hot planet Venus today ... my physics and Plasma Discharge Comet Model explains how this happens ... the ancient Maya tell us in their mythology ... that stated that the "plumed serpent of the night sky Quetzalcoatl ruled the night sky for hundreds of years and eventually his heart became the planet Venus" ... in the photo below and many others in the following days i will be concentrating on photos of water erosion on Mars sent back by various Mars missions from NASA ... every year mars exhibits vast wind storms which alter the terrain and cover up features ... if mars lost its oceans billions of years ago and NASA is searching far and wide supposedly for the reason ... may the real reason is right in front of their celestial noses ... but of course they cannot say the obvious ... MARS HAD OCEANS AND AN ATMOSPHERE TO HOLD IT IN PLACE VERY RECENTLY ... YES NOT BILLIONS BUT JUST A FEW THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO ... i attended an Amecican Geophysical Union meeting where i had a poster session in the early 2000s in Fort Lauderdale Florida and encountered a number of NASA geologists presenting the latest mars images of water activity and erosion on mars ... they would say under their breath that these were recent BUT not in public as they still came under the heavy handed RULE of the hierarchy and did not dare state the obvious ... mars had large quantities of flowing water RECENTLY ... VERY RECENTLY ... note also the many craters which are obviously impact origin ... they came AFTER the other surface features so they are more recent ... notice how there are many on the highlands to the south and the 3 large ones to the top left ... but NONE NONE NONE in the lowlands ... were the impacting meteors (or comet debris from the large passing comet) so smart that they only hit on the highlands ??? no the reality is that they hit WATER regions which quickly eroded them away if they ever formed at all ... more evidence of RECENT water ... the impacts happened BEFORE the water left ... jim mccanney

the following is a posting created for the picture of the day sub-page in the original postings dealing with the oceans on mars in my ongoing effort to expose my historically accurate work ... the only option NASA saw fit to pursue was to completely copy my work and post as their own in February 2015

RECENT OCEANS ON MARS compare recent pictures of the minor planet CERES near the orbit of mars 

BUT first a picture of an "asteroid" in the asteroid belt that broke up and formed a 5 piece COMET (first it was a normal asteroid with no comet characteristics ... after the break up which was confirmed to not be caused by any impacts it becomes a comet) ... you can see the halos around each piece below ... why is this important when talking about CERES the minor planet which is closer to the sun than this "asteroid" turned comet ... because ceres is loaded with water and ice BUT does not show any comet characteristics and if the NASA "dirty snowball comet model" were correct then ceres should have been a ragingly huge comet and lost all its water billions of years ago ... contradictions abound their story is so full of holes it makes a fishing net look solid ... on my recent shows i have been discussing how NASA's Dawn mission has been orbiting CERES the minor planet in the asteroid belt for over a month now and ... drum roll ... not a peep or smidgen of data and NO PICs even though they never really release anything without a thorough photo shop job and super low resolution for you the public ... (that is "Science at NASA") ... see the asteroid turned comet then see the surface pic of ceres below

ceres below (super low resolution pics from mid february the only ones released in over a month from the NASA Dawn probe) ... what are they hiding this time ??? but as with all NASA releases they immediately show their story does not add up ... the left hand does not know what their right hand is doing .. the recent NASA  "discovery" (theft of my material) discussed below and on a separate sub page says the oceans of mars are ANCIENT ... what rabbits hat did they pull that out of ??? below you see the entire surface of the minor planet ceres COMPLETELY CRATERED WALL TO WALL ... why is this important ??? because ceres' orbit is close to that of mars ... BUT the surface of mars has highly selective cratering ... meaning that where the oceans were ... the lack of craters means that the oceans erased the effects of impacts ... but we know the current cratering rate of an object like mars near the asteroid belt is much higher than earth ... the only result is that ... as i have said this puts an upper limit on the time frame that the oceans on mars left ... this upper limit is only A FEW THOUSAND YEARS ... so how did mars lose its atmosphere and oceans only a few thousand years ago ... we are told by the ancients who lived about 1500 BC that mars was a blue water planet like earth and lost its atmosphere to a large passing comet ... see my books, CDs and DVDs for more information ... but compare the picture below of Ceres cratering to the cratering in the next picture below of the surface of mars ... decide for yourselves ... when i explain something it is so you can look and make the decision for yourselves and not depend on rows and columns of paid tier 2 NASA fairy tale scientists with their shiny badges and skinny little neck ties telling you that the oceans on mars are "ancient" ... there are many other reasons for understanding that the oceans were stripped away recently including the amazing huge dust storms that rip the surface of mars on a daily basis ... ancient oceans features would have been destroyed long ago yet the surface features like delicate little river beds are fresh as a daisy ...  

MORE BELOW to compare the picture of the surface of Mars with the above pictures of near by Ceres ... Ceres is completely cratered ... Mars is not ... this is the key to understanding that the "oceans" on mars are RECENT ... at most a few thousand years have past since Mars lost its oceans ... but like i said ... the NASA release "experts" are not smart enough to see all the contradictions that abound in everything they release ... no matter how photo shopped or how low a resolution they dumb on you the unsuspecting public ... 

the thieves at NASA recently "discovered" that the planet Mars had oceans but in typical NASA style dated it as "billions of years ago" ... the amazing "discovery" announcement being blanket broadcast to the owned news media last thursday March 5th 2015 just as my last week show went to air and published in the rubber stamp "peer review journal" SCIENCE (which has been rubber stamp publishing all NASA tripe for decades) ... the thief ... one Michael Mumma of NASA'a Goddard Space Flight Center has stolen material from me before not the least of which was my work on x-rays in comets ... my Picture of the Day sub-page last year featured Mars and the lost oceans showing that they are RECENT ... also my weather book "Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun Earth Weather" has a series of 8 high resolution plates of the entire surface of the planet Mars showing the oceans ... exactly as "discovered" by NASA's paid liar and thief Michael Mumma ... here is one of the prints form my 2004 book on this topic ... go to my weather book for the complete set ... you can see the cratering heavy on the old land "highlands" and completely devoid of cratering on the old ocean area ... we know the cratering rate on earth ... Mars has a much higher rate since it sets at the edge of the asteroid belt ... how long would mars go without any cratering in the lowlands after the water left ??? my estimate MAXIMUM 4000 years ... the time frame Velikovsky gave for the historical observations of all civilizations from around the globe that mars lost its oceans to a large passing comet ... the main thing the NASA controlled world bankers do NOT want you to know about is this fact ... thus my success at pointing out the recent oceans on mars had to be side swiped so they sent in their paid liar Michael Mumma to steal my material and twist it into a "billions of years ago" lie ... part of the ongoing fairy tale science for the public program at "Science at NASA" ... the photo below shows the heavily cratered shoreline and highlands adjacent to the ocena area completely devoid of cratering ... jim mccanney

P.S. see more on this on my Pictures of the Day sub-page (link below) AND on the specially created sub-page (link in the left hand column of my home page "Mars had recent vast oceans" ... it was this where NASA got the idea to steal my material because i have been so successful in presenting my material to the public ...  

see my weather book "Principia Meteorologia - The Physics of Sun Earth Weather" dealing with Mars for more details ... in that book is presented 8 high definition plates of the entire surface of the planet mars with explanation of the oceans on mars and their recent status ... LONG before NASA ever thought of pointing a telescope at mars ... jim mccanney