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how can the single picture above disprove the 4 main "axioms" of modern astronomy ? study my work to find out ... jim mccanney

How to Study From This Page

This web page has now over 6 GygaBytes of information plus all the print books, eBooks, CDs, DVDs, Posters, eDownloadable educational productions as well as special unique products like the Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock.  Then there are over 15 years (and counting) of my commercial free radio shows.  One woman listened to one show per day for what she called the best education of her life.  It took her 2 years and 2 months to complete.  

If you read all of the books, listened to the CDs, watched the DVDs,  studied the posters and listened to the radio shows, you would be at the introductory level of understanding my work.  That is why I am releasing the 20 DVD University level Astronomy Astrophysics Space Science Course series to take people to the next level.  This still does not include a good deal of work going on in the background.

This web page is not a quick sound byte page nor one that repeats catch phrases over and over again.  If you are here for a quick "summary" you are in the wrong place.  This page and related material has a serious amount of content inter-relating in a consistent manner the many aspects of the cosmos based on my work ... presented in a manner understandable by the lay person as well as people with high levels of "education".  Everyone has to learn at their own pace.  But what I have found is that those with the most "education" are those most adverse to changing their long held belief systems.  Do not expect to mix your old ideas with what you find here.

But why would you spend a lot of time learning about the Electric Universe (a term I coined to represent my work and which unfortunately has been copied by countless internet quacks).  It is a complex topic and the electrical nature does not manifest itself easily.  It is ever present but very subtle.  Most people including so called plasma physicists really do not understand this.  Simply put ... electrical and magnetic effects are shielded both on our planet and in outer space.  So you have to know where to look and what to look for.  However, what is more important for the average person is how this affects your daily lives.  You will learn that here.

You have to understand that there are many levels of science.  What are presented to you are Tiers 2, 3, and 4 fairy tale science pawned off on the public.  Tier 1 science is the science you never see.  That is what you will learn on this page.  But also you will learn about the forces behind science and who owns and controls science as well as scientists.  In general, those "scholars" in Tiers 2, 3 and 4 have no idea that there is an entire layer of science above them of which they know nothing.  

Start by reading my books (in the order published OR "The Diamond Principle" is a good book to start with since it summarizes earlier books and analyses today's complex world with eyes from the future).  Then return and read the books to gain understanding.  Continue to the CDs DVDs Posters eDownloads etc (available only on this web page individually or in economical complete library packages) and listen to my free weekly commercial free radio show live or via the archive sub-page.  Follow the links to sub-pages.  Once the first door is opened you will start to understand that the world as presented to you is totally askew and distorted.  Step into a different reality and spend some time on an ongoing basis.  

Lastly ... I explain things so you will understand them.  From my decades of University level teaching as well as countless radio shows and public lectures I have learned how to bring complex topics to many levels of people.  Do not believe what people tell you just because they stand behind rows and columns of PhDs and a standard partly line.  They have to protect their holy grail and ultimately their government funding and pay checks.  

I fund my own work and never have or will take government funding.  I have worked on the inside and have published peer reviewed papers and taught at the best university in the world as an independent scientist.  Because of this there are many paid disinformation trolls that follow me and try to disrupt my information flow also promoting people who would steal my work and distort it.  Their all out effort to destroy my message is a tribute to my success at reaching you the public (I take it as a compliment plus they inadvertently send many new people to my web page and teachings).  I have always worked alone ... follow my path to understanding.

Follow the link below to the secure web ordering sub-page ... I recommend purchasing the book CD DVD  library packages which cost the same as a few of the books CDs DVDs purchased separately ... while you are there consider purchasing my name branded water filter products for your kitchen which also to be used for camping, traveling or in case of emergency.  Also consider unique to this page products like the Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock.  You receive products and information you will not find any other place in the universe and help support my ongoing work and commercial free radio show.  

Thank You ... jim mccanney


the following was surgically removed from my web page ... here it is again ... we will be watching more closely in the future

who invented and brought into vogue the term "Electric Universe" ... and when ??? here is my 1981 publication "The Nature and Origin of Comets and the Evolution of Celestial Bodies" ... from my peer reviewed 3 part comet paper (reprinted as an appendix in my book "Planet X Comets and Earth Changes") ... "Since Scientists Confront Velikovsky (30) and the 1974 AAAS Velikovsky trial, more cosmological data has been gathered than had been accumulated in the previous 300 years. A catastrophic band wagon has been formed in astronomy, geology, evolutionary biology, and related fields, but with no credit given to Velikovsky. Has data and observation pointed towards an "Electrical Universe", epochs of celestial catastrophes affecting Earth, etc.? Let the reader decide. Velikovsky's main difficulty was that of a man far ahead of his time in a world of academic elitism. He disagreed with the "experts" who used their resources to label him a crackpot." ... i then used this term as i continued presenting my material to the public and at scientific meetings such as my invited lecture at Los Alamos National Laboratories to 50 of the countries top plasma physicists (talk entitled ... "Are Comets Really Dirty Snowballs" 1984) and many American Geophysical Union meetings where i directly confronted NASA and other space scientists using space probe data to defend my position ... my work has been published in peer reviewed astrophysics journals ... jim mccanney 

P.S. a bunch of recent internet nut case government supported johny come latelies who have no degrees or history are trying to steal this term ... and my work ... but i have a paper trail ... they have nothing but fabrications

here is your birthright ... the stars ... every day the Vatican Rothschild international banking mafia and their minions rob you of this right along with tons of other inalienable rights ... inalienable rights are rights you were born with and NO ONE can rescind or take away ... unless you let them ... they do it at the point of a gun and their illegal earth court systems and implanted infiltrated governments and the corporations and people who suck off its many financial mammary glands ... taxation - eternal never ending war - chaos and conflict between nations - interest on "loans" of phony worthless money and last but certainly not least the CIA whose job it is to maintain the chaos ... once again ... this picture shows your birthright ... the stars ... go for it !!!! every day ... jim mccanney


The history of money control starts in pre-history.    The rule book was written long ago.  Everything happening today has happened many times before.  Monetary control requires control of what I call SCEPTER.    Imagine the Rothschild (Red Shield of the world wide Vatican Banking Empire) Royal Throne with the Pope (representing the Vatican) behind and the kingly scepter in hand with the point stuck into a bleeding world and tentacles coming out of the base of the throne surrounding the earth.   This is the modern reality that is driven by the WAR  LOANS WITH INTEREST  TAXATION cycle operating since the middle ages and whose history goes back thousands of years to ancient Babylon and its secret cult orders.  Those in power require continual chaos and diversions to keep the masses at bay.  The leaders of countries know that if they step out of line a simple shift in support will bring their demise.  In the midst of ALL in today's complex world is the CIA which is the information gathering core and secret enforcement police force of the Rothschild Banking empire (housed in the United States), leaving a path of destruction and chaos necessary for the World Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund) world-wide program of control.  The CIA fixes elections, assassinates political and social leaders, creates and supports terrorist groups, creates financial "situations" for international corporations to take control of natural recourses, operates the media with extensive disinformation programs and undermines any effort for locals to control their future, but most of all ... maintains the monetary systems in compliance with the one world banking system.  The SCEPTER  of control is and has always been based on the control of the SCEPTER bullets.

Science  Communications  Engineering  Press (Media)  Technology  Education  Resources

Note that ALL of these control elements feature layers of information flow.  Tier 1 layer information goes up from controlled workers to the top of the chain of command (you never see this layer).   The simple rule is if you see their names or faces, they are not at the top or in Tier 1  they are pawns usually ego controlled or by personal gain.   Tier 2 is the layer meant for visible top leaders in SCEPTER which leads to Tier 3 the information propagated to the general populous (the visible leaders are controlled by handlers and have no view of the Tier 1 layer above them).  This is where massive disinformation engines operate continually.   Tier 4 is populated with scholars, glossy magazines, the History Channel, National Geographic, etc ., etc. who repeat what they are told which I call text book geniuses or text book repeaters the so called experts.   This is why in Education literally everything you are taught is completely askew and wrong.   There is nothing "educational" about it.  You are taught to be person in a box that takes orders and a body of knowledge that could not possibly be true.  What I call Flat Earth or Tier 2 Fairy Tale Science.  Modern communications control is all encompassing with newly added features such as Google, Wikipedia, Social Media and internet control. 

The myth of economic cycles is central to the extraction of wealth from a working populous.   Economic Collapses are controlled planned events to periodically rob the populous of their years of hard labor.  Numerology, Cult Worship, Astrology and other ancient rituals are used to plan dates for these social engineering events.  Slavery takes many forms.   The controllers are extremely paranoid since their power rests on a very frail deck of stacked cards.   Keeping the man behind the curtain from the public requires constant vigilance.  Enter the insane world we live in today.   Remember that the ancient texts specifically outlaw all the actions of SCEPTER, however through control of information the people have lost touch of their true history and thus history repeats itself.  Controlled leadership prevents the populous from reaching their birthright on this planet and ultimately their pursuit amongst the stars.  The proof of SCEPTER comes from the fact that the very top interest of the Vatican is not your eternal soul but technology and SCIENCE especially Astronomy Space Science and Astrophysics.   Only by breaking and completely destroying the people, institutions and SCEPTER control can there be a future for our children and the human race.   It must be completely destroyed and never allowed to return. 

This web page is dedicated to breaking the SCEPTER and bringing real world solutions to replace it. 

James McCanney

A super interview took place an interview with Randy Maugans on Off Planet TV ... a must watch (2 hours)


this is a pic i drew while waiting in the offices of a venture capital group in Los Angeles in 1982 (click on the pic for full screen view) ... the meeting was with aerospace and military physicists, businessmen from an international banking investment firm, and other interested parties ... i was presenting one of my electromagnetic propulsion systems and "gyro-stabilized" re-entry vehicle ... you can see one of my peer review journal publications in IEEE reprinted in a chapter of my book "Atlantis to Tesla - The Kolbrin Connection" ... that paper was the result of a talk i presented at the 19th International Electric Propulsion Conference held in Colorado Springs (a military annual closed door invitation only conference) ... i thought some might enjoy the "artwork" ... i was distanced from my project when i told them i did not want my inventions used to deliver nuclear weapons ... jim mccanney 

PS any time you see the space shuttle or a rocket go off "advancing us into space" realize that is the smoke screen designed to keep you the public from thinking about ever going into space or that space travel for the average person will ever occur in your life time ... "alternative" methods of going into and returning from outer space have been around for decades AND are being used ... but not for you the general public 

No Sponsors - No commercials - No pay for "newsletters"  - No gov spooks handing me money under the table ... No one paying me to publish my books CDs DVDs etc ... No ads plastered all over my web page or filling up my precious radio show air time ... yes ALL FREE ... i pay for all this out of my own pocket ... if you would like to help support my work and help with the monthly expenses  and in return i promise to only discuss science on my show (minimal talk on my water filters and no political commentary ... just high level science) ... here is how you can help me keep this venue ... order water filter products or items from my library of books CDs DVDs (not on scamazon i do not sell there) and specialty items you will only find on my sales page such as the Re-Calendar Star Clock OR the Chemical/Radiation/Oil Pre-Filter (fits any gravity water filter) ... another way to contribute is when you purchase books in eBook format order 2 or more OR buy products and send to friends and loved ones ... the money will go towards my radio and related expenses ... click here --->  SECURE WEB ORDERING SUB-PAGE LINK  

"McCanney" does not exist.   Quote from Wikipedia ... according to wikipedia i do not exist ... good humor for the uneducated masses ... even though a page once existed with outrageous negative trash and lies ... the end effect was sending thousands of people to my web page where they became faithful listeners and students of my work ... so now they have removed that page and state simply that i do not exist ... jim mccanney

go here and read ... this i presented as one of the additional materials with my december 29, 2016 Paid Cast but everyone should see this ... a discovery i made in 1998 and had already done the theoretical explanation nearly 20 years earlier ... this is a Nobel Prize winning discovery ... but look at what happens ... click here -->   CosmicRaysFromTheSunTMG1998.htm

Announcement of Death ... the term i created in 1979 "Electric Universe" and used and developed long before (minimally 25 years) ... before any of the johny come lately internet imposters... yes the term "Electric Universe" has been thoroughly stomped on and misrepresented until it finally has died ... the handlers of the imposters have succeeded in completely destroying any meaning to this term ... and the entire purpose of this effort was to do what they always do ... take an entity ... redefine it ... bring in the replacement nut cases ... and finally place them as the representatives ... to completely obfuscate the original source ... the internet is full of internet information pirates ... opportunists that take and then claim "30 years of research" ... that is ... in grandma's basement ... but there is a solution ... return here to find out what it is ... jim mccanney

Posting Date October 13, 2017 10:22 CT ... NEWS ALERT (see copyright notice at end ... this notice is copyrighted) ... La Palma in the Canary Islands west of Africa has reported large numbers of earth quakes in the past 2 days ... based on this report there is a serious threat of underwater land slides that could potentially produce tsunamis including mega tsunamis that could cross the Atlantic Ocean in as little as 6 hours and threaten the coastal and inner coastal regions of Canada, the USA from Maine to Florida as well as the Caribbean islands and Atlantic coastal regions of Mexico, Central America and South America ... also included in the potential path of the tsunamis are coastal areas of Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, England, Northern Europe, Spain and Northwestern Africa with the warning times being far less than 6 hours ... The authorities that govern these areas should evaluate this as serious threat and begin coastal and inner coastal evacuation planning starting with the inner regions to prevent traffic clogging as occurred in the recent Florida Hurricane Irma evacuation ... the geological record indicates that past tsunamis have reached as far inland as central Pennsylvania so the inner coastal danger zone could reach as far as one hundred kilometers or more from the actual coast line ... since standard science has not recognized this I encourage the responsible government offices to act without requesting information from the government agencies that would normally be expected to be knowledgeable about natural disasters ... COPYRIGHT NOTICE ... this message cannot be copied, combined with other text, altered or transcribed to any other medium NOR PLACED ON YOUTUBE OR SOCIAL MEDIA without express written permission from James McCanney Copyright 2017 ... if you wish to refer people to this message send the link to www.thelibertyman.com OR www.jmccsci.com

WARNING ... i do not post on youtube or any other web page ... no one has authorization to use my name or quote me ... once again the disinfo crew has cut and pasted my voice from old shows making it sound like i am saying a planet X object is coming into the solar system along with other nonsense ... this is a total fabrication ... my fans have posted disclaimers in blog notes only to find their notes have been surgically removed ... buyer beware ... youtube is a bastion of FAKE SCIENCE BS ... jim mccanney ... PS since i made this posting more and more completely false planet X "dire announcements" have surfaced ... buyer beware the internet is being flooded with false planet x announcements that have no content at all ... my very first Paid Cast episode from August 2016 tells you how to determine if the announcements you see are fake ... 99.99% of them are all fake  

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below is an artist conception of the Myth of Sisyphus ... listen to my August 17, 2017 commercial free radio show for details ... and i will keep this pic up to remind you of my new book release where this is the "parable" you should think of as you prepare to read this great new topic

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The Solar System Sun-Earth Connection - Space & Earth Weather

The Induced Electric Dipole Red Shift - The Real Reason Why Our Universe is NOT Expanding

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Weather and Climate Engineering

Infiltration of the Geo-Engineering Climate Change "movement"

Ecuador Earth Quakes and Rods from God nuclear weapons

Election Fraud Mathematical Analysis 

the above is a very partial list of topics and ongoing research 

Every web page that emerges such as this web page that brings you a step closer to the truth is immediately duplicated by the FBI CIA NSA etc.  Their favorite trick is impersonation and deception as a form of destroying the messages of well meaning people.  They copy the message, many times using similar web page names and terms but twisting the message into totally divergent distortions and leaving out important results that they do not want you to think about.   How do you tell which pages are real and which are "supported" imposters?  It is actually quite simple.  Simply look for extensive well polished web pages with staffs of people who work daily and the evident government support such as pictures every day coming from internal NASA files or other government agencies, directly supporting the web pages that allegedly are "fighting" for "truth and justice".  Look for people and pages claiming "30 years of research" that were only formed in the last few years with no physical history.   Look for people claiming to be degreed professionals but with no degrees or credentials of any kind (when you ask for them they fade into the woodwork like cockroaches when the lights come on).  Look for lavish hotel meetings with few showing up.  Who is paying for all of this impersonation?  The FBI CIA NSA fund such groups under the table and revel in promoting no names who need an ego rush but who otherwise would never get out of grandma's basement.  Look for "no physical means of support" for the staff and lavish web pages and supporting pages.  Real people do not have such luxuries.  These are the imposter pages who take the truth and twist it for public consumption.  They then use these people and their web pages as an "opposing" side of a dialectic so they can ignore the real people doing real work.

People many times ask my opinion of "creationism" vs. "science of evolution" ... my reply ... in the scientific strict sense ... neither creation nor evolution can prove their case ... in spite of convincing arguments on both sides ... all ultimately relies on speculation since no one we know was there (by definition) when the initial moments happened ... my motto is ... if you cannot prove it then don't bother saying it in public ... we can produce science such as measuring the charge on an electron ... repeatable experiments that both you and i can perform and see the results but that is not available when it comes to the "origin of life" ... no one was there to observe it (at least no one we know) ... if you want to invoke the bible and faith then that leaves science out of it with observable evidence since no one was around to witness all this ... so if "faith" is your source, then say this and all the "supporting arguments" can be left unsaid ... the plight of mortal beings ... oddly enough the same is true of evolutionary claims by "science" since the scientists likewise were not there to directly observe any origins ... even when we look back in time in the cosmos we do not have a view of biological creation and even cosmological theories are just that ... belief systems that have grown out of interpretations of data ... so in spite of  scientists' claims of "proof" with rows and columns of PhDs all collecting salaries ... they literally have no direct evidence regarding the origins of life or evolution ... even test tube examples are no more than feeble attempts to reconstruct infinitesimally small pieces of the puzzle that is infinitely more complex ... man's need to put a meter on everything and measure it is a draw back to understanding ... the logical conclusion is that we as mortals do not have the capacity nor wherewithal to know ... my personal belief is that "God" or "the Creator" created a system that operates according to "rules" ... but does he interfere at times ??? this leads to the only conclusion that we are surrounded by a creation that we are only trying to understand ... and that the harmony (even in mass destruction of natural events) is part of a great design ... it is not random nor chaotic if you recognize the order ... and just like the bridge or building down the street that we all would agree had a designer, the universe has a creator and the best we can do is honor the creator ... if we discover his design or parts of it ... we give prizes like the Nobel but that is more proof that we are just beginning to scratch the surface of the creator's infinitely complex design ... jim mccanneyey

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There have been MANY MANY claims lately of "over unity" or "zero point energy" devices ... they come in many shapes and forms and with claims that the laws of physics have to be adjusted ... some come with a motor or battery or even a cord that you have to plug into a wall socket or have to plug into a cigarette lighter of your car ... to my knowledge no one has in fact delivered such a product and if they have it has not been properly tested ... the simple test is that you have to have what is called a "LOAD" applied to the circuit AND without assistance from other sources of power (including internal hidden batteries etc) ... what we have found out is that people are putting a voltage meter on an open (NO LOAD) output of the alleged device and this typically results in a higher voltage than would occur if there were a load ... the load for a DC (direct current) device is a simple resistor whereas for an A/C (alternating current) device is a combination of DC resistance plus inductance plus capacitance ... if you have a hard time understanding up to this point then you need to leave the testing to someone who knows about electrical circuits since they can also be dangerous and you really do not understand what it would take to test a device ... "LOAD BANK" (look them up on the internet) are off the shelf LOADS that you plug your generator into to determine its output characteristics ... the resistance plus inductance plus capacitance can be varied and this allows one to measure the output characteristics of the generator device ... an open circuit voltage reading IS NOT any form of measure of a generator device although it is sometimes specified in the device spec sheet ... if the alleged "over unity" device has no "input" then one has to take it apart to see what is inside ... it could be as simple as a battery that supplies a set of coils with a current ... so a seemingly small battery could operate a device providing it with an open circuit output voltage for a long time making the appearance that it is operating by itself and whereas it is really operating with no load and maintaining a high voltage BUT IS NOT PRODUCING ANY USABLE POWER ... if there is a power input source such as an electric cord or external motor then one has to measure the true amount of power that is being used to drive the "over unity" device ... then under LOAD conditions one has to measure the output power produced by the alleged "over unity" generator ... if done properly one has to include ALL the inputs and output POWER (not voltage or current alone but a combination of the two ... current x voltage = power) ... the proper units of these factors have to be consistent ... when groups or individuals present their "over unity" device they typically come with claims that are completely unsubstantiated ... there are competent testing laboratories all over the world but to date i have yet to see anyone making over unity claims to have used any ... "self testing" and publication of these results can be used when the test bed is described and the end user can build and reproduce the results ... unfortunately many people are caught up in the hype but lack technical expertise to understand testing methods ... test methodology is very basic but if you do not understand then you have to be extremely cautious because there are so many con men out there ... additionally this is being used to divert people's attention from the real issues ... jim mccanney

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The next time someone calls something a "conspiracy theory" ... tell them no ... this is a "piracy using cons reality" ... or how about this from a friend ... The next time anyone asks me if I'm one of those conspiracy theorists I'm going to pause for a second and then ask "I wonder if you might be one of those reality deniers". 


a must see video ... get a cup of your favorite tea and set and listen ... over 2 hours ... it is time that the banker crime families (including its police force the CIA) is taken for what it is ... to court and banished from the human race ... jim mccanney

click on the pic full screen view ... magic !!! now the fake news media is reporting "double eye wall" as a natural phenomenon of hurricanes ... they are now covering for the satellite laser manipulation which enhances the electrical discharge from the ionosphere powering the hurricane and dragging it around like a bull with a ring in its nose !!! man made hurricanes with fake weather news !!! welcome to the USA !!! the laser satellites are under the control of US military Deep State ... Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria were all man made and controlled ... there was no energy system to power these storms naturally ... Irma was designed for maximum destruction but largely failed to destroy its main target florida ... listen to my interviews below to

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Learn the real stories about / Planet X, Comets and Earth Changes / The MANY Planet X Objects / Surviving Planet X Passage / Atlantis to Tesla - The Kolbrin Connection / The Solar System Sun- Earth Connection - Space & Earth Weather / The Induced Electric Dipole Red Shift - The Real Reason Why Our Universe is NOT Expanding / The Plasma Discharge Comet Model / Solar System Formation by Capture / The Solar Capacitor  / Stellar Surface Fusion / Ball Lightning - Controlled Fusion / The Physics of Tesla Technology / The Electric Universe - Planetary Physics and Weather / Recent Oceans on Mars / Re-Mastered Historical Record Videos My Lectures / 20 DVD University Level Astronomy Astro-Physics Space Science Course / What the Japanese Want to Know about Planet X Japanese TV Show Interview / 11 Earth Mega-Projects / Water Rights - Who Owns Water / The WING GENERATOR - World Energy Project / Electro-magnetic Propulsion System Designs and The Electric Highways to the Stars / Continuing Galactic Formation Gravitational Collapse and Electric Current Sources / Private Space Program / Re-Calendar Sun Star Clock / Ancient Archaeology / Surveying Ancient Ruins / The Mayan Venus Calendar / The Physics of Ancient Celestial Disasters / The Nazca Lines - Mystery Solved / Aerial Photography / Mapping / 110 High Altitude High Resolution Aerial Photos of the American Southwest / The Truth about Comet Hale Bopp - The Harrington Expedition / Mathematical Solutions / Prime Numbers Solutions / Calculate Primes - The Generator Function Direct Calculation of Primes / Breaking RSA Encryption Codes / Number Theory / WINDROIDS 11 O/S - Windows 10 and Android Replacement O/S / Water Filtration Products / Political Corruption Commentary / World Bank Demise / States Rights / Breaking away from World Bank UN controlled fake Federal Government / Free Living /Nuclear Disaster Earth - Fukushima - over 100 USA Nuclear reactors are leaking - EPA shuts off Radiation Detectors nationwide to cover up nuclear contamination/ Chem Trails on site research/Weather and Climate Engineering/Infiltration of the Geo-Engineering Climate change "movement"/ Ecuador Earth Quakes and Rods from God nuclear weapons / subscribe to the monthly "Paid Casts" for additional topics in series such as "Tesla's Mind" "Radiation and You" " Environmental Toxins" and "The World Before the Great Flood" "Cyber Security" Secret Societies" "Election Fraud Mathematical Analysis" / this is a very partial list of topics and ongoing research

i created a power point presentation for the WING funding project ... it takes about 5 minutes to go through the 20 slides ... using microsoft power point ... (2.1 MB download) click here --> Replacement Energy power point presentation .pptx
here is a "cute" video i took while traveling out west one bright sunny day ... the coal trains run day and night ... one going ... 8 miles long filled with coal for the hungry US electric power plants ... one train goes out ... one returns empty ... and one being filled while these are moving ... every day hundreds of these trains run from the coal fields to the burning chambers for your electrical needs ... but do we really need this ??? the answer is NO ... watch this is just a smidgen of the coal burned every day
while you are at it ... i will post here the link for free for my December 28, 2017 Paid Cast ... listen and learn !!!
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NASA still faking space missions ... and you wanted to give them money to go to Mars ??? i have seen myself the fake footage NASA is being caught again this time using green screens to fake International Space Station "events" ... NASA is the biggest hindrance to real science in the world ... not the least of which is the fake astronomy and space science ... not the least of which is the fake mars rover crap covering up the real exploration of the "red" planet that was a blue earth-like water planet not more than a number of thousands of years ago or how about the new discoveries being covered up in Antarctica ... does this mean NASA is a fake agency ... not at all ... this means as i have said all along ... NASA and its visible tier 2 moron scientists are a smoke screen for the real science that is going on that you are paying for but only benefits the psycho world "leaders" ... do you want to know where we should be in the "space race" ??? beyond pluto with 100,000 people minimum in autonomous space stations ... but we have nothing ... except more fake NASA lies .... this has opened the door for every luny tune on the planet with a youtube channel filled with nut jobs making every sort of nut case claim many whom are supported by the same people that run NASA ... the CIA ... that is why i continue to forge ahead doing real science and wasting an inordinate amount of time keeping you informed about fake science and watching our $$$ billions of national space future flushed down the NASA toilet ...

 NASA has proposed and idea to pump water into the yellowstone caledera to "cool it off" ... there is an old saying ... there is no law against stupidity and in this regard NASA takes the cake ... i have stated categorically that we have TO DRAIN THE LAKE AT YELLOWSTONE ... TO PREVENT A SUPER VOLCANO ... HELP ME STOP THESE MORONS !!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY HAVE DESTROYED OUTER SPACE NOW THEY WANT TO START ON EARTH !!!

NOTICE ... NASA has dropped a remarkable "asteroid" story ... reporting they are "testing their earth preparedness and defense network" (a very bizarre announcement for a space agency with no rockets and cannot get a mouse into space but also bizarre noting the recent mega TV series "salvation" with exactly this same theme) ... NASA claims that in october this alleged asteroid (for which their last view was in 2012) will fly a whisker breadth (4200 miles) away from earth ... this is ALL a convoluted story and does not make any sense ... they are claiming their last sighting was over 5 years ago and somehow had good enough data and calculations to state this is going to miss by a mere 4200 miles ??? NOT POSSIBLE to have that accurate data and calculations ... the computer rounding errors alone would far exceed any realistic predictions of this magnitude and even if they could do the impossible what about perturbations or even a nudge by a small collision with something (since 2012) that would set it on a direct collision course with earth ... and how are they planning to defend us in the mock exercise ... excuse me BAD LANGUAGE ALERT ... THIS IS PURE BS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do you want to know how tired i am of having to waste my precious time and effort deflecting this ... year after year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY DID NASA NEVER BUILD THIS SPACE STATION  ??? look at the date 1952 ... this also looks like Stanley Kubrick's vision in 1966 in his classic futuristic space movie "2001" ... where thousands of people would go daily ... it was a government built station for travel and commerce ... let me ask you a simple question ... if the government stated they were going to build "the national road system" and it would take 25 years to complete and at the end of the project 5 government specified well prepared "road-o-nauts" would travel once to build an outpost station in yet unsettled california ... would you bite off on this to support it ??? if the government stated they were going to build "the national tele-communications network" that would take 25 years to build and at the end it would be for the use of a small hand full of government employees ... would you think it a good idea ??? so why do we have a space program which continues to offer just that ???????????  now let me ask the final $64,000 question ... is Trump so stupid he has bitten off on sending NASA back to start another manned moon program ??? wow let's get serious about space boys and girls it is our birthright !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS ... jim mccanney  PS ... the Space Shuttle was conceptualized to be able to return to space every few days ... they were lucky to get a few launches per year and most were filled with military payloads ... we found out that NASA had a policy of preventing you from going into space which was proven over and over again in "subtle" ways ...