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March 18, 2016 !!! SUPER IMPORTANT COMET announcement ... not one but TWO comets are set to pass earth this coming Monday ... first NOTE these are NOT on collision courses with earth according to "authorities" and i have no reason to doubt this ... they will pass just 3 million miles away from earth ... but other effects will certainly occur and you should be set to observe and be part of my world watch team (continue reading for what you should do) ... but THE CLOWNS AT NASA waited until minutes after my live radio show to announce this even though they have known about this for months ... HMMM !?!?!?!? let's put this into perspective ... last october (2015) the much anticipated comet "Siding Spring" came within 87,000 miles (150,000 kilometers) from Mars and just last week NASA admitted that it reeked havoc with the magnetic field and atmosphere of mars (and lots more they are not talking about) ... we literally saw mars from earth turn into a comet for a brief period of time (a clear observation that NASA has hidden from the public to protect their "fuzzy little snow ball" comet model baloney)  ... i observed this as did many other people who i had prepared to watch ... Siding Spring was a very small comet yet it had drastic effects on mars even at that great distance ... it attached electrically to mars as the comet's surrounding electric "sheath" extends far from the comet nucleus as explained in my Plasma Discharge Comet Model ... the two comets coming near earth monday are also small but they are coming extremely close ... they will pass only 3 Million miles (just 12 Lunar Distances) and visible only in the southern hemisphere where i will have many people with equipment for direct observations ... one of these comets was classified as an asteroid until it grew a tail (also as explained in my comet model) ... i cannot give all the details here ... HERE IS WHAT YOU CAN DO TO BE PART OF the world TWIN COMET WATCH ... start today ... you will take measurements NOW and then compare them to measurements when the comets are passing as  they start to connect to earth electrically starting as early as sunday 1) get a compass (like the boy scouts use) ... look at it frequently NOW and BEFORE the comet arrives ... watch for how stable it is ... put it on a table away from anything metal (outside is best) and leave there ... when the comet comes you could very likely see the compass needle going wild ... 2) get your phone GPS set up ... observe your position NOW and BEFORE the comet arrives ... the electromagnetic effects could affect your GPS location so during the comet passage this could be changing rapidly although you are not moving ... 3) pull down the weather reports and 10 day forecasts for all over the world ... also pull down any related information like the solar output or aurora borealis (northern lights) predictions ... pull down all related weather and space weather reports for the next days predictions ... then watch as earth weather possibly reacts to the passing comets ... watch as possible unprecedented auroras happen around the world in places where they normally do not occur .. compare your captured weather etc predictions from the internet with the realities ... watch for nocto-luminescent clouds and lightning at night even though there are no thunder clouds ... 4) watch for failures in communications ... TV signals ... cell phone ... radio ... etc etc ... 5) watch for sudden hurricanes and other land storm systems to develop out of nowhere 6) download and save articles you see in the standard astronomy public outlets (magazines ... naval observatory announcements ... NASA ... spaceweather dot com etc) they will not make any relevant predictions but watch the back-peddling when you the public sees real issues ... RETURN HERE FOR MORE ... i am very busy on a project but will be posting more here ... GET READY and watch as the standard weather and NASA bozos try to tell you this is unrelated !!!!!!!!!!!!!! jim mccanney

Green air glow outshines the setting sun - photo - Atacama Chile - March 21, 2016

March 22, 2016 !!! My Comet Prediction Verified !!! update ... below i posted my prediction for today's passage of a small comet ... since yesterday reports have been coming in from around the world especially south america (including my own observations) and africa of very bright green "air glow" (see picture above taken at Atacama Chile ... the bright green is the air glow much brighter than the setting sun) ... the comet is seen from the southern hemisphere and its electrical connection to earth is max in the south ... Air Glow is a phenomenon known of for a very long time (thousands of years) but not understood in "standard science" ... my work explains that it is literally the earth acting as a comet discharging the solar capacitor with the light "rain" of charged particles attaching to earth's upper atmosphere and more intense in some areas ... but with a passing comet earth's discharge becomes greatly augmented ... no surprise that the earth's airglow is observed to be green the same color as the comet ... once again "standard science" claims this is due to chemical reactions in the upper atmosphere and that comets have green color due to carbon molecules lighting up due to solar light ... neither is true and both can be nullified in a simple laboratory experiment ... take a neon glass tube (or any gas in a laboratory tube) and shine light on it ... it does not light up and the light no matter how intense does not create light ... now run an electric current through the tube ... IT LIGHTS UP LIKE A LIGHT BULB ... just like the comet ... just like earth's airglow ... IT IS ELECTRICAL ... PURELY ELECTRICAL ... but geeeee ... spaceweather dot com who is reporting the extreme levels of airglow cannot talk about that can it ?!?!? they state that "airglow is observed when there is no lunar light interference ... but wait a minute sherlock !!! we have a near full moon and the airglow is outshining the full moon ... the above picture you can see the setting sun above the horizon .. the air glow is outshining even the setting sun !!! as stated by one observer near Atacama Chile (picture above) says Beletsky. "It was so strong that one could hardly see Magellanic clouds through those colorful emissions" ... just like i predicted due to the passing comets ... listen to my march 24, 2016 radio show for more detailed analysis ... jim mccanney

UPDATE march 23 to 25, 2016 ... severe winter weather blanketed the northern united states from out west including Denver CO and all the way to Toronto and beyond ... totally unpredicted by the weather forecasts ... this is exactly what i was talking about ... unprecedented unpredicted storm activity ... here is how it works ... coupled with the full moon (electrical alignment) the comet attaches electrically with earth ... even though the comet had passed by the 22nd the electrical activity of earth was greatly augmented ... in a posting back in 1995 my web page then i wrote an article which is reposted in my Atlantis to Tesla - The Kolbrin Connection book ... stating "You cannot predict the weather if you do not know what causes the weather" ... that was over 20 years ago and the clueless weather service still cannot get  a handle on it ... jim mccanney

The larger of the two comets photo taken from Siding Spring Observatory Australia

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