welcome ... you can have your own GOLD retail business in about an hour ...   


karatbars are spendable gold in 1, 2.5 and 5 gram amounts ... not like regular gold coins which you put in a box and hope no one steals it ... each karatbar is certified by the London Bouillon Market Association LBMA and sealed in various forms ... it is the currency of the future ... kiosks are being planned for all over the USA and it can be changed to currencies in over 120 countries ... karatbars are sold in grams so this is a small denomination that ANYONE can purchase ... you can trade your worthless fiat paper money for real gold ... many businesses will be taking karatbars for purchase of products ... karatbars are available in all sorts of gift formats AND you can have any logo or photo printed on personalized, gift, occasion or business promo karatbars ... you can either purchase directly OR start a profitable gold retail business ... you will receive a complete marketing training and management program to make managing your business a breeze ... follow the instructions below to join and begin your very own gold business today ... jim mccanney 

Please follow the steps below to complete your free registration as a Karatbars Affiliate, purchase your affiliate "Package" and upload your two KYC (Know Your Customer) documents.  Start with the one time fee "Package" you are financially comfortable … Bronze (about $120 US) … Silver (about $350 US) ... Gold (about $650 US) or VIP (about $1900 US).  Although you can upgrade at any point in the future, your one time initial investment will soon pay for itself (the higher packages pay higher commissions) so sign up at the highest level that you are comfortable to start earning the highest level commissions.  If you sign up at the VIP level, by signing up just 5 people at the VIP below you your entire $1900 will be paid for plus you will have many bonuses and many grams of gold AND be on the road to earning the highest commissions.  If you sign up a family member below you, you will both get points for all the sales and purchases below you.  It is a way to gain additional discounts for your own gold purchases. 
You can specify a beneficiary so be sure to fill in a loved one. As soon as you are signed up with your Package we will coach you to start doing the business and making commissions immediately.  You can do the KYC upload process after that at any time (see below for details).

Click on the following link to open your free no obligation karatbars account … (open in new tab so you can refer back to this page)

1. In the left hand side center page click on "Become an Affiliate".
2. Fill out the Sponsor Form that will show "profjmccanney".  Create your User name and password being careful to insert small letters, numbers, and capitals where instructed.  Write it down carefully and save ... click continue to the second page.

Open the following in your browser in a new tab (so you can refer back to this page for instructions) www.karatbars.com and click on Login.  Enter your user name and password.  Now click on "Products" ... scroll down to "Packages".  Choose Bronze, Silver, Gold or VIP. Thought # 1 -  when I signed up for karatbars I signed as a "Silver" Affiliate ... I then earned enough to pay for my application and I am then spent more of my money to become a VIP Affiliate ... if I would have signed up initially as a VIP ... with the increased residuals and commissions I would have already paid for the VIP application ... earning higher commissions for all future sales ... you will soon pay off your initial application ... remember that if you join at the VIP level with just 5 VIPs signing up below you the 20% commission will pay for your VIP one time initiation fee … it only takes 5  to get you moving to the highest level of profit ... my advice is to enter at a highest level with which you are comfortable as you will soon pay it off and earn higher commissions forever and it is the ONLY fee you will ever pay for your lifetime membership (you do NOT have to make any monthly purchases).  As soon as you complete this purchase you will be able to start your business signing up others and earning commissions.  Note: the cost of each program updates daily according to the current price of gold and the foreign exchange rate. Call your credit card company and let them know you are about to make an overseas purchase of the amount shown in the name of  "Karatbars International" "FHT CHENGD WANXI" as listed on the karatbars page.  It is best to be on the phone with your card company (call the number on the rear of the card) as you make the purchase to make sure it goes through.  This is a foreign purchase so your card company will block it if you do not authorize it (again this is for your protection).  Continue to checkout being careful to check all appropriate boxes.  For your first order pay the extra $18.00 to have your package shipped to your address.  The real karatbar will be shipped to your address with other bonus cards ... your best sales tool will be a real karatbar to show people.  They will be impressed and make your sale a LOT easier.  Complete your purchase ... stay on the line with your credit card company until they see the charge go through and is accepted.
3. Get out your Drivers License (or other government issued picture ID) and a Utility bill that was mailed to your address your name and address on it.  Continue to fill out your address (has to be a street address … no PO Boxes … this is where the Fed Ex packages will be sent with your karatbars deliveries which MUST CORRESPOND EXACTLY with the utility bill or other verification in the KYC part of the application as described below) (your phone number should NOT have any spaces even after the +1) and then click on REGISTER.   SUCCESS ... you are about half way done!!

4. Log in to your new account (click "login" at the top of the page and login using your new user ID and password) .  Try to complete as much of this process as you can but if you have a problem email your upline sponsor for help.  Click on the KYC button (left column).  Read the instructions.  Near the bottom of the KYC page (using the BROWSE button from your smart phone or computer) upload your two KYC (Know Your Customer) documents as instructed on the website, being careful to upload your picture ID (driver’s or similar) and Utility Bill, Bank Statement or other statement with your address. These are two separate files (DO NOT combine in one file).  NOTE: Smart phone pictures can be uploaded directly to KYC or transferred to your computer directly or via an email … also note you cannot send computer bills … you HAVE to scan (or photo with your phone) the entire PAPER bill that comes in the mail to your physical address showing ALL 4 CORNERS OF THE STATEMENT and make sure the copy or photo is in COLOR and IN FOCUS … no envelopes allowed ... it has to be a bill or bank statement or similar document showing your address with your name ... upload your photo ID and BILL which clearly shows your address (where your karatbars will be shipped to) in two separate files (can be pdf or any of the allowed picture formats like jpg etc as noted on the karatbars.com web page directions).  The ID address does not have to be the same address as on the bill BUT the bill has to be the EXACT same as the address in your karatbars registration and must be available for Fed Ex deliveries.  After uploading you will see a note saying you have successfully uploaded your KYC documents.  Log out of your account and wait for an email telling your doc's were accepted.  If rejected reread the above directions OR contact your upline sponsor for help.  Then reload the correct documents and proceed.  This is done for your safety to prevent fraudulent applications and will protect you as you develop your downline group. 
5. Wait for your email verification that your KYC documents were approved.  This usually takes only a few hours but can take up to a few days (check your spam filter !!! make sure any karatbars emails can get through).  NOTE many people fail the first time applying for KYC because they do not follow the rules exactly.  If you fail call your sponsor for help if after reviewing the rules you do not understand why.

6. Congratulations!  You are ready to sign up your own customers the exact same way! You will receive an email verifying your application.  You will receive an email with your karatbars web pages for customer purchases and most importantly the page where people will sign up under your User ID. You will receive emails for each person that signs up under you and for activity on your account.  I will also email and contact you on how to proceed to meet your personal goals with karatbars. 

BEFORE showing people the opportunity read the information you will receive from you upline sponsor to make sure your new business associates sign up under YOU at karatbars so you receive the commissions from the people you introduce to the business.

6B. My recommendation on selling ... we will provide you with a stock email ... when you talk to people about karatbars get their information including email address and phone number (the only reason for the phone number is if your stock email does not go through you have a way to contact them) ... you will then email them a standard email (your sponsor will provide to you) with the clickable URL that goes directly to YOUR PERSONAL karatbars sign up page.  This assures everyone you contact will sign up under you.  DO NOT SEND THEM TO YOUTUBE VIDEOS OR THE KARATBARS PAGE since they will end up signing under someone else.  Send your email to each person RIGHT AWAY.  As soon as they complete the initial sign up you will get an email from karatbars.  You immediately send them the second email (your sponsor will provide to you) to your new affiliate to determine their goals and help them finish the sign up process including purchasing a Package and completing their KYC document upload.  Plan to call each and every one personally.  Continue to sign people directly below you and have them meet their goals of acquiring gold on a regular basis.  Have them duplicate the process by signing up people below them (using the same emails and marketing methods) and be there to help every step of the way.  Contact your upline for help THEY ARE ALL MORE THAN WILLING TO HELP YOU SUCCEED.  We want much of this process simplified and automated so you can spend your time coaching people to succeed.  It's simple.  Sign up people.  Help them complete the application process.  Get them started buying gold (auto-purchase is best).  Duplicate the process again and again.  Watch your business grow.  Use this same information to pass on to those in your entire downline group.  As soon as you are finished signing up you will get information on how to operate your business. 
7.  Here is the signup URL for you to use to sign up your contacts using your own User ID (put your karatbars user name in at the end in place of "yourusername":


9. Recommended: purchase a monthly or weekly auto gold savings, this is your "portfolio" for gold savings.
Go to your “Purchase Products” and sign up for auto purchase and start earning more ... you can do ANY monetary amount you want ... like $100.00 per week or per month ($50.00 minimum) ... since karatbars can be "partial value" you can invest any amount you like ... i invested a chunk of $$ to start and then a monthly amount that i will increase as my karatbars business grows!  I also receive an "auto-purchase" out of my monthly commission which is part of the Kbars program.  After I accumulate enough to warrant a shipment I have it Fed Ex'd to my address.  Recommend the following formula for initial investment converting excess currency into karatbars.  I personally recommend that people with excess currency in savings invest 30% of their cash holdings (the money they have in the bank not being used for immediate bills or other planned expenses) to karatbars.  If the fiat money goes south ... the 30% karatbars gold value will go through the roof and they will not lose their total asset value.  If they do not do this and the currency folds, they will lose ALL of their savings.  Gold is a way to save some of their savings.  

NOW let’s get serious !!! you can spend LOTS of time researching and calculating your future commissions and spend LOTS of time listening to lessons … my advice … start talking to people and signing them up … and teach them how to sign others and encourage them to convert some of their cash assets and actively start buying gold on a weekly or monthly basis … do you want to learn about saving gold and making money ??? or do you want to save gold and make money ??? karatbars are unique in that you have just one thing to sell … karatbars (in its many styles) … this is not like selling cosmetics or shampoos or lines of complex natural supplements or something … you have one thing to sell … GOLD … no one needs to be educated about that … did you ever imagine you would have your own gold business ??? well now you do … let me know how I can help you !!!  there is a brief "blog" below where i answer questions ... take a minute and read that ... it will help you get started ... BASICALLY you 1) talk to people in daily conversation ... 2) determine which people are interested by asking simple questions (like "are you worried about your retirement ? " or "do you have a savings program that is guaranteed in the future ? " ) and 3) work with those who are naturally interested ... YOU SHOULD NOT TRY TO "SELL" Karatbars ... on average one in every 5 people will be interested so don't waste your time on the 4 not interested 


here is an excerpt from the jmccanneyscience august 20, 2015 radio show dealing with karatbars ... listen and learn ... KaratBars 101 Intro 08202015.mp3


About Karatbars ...

here are some benefits ... 1) you do not have to stock the gold you sell (karatbars sends the products directly to your customers) ... 2) you can join and make money without any investment at all ... if you make an initial investment (between $120 to $1900 US - ONE TIME - "Package" application fee) that is comfortable for you will make additional commissions based on your "Package" level ... there are no monthly minimums or other regular fees you are a member for life ... 3) you have others sign up below you and they sign up people below them and you receive commissions on all of their sales ... if you chose to invest in a "Package" to expand your compensation potential your initial investment will pay for itself quickly ... karatbars are a spendable form of gold in affordable one or 2.5 or 5 gram cards - coins and now paper bills with the gold imbedded ... simply put ... it is a way to invest some of your cash into gold and make money at the same time ... by signing up typically less than 10 people you can pay for your "Package" ...  usually within your first month ... commissions are based on a 7 layer marketing compensation plan that accelerates as you grow ... you can upgrade at any time to a higher commission "Package" ... i encourage people to sign up at the highest level that is comfortable for you ... since your higher commissions will quickly pay for your "Package" ... then you will earn higher commission levels forever ... you also can name a beneficiary ... if you sign up family members you all receive commissions ... you are paid based on 2 types of commission ... when you sign someone directly under you and they purchase one of the "Packages" ... karatbars pays commissions based on your level (5% - 10% - 15% or 20% of the "Package" cost if you are a "Bronze" - Silver" - "Gold" or "VIP" level respectively) ... this gives you a nice initial boost when you sign someone directly below you and they purchase a "Package" ... additionally all products sold to people directly below you earn "points" (one point = 2 Euros) ... your "Uni-Level" commission is paid on your percentage sales of "Packages" AND accumulated points ... so you will want to continually seek new people to sign up directly under you (this is your horizontal growth) ... those below you will sign up others who will sign up others etc (this is your vertical long term income growth) ... the second commission is long term and covers all people horizontal and vertical in your downline group ... it is paid based on a generous "units" system ... all karatbars products (including affiliate "Packages" and gold products) are assigned a "unit" value ... for all products purchased in your downline group (EVERYONE below you) including "Packages" and gold of ALL people below you (no limit) you accumulate "units" ... your "Dual Layer" commission is based on your "Package" level (the higher price "packages" pay higher commission) and number of "units" that you accumulate ... payouts occur on daily, weekly and monthly basis depending on your "point" and "units" earnings which translate into $$$$ which you can take in the form of either Money or Gold or both ... you can have the gold sent directly to you OR you can store it FOR FREE as long as you want in the secure karatbars vault until you accumulate enough to ship OR you can store some along with your cash earnings in your karatbars MasterCard debit card account to spend anywhere VISA Mastercard are accepted worldwide ... this is why you want to be at the highest "Package" level possible as you will earn more for the number of accumulated points ... plus ... the more you sell the higher your commission % ... this is a long term business for people who want to invest in gold and help others meet their investment goals ... your downline can be located anywhere in the world ... this is a world wide business ... karatbars registered in 2011 as an international business and is growing rapidly in over 120 countries with over 250,000 affiliates and growing daily ... you can be part of the exponential growth 

listener writes:   the markup over spot gold coins is quite high, I'll have to think about the actual value I am getting vs just buying gold coins plus the $18.00 shipping charge seems high for a gram of gold 

(these are common misconceptions of people looking at karatbars for the first time).

My Response ... based on current $36.00 US per gram of gold "spot" price

note the buy back price at kbars is $42.00 not $32.00 (based on $36.00 per gram "spot" price") ... this is not junk store gold ... it is 999.9 pure gold and registered each piece with the London Bullion Market Association LMBA ... just the application takes over 4 years ... they monitor all stages of karatbars gold manufacturing to shipping so you are guaranteed real 24 pure gold ... not something anyone else does ... this is not regular gold ... not apples to apples ... I have found that in foreign countries they do not accept gold from the USA ... little known fact ... try to take a 24 carat gold wedding ring from the USA to any dealer in a foreign country ... they will not even take it because it would pollute their gold base ... it is not 24 carat gold ... ask your local dealer if they have an independent INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNIZED agency certifying their gold ... also you cannot put the shipping price on one gram of gold ... NO ONE in their right mind would buy one gram and ship one at a time ... karatbars will store your gold for free as long as you want and then you accumulate and ship when you want ... ask your gold dealer if they will store your gold for free ... do not be fooled by the "spot" price it has nothing to do with the real price you will pay at a shop ... I have found that the "free shipping" advertised by gold dealers is for large purchases ... their shipping and handling charges are more than the $18 you pay at karatbars which comes all the way from Germany guaranteed secure delivery by Fed Ex ... try to buy a gram of gold from your local gold dealer and see what happens ... then there is their buy back price plus the 1099 that comes with it ... when you buy gold from a dealer you also fill out where you live and they send that to the government ... so the gov knows where you live and how much you have ... karatbars does not take your social sec # ... the gold dealers do ... call your dealer here and ask them if you can sell their gold and get a commission ... watch the angry blank stares ... regular gold is not spendable or usable unless you take it back to the vendor and trade it back for the same fiat money you got rid of to buy it so in a sense in emergency it will be worthless unless you can find someone willing to give you "money" which no one will do (they are not obliged to buy back your gold ... ask them that too) ... karatbars are spendable in over 120 countries or wherever VISA or MasterCard are taken ... when you are in the karatbars program the gold costs less with discounts and incentives and other ways to buy it ... NO ONE in karatbars pays this one gram full price PLUS you are in a process of getting commission for all people under you in your effort ... so far I have earned gold ... lots of it ... and have made money ... my gold has been free ... there is NO comparison ... looking at one gram of gold is soooo deceptive it isn't funny ... the internet "scam" busters are really fronts for the standard gold industry that is running scared because their monopoly is threatened ... look at the bottom of their scam buster pages and you will see the ads for the gold realtors ... they pay google to place their ads at the top of the search engine lists ... the biggest rush to karatbars is by these people ... behind the scenes they have joined karatbars ALL OF THEM ... and finally ... understand how karatbars really works ... one buys gold on a regular basis ... it is a gold accumulation program ... but ask the people who work in karatbars ... they buy their gold out of their commissions so they do not pay anything for their gold ... karatbars is spendable gold taken in over 120 countries PLUS you get a Master Card debit card that allows you to spend either your earnings OR your karatbars anywhere VISA MasterCard are taken ... it has potential to earn serious income ... because now the average person can invest in gold ... real gold ... and save it ... and help others to do the same ... and make money at the same time ... I do not plan on spending my karatbars but plan on saving them ... i am spending the nice commissions I am getting for working the program ... now does that help ??? hope so ... jim mccanney

listener writes:  i just joined karatbars what do i do now ?

My answer ... As soon as you sign up we will send you all the information you need to buy gold at discount prices (and how to get your gold for free like i do) and operate your business ...  you will learn how to complete your application and join as an Affiliate at the Bronze or Silver or Gold or VIP level and then complete your KYC document upload ... you will receive your own internet sales page from karatbars where you can sell gold and a second web page where you can invite others to join below you to create a "downline" ... your "downline group" will be able to do the same with all these people below you ... you will make commissions from all activity that takes place in your "downline" ... talk to people who have an investment portfolio ... suggest they invest in karatbars as one of their regular portfolio investments ... as it grows they will start to see the value in "spendable gold" currency and will invest more ... they will sign up others just by talking about it to others ... it sells itself ... they will join karatbars as an "Affiliate" and purchase a "Package" since they will realize that they can not only get their gold for free but be high up in the chain of selling for a business that everyone will use ... encourage them to join at the highest Affiliate level they can comfortably afford since the higher percentage commissions will pay for their initial up front investment with the higher priced initial fee .. do not worry too much about the initial fee it pays for itself quickly and your future commissions will be based on your "level"  ... karatbars ... imagine if you could have been an original investor in PAYPAL for example making a commission off everyone who made a paypal purchase ... karatbars is in its infancy .. it is the future ... currency the way it should have been all along ... with the gold value right in the notes (cards or coins) ... certified 99.9999% pure by the London Bullion Market Association LBMA who monitors and certifies the gold ... you can be part of it ... it is simple ... you sign people up ... they purchase gold ... on a regular basis ... it is part of their portfolio ... they sell gold to others ... network marketing ... and you all benefit ... in an exponential growth business ... the start seems slow and many lose interest but KEEP YOU SIGHTS ON THE FUTURE ... in one year ... two years ... 10 years ... do the following if you do not understand the concept ... take the number 2 in your calculator ... multiply by 2 ... multiply again by 2 ... not very impressive ... now do it 12 times ... ... that is 4096 ... that is 12 months or one year where you sing up 2 people and next month they sign up just 2 new people and everyone doubles every month ... multiply that number by $153.00 ... that is $626,688.00 ... the $153 is approximately what you will make per month off one new person in your downline who buys 2 grams of gold if you are at the Gold affiliate level ... each person signs up another 2 person the next month and each purchases just 2 grams of gold ... the 4096 is the number of people in your 2 x 2 x 2 etc monthly exponential growth downline after 12 months ... the $626,688 is what you will be making PER MONTH (if you are at the GOLD affiliate level) as the process continues ... but the first month you will only make about $300 off 2 people ... so sign up more if you can to get a faster start ... IT IS CALLED NETWORK MARKETING ... now you will be near getting a free mercedes benz ... are you ready ??? do you want your own business and get your gold for free plus make a nice profit ??? regular gold sets in your safe with your address in the government office so when the collapse happens they know exactly where you have it ... and worth no more than the day you bought it after the 2 way fees ... OR do you want your own gold retail business ??? with exponential income growth potential ??? at minimum try this out ... weather the first few months that seem "slow" until the exponential growth kicks in ... then you will be kicking yourself for not moving faster in the beginning !!! jim mccanney


listener asks:   what are some common pitfalls of selling karatbars ???

My Response ... many people show to their spouse or other family members ... traditionally this is where you will get the most negative feedback ... just try the following ... go to the same people and tell them you are going to start going to the gym and want to have a "6 pack" ... you will get the same negative response ... the reality is that few people step outside their "comfort zone" and if someone decides to make a major step out of their usual pattern ... the negative responses are there by the bushel full !!! so talk to people you know who are "investors" with portfolios of diverse investments ... talk to people who understand what fiat money is and why it is about to collapse ... many people still somehow have faith in the USA banking system or their 401K or other traditional investments which literally are PONSI schemes ... they have not witnessed what has happened in other countries like Greece or Iceland where people have lost all their bank savings over night ... if someone understands what is really going on in the world and have to change from fiat worthless paper "money" into something like karatbars ... it is a no brainer ... do not waste time on people who do not take action ... many will talk the talk but not so many will walk the walk ... if you have to "sell" karatbars you are talking to the wrong people ... it sells itself ... those who understand will not let you get the first sentence out until they are demanding that you sign them up ... those are the people who you want on your side ... the go getters ... the people who want a second income ... the people who want to help others ... jim mccanney